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Daughter. Wife. Mother. Friend. Government agent. Avenger. Caretaker of the Web of Life. Julia Carpenter has been many things in her time, but what she has always maintained is two things: the love for her daughter, and the desire to do what is right and be the best hero she can be. Read all about the tangled web of the second Spider-Woman, JULIA CARPENTER!
The biggest teenage rebel in multiple realities, this young Kree set himself on a path of redemption, inspired by Captain Marvel. This flawed young man has proven himself time and again. Read now the story of... MARVEL BOY VII!
A legendary hero renowned in three galaxies, Captain Mar-Vell is considered the greatest warrior of the Kree. He made his home on Earth and inspired numerous followers after his tragic death from cancer. Read the full story of the original... CAPTAIN MARVEL I!
You stand accused! Rebel, emperor, acolyte, accuser but first and foremost, Kree. Read the story of... RONAN THE ACCUSER!

Event 2019 - Captain Marvel Month

A few months back, we celebrated our first Event Month at Mighty Avengers.net with a focus on all things Captain Marvel. Not content to contain the event to one page, our sister page Uncannyxmen.net also joined in on the festivities. Needless to say our first event month was a big success. If you missed the event the first time around, or you want to revisit it, read now our... Captain Marvel Event Month recap!

Update on Bloodties and Siege of Wundagore crossovers

Today, we are having a Throwback Thursday by refreshing two of our older crossover entries both coincidentally featuring Quicksilver and Exodus. During the Bloodties Crossover, Exodus proved to be a force to be reckoned with, resulting in the Avengers and X-Men teaming up to take him down. During the Siege of Wundagore, Quicksilver took on the High Evolutionary, but things became complicated when the Exodus interfered in both their plans.

Spotlight on... JULIA CARPENTER

She wanted to be called Ariadne. She would have settled for Arachne - but what she got, was Spider-Woman! For years, Julia Carpenter was Marvel's go-to female Spider-character. And what we the readers got, was a character originally shrouded in mystery, but clearly defined as someone who will stop at nothing to do what is right - from betraying Freedom Force to rescue the Avengers, to double-crossing her friends in the superhuman Civil War, Julia Carpenter has fought long and hard as an Avenger to do right - even if that means putting her life on the line. Although she no longer bears a super hero code name, she will always be one of the Earth's mightiest and most noble of heroes... Julia Carpenter!

Alien Races - the KREE

A warrior race, the Kree have known near-constant warfare since before they ever reached the stars. Their xenophobia, arrogance and warmongering has left a mark on the universe that will be felt for eons. But beneath all that lies a nobility and sense of honour that shapes as much of the Kree's actions as their hostility. Proving both threat and ally to Earth and the Avengers on multiple occasions, the Kree have risen and fell from prominence on numerous occasions. Fresh off their appearance in captain Marvel read now the epic story of the...Kree!

Spotlight on... MARVEL BOY VI

Starting his tenure in the 616 universe as the most rebellious teen ever seen, this inter-dimensional Kree did not make friends easily. With time, he matured, joining multiple Avengers teams and even donning the mantle of Captain Marvel, the Protector. However, his loyalty to the Kree ultimately drove him from the Avengers, setting him on a new path in life. Regardless of his life, he will always a hero. Read now the story of Noh-Varr... the Marvel Boy!


Next for our Captain Marvel month we bring you two crossovers that had major ramifications for Carol herself and the Kree Empire. Eagle-eyed visitors to UncannyX-Men.net will notice these crossovers were already online. Since they are now being added to MightyAvengers.net (bookmark the page!!!) we decided to refresh all the images involved to bring them up to our mordern standard. So if you've read them before or if it's your first exposure to them, please enjoy our updated crossover entries on...Live Kree or Die and Maximum Security.