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Possessing all the powers of the Avengers combined, this A.I.M. entity still lacks the all-important human quantities of creativity and spirit. Always arrogant despite its flaws, today's spotlight falls on the sentient android assassin, from Super- to Supreme-... the SUPER-ADAPTOID!
With a strength of body and mind, this brilliant radical is dedicated to pursuing her views of a brighter future for women, regardless of who gets in the way. Today's Spotlight shines on the feminist powerhouse... SUPERIA!
This hero is powered by Zero Fluid, which isn't the gamer energy drink it sounds like! His containment suit and computer-like mind help direct his uncontrollable energies, but everyone knows this Jack is a little Wild. Today's Spotlight deals in the Avengers' wild card... JACK OF HEARTS!
A mutant, an Avenger, a spy, a multiversal constant. Deemed a "universal shaper", Eden Fesi is intrinsically tied to the nature of all things. Follow his path through space in today's Spotlight On... MANIFOLD!

DC versus Marvel / Marvel versus DC

Two entities, effectively “brothers” who personify the Marvel and DC universe, become aware of each other. They immediately enter into open combat, forcing some of the 90s most popular characters from both companies into a battle royale in which only one reality was said to survive with the other ceasing to exist. This crossover event from 1996 was not only distinct in that it was a “canon” multi-company crossover but the reader decided the outcome of several of the fights by way of a public vote. Read about this unique crossover here

Spotlight on... the SUPER-ADAPTOID!

Mimic, Super-Skrull, Amazo...the idea of a single villain with all the powers of a hero team is a common trope. Created by Advanced Idea Mechanics using a fragment of the Cosmic Cube, the Adaptoid was able to perfectly duplicate its target Captain America, with the exception of his fighting spirit. Undeterred, the Adaptoid became the Super-Adaptoid as it tried again (and again), duplicating an entire team of Avengers to accomplish its goals. The Super-Adaptoid has continually gained power over the years, but its failures often stem from its inability to duplicate truly human elements such as imagination and creativity.

Spotlight On... SUPERIA!

Superia is a militant feminist dedicated towards building a future where women are dominant over men. Her commitment over the years has fluctuated from eliminating any man in her path, to working with select men for the greater good of her ideals. Brilliant in her own right, Superia has studied bio-chemistry, micro-biology, engineering, temporal and quantum physics, among other areas of science. In recent years, Superia has moved away from independent ventures and begun associating with larger organizations like H.A.M.M.E.R. or the High Council of A.I.M. She even served as a member of the New Dark Avengers during Norman Osborn's return, a second "Dark Ms. Marvel". Time will tell where she chooses to appear again, but it will be for the glory of the Sisterhood!

Spotlight On... JACK OF HEARTS!

Winning awards for being THE most difficult costume to ever draw consistently, Jack of Hearts was a Marvel hero who failed to take off, originally. He had an extended guest-role as Iron Man's apprentice and several spotlight issues in titles like Marvel Premiere trying to drum up support, but it didn't take. Jack's origin has also been revisited and revised time and again, with exposure to a radioactive super-fuel evolving into latent alien hybrid genes, to who knows what's next. Jack of Hearts was one of the last members to join the Avengers' classic roster before Bendis revamped the team into the New Avengers, and has remained mostly dead in the nearly twenty years since. His recent return in the pages of She-Hulk seems intent on addressing some of the confusion and issues surrounding his past, perhaps hopefully redeeming Jack of Hearts as the rising star he was once meant to be.


Operation: Galactic Storm was the greatest Avengers crossover of the 1990's. A 19-part epic with tight continuity, dozens of characters and major ramifications for the Marvel Universe, it also introduced Hala's Mightiest Heroes, the Kree Starforce. Pulled from decades of Kree comics and obscure additions, the Starforce were meant to represent for the Kree what the Avengers did for Earth and the Imperial Guard did for the Shi'ar. The Starforce never quite took off as a concept, even if they did star in their own arcade game, but their legacy lives on as the Starforce was name-dropped in the MCU's Captain Marvel movie.

Update on... SCARLET WITCH

The last time we checked in on the Scarlet Witch, she was a mutant, the daughter of Magneto and both amnesic and on the run after Decimating the mutant population. Amazing what can happen in fifteen years! Wanda has undergone so many revisions since the House of M... she has learned Magneto is not her father and met her real mother. No longer a mutant, she has adjusted to the High Evolutionary's artificially-engineered powers by devoting herself more fully to witchcraft than ever before. She has also made amends to the mutant race, first by aiding the Messiah Hope in undoing the Decimation spell, and more recently by creating the Eldritch Orchard to aid mutant resurrection on Krakoa throughout time and space. Perhaps somewhere in this Marvel Multiverse of Madness, there's even a Wanda who is still a mutant...