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Known merely as the Enemy, the unassuming Michael Korvac seized power from Galactus and rose to become one of the Avengers' most intimidating foes. As a cyborg Machine God or nascent cosmic being, witness the glory of KORVAC!
Bullied for being a mutant and an African American albino, she grew up to become a living, walking version of hatred. Voodoo and Kali priestess, terrorist, veteran prison inmate and mutant activist, Nekra Sinclair lives and breathes hate. Read this odious ode to the charms of… NEKRA!
From school riots to international psychic terrorist attacks, this young omega-level mutant used to cause all kinds of problems for the X-Men. Over the years, he's warmed up to the idea of being a hero and while his trademark snark is as present as ever, he may just have what it takes to be an X-Man after all... Decide for yourself by reading all about the troublesome history of KID OMEGA!
Daughter. Wife. Mother. Friend. Government agent. Avenger. Caretaker of the Web of Life. Julia Carpenter has been many things in her time, but what she has always maintained is two things: the love for her daughter, and the desire to do what is right and be the best hero she can be. Read all about the tangled web of the second Spider-Woman, JULIA CARPENTER!

Spotlight on... KORVAC

The cyborg Korvac arose in the 31st century where Earth was conquered by the Badoon. Empowered and escaping his alien masters, Korvac became arch-nemesis for the Guardians of the Galaxy. Fleeing through time to seek more power, Korvac found it in the Worldship of Galactus, evolving into a cosmic entity. Enlightened by his transformation, Michael Korvac sought to remake the universe into a more benevolent state of order. The Avengers and Guardians opposed Michael in one of their greatest battles, and only won because he gave up the fight. Today's Spotlight covers the history of Michael Korvac, the Enemy!


Welcome to the year 2020!!! Sounds rather science fiction-ey when we say it that way. As we begin a brand new year (and new decade) we like to look back at our previous one and summarise all the releases we put on to the site. However, last year we didn't get round to doing one for 2018, which is a bit surprising since it was a huge year for the site. So, in case you missed anything from two years ago here is our UXN 2018 YEAR IN REVIEW! Let us know what your favourite was.

(Stay tuned in the very very near future for our slightly more up-to-date one on 2019)

Spotlight on... NEKRA

A living embodiment of racial tensions, this vampire-like, African American albino mutant has always felt out of place. Hate has proved to be her one natural habitat. She is impervious to all other feelings – save for her disturbing, unconditional love for the racist villain Grim Reaper, who has time and again failed her. An allegory for how pent-up rage and frustration can transform someone into a hard person – in Nekra’s case literally hard, as the hate she harbors makes her physically invulnerable – this is a story of betrayals, coup d'état attempts, death and resurrection. Chant along.

Spotlight on... KID OMEGA

He’s been a host for the Phoenix Force, he was buddies with a Krakoa before it was cool and he’s a certified omega-level mutant! Yup, Quentin Quire really has it all. If only he would stop instigating school riots, causing international incidents, ditching his friends for the Hellfire Club, and being a grade-A jerk to everyone he meets, he’d probably be one of the X-Men by now. Not that that’s something he would want… See all the trouble he’s caused over the years in our spotlight on KID OMEGA!

Team Entry - NIGHT SHIFT

They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky, they're all - just freaking WEIRD! This Halloween here at Mighty Avengers.Net we are delighted to terrify you with this article showcasing one of the strangest teams of villains ever to encounter the Avengers. A group of outcasts, misfits and oddballs assembled for dubious reasons originally by the Shroud, these criminals crawled from the underbelly of the Marvel Universe to become, well, not quite a force to be reckoned with, but a at least they're entertaining! Enter: the Night Shift!

Spotlight Update on... BEAST

Our third Spotlight Update in the Original Five is the man who started it all, Henry P. McCoy, the Beast! Hank made the desperate and dangerous decision to travel into the past and drag the O5 X-Men from mere weeks after the team formed into the present. Young Beast arguably had the most trouble finding his way in the future. He was forced into admitted his unrequited feelings for Jean Grey, fell hopelessly behind the curve of modern science, and almost lost himself trying vainly to master magic. It remains to be seen whether old Beast retains any connection to magical forces after regaining the memories of his time-looped younger self.