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Dennis Dunphy was Demolition Dunphy when he got Down and Dirty as a Dedicated wrestler. He was Determined to Do more after meeting Captain America, and Dedicated himself to being a Distinguished Do-gooder. Darn shame, but Dennis's Deeds Did him Dirty, and he got a reputation as Dim and Daffy. Dat being said, Dis guy Does it like nobody else, and his name is... D-MAN!
Manhattan's Magic Mansion presents to you tonight a true, bona fide, genuine, magical performance that will both astound and amaze you! Let me introduce to you the fabulous, the powerful, the dangerous, the seductive… GLAMOR & ILLUSION!
Empowered by the sun, this fiery fiend was vicious even among super-criminals. A mutant with no ties to the X-Titles until recently, he finally made his presence known in the Krakoan era. Today's Spotlight shines the light of the sun on... SOLARR!
Strange visitor from another planet, this cosmic scientist felt threatened by the very evolution of man and sought to prevent their ascension. Today's spotlight focuses on the various plans of the enigmatic and mysterious... STRANGER!

Hero Team entry... GWEN-VENGERS

It is undeniable that Gwen Stacy has become a fan favorite among comic book readers. She always had a certain legendary status, given her very high profile death, which is credited to have triggered a change in the tone of Marvel Comics. However in 2015, she came back into Marvel comics in a big way with her alternate universe counterpart, Ghost-Spider. Since then readers have seen virtually every possible permutation of a Gwen Stacy/insert hero, however it was not until Spider-Gwen: Gwenverse that we saw an actual team of “Gwens” team up to save the day. Read here about the unfortunately named Gwen-Vengers.

Spotlight On... D-MAN!

APRIL FOOLS! Here... have a fool! With all due respect to Dennis Dunphy, D-Man regularly appears on any list of the lamest Avengers of all time. He does have a lot working against him... a copycat costume, one of the shortest membership stints ever, and a reputation as the homeless super-hero. D-Man was often an easy target for jokes. Beneath it all, though, Dennis is a nice, good-natured and eager-to-please guy who simply wasn't cut out to be an action hero. Through no fault of his own, Dennis has suffered through brain damage and mental illness while still focused on trying to do the right thing. He has recently moved away from street fighting to focus on helping people in environments better suited for his caring and empathic nature. "D" is for Dedicated!

Spotlight On... GLAMOR & ILLUSION!

These characters were the inspiration for the second episode of WANDAVISION. Two apparent “illusionists” who befriended the Vision and Scarlet Witch during their attempt at a normal life in New Jersey of all places. Despite having a secret criminal background, the married couple were stalwart friends for Vizh and Wanda and saved their bacon a couple of times in their few appearances. Read here about Glamour and Illusion.


Marvel's Eternals are far and away one of the most puzzling of its franchises. Fraught with retcon upon retcon, at its core stands quite a large family of multiple generations and just as many feuds. From Thanos to Eros, Ikaris to Druig, Nebula to just about everyone, the central Eternals family has mythos that is as compelling as it is confounding. In this article focusing on its central family line, UXN/MAN does its best to unpack this history while addressing the host of contradictions throughout. Read here about the Eternals/Thanos Family Tree.

Spotlight On... SOLARR

The murderous master of the solar flame, this mutant spent years as an assassin distant from the X-Men's world. His criminal escapades brought him into contact with the Avengers, Defenders, and Alpha Flight, as well as serving as a frequent prisoner at Project: PEGASUS before his death in an uprising. Although he was welcomed on Krakoa under the blanket amnesty, the Three Laws were a concern for a man who only wanted to burn and occupied a living island. Solarr instead accepted the Goblin Queen's offer of sanctuary at the Limbo embassy, where his taste for fire was more acceptable.

Hero Team entry... AVENGERS (Earth-8545)

Earth-8545 also known as the “Legacy planet” was introduced in Exiles (1st series) #20 in 2003. Unlike many other worlds visited by the Exiles, this reality was distinct in that readers were brought back to it on more than one occasion. Seemingly merging two of the X-Men's most important  storylines from 1990s (the Legacy virus and the Phalanx Covenant) the Legacy planet featured Earth's Mightiest Heroes attempting to save their fraught planet from consummation by horde of techno-organic, zombie-like creatures called the Vi-Locks with aid from the reality hopping Exiles. The world also housed an alternate version of Mary Jane Watson who would be the principal love interest of Exiles mainstay Mariko Yashida (Sunfire). The doomed but tender romance between Mary Jane and Mariko was one the few prominent LGBTQ love stories in mainstream comics of the early ‘00s. Read here about the fortitude of the Avengers of Earth-8545.