Publication Date: 27th Aug 2020
Written By: Monolith.
Image Work: Douglas Mangum.


Gwen Poole grew up in New York City with her parents and her younger brother, Teddy. When she was a child, Gwen began reading Marvel Comics and became deeply invested in the fictional universe. As she reached adulthood, however, Gwen was unable to move beyond her fantasies and adapt to the real world. She failed to complete high school and continued living with her parents after all her friends moved away to college. Gwen couldn't hold down a job or even finish her fan-fictions, as she lacked the focus or motivation to finish things she started. Gwen just continued to dream about the Marvel Universe and hoped that someday, somehow, her life could become just as exciting. When the Secret Wars event began, she even thought it would be fun if her reality was somehow folded into the Marvel Universe along with all the others. [Unbelievable Gwenpool #16]

What exactly led Gwen Poole to leave her home reality remains unpublished in Marvel Comics. Gwen's one source of income was a research project her parents called her "sleep study," although Gwen said that wasn't exactly what the research was about. One account suggested it was a "study on unconventional transference of information" through "the collective unconscious.” This research project was apparently responsible for her displacement, by accident or some other means. However, on another occasion, it was suggested this was a retcon, and Gwen originally entered the Marvel Universe through some other means entirely. [Unbelievable Gwenpool #20] Upon arriving, Gwen realized she was now living in a comic book, a realized version of the comics she once enjoyed so much. Her joy at achieving her dream was tarnished by the fate of her brother, Teddy. Gwen and Teddy apparently came through to the Marvel Universe together, but Gwen was left believing Teddy had died in the dimensional jump somehow.

Gwen observed she was now in a reality governed by a series of tropes and meta-fictional structures she had spent her life memorizing. She recognized that, as an unassuming civilian, she was vulnerable to being killed as collateral damage in any random super-battle that took place. In response, Gwen went to a costume designer shop to make herself over as a super-hero, becoming a more protected class of entity in the meta-fictional hierarchy of this world. She told the designer Big Ronnie her name was Gwen Poole and, misunderstanding her, Ronnie created a costume that was a pink and feminine version of Deadpool, inadvertently creating the unbelievable Gwenpool. Gwen's belief that she was living in a comic book, interacting with purely fictional characters, resulted in her having no respect for them as "real.” Gwen Poole was a good-natured (if self-absorbed and privileged) law-abiding citizen; Gwenpool was a murderous criminal with no regard for rules or the lives of people in her new reality, since they were just fictional constructs.

For kicks, Gwenpool decided to intervene on a deal between the Black Cat and a doomsday cult. In the most ostentatious, action movie way possible. She rode a motorcycle up a stairwell to the rooftop meeting, shot up the thugs with a stolen gun, then drove off the roof with nothing but contrived narrative convenience to save her. Next, she sold the cult's mysterious virus to Hydra to get some money, figuring the Avengers would somehow stop any terrorist plot. Knowing Black Cat and Howard the Duck had met in Howard the Duck (5th series) #1, Gwen anticipated the Cat would hire Howard as a detective to find her. She tried to kill him, figuring his book might be cancelled temporarily, but he would eventually come back.

Howard managed to make an impression on Gwen, however, convincing her that the stakes involved with a doomsday cult and apocalyptic virus were very real, at least to him. Gwenpool decided it might be fun to try to steal the virus back from Hydra. Despite Howard's warnings, Gwenpool leapt into the Hydra base without thinking, trusting her status as a title character to protect her. She even swallowed the bio-weapon samples without any regard for her mortality. Fortunately for her, Hydra had developed a cure for the virus beforehand. With some fast talking, Gwen got Howard out of debt with Black Cat, but was left with no pay out from the job. [Howard the Duck (6th series) #1-3]

Gwen kept up her work as a mercenary "super-hero,” using Ronnie as her liaison to find new paying clients. On Christmas Eve, Gwen was hired to kill Orto, the Blade that Loosed a Thousand Souls, in revenge for the death of her client's brother. After watching a few sword videos on YouTube, she figured she was ready for the challenge. Turned out Orto was not only a sword guy, he was also a giant, four-armed snake-guy. Fortunately, Gwen had gotten bored with the sword tutorial videos and moved on to a bomb making tutorial video. One *Sound Effects* later, Orto was dead, and Gwen was alone again. She was beginning to feel the loss of having all her family in a completely separate universe when Howard texted her about a Christmas party at She-Hulk's place. Gwen got to meet Kamala "Ms. Marvel" Khan, which did a lot to make up for her loneliness. There was karaoke! [Gwenpool Holiday Special #1]

Gwen discovered some troubles with day-to-day living in her new reality. Because she was an "extra-dimensional immigrant,” Gwen had no functional driver's license, social security number or other identifying information. After getting paid for her mercenary work in cartoon-like duffel bags full of money, she had no way of depositing it into a bank, getting a credit card, etc. She was at the bank to stop a classic bank robbery, though, but her tendency to toss around grenades and machine gun fire made her more of a menace to the bank patrons than the robbers. Gwen was arrested for reckless endangerment along with Cecil, the nephew of one of the robbers she murdered, who was hacking bank security from the car outside. The NYPD officer escorting them to the precinct decided to let them go instead, taking Gwen's bag of money to retire somewhere far away from super-heroes and other-natural invasions he saw every day on the force. Reinforcing Gwen's belief that she was a consequence-free narrative hero, she now had a sweet ride in her stolen police car and a hacker sidekick to help with her merc jobs.

When Big Ronnie told Gwenpool to stay away from a big Teuthidian job because of how dangerous it was, Gwen knew she had to try it. The Teuthidians were alien arms dealers who operated out of a secret and heavily armed ship in New York harbor. Gwen threw herself out of a tourist helicopter over the sub, with no plan or weapons, expecting things would just work out in her favor. And, surprisingly, she was right. An entry hole was already cut in the Teuthidians' ship. Each Teuthidian she ran across was already stabbed to death. Finally, Gwenpool spotted a mysterious mercenary monologue-ing about his successful raid of the Teuthidian ship and the bounty coming his way. So she pushed him into a furnace when he wasn't looking and claimed credit for the job herself.