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A mutant, an Avenger, a spy, a multiversal constant. Deemed a "universal shaper", Eden Fesi is intrinsically tied to the nature of all things. Follow his path through space in today's Spotlight On... MANIFOLD!
A cumulative genius, this young mutant calls upon the knowledge of anybody he meets. Whether with the Young Avengers or the New X-Men, David Alleyne is always the smartest man in the room...or at least tied for first. Today's Spotlight shines on the Academy X era's brain boy... PRODIGY!
Eatin' nuts and kickin' butts! This underestimated heroine has bite! Today's Spotlight covers the world's greatest hero...the unbeatable... SQUIRREL GIRL!


Operation: Galactic Storm was the greatest Avengers crossover of the 1990's. A 19-part epic with tight continuity, dozens of characters and major ramifications for the Marvel Universe, it also introduced Hala's Mightiest Heroes, the Kree Starforce. Pulled from decades of Kree comics and obscure additions, the Starforce were meant to represent for the Kree what the Avengers did for Earth and the Imperial Guard did for the Shi'ar. The Starforce never quite took off as a concept, even if they did star in their own arcade game, but their legacy lives on as the Starforce was name-dropped in the MCU's Captain Marvel movie.

Update on... SCARLET WITCH

The last time we checked in on the Scarlet Witch, she was a mutant, the daughter of Magneto and both amnesic and on the run after Decimating the mutant population. Amazing what can happen in fifteen years! Wanda has undergone so many revisions since the House of M... she has learned Magneto is not her father and met her real mother. No longer a mutant, she has adjusted to the High Evolutionary's artificially-engineered powers by devoting herself more fully to witchcraft than ever before. She has also made amends to the mutant race, first by aiding the Messiah Hope in undoing the Decimation spell, and more recently by creating the Eldritch Orchard to aid mutant resurrection on Krakoa throughout time and space. Perhaps somewhere in this Marvel Multiverse of Madness, there's even a Wanda who is still a mutant...

Update on... HAVOK!

Alex Summers is not having a good paradise. The founding of Krakoa led to his resurrection, but his mind proved to be still unstable from the Inversion he suffered years earlier. This secondary, murderous personality led to Havok being consigned to the Hellions, Krakoa's problem children who threatened the sanctity of the Three Laws. Convinced he didn't belong, Alex still bonded a little with his fellow Hellions. However, his split personality was also abused by Emma Frost and Empath as a secret weapon against the Hellions' sponsor, Mister Sinister. To placate Havok after using him to destroy Sinister's work, Emma convinced the Quiet Council to allow the resurrection of Madelyne Pryor, the Goblin Queen. There's just no way THAT decision will ever come back to haunt Krakoa...

Spotlight on... MANIFOLD!

Teleporter Week wraps up with a new Spotlight that is another mutant Avenger. Eden Fesi was chosen by Nick Fury to become a covert agent under his command. He later ascended to join the Avengers Machine and proved to have universal significance with his power to fold space and "put things where they need to go". A devoted friend to the nation of Wakanda and the people of Harlem, Eden's mentor Gateway also reminded him of his other people, the mutant race now of Krakoa. In S.W.O.R.D. commander Abigail Brand, Manifold has found a leader similar to Nick Fury. Eden now oversees the Orange branch of S.W.O.R.D. as Quintician of the Logistics Division, runs the Teleport Team and, through them, also serves as the Guide of the Six. The nature of his powers is so unique and profound, he's the only member of the Six with no known possible replacement.

Update on... WIZ-KID!

When last we saw Wiz-Kid, it was as an image of one of thousands of depowered mutants after the Decimation. This information was apparently falsified, as Takashi appeared alive and powered at Avengers Academy. After his brief association with Earth's Mightiest High School, Wiz-Kid really came into his own in the Krakoan age. Able to make just about anything he desired out of Krakoan technology, Wiz-Kid became chief technologist of S.W.O.R.D.'s red branch. His importance as well as arrogance rose significantly. Swept up in the machinations of Commander Abigail Brand in S.W.O.R.D., Taki seems to enjoy the power and prestige awarded him. Time will tell if he has put too much trust in the woman who chose him as her second-in-command.

Update on... STORM

The Voice of Sol, the Regent of Mars, Hadari Yao, the Wind-Rider... STORM. Ororo Munroe has left her past as Queen of Wakanda behind her to become a ruler in her own right. As Krakoa was formed, Storm initially served with her friend Kate Pryde and the Marauders, but her position in their society was destined to grow. With her Omega-class mutation, personal fighting skills and unbreakable will, Storm ascended to the Great Ring of Arakko to rule over the lost nation of warrior mutants. By declaration of Krakoa and S.W.O.R.D., her position also makes her representative for the entire Sol System to the greater galaxy. From the Shi'ar to the Snarks, all races of the universe will know that the Goddess speaks for man.