Publication Date: 
21st Oct 2021
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Real name

Christopher Powell


Edge-Man, Falconer, Razor


5' 9" (as Chris Powell)
6' 1" (as Darkhawk)


150 lbs. (as Chris Powell)
180 lbs. (as Darkhawk)


Brown (as Chris Powell)



First appearance

Darkhawk (1st series) #1

Known relatives

Michael (father),
Grace (mother),
Jason (brother),
Jonathan (brother),
Miranda Cruz (fiancée)


Police officer, former security
chief, radio station intern

Group affiliation

New Warriors,
Avengers West,
Secret Defenders,
Excelsior / Loners,
Fraternity of Raptors,
Project: P.E.G.A.S.U.S., Code: Blue


• Wields Raptor amulet that allows him to
transposition with and control a mechanoid
body with superhuman strength, speed, agility,
endurance, reflexes and resilience, enhanced vision modes for telescopic, night or infrared sight, claw-cable that could be used as a grappling hook or melee weapon, chest-mounted amulet able to project force blast or shield and retractable glider wings later support by fully-functional self-propelled flight; also able to spontaneously heal mechanoid body’s damage by resummoning it
• Second mechanoid body improved upon previous capabilities, adding retractable wire-guided spear blades in place of claw-cable, Darkforce blast and full-body force field that could combine into massive hawk construct, thermoscopic eye lasers, stealth setting, and able to summon advanced weapons and technology
• Later gained access to full repertoire of Fraternity of Raptors, allowing him to reconfigure his mechanoid form to summon a series of different pro-programmed variants, giving him variably greater strength, speed, agility, and durability, micro-munitions and energy beam weaponry, warp travel for faster-than-light jumps, claw-cable that formed reconnaissance bird-drone, chameleon skin to disguise his features, etc. and access to the Datasong, a storage network of millennia of Raptor experiences and accumulated knowledge
• Tapped the full potential of wild reconfiguration from the Tree of Shadows in the Null Source, allowing him to change his mechanoid body into virtually any form by will alone, growing in size, manifesting new technology, weapons and features based on his imagination