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An ingénue, a detective, a seductress, a soldier, a killer...who will Mary be today? With her varied powers and personalities, few mutants are as unpredictable as the woman often known as... TYPHOID MARY!
One of Professor X's oldest and deadliest foes, this evil alien conqueror is responsible for first crippling Xavier's ability to walk. A rare but reoccurring threat in the years since then, read about the ionic Arcane antagonist called... LUCIFER!
.....User status: ....I am Pod..... Everything is cool..... POD.... Very powerful....Request Details on.... ENIGMA!

Spotlight on... TYPHOID MARY

On the outskirts of the X-Titles, Mary Walker is more likely to confront the likes of Daredevil, Spider-Man, and the Heroes for Hire than Marvel's Merry Mutants. Still, a mutant herself, Mary has history with both Wolverine and Deadpool, and established a brief rivalry with the ninja Psylocke during her time with the Sisterhood. As Mutant Zero, she was the 199th mutant during the days of the Decimation, and part of the Avengers' Fifty-States Initiative. Today, read the full history of TYPHOID MARY and see if you can guess where she'll turn up next.

Supreme Soviets / People's Protectorate

Tired of disobedient mutants who they could not control, the Soviet govenment established a new team which they could manipulate and included no mutants! The first assisgnment of this new team - kill the Soviet Super Soldiers! But this team proved to be more than just obedient lackeys as the members had their own plans and ideals - but would they ever get the chance to truly be heroes? Learn all about the People's Protectorate, originally known as the Supreme Soviets!

Spotlight on... CHTHON!

Before time was measured, before evil had a name, before mankind rose from the primordial ooze... Chthon was there. And he hated us. Over the eons since, the malevolent forces of the supernatural on Earth all trace their origins back to one entity. The vampires, the werewolves, the demons, and the zombies all whisper one name with reverence and fear. Chthon hears them. And he sees us. And he sees you. From the tome known as the Darkhold, the haunted mountain of Wundagore, his pawns and puppets like the Scarlet Witch, Modred the Mystic, or Victoria Montesi...Chthon is coming. Chthon knows where you are. Chthon may already be here. When was the last time you felt a chill you couldn't explain? When was the last time you felt truly safe?

When was the last time you looked behind you?

Stan Lee

Spotlight on... LUCIFER

Happy Halloween! For today's spooookiest of releases we have the original fallen angel, the Devil himself... Lucifer! Okay, actually he is an alien conqueror from the Arcane, but still a perilous threat. Before the Shadow King, Lucifer was originally responsible for robbing Charles Xavier of the use of his legs, crushing them under a mighty stone slab. Since then he has evolved into more of a malevolent spirit, possessing the bodies of others to bring his evil back to Earth from the Nameless Dimension! Although he has fought many heroes of Earth, Lucifer recently returned to remind us he was an X-Villain first and foremost!

Spotlight on... ENIGMA

Aikku Jokinen was one of several new Avengers who emerged from Jonathan Hickman's run of Incursions and Systems in the title. A Scandinavian woman empowered as a planetary defense system, Pod was one of the more unusual characters of the last few years. She later evolved into Enigma of the U.S. Avengers, defining herself as a gentle but powerful presence on several rosters. Today, read about the short but intriguing history of Aikku and her roles as both Pod and Enigma.