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Poor and bullied, Juston found and reprogrammed a Sentinel to be his best friend. This unlikely pairing found themselves at Avengers Academy and ultimately in a death match against his friends. Read about the doomed fate of... JUSTON & SENTINEL!
A genuine radioactive mutant, Bob Frank is also a legacy hero with heritage dating back to World War II. Inspired by his parents in the Invaders, he chose to direct his nuclear might on behalf of the V-Battalion. Today's Spotlight shines on the atomic fury of... NUKLO!
Powered by Cobalt-60 armor, Ralph Roberts' exoskeletal suit turned him into a radioactive walking C-Bomb. If his recoil beams don't get you, the countdown to critical mass will always signify the threat of... the COBALT MAN!
An obsessive madman, this villain had an unerring focus on the Avengers' Sersi and his plans for her. Manipulating friend and foe alike, he traveled the multiverse to finish a quest begun long ago on his own Earth. To unravel the truth behind these vague hints, read today's Spotlight on... PROCTOR!

Alien Races - The FOMORIANS

Easily one of the Avenger's stranger group of foes, the Fomor are an ancient race of evil gods from Celtic mythology. In their brief appearances they have fought not only the Avengers but Dr Strange, Iron Fist and the Thunderbolts. Read about the Fomor here.

Spotlight on... JUSTON & SENTINEL!

When a small town teenager found the Iron Giant... a giant mutant hunting Sentinel, he thought it was the answer to all of his problems. He was able to use his mechanical acumen to reprogram the machine into something that would help him and never abandon him. However, keeping a secret so big was bound to backfire, and Juston soon found himself training with the Avengers to ensure he could keep his new best friend. Not everyone could understand Juston's bond with the machine and perhaps his refusal to let go was ultimately his downfall. Read about the not so original tale of a boy and his giant robot... Juston and Sentinel!


Black Widow's current film deals with the thematic of found family... but what of Natasha's actual bloodline in the comics? From possible monarchist origins to spies and cloning, the “orphan's” family may in fact be far bigger than even she realizes. Read about our Black Widow family tree here.

Spotlight on... NUKLO!

Who is, or is not, related to the Maximoff twins is a matter of dates, but for a time Robert Frank, Jr. was believed to be Wanda and Pietro's eldest brother. Son of the Invaders' Whizzer and Miss America, Bob Frank was born a dangerous radioactive mutant due to exposure suffered by his parents. Placed in suspended animation for decades, he awoke to face the Avengers with a radioactively powerful adult body, but the mind of an infant. Nuklo was eventually educated and integrated into society, but his intermittent nuclear powers have caused him to struggle to fit in.

Spotlight on... COBALT MAN!

An armored rival for Iron Man that Tony Stark has maybe even heard of, Ralph Roberts' original vendetta against Stark Industries was waylaid by his radiation poisoning. Reimagining himself as a crusading hero against the dangers of nuclear power, the Cobalt Man battled a strange sequence of heroes including the X-Men, Hulk and the Defenders. Believed dead for many years, Roberts was apparently well remembered by numerous imposters and copycat armored villains. In recent years, though, the original Cobalt Man has returned and may finally get around to proving which ferromagnetic element is better: Iron or Cobalt?


The Elements of Doom have proven to be a reoccurring threat to Earth's heroes. Their origins vary (from artificial constructs to transmuted humans to alien possession) but thematically they always appear as opponents made of pure elemental force. Seeking to supplant humanity in favor of a new elemental hierarchy, the Elements of Doom have battled the Avengers, Thunderbolts, and the united heroes of New York. Today's Villain Team entry covers their history from Hydrogen to Oganesson (read a text book!).