Betsy Braddock: Captain Britain #4

Issue Date: 
July 2023
Story Title: 
Earth's Most Furious

Tini Howard (writer), Vasco Georgiev (artist), Erick Arciniega (color artist), Virtual Calligraphy's Ariana Maher (letterer), Tom Muller & Jay Bowen (designer), Erica D'Urso & Matthew Wilson (cover artists), Davi Go (variant cover artist), Stacie Zucker (production), Sarah Brunstad (editor), Jordan D. White (senior editor), C.B. Cebulski (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

At Tony Stark's warehouse, Betsy engages in a spot of jousting with Tony, while explaining her current dire situation regarding Doctor Doom and Morgan le Fay, and Tony agrees to help her. At Braddock Isle, Askani explores a great library full of information, while Meggan and Brian Braddock get ready for a function later that night. Betsy returns with little time to get ready, but spends what time she has with Rachel, their relationship having become somewhat rocky in reccent days. Brian, Meggan, Betsy and Rachel arrive at the event, where the press are waiting for them. One reporter queries Meggan about pregnancy rumors, while Betsy publicly announces that Rachel is her girlfriend. Betsy and Rachel mingle with some of the guests as the evening continues. In the countryside, one of Morgan le Fay's Furies arrives, thinking it has tracked Brian Braddock down – however it is a trick courtesy of the Avengers – Tony Stark was true to his word, and along with the rest of the Avengers and Betsy Braddock, who departed the function, attack the Fury, their combined efforts eventually defeating it. Betsy's brother, Monarch, arrives to take the Fury away, and then reveals he has a shrunken-down version of Morgan le Fay's castle, which he throws away, and returns to its true size, as Morgan and Doctor Doom emerge from the castle. Betsy feels betrayed by her brother, while Morgan believes she is one step closer to returning London to how she wants it to be. Returning to Braddock Isle, Betsy, Brian, Meggan and Rachel interrogate Monarch, before Brian and Meggan's daughter, Maggie, gathers them all to go through one of her plans, which will also involve S.T.R.I.K.E., and will require Betsy's espionage skills. Meanwhile, in a pocket dimension, Morgan's Fury is confronted by Brian.

Full Summary: 

Inside the former depot of Bronson's Cabs, Jersey City, New Jersey, United States of America. Currently the operating base of Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man, where Betsy Braddock a.k.a. Captain Britain, has manifested her psychic sword, while Tony Stark informs her that he went to Otherworld once upon a time, with Doctor Doom. 'So you did, Mister Stark. Morgan seems to have plenty of interesting surface thoughts about you' Betsy adds, informing Stark that in Morgan's mind, he is an enemy of Doom, her once-and-future lover – and he has been on her mind quite a bit. 'You would know -' Tony responds as he picks up a fencing sword, but as Betsy's psi-blade strikes him, he shouts 'Damn!' and supposes that he must be rusty. But Betsy tells Tony that even on his best day he has never been as good as she is with a sword. Tony smiles and claims that he used to fence in college, as it is good exercise. 'Oh, really? I dueled King Arthur somewhat recently' Betsy replies casually.

'That's the dry British humor, right?' Tony asks as he tosses Betsy a bottle of water. 'You're getting it. I didn't exactly come dressed to fence -' Betsy begins, to which Tony points out that she still handed him his ass. Tony looks at Betsy and grins as he asks 'So, King Arthur went bad? I am out of the loop'. Betsy assures Tony that King Arthur has been handled, and that she will tell that tale once they next duel, before revealing that she could use Tony's assistance with a Fury. 'Are you familiar?' she asks. Tony remarks that he watches the news in four languages, and tells Betsy that it is terrible what happened to the West End. 'Shall we suit up and hit London? Shame I can't drink' Tony adds. 'Unfortunately, no' Betsy replies, informing Tony that he will be sticking to the countryside. She explains that Morgan has been using the Fury as her own Captain Britain and doesn't seem to mind that it's been hunting down the super-powered. 'And neither does Parliament' Betsy adds.

Tony looks shocked and assures Betsy that the Avengers are in. 'You need to get everyone out of England?' he asks. 'Absolutely not' Betsy replies, declaring that for those born with powers, ceding an inch isn't an option. 'England is there home, too' she reminds Tony, while adding that she won't be the Captain Britain who leads the super-powered away from their homes. Betsy heads towards the door and explains to Tony that the Fury thinks Brian is dead, but she doesn't know how much time that will buy them. 'The Avengers' presence will draw the Fury there to make a stand' Betsy suggests. 'Captain Britain. You come to me to collaborate with the Avengers and you want us to be bait?' Tony grins. Betsy leaves the workshop and tells Tony that she needs power to attract the Furies. She adds that her brother Jamie isn't reliable, and that with the anti-mutant sentiment in the UK, she can't just have the X-Men show up. 'I'm trying to stop an international incident' Betsy explains. 'I can respect that' Tony replies. Betsy walks towards a Krakoan gate and tells Tony that he will understand this, too: 'Having Iron Man and the Avengers turn up for my cause is good for my image. And good for yours, Stark' Betsy smiles.

Within Braddock Manor, Rachel Summers a.k.a. Askani is concentrating hard, hovering cross-legged, she hears a voice: 'Askani – you seek the sacred timeline?' which causes Rachel to be surprised. The voice asks her if she is distressed, and as a “third eye” opens on Rachel's forehead, Rachel admits that she knows this Askani title means she has caught up to some sort of psychic prophecy, but that she doesn't know what she is supposed to do to make the future happen. 'Say “please”' the voice responds. '...uh...please' Rachel replies. 'Please is how tomorrow happens' the voice utters. A book suddenly floats towards Rachel from one of the many bookcases surrounding her as the voice states that the Sacred Timeline is not a single line, not a tree to be pruned through time travel, but a library of lives. 'Every existence in every form brings knowledge to us. But there is only one of you to protect it'. The book opens to a page showing a photograph of Rachel with her parents, Cyclops and Jean Grey, and her brother, Cable. 'I am, in a word, the librarian of this place. But all libraries can burn' the voice adds.

In reality, Rachel sits cross-legged on a sofa within Braddock Manor's living area. 'You just got back, Betsy? We leave in twenty minutes' Brian Braddock a.k.a. Captain Avalon calls out. His wife, Meggan, assures Brian that Betsy will be fine. 'Let's not shout and ruin a lovely night' she suggests, while their daughter, Maggie, has the Warwolf pup, Amazing Baby, on a leash nearby. Betsy points out that Rachel isn't ready, either, and notices no one is shouting at her. 'I am ready' Rachel smiles as Betsy kisses her. 'So calm in the midst of all this chaos?' Betsy asks. 'Askani stuff' Rachel explains. Brian walks towards his sister and asks her what she is wearing, noting that she looks like a hitchhiking bridesmaid. Referring to the white dress she's currently wearing, Betsy assures Brian that she isn't wearing it tonight, and that she just arrived back from fencing Tony Stark. 'Really, Aunt Betsy?!' Maggie exclaims 'Mmhm!' Betsy tells her niece before she heads upstairs where she has another dress waiting for her and will brush her hair.

Rachel follows Betsy up the stairs as Brian calls out to Betsy, reminding her that this even was crafted specifically with her presence in mind. 'Our family has people who they employ full-time to work on image. You simply cannot be late for this!' Brian shouts. Rachel asks Betsy if she really fenced Tony Stark, to which Betsy confirms that she did, and Amazing Baby barks. A few moments later, Betsy is wearing a pink and white dress and tells Rachel, who wears a red suit 'You heard him. Got to dress up, can't be the family disappointment any longer' before asking Rachel to zip her up. 'So, did you kick Stark's ass?' Rachel asks. 'Of course I did' Betsy smiles. They embrace, and Betsy asks Rachel if she wants to be a little late. But, as if on cue, 'Betsy!' Brian calls from outside the bedroom. 'The helicopter is outside!' Brian announces, to which front behind closed doors, Betsy tells Brian to go ahead, and she will take a gate.

Elsewhere, an extravagant event is underway, with a large red carpet rolled out, lined with reporters, camera crews and fans all hoping to get a glimpse of the stars walking down the red carpet. An announcer states that arriving on the carpet, in their first public red-carpet appearance in years is Brian Braddock, the former Captain Britain, and his lovely wife, Meggan Puceanu Braddock. 'It's Captain Avalon now, mate, actually. And we're happy for it' the handsome Brian smiles. Wearing a blue suit, with Meggan hanging at his side wearing a green dress, Meggan looks unimpressed when a reporter asks her about the rumors of another baby. 'Where did that start?' Meggan snaps.

'Betsy! Betsy! Who's your friend?' another reporter calls out as Betsy and Rachel hold hands as they walk down the red carpet. Betsy takes a microphone from the reporter and announces 'She's myb girlfriend – her name is Rachel Summers' before telling everyone that if they have questions for Captain Britain, they should direct them to her. 'Captain Britain! Captain Britain!' a reporter calls out as Betsy carries on down the red carpet. Rachel waves at the cameras, while telepathically remarking to Betsy that their thoughts are hilarious. 'You hear that?' she asks. Betsy states that she has to block everyone's thoughts at these things, or she gets so nervous her knees go weak. Rachel puts has hands around Betsy's arm and assures her that she has got her, before asking what this is for anyway. Betsy explains that it is a charity ball which the Braddocks sponsored, something inoffensive like “fighting hunger”. 'I'm offensive enough on my own' Betsy adds to which Rachel asks her if she is sure about that. 'People seem to kindal love you...' Rachel remarks as several fans approach them both.

'Captain, do you mind?' a young man asks, handing Betsy some paper and a pen, and telling her that he still has her magazine spread as Britain's most beautiful woman. 'Of course' Betsy smiles as she signs the paper. Rachel laughs and asks 'Your what?' Betsy takes some champagne while Rachel tells her that the press out there might not understand her, but that the people are here for her. 'You're Captain Britain. It's what you deserve, baby' Rachel remarks. 'Very sweet, darling' Betsy responds, before suggesting to Rachel that if she thinks they have been seen enough, they have got somewhere else to be. 'Down your drink' she adds. They take their leave, entering a private area of the facility, where their costumes manifest, and Rachel exclaims that it is time to get super sonic. 'Somewhere far from a population center' Betsy adds.

Meanwhile, a Fury, Morgan Le Fay's very own Captain Britain, flies across the English countryside. Morgan Le Fay or not, the Fury has always had one command – hunt the super-powered. And almost always, the Fury has succeeded. But one of them evades his grasp – Brian Braddock, already eliminated, but now apparently here once more. The Fury swoops down towards the hillside where it sees Brian. The power below him is intoxicating, more than he has ever felt from this one. The Fury knows that whatever has brought his greatest foe, Brian Braddock, back to him, it has empowered him greatly. The Fury moves closer to Brian, the bloodlust makes it insane and it is beyond rational thought. There is only one directive: Kill Brian Braddock!

Suddenly, 'Nice shot!' a voice calls out as Captain America's shield slams into the side of the Fury. 'This thing is no joke. We've each got time for one good hit, so - ' someone else begins, while Captain Marvel can be seen grabbing the Fury's powerful blaster arm. '- draw and quarter him, team -' another voice declares as Thor's mighty hammer strikes part of the Fury. '- just like medieval times' another voice adds as the Scarlet Witch's hex energy writhes around the Fury. The Black Panther's claws tear down the side of the Fury's legs, while the Vision connects with the Fury and interfaces with its Cybiote systems. 'Quite maddening code, this!' the Vision remarks, before Captain Britain appears and tells the Vision that he will need a bit of Otherworld magic to crack one of these things wide open, and she shoves her psychic blade into the Fury's head. Iron Man fires a blast at close-range, while the Scarlet Witch continues her hex assault. Captain Marvel pulls on one arm, the Black Panther pulls on the other. Thor smashes his hammer into the Fury again as Captain America hurls his shield once  more. The Scarlet Witch announces that she can feel the Fury coming apart, and Captain America urges the Avengers not to let up.

The Avengers are successful, and Fury is defeated. 'Thank you again, Avengers' Captain Britain remarks as she drops to the ground with Earth's Mightiest Heroes, followed by Askani. Betsy reports that these things regenerate fast, and that it is taking more and more power to shut them down. She adds that Furies are hard to manipulate psychically, but that the power of its directive to kill her brother was so strong that she was able to trick it into thinking it was attacking Brian – but that trick won't work a third time. Iron Man tells Betsy that the Avengers are happy to help, and asks if she's met this crew. Betsy greets the Avengers and introduces them to Rachel Summers, telling them they can call her Askani. Betsy shakes the Black Panther's hand and remarks that meeting them all felt important, and that with the expansion of the Otherworld, there is an expansion of threats. Rachel and the Scarlet Witch shake hands, while Iron Man asks Betsy what she is doing with the Fury now, as his sensors indicate that the Fury is already mending its internal networks. 'I don't know how long you have' Iron Man adds.

Betsy announces that it shouldn't be a problem, and reports that she has someone showing up any second now to pack him securely away. “Pack him away”? Iron Man asks, as a door suddenly opens seemingly from nowhere, and Jamie Braddock a.k.a. Monarch arrives on scene. Betsy introduces him as her brother, to which Iron Man asks 'There's another one?' 'Sorry I'm late, couldn't leave until I found everything I had to bring along' Monarch remarks, as he surrounds the Fury in a ball of energy and reports that he has got the pocket dimension up and running. 'Time to pop him in there!' Monarch exclaims, while Betsy informs Iron Man that her brother has Omega-level reality-warping powers, and that he will hold onto the Fury while she figures out what is to be done with him. 'Jamie, I am begging you to be normal' Betsy calls out to her brother, who tells Betsy not to beg in front of the Avengers, as he sends the Fury through another door that he has created.

Captain America asks Captain Britain if she needs any more help here, to which Betsy tells him that she doesn't believe so. 'Apologies for using you as bait!' Betsy calls out as the Avengers take their leave. 'None needed. Holler if you need us, Cap. You call, I'll answer' Iron Man calls back. Askani laughs at this: “You call...I'll answer” she mocks, while Betsy waves at Iron Man. Monarch closes the door on the Fury, then turns to his sister: 'You're...still here?' he asks. Betsy tells him that she figured they would head home together, but that if he is up to something else disgusting then he can just stay. 'I only wanted to come out here to be away from a population center' Betsy adds. Jamie announces that he has to drop off the thing he was supposed to bring, and holds up a small miniature castle. 'Jamie, that had better not be -' Betsy begins, before Jamie tosses the castle into the air and uses his powers to return it to its correct size, here in the countryside. '- Morgan's palace?!' Betsy exclaims as she looks at the castle which returns to its true size.

The castle door slam open and Morgan laughs wickedly as she steps out of the castle with Dr. Doom at her side. 'My dear mongivel has been traded and ensorcelled, but now it is mine once again, home on Britain's soil!' Morgan exclaims. Betsy slams Jamie into the side of the castle with a surge of psychic energy and tells him that he is a madman. 'Why would you do this to me? To England? To mutantkind?' she asks. 'I owed her!' Jamie replies, admitting that he felt bad about letting Morgan get experimented on back when he was king. Betsy turns to Dr. Doom and tells him that Morgan is using him, that she wants her castle back and he was pathetic enough to hand on to it like it was a favor from his lady. 'How do you plan to stay without getting your arse kicked?' Betsy asks. 'Forgive me for turning to those who care for me in my time of need' Morgan remarks.

Doom reports that he has no interest in personal conflicts with Captain Britain, but warns her that if she makes a move on Morgan then Latveria will come to her aid. 'This is not Doom's promise – it is the promise of a nation'. He adds that it is about the land, and for the sake of the sorcery of this world Morgan must stand in Britain. 'Threatening war across all of Europe so you can give your girlfriend back her summer home?' Betsy snaps, telling Doom that he is mad and a coward to wait until the Avengers had gone. 'Tell them, Braddock. I want them to know' Doom responds, while Askani looks concerned and tells Betsy that they can't do anything about it now. Morgan wraps her arms around Doom, who looks at Morgan and assures Betsy that he and Morgan were quite occupied while she spoke with the Avengers, and that he had no interest in what went on out here. 'Britain is not yours to rule, Captain. This is Morgan's home' Doom declares. 'Right. I suppose you wouldn't pack it up and send it away, would you, Jamie?' Betsy asks, grabbing her brother by his ear. 'Do you understand how a favor works? I was a king!' Jamie declares. 'And now you're a piece of $#%&' Betsy mutters as she takes flight, dragging her brother along with her, while Rachel flies at her side.

Soon, back at Braddock Manor, 'Give me one good reason why we shouldn't extradite you to Krakoa and seal you back up in one of those strange little eggs!' Brian exclaims as he, Betsy, Rachel and Meggan stand in front of Jamie. 'Uh, we don't do that, Brian, is one good reason' Askani remarks, to which Betsy tells everyone that at this point she is open to trying. 'Should we just Major Tom you out to the Negative Zone and let you reality-warp yourself a space suit?' Betsy asks, while Meggan points out that Jamie has given an incredible amount of power to a woman who uses mutants as a spell component. With Amazing Baby sitting on his lap, Jamie smiles and tells his family that there is no need to raise voices, as it's upsetting Amazing Baby. 'If you were still a king, I'd do my sacred duty as Captain Avalon and behead you myself!' Brian declares. 'Little harsh, no?' Jamie asks. 'Hello? Can everyone please come in here?' a voice calls out. 'Not you, stay here' Betsy tells Jamie, while instructing Amazing Baby to keep an eye on Jamie.

Brian, Betsy, Rachel and Meggan enter a dinning room, where they find Maggie has set up several of her toys on the table. 'I thought we could use a distraction from being furious at Uncle Jamie and maybe start making plans?' Maggie suggests. Meggan asks her daughter if she has made some plans, to which Maggie admits that she doesn't yet, and is still gathering intelligence. She asks Aunt Betsy to catch everyone up. Betsy states that there isn't much else to say – Morgan's castle is now smack in the moorlands of some nationalled owned bit of land. 'I doubt they'll kick her off – she's a national treasure' Betsy points out, joking that they would sell tickets if Morgan would let them. Betsy picks up one of Maggie's toys, some sort of robot action figure and notes that the larger prolem of course is Doctor Doom, who is threatening European war – Latveria and their dangerous allies against a lot of innocent people. 'They'll die after the bombs go off, but before the Avengers get there' Betsy adds. She places the robot toy next to some sort of witch, resembling Morgan, and notes that Doom has probably returned to Latveria but that he has Morgan's back for sure – and she's gaining power.

'Much to think about. So an all-out assault on the home is out of the question' Maggie states, before Brian asks her if she wants some juice. 'Thank you, Daddy' Maggie answers him. Askani looks at Betsy and tells her that she is all for righteous ass-kicking. ''ve kicked her ass in Avalon. Now you're gonna kicks her ass out of Britain?' Rachel asks, suggesting that if Morgan insists on being here, why not just try and protect the people from her. 'You might be onto something...' Betsy remarks, before picking up an action figure in her likeness and asking Maggie where she got it from. Maggie is standing up several other action figures – resembling her parents, Askani, Wisdom and the members of S.T.R.I.K.E. and revealing that Miss Fazia gave them to her, and she says people who believe in her make them custom. Someone asks if S.T.R.I.K.E. has seen those to which a telepathic voice suddenly declares 'No! We have not, what the hell? What is going on -?'

Everyone turns to see Pete Wisdom accompanied by Tom Lennox a.k.a. Ghast and Alison Double a.k.a. Albedo. Wisdom remarks that they had to get down here. 'Oh hell. Those are darling' he adds about the action figures. Betsy greets Wisdom and tells him that she is glad to have him and S.T.R.I.K.E. with them. Betsy puts some of the toys into a doll house on the table and announces that she has got it. 'We can't just have the Avengers rain hell from above. That'll trigger Doom's war. In Latveria alone, they'll be conscripted, tortured... we have to get into Morgan's manor and work from the inside out' Betsy announces, explaining that if Morgan wants Britain, she will have to cooperate with the land. 'And if she needs the magic of the land, she needs me' Betsy declares, adding that they will have to make Morgan think it was her idea, giive her the signs she wants from her spirits and so on. Betsy turns to Askani and tells her she needs her to get all the psychic backup they can get. 'And we'll have to be sure we're ready – not just the psychic tricks, all of the ole ones, too'. Albedo smiles and assures Betsy that S.T.R.I.K.E. are with, having looped the others in on their conversation. 'Aunt Betsy! Is it true?' Maggie calls out. Brian tells his daughter that it was – before Aunt Betsy was a captain or a lady with a sword – she was a spy.

Later, in a pocket prison, darkness surrounds the Fury, when it suddenly detects something – someone. 'Assessing' the Fury calls out, before Captain Avalon steps forward and states that the old Mothermind computer tried to tell him that the Fury of 238 had lost his new identity in the new kingdom. 'Resolving prior target re: known deception...' the Fury begins, while Captain Avalon continues: 'You couldn't help yourself but to come find me and show yourself. My sister's terrible about accepting help, and I'm happy to give her my old title – but my old grudges belong to me' Brian exclaims, holding his sword ready, while the Fury utters 'Fury error! Target actual!'


Characters Involved: 

Captain Britain II



Captain Avalon



Pete Wisdom

Albedo, Ghast (both S.T.R.I.K.E)


Maggie Braddock

Amazing Baby


Black Panther, Captain America VIII, Captain Marvel VI, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Thor, Vision (all Avengers)


Lady Morgan Le Fay

Doctor Doom




Camera crews

In photo

Cyclops, Jean Grey, Kid Cable, Rachel Summers

Story Notes: 

Captain Britain fought King Arthur in the Knights of X limited series.

This issue includes “The Askani record” which talks about the principles of souls, and how Askani is the librarian of souls.

The rumor about Meggan being pregnant is unconfirmed, although in Excalibur (4th series) #21, Nightcrawler referred to Meggan's “delicate condition”.

This issue includes an extract from Woman Magazine with an interview of Betsy Braddock as Britain's most beautiful woman. The photo includes Betsy wearing her 2021 Hellfire Gala outfit and Betsy answers several generic questions.

The Captain Britain Fury was tricked into thinking it had killed Brian last issue, in fact it was an illusion created by Betsy.

This team of Avengers was assembled in Avengers (9th series) #1.

Morgan Le Fay was captured in Excalibur (4th series) #5 and experimented on by Apocalypse soon after.

Dr. Doom took possession of Morgan's palace in Excalibur (4th series) #23, noting that he wanted access to her scrying pools.

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