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A cumulative genius, this young mutant calls upon the knowledge of anybody he meets. Whether with the Young Avengers or the New X-Men, David Alleyne is always the smartest man in the room...or at least tied for first. Today's Spotlight shines on the Academy X era's brain boy... PRODIGY!
Eatin' nuts and kickin' butts! This underestimated heroine has bite! Today's Spotlight covers the world's greatest hero...the unbeatable... SQUIRREL GIRL!
Dane Whitman is heir to a legacy of heroism and tragedy, blood-bound to a cursed sword that culls power from the darkness of his own soul. Balancing the quest for justice against the urgings of the Ebony Blade, he remains the latest in a line of troubled crusaders. Today's Spotlight falls on the struggles of the... BLACK KNIGHT!
If you're throwing a party, or just know about one, don't forget to invite Sersi. She's more fun than the Wasp. And she has better costumes, too. Read our Spotlight On... SERSI!

Spotlight on... PRODIGY!

Welcome to 2022! With the dawn of a new year, we are also celebrating the Dawn of X era for the X-Men titles. This first wave of comics and ideas sprung from Hickman's revolutionary new take on the X-Men and the island nation of Krakoa. With many of those comics coming to a close or evolving into new titles for Destiny of X, we'll be spending the next few months treating our visitors to updates and new material on several recent casts of characters. As it happens, several of these characters will also be new releases for the MightyAvengers.Net site, so watch for shameless cross-promotion by us!

The Dawn of X begins with X-Factor Investigations and a Spotlight on Prodigy. David Alleyne's mutant mind made him one of the rising stars of the cherished Academy X era. Even after losing his powers to the Decimation, David still remained part of the New X-Men and contributor to Utopia. AVX led him away from the X-Men for a time, and he lent his brilliance to the Young Avengers. With resurrection protocols restoring his X-gene, however, Prodigy has returned to the mutant community as one of their chief investigators and forensics specialists.


As Excalibur wraps up this week, our latest oldest Spotlight Update is here! Finishing off the 2005-06 list of updates, we touch in on Brian Braddock for the first time since House of M. Gained and lost a throne, lost and gained a wife, reunited with his twin, a headmaster, an Avenger, a father... much has happened to Brian in the years since we last checked. Presently, he has embraced the Sword of Might to become Captain Avalon of his brother Jamie's mutant-ruled kingdom in Otherworld while providing support to his sister as Captain Britain for Krakoa and cautious aid to Saturnyne at the Starlight Citadel. Today's Spotlight Update covers the last 15 years of Brian Braddock, for your approval!

Spotlight on... SQUIRREL GIRL!

In 1993, Marvel's House of Ideas created 27 new characters for each of their Annuals that year. In an interview, Mark Gruenwald specifically described how these fresh, new characters were meant to thrive in the Marvel Universe, unlike poor Squirrel Girl who was created three years prior and never heard from again.

Oh how the turns have tabled...Squirrel Girl recently finished a 58 issue ongoing series (with companion graphic novel) and -- outside the mild lasting success of Genis-Vell and Adam X -- the remaining 25 characters have hardly made 58 appearances COMBINED since 1993. Just goes to show how fickle and unpredictable success can be in comic books. Squirrel Girl spent time with the new Avengers of A.I.M. and as nanny to the daughter of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. Her plucky optimism disguises a shrewd mind that has served her in beating major villains from Doctor Doom to Thanos. Today we celebrate the unlikely staying power of Doreen Green, the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl!

Spotlight on... BLACK KNIGHT!

In observance of the Eternals movie, today's Spotlight focuses on the all-too-human hero, the Black Knight. Harkening back to his brief and tumultuous relationship with Sersi in the 1990's, Dane Whitman is actually a legacy character descendant from the Black Knight of Marvel's Atlas Comics era of the 1950's, set in the Age of Camelot. Dane wielded the Ebony Blade of his ancestor Sir Percy, the original Black Knight, while trying to avoid the tarnished legacy of his uncle Nathan Garrett, a late Avengers villain and Master of Evil. A scientist with a magic sword, Black Knight struggled for years to master the blood curse of the Ebony Blade and its ramifications. For a time, he abandoned the cursed blade to redefine himself in the use of other swords and weapons. In recent years, however, the Black Knight has been defined again by his addiction to the Ebony Blade and the darkness within his own soul that it feeds upon. Still a (roughly) heroic figure, Dane continues his efforts to live up to the ideals of Camelot... if not the reality.

Spotlight On... SERSI!

Temptress. Sorceress. Party planner. Party goer. Lover. Eternal. In celebration of the release of Marvel's Eternals movie, we are proud to present our brand-new Spotlight on the glamorous Sersi! This Eternal has been many things in her long life. From a carefree member of the ancient race of Eternals who preferred to follow her own destiny rather than live by the rules of her people to a fierce and powerful member of the Avengers, serving during some of the team's darkest days. Sersi was never afraid to challenge the status-quo while also growing as a person. Sometimes seen as shallow, there is a lot more to this passionate woman than meets the eye. Just ask Captain America. Sersi loves Captain America. And the Black Knight. A lot. Oh, and she won't be afraid to kill you if she has to. Really. Read on to find out why!

Spotlight on... DARKHAWK!

The 1990's were in many ways the apex of Marvel Comics, and the comic book industry in general. Spider-Man and X-Men were selling millions of copies before the spectator bubble collapsed. The first half of the decade was flooded by guest appearances of popular characters like Wolverine, Venom, Punisher, and Ghost Rider. Still, like Athena emerging fully formed from the head of Zeus, Darkhawk is arguably one of the most 90's characters of all. An edgy vigilante with mysterious origins, Darkhawk certainly fit the times. However, with his secret identity as Chris Powell, he also had those classic Marvel tropes of a troubled young protagonist with a large supporting cast and ongoing subplots to keep readers coming back for more. A diamond in the rough, or a bunch of trite cliches tossed in a blender? You make the call with today's Spotlight on... Darkhawk!