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An obsessive madman, this villain had an unerring focus on the Avengers' Sersi and his plans for her. Manipulating friend and foe alike, he traveled the multiverse to finish a quest begun long ago on his own Earth. To unravel the truth behind these vague hints, read today's Spotlight on... PROCTOR!
A rogue and a scoundrel, this daring mercenary killed for a price but harbored the soul of a revolutionary. Whatever his past misdeeds, in the end he lived a warrior, and died a hero. Even an Avenger can die, proven by today's Spotlight on... SWORDSMAN I!
This fearsome spider-god failed to ever up to his potential though he had the dubious honour of being one of the scariest looking villains ever. Read now about... AI APAEC!
Born to the Clan Akkaba, Uriel and Eimin were destined to control the fate of mutantkind. Kidnapped at birth and raised in cruelty by Kang, they will stop at nothing to save mutantkind and gain vengeance on the Conqueror. They are the children of Archangel, but better known as the... APOCALYPSE TWINS!


The Elements of Doom have proven to be a reoccurring threat to Earth's heroes. Their origins vary (from artificial constructs to transmuted humans to alien possession) but thematically they always appear as opponents made of pure elemental force. Seeking to supplant humanity in favor of a new elemental hierarchy, the Elements of Doom have battled the Avengers, Thunderbolts, and the united heroes of New York. Today's Villain Team entry covers their history from Hydrogen to Oganesson (read a text book!).

Spotlight on... PROCTOR!

Ahhhhh...the 90's. The breakaway success of the X-Men in that decade led many Marvel properties to copy elements of that franchise. One oft repeated idea was a long-running subplot involving a villain with mysterious motives that would hook the audience into coming back month after month. For the 30th anniversary of the Avengers franchise, they got Proctor and the Gatherers Saga. The enigmatic Proctor struck at the Avengers from afar, scheming towards an uncertain goal beneath chromium foil covers. His endgame even opened the door for the next Most 90's saga of Avengers history...the Crossing. Today's article explains what Proctor and the Gatherers were truly after as they menaced the Avengers.

Spotlight on... SWORDSMAN!

For our 50th Avengers character article, we're looking at one of the earliest Avengers and also their first casualty. Introduced as a villain interested in becoming a hero for selfish reasons, Swordsman tricked his way onto the Avengers before being expelled. He remained a villain for years to come, but eventually redeemed himself after seeking Avengers membership again for the right reasons. His ultimate death kicked off the Celestial Madonna saga and has remarkably stood the test of time. Today's article covers the history and extensive legacy of Jacques Duquesne, the first Swordsman.

Spotlight on... AI APAEC!

As a fearsome south American spider god with snakes for hair, one would expect Ai Apaec to be a force to be reckon with. But his reputation rarely lived up to monstrous appearance. Always serving as a lackey, to Osborne, the Queen and even the US Government, this deity never lived up to his potential and eventually died small and insignificant, how he lived. Read now about the Dark Avenger... Ai Apaec!

Spotlight on... APOCALYPSE TWINS!

When he was taken over by the Deathseed, Archangel ensured the legacy of the Clan Akkaba by conceiving children with Pestilence of the Final Horsemen. The twins Uriel and Eimin were destined to become major players and constantly thwart the schemes of Kang the Conqueror to overcome the mutant race. Consequently, Kang instead kidnapped the twins at birth and raised them as pawns in his master plan of conquest. Believing they were cunning enough to outwit the Conqueror, the Apocalypse Twins discovered too late why Kang is one of the greatest villains of any timeline.

Spotlight on...MENTALLO!

Not all mutants come with earth-shattering power -- Marvin Flumm is a very minor psi-talent which just happens to be from an X-Gene. As Mentallo, he has forged a criminal career using technology or just simple guile to stretch his limited abilities to be as profitable as possible. Thief, mercenary, terrorist-for-hire, Mentallo has fought Avengers and X-Men alike while serving A.I.M., Hydra or his own selfish ends with his partner, the Fixer. Currently on Krakoa, Mentallo is one mutant to watch out for, as the ones with the most to prove can be the most dangerous.