Publication Date: 5th Mar 2019
Image Work: Douglas Mangum.

BIOGRAPHY - page 3

Despite his actions, Ronan resumed his role as leader of the Kree. Devastated from two invasions in short succession the Kree were left in a vulnerable position. Because of this, Ronan arranged for the Phalanx’s babel spire to be rebuilt, which would place Kree space within a protective sphere. As the babel squire required bodies to power it, Ronan powered it with the bodies of hundreds of Skrull spies. When Star-Lord discovered this, he and the Accuser exchanged heated words and all of Ronan’s resentment towards the part the man played in enslaving the Kree came to a head. Ronan attacked Star-Lord, easily besting him, and sentenced him to exile in the Negative Zone for his “crimes.” [Guardians of the Galaxy (2nd series) #8]

While the Kree had dealt with their Skrull infiltrators, the nefarious aliens had also launched a mass infiltration and invasion of the Earth. The Inhumans’ leader, Black Bolt, was abducted by the Skrulls during the invasion and the Inhuman royal family sought the aid of Ronan and the Kree. Ronan accepted the alliance, providing the Inhumans full access to his resources. However, he had one condition: he was to marry Queen Medusa’s sister, Crystal Amaquelan, to cement the alliance. The alliance proved fortuitous for both parties, as the Inhumans rescued their king and the Kree dealt a blow to their mortal enemies. [Secret Invasion: Inhumans #3-4]

However, the Inhumans made a surprise change to the alliance when they returned to Kree space in their warship of a city, Attilan, and their entire species poised for attack. The Inhuman royal family and a small force of soldiers tore their way into Ronan’s palace and informed him they had come to seize control of the Kree and take it to the next stage of its evolution, whether they want it or not. Ronan confessed he never wanted to lead the Kree; he merely accepted the burden of leadership because no one else could. In a surprising mood, Ronan bent his knee to Blackbolt, ceding his leadership of the Kree to the Inhuman royal family. [Secret Invasion: War of Kings #1]

Ronan’s decision to give leadership of the Kree to the Inhumans was immediately validated when the royal family revealed their plans to subject the Kree to an uplift program, treating their genetic stall with Terrigen mists and Maximus’ technology.

As part of cementing the union between the Kree and the Inhumans, Ronan held the royal family to their previous agreement; he would marry Crystal. While the wedding was simply to consolidate power and solidify the union, Ronan seemed to genuinely have some feelings for the princess, though they weren’t reciprocated. When the wedding ceremony came, however, it was interrupted by at attack by the Shi’ar Imperial Guard, in retaliation for the Inhumans destroying some Shi’ar ships while seizing the Kree Empire. The Accuser fought valiantly against the guardsman but was seriously injured during the attack.

Despite this interruption, Ronan and Crystal were still considered married. In the hospital, the badly injured Ronan told his new wife that he bent the knee to Black Bolt because he truly believed the Inhumans would save his people. He begged her to protect his people and not prove him a fool. As war raged between the Kree and the Shi’ar, Ronan healed in hospital, visited regularly by Crystal. Despite her initial reservation about marrying the man, Crystal appeared to be developing genuine feelings for her husband as he recovered.

While Ronan recovered, he regularly inquired about the progress on the Kree uplift program, but was disappointed to learn his people were not compatible with the program. Later, once he was healed, he was angered to learn that to end the war, the Inhumans intended to detonate a Terrigen bond that would transform all species, save the Kree, into Inhumans. He felt it would leave his people the universe’s underclass. He respectfully asked his new king not to detonate the bomb, but Black Bolt refused.

In her time spent with Ronan, Crystal had embraced the Kree people, more so than any other member of the royal family. She intercepted the Terrigen bomb and rendered the Terrigen inert, but could not save Black Bolt from the blast. Despite this, the Kree won the war and seized control of the Shi’ar Empire. [War of Kings crossover]

Following the end of the war with the Shi’ar, Ronan aided the Inhumans by accompanying his wife to various Kree colonies. The marriage between the pair developed from a political union to one based on genuine love. When Maximus seemingly went mad once more, Ronan found himself at the mercy of the Inhuman’s mind control. However, Crystal managed to bring him back to his senses with a kiss. The pair also had an awkward interaction with Crystal’s ex-husband, Quicksilver, who had come to make amends for past crimes against the Inhumans. Ronan surprisingly managed to retain his composure at the surprise arrival of a potential romantic rival, and let Crystal deal with the man. [Realm of Kings: Inhumans #1-4]

When the Inhumans T-bomb had detonated at the end of the war with the Shi’ar, it created a massive tear in space known as the Fault. Ronan was present amongst an unprecedented alliance of empires and celestial beings formed to combat a massive invasion of horrific beings from the Cancerverse, which lay beyond the Fault. When conventional warfare was unsuccessful, Ronan joined a collection of the universe’s heaviest hitters, including Nova, Silver Surfer, Quasar, Gladiator and Beta Ray Bill in a decapitating strike against the Cancerverse. While successful in destroying the Cancerverse’s flagship, the invaders were ultimately defeated by others, who sealed the Fault. [The Thanos Imperative crossover]

With the Guardians of the Galaxy disbanded after the Cancerverse invasion, Guardian Cosmo set about recruiting members for a new much more powerful team. Ronan joined with Gladiator, Quasar, Beta Ray Bill, the Silver Surfer and the Spaceknight Ikon to form the vastly powerful team, the Annihilators. The Accuser was frustrated to learn from Ikon that, while every other member was ranked as “alpha plus” class under the Spaceknight’s system, he only ranked as alpha class. Despite this “limitation,” he played a key role in their first mission against the Dire Wraiths, using his Universal Weapon to disable Doctor Dredd’s ability to cut anything on a quantum level. [Annihilators #1-4]

The Annihilator’s next mission brought them to Earth, as the team race to prevent the Universal Church of Truth from resurrecting the Magus. Unfortunately, this brought them into conflict with the Avengers, who initially believed they were attacking a town in the United States. As the team resolved their differences, Ronan found himself working alongside people with whom he had clashed on numerous times before. Unlike the Avengers and some of his own teammates, the Accuser was willing to do “what needed to be done” to eliminate the treat of the Magus. This included first wanting to kill his child host, then bringing thousands of Sentries to Earth to raze the United States when the Magus’ infection spread.

When Captain America asked if we would be willing to do the same to Hala, Ronan replied emphatically that he would and already had more times than he could count. Despite this attitude, the Accuser ultimately agreed to try this the Avengers’ way and played a key role in capturing the Magus’ essence within one of his Kree sentries. [Annihilators: Earthfall #1-4]

Soon after, the Inhuman royal family were surprised by the sudden return of Black Bolt, who had survived the T-Bomb explosion and escaped the Fault. As the Inhumans were summoned back to Earth for a matter of great importance, they placed Ronan in charge as regent. Crystal also chose to remain on Hala, by her husband’s side. [FF (1st series) #6-7]

Unfortunately for the Inhumans, many of the Kree and grown dissatisfied with their leadership since the war with the Shi’ar. Several prominent Kree approached their support for him to lead the Kree and ending the Inhuman’s rule. Ronan accepted the burden of leadership, mostly because he knew it would be brief. Within his Universal Weapon sat the seed to rebirth the Supreme Intelligence, though he had never used it due to a lack of an appropriate mind with which regrow the creature.

That was until he learned the Inhumans had left the Kree to battle a group of evil alternate reality Reed Richards and had capture two of them. Together with Crystal, who had chosen to stay by his side despite the succession from the Inhumans, Ronan lead a troop of soldiers who infiltrated Attilan and abducted this Reed Richards. Ronan then released the Supremor seed, which had been passed down from accuser to accuser for three hundred thousand years, and the two Reeds were absorbed into a new Supreme Intelligence. [FF (1st series) #10-11]

However, Ronan was unaware of the origins of the Supremor seed. Three hundred thousand years ago, the Supreme Intelligence foresaw its death at the hands of an Inhuman and created the seed to save itself. To Ronan’s shock, the new Supremor immediately instigated an invasion of the Earth to wipe out the Inhumans. Ronan refused to participate in the invasion but, because he was responsible for resurrecting the Supreme Intelligence, it allowed him to live for what little time the Earth had left. However, the Kree invasion was soon repelled, leaving the Ronan and Crystal on Earth. [Fantastic Four (1st series) #600-603]

While Ronan and Crystal remained on Earth, the Inhumans and the Kree went to war. Ultimately, the two groups managed to broker a peace, though it came at a price: Crystal and Ronan’s marriage. Supremor demanded his Accuser return to his service and that his marriage to Crystal be annulled. Both struggled with agreeing to the annulment, putting the peace at risk, until some advice from Reed and Susan Richards helped them decide to go through with it. Despite this, they still needed to be physically separated from each other. [FF (1st series) #22]

Ronan soon settled back into the familiar role of stoic Accuser. The leadership of the new Supreme Intelligence faced its first challenge when the mysterious and powerful Builders started cutting a swath through the universe. While the Kree initially fought against the Builders alongside the other major empires in the universe, Supremor soon surrendered to the stronger force. When the Avengers killed the Builder placed in charge of Hala, Supremor refused to rebel against the Builders. Frustrated with this and believing the Kree had to fight to maintain their sense of honor, Ronan attacked the Supreme Intelligence and took his Accusers and the Kree armies to rejoin the war.

The rogue Accuser led his forces against the Builders, but deferred to the leadership of the Avengers, who had proven themselves time and again during the war. After a series of successful attacks, the Builders were defeated. In gratitude for the Avengers’ actions, Ronan and the Galactic Council travelled to Earth to aid the team in freeing the planet from the clutches of Thanos. Ronan himself dealt the killing blow against one of Thanos’ Cull Obsidian, Black Dwarf. Upon returning to Hala, Ronan and his Accusers were accepted back into the fold by the Supreme Intelligence, though as what cost is unknown. [Infinity crossover]

Later it came to Ronan’s attention that an ancient weapon of mass power, the Black Vortex had resurfaced. An ancient mirror of Celestial design, the Black Vortex provided all that submit to it with a comic upgrade, vastly increasing their power. Ronan ambushed Gamora, Angel and Beast, who had recently submitted to the Vortex, and stole the artifact, setting off a chain of events that would lead to untold destruction. When the trio he stole the Vortex attacked Hala, the forces of the Kree were outmatched, which drove Ronan to request approval to submit to the Vortex. Supremor denied the Accuser’s request, but Ronan rejected this, became cosmically empowered and drove off the attackers.

While Ronan had disobeyed the Supreme Intelligence’s orders before, he knew this time was the last straw. The former accuser recorded a final chronicle before he left the planet. Unfortunately, the presence of the Black Vortex on Hala drew the attention of other foes who sought its power. Mister Knife, the deposed ruler of Spartax, attacked Hala for the Vortex and destroyed the planet, killing the Supreme Intelligence in the process. Enraged, Ronan tracked Knife and his henchmen back to Spartax and attacked, though the group managed to escape his clutches. Ultimately, Ronan was left amongst the ruins on Hala and he swore he would rebuild. [The Black Vortex crossover]

Ronan spent his days on the shattered Hala, sorting the bones of the dead until the surprise arrival of the Inhuman royal family. The Inhumans sought answers about the origins of Terrigen but the grief-stricken Ronan, looking for someone to blame, was too angry at the Inhuman’s perceived abandonment and attacked. With a newfound power, provided by the Black Vortex, he placed each Inhuman in a micro-reality that attacked them with their own guilt.

With the others occupied, he confronted Crystal, angry at her for agreeing to leave him for peace between their peoples, even going so far as to suggest that the heartbreak she gave him caused him to fail in saving Hala. An angry Crystal had none of that, however, and tried to knock some sense into her ex-husband. This only succeeding in making Ronan admit to himself that, if he had listened to Supremor, Hala may not have been destroyed. In his despair, the accuser attempted suicide by universal weapon but was stopped by Crystal.

Meanwhile, the Royal’s ally Noh-Varr, a Kree from an alternate dimension, resurrected Supremor using the seed from his version, the Plex Intelligence. This new Plex/Supremor hybrid filled Ronan with visions of what Hala could be, but on the condition he forgive himself. Ronan, however, could not and also rejected Crystal’s attempts at reconciliation. Alone with his despair, the broken man asked to be left alone. [Royals #4-6]

Alone on Hala, Ronan was unprepared when a fanatical division of the Kree ambushed him and seized control of the fractured world. These zealots wished to circumvent the ancient prophecy that a member of the Inhumans would bring about the fall of the Kree Empire and saw Ronan’s potential as a weapon. Despite his enhancements from the Black Vortex, he was overwhelmed by the other Kree and subjected to torture, where he was replaced piece by piece with cybernetics. When Black Bolt, who had also been captured, found him, Ronan begged his former king not to let them turn him into a weapon. Black Bolt obliged by using his voice to end the Accuser’s life, sparing him further misery. [Death of the Inhumans #3]