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A mutant with a petrifying stare, the brilliant and nihilistic Tomi Shishido sought out terrorist groups that shared his vision of the world. A fearful fighter and brilliant tactician, all should beware falling before the gaze of... GORGON!
One of the Avengers' most powerful foes, this immortal ionic powerhouse is also European royalty and an elitist among the Maggia crime families. Today, read about one of the few villains to battle the entire roster to a stand-still, COUNT NEFARIA!
Known merely as the Enemy, the unassuming Michael Korvac seized power from Galactus and rose to become one of the Avengers' most intimidating foes. As a cyborg Machine God or nascent cosmic being, witness the glory of KORVAC!
Bullied for being a mutant and an African American albino, she grew up to become a living, walking version of hatred. Voodoo and Kali priestess, terrorist, veteran prison inmate and mutant activist, Nekra Sinclair lives and breathes hate. Read this odious ode to the charms of… NEKRA!

Spotlight on... GORGON

In his first appearance, Tomi Shishido killed Wolverine and united the Hand and Hydra for the first time in generations. Ambitious to a fault, the Gorgon proved himself a force to be reckoned with. Eager to achieve greater glories for either of his parent organizations, Gorgon has served on the High Council of Hydra and used the magic of the Hand to raise Madripoor atop a massive flying dragon. Presently serving as one of the Great Captains of Krakoa, it remains to be seen if Gorgon dreams of betraying his new X-Men allies, or if Krakoa is just the latest great power to wield the loyal sword of the Gorgon.

Spotlight on... COUNT NEFARIA

Count Nefaria began as a Maggia crime boss, threatening the early Avengers and X-Men with guns and hired thugs. In time, however, he evolved into the age of super-villainy when Project N stole the powers of his Lethal Legion and gave Nefaria ionic powers a hundred times stronger than his henchmen. Now a threat in his own right, Count Nefaria has become immortal and indestructible. At his peak, he was able to battle the united Avengers and Thunderbolts single-handedly. Constantly seeking to feed his ego, Nefaria will inevitably return to challenge the Avengers and other heroes again.

Update on..X-23

In the time we first wrote X-23's spotlight she has gone through a great many changes, from her costume to her codename, as well as her entire outlook on life. Whilst she may have lost family, she ended up gaining more then she ever knew existed in the form of a new clone/sister, Gabby. So, if you happened to miss out on any of Laura's monumental life changes, why not read our updated spotlight on...X-23!


Now that we have caught you up with 2018's releases it's time to take a look at all the content we gave you for 2019. Despite juggling the workload for two sites, we somehow found time to do not one, but two event months. The X-Men themselves were going through something of a traumatic time in the comics and we siezed the opportunity to tie-in to it all and update many of our dead characters...a decision that seems rather amusing now given the current comic stories going on. So in case you missed any articles, or just want to re-read them again, here is our UXN 2019 YEAR IN REVIEW!!!

Spotlight on... KORVAC

The cyborg Korvac arose in the 31st century where Earth was conquered by the Badoon. Empowered and escaping his alien masters, Korvac became arch-nemesis for the Guardians of the Galaxy. Fleeing through time to seek more power, Korvac found it in the Worldship of Galactus, evolving into a cosmic entity. Enlightened by his transformation, Michael Korvac sought to remake the universe into a more benevolent state of order. The Avengers and Guardians opposed Michael in one of their greatest battles, and only won because he gave up the fight. Today's Spotlight covers the history of Michael Korvac, the Enemy!


Welcome to the year 2020!!! Sounds rather science fiction-ey when we say it that way. As we begin a brand new year (and new decade) we like to look back at our previous one and summarise all the releases we put on to the site. However, last year we didn't get round to doing one for 2018, which is a bit surprising since it was a huge year for the site. So, in case you missed anything from two years ago here is our UXN 2018 YEAR IN REVIEW! Let us know what your favourite was.

(Stay tuned in the very very near future for our slightly more up-to-date one on 2019)