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One of Wanda's reincarnated twins, Billy Kaplan has his mother's eyes...and her talent for warping reality. Destined to become the Demiurge, the sentient lifeforce of an entire world, for now he's just a part-time super-hero with a misleading codename... WICCAN!
Riding through Los Angeles in his Hell Charger, this Spirit of Vengeance doesn't stop for gas OR evil! Today's Spotlight shines on Robbie Reyes, the Roast Rider, the Skeleton Racer... GHOST RIDER VI!
As a Nazi-hunting mad scientist with a self-evolved intellect, James Bradley's life was never going to be ordinary. Shying away from superheroics for many years, he eventually joined the X-Men and showed them that you can be a badass in the lab whilst still rocking a fedora. Read about the surprisingly long history of X-Club's... DOCTOR NEMESIS!
Marc Spector has been many men in the service of his God, Khonshu. As taker of vengeance and protector of travelers at night, he will carry out his God's divine vision as... MOON KNIGHT!

Spotlight on... WICCAN

Wiccan of the Young Avengers has a history that defies belief. Born the improbable child of a witch and a synthezoid, conjured through the magic of an entire town of witches and anchor by the soul of the Devil himself, the original William ceased to exist only to be reincarnated as a transmigrated soul in the body of Billy Kaplan. Once you get past his origins, though, Wiccan is much easier to understand -- he's just a reality warping teenager whose powers present like magic but actually come from the Demiurge, the sentient biosphere of the entire planet that is also Billy's future incarnation, whose influence on magic will echo forward and backwards in time once he claims his birthright. Oh, and he's engaged to a half-Kree and half-Skrull hero destined to unite the warring races even to the detriment of his adopted homeworld, Earth. But that probably won't be a problem, right? Before EMPYRE, read our Spotlight today on Billy Kaplan, beloved of Dorrek VIII, the Asgardian, the Demiurge... WICCAN.

Spotlight on...GHOST RIDER VI

One of the Avengers' newest members, Robbie Reyes is one in a long line of Spirits of Vengeance, but the first to join Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Raising his kid brother alone, teenaged Robbie was possessed by the spirit of his Satanist serial killer uncle who was bound to this plane through his Dodge Charger. Robbie became the Ghost Rider, and bent the power of Heaven and Hell to his will, becoming a local hero in Los Angeles. As a legacy of the first Rider from 1,000,000 B.C., Robbie got involved in a battle with the Horde, and possessed the body of a fallen Celestial for his first day as an Avenger. Now training with the world's best, Robbie Reyes may truly be the greatest Ghost Rider of all time.


Russia's answer to the Avengers, The Winter Guard was formed by uniting members of the government's previous super team and a group of exiled heroic mutants. The team was later restructured to a core team of four iconic members - but who was really under their costumes? And did anyone even care? Times change, and the Winter Guard once again comprises a large team but with some dubious motives and methods.
One thing remains the same though, the Winter Guard always do as they are told...mostly. Read all about the complicated history of Зимняя гвардия!

Update on...DAZZLER

With the world in a bit of a dark and dreary place right now we decided to let our latest character update brighten up your day in a way only she can do. Since we last touched base with her, the X-Men's resident songstress rejoined the team after many years absence, bounced around alternate realities with the X-Treme X-Men and even joined the Avengers' side team A-Force. Despite all her adventures though we are still no closer to understanding her strange resurrection power. So why not let life's worries drift away as you delve behind the music on the updated life of...Dazzler. Plus as an added bonus, we have compiled a brief history of Dazzler's music career as well as some of the few songs that she has song on panel in The Music of Dazzler!

Spotlight on...DOCTOR NEMESIS!

Not many of the X-Men's newer recruits have a history quite like James Bradley. First appearing in the 1940's outside of Marvel comics, he was brought into the MU in the 1990's as a villain. Seeking redemption, he became a nazi hunter and eventually joined the X-Men to help with the fallout of M-Day. He quickly became a key member of the team due to his unapologetically large ego, biting wit and brilliant mind. More recently he has been supporting the Avengers as an Agent of Wakanda. Not bad for a guy who's over 100 years old! Read the surprisingly long history of X-Club's resident mad scientist...Doctor Nemesis!

Spotlight on... MOON KNIGHT

In the deserts of the Sudan, Marc Spector died at the foot of a statute to Khonshu, Egyptian God of the Moon, only to rise again as the Moon's Knight of vengeance. This relatively simple premise has been interpreted numerous ways over the years, taking Moon Knight away from being just Marvel's "Batman in White". Marc Spector has come to be defined by his mental health, fragmenting into separate personalities and losing faith in whether Khonshu is just another voice in his head or the divine influence of his personal God. The answer, it seems, is sometimes both. From his brief tenure with the West Coast Avengers to his later black ops work with the Secret Avengers, Spector has often associated with Earth's Mightiest Heroes, but never for very long. In the end, he will always owe a greater allegiance to...a higher power. Wrapping up our West Coast Avengers theme month, here's the Spotlight On...MOON KNIGHT.