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At some point, the Supreme Intelligence was supplanted by prominent merchant family, House Fiyero, who abducted and lobotomized the supercomputer and then bribed their way into power. They also framed the Intelligence’s greatest supporter, Ronan, for mass murder, driving him into exile.

Unfortunately for Fiyero, this coup couldn’t have been more ill-timed, as soon after the monstrous Annihilation Wave burst forth from the Negative Zone and launched the Annihilation War against the positive matter universe. Kree space in particular bore the full brunt of this war and House Fiyero, being wealthy merchants rather than tacticians, had sent thousands of soldiers to their death through their incompetence. Unable to watch his people die, Ronan returned and took command of the Kree military, much to Fiyero’s displeasure. Along with Nova and Star-Lord, Ronan helped forge the United Front, a union of races allied to fight against the Wave. While this United Front helped stem the deaths, the Kree and their allies were still losing badly.

Members of House Fiyero attempted to broker an alliance with Annihilus, leader of the Annihilation Wave. Disgusted by this, Ronan lead a coup against the merchant house, slaughtering them and taking control of the empire. He then discovered the lobotomized Supreme Intelligence and put it out of its misery.

Ultimately the tide of the war was turned when Nova lead a decapitating strike against Annihilus, killing him. Annihilus’ second, Ravenous, immediately sued for peace and, as part of the peace negotiations, the Kree ceded a number of worlds, including Kree-Lar, to the Annihilation Wave. [Annihilation Crossover]

Greatly weakened by the Annihilation War, the Kree were welcoming when Star-Lord, a key playing in the war, brokered an alliance between the Kree and the Spaceknights of Galador. However, as the Spaceknights were uplifting the Kree’s war-net, their duplicity was soon revealed. The Spaceknights were in fact compromised by the Phalanx, who used the opportunity to completely infiltrate the Kree’s entire network. In no time at all, the Phalanx had conquered the Kree Empire and, to cement their victory, constructed a Babel Spire. This device shunted the entirety of Kree space, including the areas ceded to the Annihilation Wave, out of synch with the rest of the universe, trapping all their victims.

The Phalanx immediately began setting about assimilating the Kree, including transforming prominent citizens, such as Ronan and Korath the Pursuer, into Selects, members of the Phalanx hive who retained their form and personalities. The Phalanx’s true master, Ultron, planned to speed up assimilation and quell resistance by assimilating and reanimating the Supreme Intelligence, then using it to send out a psychic blast subduing the Kree. However, a mysterious Kree drifter named Wraith and other allies managed to stop the plot and free Ronan from Phalanx control.

Ronan immediately lead the group to Kree-Lar in the ceded territories and retrieved a massive battalion of sentries that he had secretly hidden there in anticipation of ambushing the Annihilation Wave. With the sentries, Ronan planned to wipe out his own people, putting them out of the misery of assimilation. However, Ultron managed to take control of the sentries, building himself into a towering form. Meanwhile, a ragtag group of criminals lead by Star-Lord managed to destroy the Babel Spire, freeing Kree space from captivity. Adam Warlock and the new Quasar, half-Kree Phyla-Vell, then destroyed Ultron, ending the threat of the Phalanx. [Annihilation: Conquest crossover]

Back in control of the greatly weakened Kree, Ronan was desperate to protect his people, so when the Kree discovered hundreds of Kree infiltrators amongst the worlds of his people he executed all of them and used their corpses to build a macabre new Babel Spire. With the spire in place, Kree space was safely cut off from the rest of the universe. [Guardians of the Galaxy (2nd series) #8]

Things took a dramatic turn for the Kree when the Inhuman royal family arrived on Hala with the full might of their city Attilan. The Inhumans had come to claim what they believed was their birthright: rulership of the Kree. Surprisingly, Ronan ceded leadership of the Kree to the Inhumans, having grown weary of leadership himself and seeing great potential in Inhuman rule.

To seal the new alliance, Ronan and Crystal Amaquelan of the Inhuman royal family were married. They also revealed their plans to subject the Kree to an uplift program, treating their genetic stall with Terrigen mists and Maximus’ technology.

Unfortunately, whilst pursuing some Skrulls on route to Hala, the Inhumans destroyed some Shi’ar vessels in the crossfire. This act was enough to spark a new war with the Shi’ar and their new ruler, the human mutant madman Vulcan. Both sides executed tactical, surgical strikes and open warfare against each other with the Shi’ar going so far as to drop multiple Nega-bombs on the Kree.

The Inhumans attempted to end the war by detonating a specially designed Terrigen Bomb, a weapon that would have converted all species in the universe into Inhumans. This was derived from the Kree uplift program but, unfortunately for the Kree, this process would not work on them due to their genetic stagnation. The Inhuman royal family, however, wished to proceed regardless. They were nevertheless stopped before they could deploy the bomb by Vulcan, who fought the Inhuman king Black Bolt within the vessel, destroying it and apparently themselves in the process. The resulting explosion tore a massive hole in time and space known as the Fault.

With Vulcan dead, the Shi’ar promptly surrendered to the Inhumans and Kree, and in a twist on the result of their last war were absorbed into the Kree Empire. The Inhumans appointed Gladiator as regent of the Shi’ar and commenced monitoring the potential threat posed by the Fault. [War of Kings crossover]

After the end of the war, the Inhumans began installing an Inhuman regent on every Kree world. However not every Kree was as welcoming of the Inhumans as Ronan. Zarek returned from obscurity to lead a rebellion movement on Hala against Inhuman rule, but was promptly thwarted by Ronan and Crystal. Meanwhile, a Kree expedition into the Fault resulted in the crew becoming horribly mutated by the monsters within. While tragic, this indicated that the Kree weren’t as genetically frozen as possible and the Inhumans broadcasted this news to the Kree to generate hope and goodwill. [Realm of Kings: Inhumans #1-4]

Soon after the forces of the Cancerverse burst through into the universe from the Fault, they were met by the combined forces of the Kree, Shi’ar and other races in the Galactic Council. While the Kree and their allies held the Cancerverse forces at bay, the Guardians of the Galaxy and Nova managed to shut down the invasion and seal the Fault from the other side. [The Thanos Imperative Crossover]

Eventually, the Inhuman king Black returned from the Fault, having survived the blast thought to have killed him. However, the Inhumans had received a summoning, calling together all of the five Inhuman clans that had survived the Kree purge eons ago. Once assembled, all of the Inhumans left in Attilan, leaving Kree space returning to Earth. Before their departure, they placed Ronan in charge of the Kree Empire as their regent. [FF (1st series) #6-7]

Ronan, however, was reluctant to bear the burden of leadership once more and instead implemented a bold plan to return a more “worthy” leader to the Kree: the Supreme Intelligence. When Ronan learned that the Inhumans had captured two evil alternate reality Reed Richards, he infiltrated the Attilan and abducted the pair. Ronan then released the Supremor seed, which had been passed down from accuser to accuser for three hundred thousand years, and the two Reeds were absorbed into a new Supreme Intelligence. [FF (1st series) #10-11]

This new Supremor immediately set about trying to destroy the Earth (and the Inhumans) to eliminate the threat it had foreseen millennia ago. The Kree armada was summoned to Earth and faced the forces of both humanity and Inhumanity, along with their surprising allies, the Annihilation Wave and Galactus, all orchestrated by the Fantastic Four. The Kree eventually retreated when the Celestials arrived. Later, the Supreme Intelligence negotiated a truce with the Inhumans. They would cede all claim to the Kree Empire and the Kree would cease hostilities. [Fantastic Four (1st series) #600-603, FF (1st series) #22]

[Note: While never explicitly stated, it can be assumed during this time of turmoil that the Shi’ar managed to take control of their own empire back from the Kree]

The Supreme Intelligence was later approached by J-Son of Spartax to form a Council of Galactic Empires. Together with Gladiator of the Shi’ar, Freya of Asgard, the queen of the Brood, Annihilus of the Negative Zone and Y-Gaar of the Badoon, the group would meet in secret to make decisions regarding the running of the universe. [Guardians of the Galaxy (3rd series) #1-3]

The leadership of the new Supreme Intelligence faced its first challenge when the mysterious and powerful Builders started cutting a swath through the universe. While the Kree initially fought against the Builders alongside the other major empires in the universe, Supremor soon surrendered to the stronger force. When the Avengers killed the Builder placed in charge of Hala, Supremor still refused to rebel against the Builders. Frustrated with this and believing the Kree had to fight to maintain their sense of honor, Ronan attacked the Supreme Intelligence and took his Accusers and the Kree armies to rejoin the war.

The rogue Kree fought against the Builders, but deferred to the leadership of the Avengers, who had proven themselves time and again during the war. After a series of successful attacks, the Builders were defeated. Supremor accepted Ronan and his Accusers back into the fold without any known punishment. [Infinity Crossover]

Later, it came to the Kree’s attention that an ancient weapon of mass power known as the Black Vortex had resurfaced. An ancient mirror of Celestial design, the Black Vortex provided all that submit to it with a “cosmic upgrade,” vastly increasing their power. The Kree recovered this item, which drew various others that desired the artifact to Hala. Mister Knife, the deposed ruler of Spartax, attacked Hala for the Vortex with his massive warship and destroyed the planet, killing millions of Kree and the Supreme Intelligence in the process. [Black Vortex Crossover]

In order to prevent the Kree Empire from rising once again, Victoria, daughter of J’Son of Spartax, stole the Supreme Intelligence seed. However, salvation came from a surprising source. Noh-Varr, a Kree from another universe and former Avenger, came to the shattered Hala with the seed of his universe’s Supremor, the Plex Intelligence. Noh-Varr placed the Plex seed at the corpse of Supremor, creating a Plex/Supreme intelligence hybrid with all the knowledge of both. This new Supremor immediately began rebuilding Hala and the empire with the help of Ronan, who had been off world when the planet had been devastated. [Legendary Star-Lord #12, Royals #4-6]

Although the Kree had made peace with the Inhumans and had bigger issues to deal with such as rebuilding the empire, a fanatical faction of Kree obsessed with destroying the Inhumans rose to power. This faction took control of Hala and from there launched a series of attacks on the Inhumans. They also captured and tortured Ronan, attempting to turn him into a weapon, though the man chose death over slavery. The status of the Supreme Intelligence is currently unknown. [Death of the Inhumans #3]

After surviving millennia, and rising and falling various times, the Kree have proven themselves a resilient force. It is only a matter of time until the Kree rise to become one of the most powerful races in the universe once more.