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Returning from the wedding, which had also been attended by the Fantastic Four and their friend, Agatha Harkness, the old witch sensed that Wanda yearned for more control over her gifts and offered to teach her in magic. The Scarlet Witch more than happily accepted, even though it meant that they had to isolate themselves in one of the mansion’s rooms and allowed only little interaction with the Vision. [Avengers (1st series) #128]

The studies were soon interrupted by the appearance of a star above Avengers Mansion, highlighting the coming of the Celestial Madonna. Knowing that the Madonna's offspring were fated to have great power, Kang sought out the Avengers to mate with her. Not yet aware which one she was, he captured all three females present at Avengers Mansion – Mantis, Wanda and Agatha. Though first signs pointed towards the Scarlet Witch, the Celestial Madonna turned out to be Mantis, just as Kang was driven away. [Avengers (1st series) #129, Giant-Size Avengers #2]

While the Avengers went to Vietnam to further explore Mantis‘ heritage, Wanda remained behind with Agatha to continue her training. She made good progress and amplified her powers, giving her improved control over organic matter and allowing her to go beyond her earlier limit of only three hex spheres within a short time. Wanda also learned to focus on causing specific improbable outcomes, instead of merely making probabilities go wild. However, she also grew somewhat distant and, ultimately, became over-confident, letting herself be lured into a trap by Dormammu. [Avengers (1st series) #132-135]

In the meantime, the Avengers‘ quest had them brought to Immortus, who sent them through time in order to learn about their pasts. The Vision discovered himself to be the Original Human Torch altered and modified, and, on the way back, he came across Dormammu and freed his lover from him. His supposed heritage having given him some extra confidence, he could truly see himself as a human being and so he proposed to Wanda. In one of the most bizarre ceremonies ever, the Vision and the Scarlet Witch were wed in Vietnam by Immortus, alongside Mantis and the spirit of the Cotati, an alien plant race. [Giant-Size Avengers #4]

After a short honeymoon on the beaches of Rurutu, the newlyweds returned to active status with the Avengers, not knowing that, in the meantime, the Toad had returned from Arkon’s world (where he had been forgot about) through a detour to the Stranger’s planet. Using his technology, he had wanted to make the Scarlet Witch love him, but the Avengers stopped him before he could disturb the honeymoon. [Avengers (1st series) #139-140] In truth, it was the Vision's first misstep as a married man when he ended the honeymoon early to return them to the Avengers. Life among the team was the only life he had ever known, but he still had much to learn about making time for a private life with his new spouse. [Avengers (1st series) #141]

Shortly after their return, the Avengers traveled to Earth-S in a conflict with the Squadron Supreme. Wanda got ahold of the Serpent Crown of Set, which was influencing the Squadron and the President of that reality. The insidious artifact nearly swayed her under its control as well, but her love of the Vision led her to reject its lure. [Avengers (1st series) #147] Soon after, the Avengers traveled to New Orleans against the Black Talon, when Wonder Man was seemingly brought back to life as a zombie. In the battle, Wanda proved to be the deciding factor. Still, she knew that she had only gotten lucky and felt that her self-knowledge and understanding of her powers was incomplete, which is why she temporarily wanted to leave the Avengers and have some time to think. [Avengers (1st series) #152]

However, fate would not grant her that time. While investigating the ruins of the Brand Corporation in search for the Serpent Crown left there earlier, Wanda was opposed by several guards. She violently lashed out against them, but one of them managed to shoot at her. The bullet hit her in her right arm and she had to flee back to the Avengers. With her not being able to gesture with the arm, her powers were literally cut in half for the time being. [Avengers (1st series) #153]

Back at the mansion, the Whizzer, who had previously vanished without a trace, was waiting with disturbing news. He had learned that his son Nuklo has been locked away at some secret military base. The Avengers helped him to liberate Wanda’s supposed older brother and organized for him to be taken in by Project: P.E.G.A.S.U.S. This time, Wanda and the man she believed to be her father maintained contact. In fact, the Whizzer aided the Avengers several times, much to her concern due to his deteriorating health. [Avengers Annual #6, Avengers (1st series) #164]

Wonder Man’s sudden return from the dead put a strain on the marriage of the Scarlet Witch and the Vision, as the synthezoid’s brain was based on the recorded engrams of Wonder Man's brain. With Simon Williams alive, the Vision felt he was no more than a cheap copy of him, which caused some serious insecurities in the synthezoid. Just like before, he gave Wanda the cold shoulder as he retreated into his own bitterness. [Avengers (1st series) #151, 156]

Having no idea what caused this behavior, the Scarlet Witch acted very friendly towards Wonder Man and helped him become accustomed to his new lease on life which Simon was rather thankful for. Reasoning that he and Williams would have the same taste in women, the Vision feared that Wonder Man would too fall for Wanda. In a rush of jealousy, the synthezoid lashed out and fought Wonder Man until the other Avengers separated the combatants.

The conflict came to an end when the Grim Reaper returned, wanting to find out which of the two was really his brother, intending to kill the other one. Wanda clearly sided with Vision, even suggesting that he’d lie to the villain about his identity, which he did not. Instead, Wonder Man and Vision put their differences aside and, like true brothers, acted as one against the Reaper. [Avengers (1st series) #157-158, 160]

When the Collector tried to capture all past and present members of the Avengers, Wanda got to meet her twin brother, Quicksilver, again. His opinion on her marriage still had not changed and he felt similarly about Jocasta, a robot woman recently added to the group. Moondragon was so annoyed by his behavior that she reached into Pietro’s mind and erased his hatred, giving him insight into her own definition of life. Pietro indeed changed his violent attitude and now could accept the Vision as his brother-in-law. [Avengers (1st series) #176]

With there being too many heroes loosely associated with the Avengers and mansion security having been breached several times, the government limited the roster to seven members and, even worse, named who these seven were. Wanda and her husband were both among this group, while some other choices and rejects were quite surprising. On the same day, before Pietro could leave the mansion, both he and Wanda suddenly collapsed, their souls having been transferred into two marionettes by magic. Having lived in Vladivostok for long years, their adoptive father, Django Maximoff, had read about them becoming Avengers and wanted to reclaim his children. Apparently, the years had taken their toll, as Django constantly referred to them as Ana and Mateo, the children he had lost before adopting Wanda and Pietro. Still, enough of what he told the twins of their upbringing in the Romany camp rang true with them, despite their earliest memories being clouded by the trauma of the fire. By the time the Avengers tracked Maximoff down and made him undo the soul transfer, they decided to join him on a journey to Transia, in order to uncover their true origin. For the duration, Wanda’s place among the Avengers was given to Ms. Marvel. [Avengers (1st series) #181-182]

As both versions of their heritage revolved around the region of Wundagore, that was where the three traveled to and started their search. Indeed, Pietro found a small cottage atop the mountain and met Bova, their midwife, who told him the truth: Neither Maximoff nor Frank was the twins true father. One had adopted them and the other one intended to do so; however, who their progenitor was, Bova could not reveal either, as she had only met Magda, the woman whom she claimed had birthed them. While Pietro learned this, Wanda was approached by Modred the Mystic, a servant of Chthon, who tricked the Witch into releasing the Elder Demon, then possessing her body with an aspect of his dark power. Quicksilver knew that he was in over his head and alerted the Avengers, but the entire team was overcome by the demon-possessed witch. It was Django Maximoff who saved his beloved daughter, by trapping the demon's soul in the marionette he had carved of the Scarlet Witch. The strain of the battle though took its toll and he was buried near the mountain where he had spent the happiest times of his life. [Avengers (1st series) #185-187]

When the Avengers returned Quicksilver to Attilan, they learned that his wife Crystal was pregnant. Wanda was happy for her brother, though at the same time was worried that the joy of having children of her own would be forever denied to her; the Vision being an artificial man. She was not sure whether she really wanted to have a baby or if it was just the thought of not being able to have one that bothered her. So, by the time the team was back in New York, she decided to let Ms. Marvel keep her spot and continue her leave of absence in order to sort it out. The Vision could not understand his wife but, being in love with her, he accepted that decision and let her go. [Avengers (1st series) #188-189]

Ms. Marvel became a close friend to Wanda and she added a more feminist view to the topic, telling her that, all over the world, millions of females admired the Scarlet Witch and would be eager to take her place, so why should she ruin her career as a super-hero only to become a happy housewife? Ironically enough, right after their talk, Ms. Marvel herself was diagnosed to be three months pregnant, her having no idea who the father was. To help sort out this mystery, Wanda returned with her to the Avengers, only to see the baby grow and be born in a matter of days. Apparently, it was the child of Immortus, who, seeking a means to escape from Limbo, had impregnated Ms. Marvel with his essence, but his existence now disrupted the timestream and he needed to return to Limbo. Ms. Marvel opted to accompany her son, all the while the Scarlet Witch decided that she could settle for having “only“ the Vision’s love. It was only months later that the Avengers learned that Ms. Marvel had been mind controlled by Marcus Immortus, neither her pregnancy nor her departure being voluntary. Wanda especially took it pretty hard to have failed her friend. [Avengers (1st series) #197-200, Avengers Annual #10]

In the meantime, the group had shaken off the governmental limitations but, after several incidents, such as some members being overlooked or not contacted for briefing sessions, this led them to re-invest in some of Gyrich’s ideas. The line-up was once more limited to a certain number and every one of the heroes was given a day to re-think whether they would want to be part of a much smaller, tight-nit team. This time it was Wanda and Vision who retired from crime-fighting; all this time they had been busy among the Avengers, but now they were ready to try mastering the challenge of ordinary life. [Avengers (1st series) #211]