Publication Date: 5th Mar 2019
Image Work: Douglas Mangum.

BIOGRAPHY - page 2

After the war, Ronan left the Starforce and returned to his role as Supreme Public Accuser. He led a mission to retrieve an illegally crafted pair of nega bands from Genis-Vell, the son of the late Mar-Vell, but was ultimately driven off when the Silver Surfer came to the young man’s aid. [Silver Surfer Annual (1st series) #6]

While Ronan put on a performance of obedience for his new Shi’ar masters, he secretly worked to free his people from their rule. While on a routine mission to retrieve some Kree prisoners from Earth, he seized the opportunity to acquire a powerful weapon for his people and get revenge on the Fantastic Four at the same time. On the way to Earth, he sent the Fantastic Four a vision of him defeating them in battle to taunt them. Upon arrival, he teleported the entire Baxter Building, along with the Fantastic Four, to the blue area of the moon.

On the moon, he immediately attacked the Fantastic Four, successfully taking down three of the four and enslaving Susan Richards with an alien parasite. With Susan under his thrall, he mplemented the final stage of his plan and used her to help pierce the wall of the Watcher’s sanctuary. Inside, they breached a special storage chamber that contained the core of the psyche-magnatron, an outlawed Kree device that could manifest thoughts into reality.

Ronan planned to use the device to free his people from Shi’ar rule but was thwarted by the remaining Fantastic Four and Iron Man, who disabled the device. All was not for naught though, as before he escaped Ronan downloaded the schematics to the psyche-magnatron to his ultimate weapon. Nevertheless, he realized it could take years, or even centuries to reconstruct the device again. [Fantastic Four (3rd series) #13-15, Iron Man (3rd series) #14]

With the failure of his psyche-magnatron plan, Ronan decided to put into use what he had learned about the Inhumans a century ago as an acolyte. He gathered squadron of elite Kree soldiers in a ship and attacked the Inhuman city, Attilan, on Earth. Despite their superhuman abilities, the Inhumans were no match for the Kree’s advanced technology. With his Inhuman army at his mercy, Ronan activated Attilan’s ancient warp engines and took the city to the stars.

Ronan concocted a plan to assassinate Majestrix Lilandra during a crucial point in diplomatic proceedings between the Shi’ar and the Spartoi. He sent multiple groups of Inhumans to infiltrate the union between Lilandra and the Spartoi king, but they were ultimately unsuccessful. Black Bolt, the Inhuman king, challenged Ronan to a duel for his people’s freedom, which he won. Ronan honored his word and let the Inhuman’s return to Earth. [Inhumans (3rd series) #1-4]

After all of his efforts to bring freedom to his people, it would the Supreme Intelligence who finally did it. Supremor somehow acquired the vastly powerful Forever Crystal, which he used to force evolve many of the Kree into a new species known as the Ruul. Ronan was seemingly one of the exceptions to this, though he still played a key role in the Intelligence’s plan. The Ruul manipulated the Galactic Council into declaring humanity a threat to the advanced races of the universe and quarantining the Earth. Furthermore, to keep mankind occupied, the Ruul also convinced the Council to turn the Earth into a prison and start sending alien prisoners there.

Ronan was appointed warden of the Earth, commanding the Citadel in Earth orbit. This position inevitably put him into conflict with the superheroes of Earth on several occasions. Soon after, the Supreme Intelligence’s plan was revealed. While the Galactic Council were occupied with Earth, the Ruul/Kree launched covert attacks with their secret fleet, reclaiming their empire. Meanwhile on Earth, a spore of Ego the Living Planet was consuming the planet and Ronan drew power from massive creature growing to incredible size. He fought a plethora of human’s finest while they tried to reduce Ego to spore size, and was ultimately defeated. The accuser was so weakened by losing his power that he was able to be punched unconscious by USAgent. [Maximum Security crossover]

Despite his actions, Ronan was released from Earth and returned to Hala and his place as Supreme Accuser of the Ruul. Soon after, Una-Rogg returned to Ronan’s life when the woman was arrested for killing men with her life draining powers. The authorities began the process of neutering her abilities.

When Genis-Vell came to Hala seeking the aid of the Supreme Intelligence, Ronan saw the unevolved Kree as an embarrassing relic of a bygone age and arrested him. As Genis and Una-Rogg had clashed in the past, Ronan took perverse pleasure in locking the pair up together. Much to Ronan’s chagrin, the pair escaped soon after and the Supreme Intelligence agreed to help them, provided they complete mission in the Negative Zone. Ronan had to awkwardly interact with Una while he helped them prepare for their mission.

When Una returned from her mission, Ronan revealed he had originally planned to evolve her to a Ruul, which would have cured her condition, but instead decided she would remain as a Kree. He provided her with a small ship and sent her out into the galaxy, the last member of a hated and despised race, knowing she was its weakest link. [Captain Marvel (4th series) #22-25]

[Note: It is unclear if Ronan was evolved into a Ruul along with the rest of the Kree. While he retained the appearance of a Kree, he referred to himself as a Ruul and saw the likes of Genis-Vell and Una-Rogg as unevolved. As the Ruul possessed a shapeshifting ability its likely Ronan used his power to retain his Kree appearance]

Ronan’s punishment of Una turned out to be a moot point, as soon after all of Ruulkind were somehow reverted back to regular Kree, and seemed to show no memory of their time as the Ruul.

[Note: While never outright confirmed, it is highly likely the Genis-Vell was responsible for undoing the Kree’s evolution. Whilst he briefly held amazing power, Genis recreated the universe, almost exactly as it was, albeit with some minor changes. It is likely the change to the Kree was one of them]

The Kree Empire was thrown into turmoil once more when prominent Kree family House Fiyero seized control. Soon after, the Accuser himself stood accused of sedition when Rigellian Tana Nile came forward with a claim Ronan was conspiring with the Skrulls to overthrow House Fiyero. Ronan was found guilty and stripped of his rank but managed to escape with his ultimate weapon to investigate the false charges against him.

After months on the lamb, Ronan finally got a break when an informant gave him the location of Tana Nile on the planet Godthab Omega. On Godthab Omega, the former Accuser reunited with his comrade from the Kree Starforce, Korath, who was living in exile. Korath sought Ronan’s aid against Gamora’s Graces, who had claimed the planet and tried to drive them out. Ronan initially refused but the Graces brought the fight to Ronan instead and attacked him. The former accuser easily bested Nebula and Stellaris and learned that Tana Nile was in fact a member of the Graces also. With this information, he took the fight to Gamora’s headquarters and battled the reputed “deadliest woman in the universe.”

The pair were evenly matched, however Ronan’s attempt to alter Gamora’s godslayer blade caused a power feedback that ended the fight for both. During the fight, Korath learned that the Annihilation Wave, a massive force from the Negative Zone, was making its way to Kree space. He begged Ronan to help their people but the exile initially refused, angry that the Kree had believed the lies about him and turned their back on him. He soon realized that an outside force was manipulating the people of Godthab Omega, inciting anger and violence.

However, before he could deal with this, the Annihilation Wave struck Godthab Omega. Ronan fought his way through the insectile horde and seized the opportunity to seize Tana Nile from the Graces. Unfortunately, he was too late and Nile succumbed to injuries caused by the Wave. Before she died, however, she revealed House Fiyero paid her to give false testimony against Ronan. Despite the threat of execution, Ronan resolved to return to Hala and aid his people with the Annihilation Wave.

Ronan’s return to Kree space couldn’t have come at a better time. House Fiyero lacked military experience and opted to throw wave after wave of soldiers at the enemy, causing staggering fatalities for the United Front. The former accuser joined the battlefield and provided much needed leadership for the soldiers, who readily accepted his command. However, generals loyal to House Fiyero demanded his arrest. When Nova, the United Front’s leader, refused, the generals attempted to arrest Ronan themselves, though the former accuser killed them in retaliation.

Later, the United Front’s base on Daedalus 5 was attacked and overwhelmed by the Annihilation Wave’s forces. Ronan fought Annihilus’ chief lieutenant, Ravenous, but was outmatched by the more powerful foe. Ultimately, the United Front was defeated by the Wave and disbanded. Without soldiers to lead, Ronan decided it was time to attack House Fiyero head on, with a surprising ally: Kl’rt the Super Skrull.

With the Super Skrull, Ronan fought his way through hordes of House Fiyero’s soldiers, only to learn the house had allied with Annihilus for protection. The fallen Accuser was enraged at this and had his rematch with Fiyero’s protector Ravenous. This time, however, with Kl’rt’s aid, Ronan bested Ravenous, executed House Fiyero and seized control of the Kree. Ronan was angered to learn that House Fiyero had lobotomized the Supreme Intelligence, and ended the creature’s suffering with his universal weapon.

With the Kree now under Ronan’s control, he renewed aggression against the Annihilation Wave. Fortunately for the Kree, the Annihilation Wave suffered some serious blows due to the intervention of Galactus and the assassination of Annihilus by Ronan’s ally Nova. Ravenous seized control of the Wave and immediately sued Ronan for peace. Ronan reluctantly agreed, ceding control of Kree-Lar and several other Kree worlds to Ravenous in exchange for a cessation to hostilities. [Annihilation crossover]

Ronan set about rebuilding the Kree in the wake of the Annihilation War and engaged Peter Quill, the former Star-Lord, to oversee reparations. Quill negotiated an alliance with the Spaceknights, whereby the Galadorians would upgrade the Kree’s defense net. Unfortunately, this backfired for Ronan, as the Spaceknights had been assimilated by the Phalanx, who then took complete control of the Kree’s military systems and sealed the Kree Empire within an energy barrier that phased the empire out of synch with the universe.

Ronan ordered his officers to remove all of Quill’s cybernetic implants and sent him on a suicide mission with other criminals to attack the Phalanx. Soon after, Ronan himself was captured and assimilated by the Phalanx. The Kree leader retained his personality and memories, but was now loyal to the Phalanx hive mind.

Possibly because of his skills as an Accuser, the Phalanx tasked Ronan with interrogating a new prisoner, a mysterious, nameless Kree with the power to strike fear into the Phalanx. Ronan tortured the man, whom he dubbed Wraith, relentlessly to no success before both attempting to first kill him them assimilate him into the Phalanx. Both attempts failed and the Wraith escaped under Ronan’s watch.

During this escape, the fallen Accuser was shocked and enraged to discover the Phalanx had assimilated the corpse of the Supreme Intelligence. The Phalanx command revealed they planned to use the assimilated Supremor to send out a mass psychic message, to drive the Kree to submit. Ronan was offered an ultimatum: fully submit to the Phalanx or they would move the Kree Empire further out of synch with the universe, killing everyone within.

Ronan submitted fully to the Phalanx and led the deployment of the Supremor weapon. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, for Ronan, the Wraith returned with allies, Super Skrull and Praxagora, to stop the weapon. Wraith used his unique powers to absorb the soul of the Supreme Intelligence and send out a blast disabling all Phalanx in the area. Freed from Phalanx control, Ronan was despondent at what he had done and tried to convince the Wraith to kill him. Wraith refused and demanded Ronan lead his people.

Together with Wraith, Kl’rt and Praxagora, Ronan travelled to the ceded territories seemingly to seek an alliance with Ravenous. However, on meeting with the gloating Ravenous, Ronan turned on the Annihilation Wave leader and captured him, revealing he really wanted what the Kree hid beneath the throne world; thousands of sentries that he had placed there in anticipation of seizing the ceded territories back from the Wave.

Ronan, however, did not intend to use the sentries to attack the Phalanx, instead he planned to put his infected people out of their collective mystery. In a surprising act of mercy, the Accuser first directed the sentries to exterminate the Phalanx that were invading the ceded territories, sparing them the same fate at the Kree. Upon launching his attack on Hala, however, the Phalanx’s true master, Ultron, seized control of the Sentry swarm, turning the tables on Ronan. Fortunately, the Phalanx were soon overthrown by the collective efforts of various cosmic heroes, including Ronan and his allies. Ronan was left to dwell on the fact that he had almost committed the genocide of his own species. [Annihilation: Conquest crossover]