MightyAvengers.Net & UncannyXmen.Net presents... the EXILES Event Month (again!)

Spotlight On...

Hundreds of years old, this wondrous woman brought her ancient wisdom and combat experience to both the Squadron Supreme and the Exiles. As an Exile she helped save countless worlds, but after the Secret Wars she was unable to save her own world. Read now the story of... POWER PRINCESS!
What do you get when you cross Deadpool with a Gwen Stacy variant cover and unexpected internet appeal? The answer may surprise you! Click here for the full story on... GWENPOOL!
Wielding the Power Primordial and dedicated to the pursuit of games, En Dwi Gast is an Elder of the Universe willing to test Earth's Mightiest for his own amusement. Read about the eternal gamesman... the GRANDMASTER!
One of Wanda's reincarnated twins, Billy Kaplan has his mother's eyes...and her talent for warping reality. Destined to become the Demiurge, the sentient lifeforce of an entire world, for now he's just a part-time super-hero with a misleading codename... WICCAN!

Spotlight on... POWER PRINCESS!

As a powerful warrior woman from an ancient advanced society, and member of her world's premiere superhero team, some may see similarities to a certain wondrous woman from the distinguished competition. Originally born as a homage, Power Princess has developed into her own character over the years. As a member of the Squadron Supreme Zarda clashed with the Avengers several times and lead the oppressive Utopia Program on her own world. As a member of the Exiles she helped save numerous realities, but she couldn't save her own. Read now the story of... Power Princess!


Five years ago we dedicated a whole month to exploring the exciting world of the Exiles, as part of a larger multiverse themed event season. Well one event month wasn't enough to do this team justice so we're doing another one! With three teams, four series and countless beloved characters there's going to be plenty of content to keep people happy, entertained and informed. So please enjoy our...Exiles Event Month!

Down the Rabbit Hole

The Countdown has begun! you have less than 24 hours to complete the UXN 20th Anniversary Feedback survey and be in with the chance of recieving a very special prize*.

Thank you to all that have filled in the survey so far, we have been inundated with responses and looking forward to going through all the results.

So why tomorrow? well it is the start of a new...month...

Spotlight on... BLACK PANTHER!

For Chadwick Boseman. He never yielded.

Today we Spotlight the Black Panther.

Spotlight On... GWENPOOL

Gwen Poole is the hero who could be YOU! Drawn into Marvel Comics from the "real world" during Secret Wars, Gwen decided to craft her own narrative as a costumed adventurer. Often too "meta" for editors to handle, Gwenpool has undergone several retcons to better explain her role in the Marvel Universe, while still retaining the zany irreverence that built her fanbase. Will Gwenpool one day return, or will she be beaten to death by the Joker using a crowbar, because some sick twisted reprobates with a TouchTone phone wanted to see blood? Don't get the joke? Don't know what a TouchTone phone is? Ask your parents, kids, and then read today's Spotlight on... GWENPOOL.

Series Disambiguation (Moon Knight)

After a week-long trip down memory lane of the two decades of UXN , its time to give you something shiny by launching a brand new type of article we are calling “Series Disambiguation”.

In the first 40 years of the Marvel universe titles, there have only been a handful of series which had been canceled and relaunched with exactly the same name. As such, it was relatively easy to keep track of the differences, the years each ran and how they fit together. However, in the last 2 decades, series now seem to relaunch every time a new creative team takes over, this task has become all the more difficult. It is our hope that these articles will be a useful resource to our visitors.

This first article was originally meant to be released with our Character article on Moon Knight but wasn’t quite ready. With this being a brand new type of article and our 20th birthday we thought it would be the perfect time to release and showcase on both sites even though Moon Knight is not an “X-Men character” (yet). Now go read and let us know if you want more of this type of article!