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Series Disambiguation (Moon Knight)

Brief Descriptions / significant occurences:

Moon Knight (1st series) - (1980-1984)

#1. Origin told. Dies as a mercenary & resurrected by Khonshu as his knight. First Bushman
#2. Skid row slasher.
#3. Midnight Man 
#4-5. Committee resurfaces but dies again.
#6. Defeats revolutionary & voodoo master "Papa Doc" in St. Lucien.
#7-8. Thwarts terrorists poisoning Chicago's drinking water water with solution causing madness
#9-10. Return of Bushman and the Midnight Man. Spector begins to doubt the existence of Khonshu.
#11. The past of Moon Knight's associate, "Frenchie," comes back to haunt him.
#12. Battles Morpheus. First Morpheus.
#13. Allies with Daredevil to capture the Jester.
#14. Encounters Stained Glass Scarlet.
#15. Framed for attempted assassination by Xenos.
#16. Encounters the Blacksmith. Cameo by the Thing.
#17-20. Infiltrates the Third World Army, a group of radical terrorists led by the militant madman Nimrod Strange.
#21. Assists Brother Voodoo against the Grand Bois.
#22-23. Return of Morpheus and death of Peter Alraune.
#24. Attempts to stop Stained Glass Scarlett in her vengeance against "Candyman" Manny Sindone.
#25. Foils the political ambitions of Carson Knowles (the Black Spectre), but continues to doubt his own sanity.
#26. Two standalone stories - a man passing along the violence of his father & an arsonist.
#27. Investigates possibe police corruption.
#28. Returns to the Sudan and the tomb of Khonshu.
#29-30. Reconnects reluctuantly with Jack Russell, "Werewolf by Night."
#31. Foils plans of environmentalist terrorist hoping to destroy New York.
#32-34. Street violence increases in New York as gangs attempt to gain superhuman strength.
#35. Spine injured during encounter with the Human Fly.
#36. Aided by Doctor Strange in accepting veracity of Khonshu.
#37-38. Learns of father's death and encounters necromancer "Zohar." Convinced by Marlene to abandon the identity of Moon Knight.

Moon Knight (2nd series) - (1985-1985)
aka "The Fist of Konshu"

#1. Drawn back to the temple of Khonshu and encounters its priests, who bestow ceremonial weapons to him. 
#2. Investigates doctor running illegal human experiments in the Yucatan. 
#3. Battes the returned Morpheus.
#4. Foils the insane "Bluebeard."
#5. Investigates conflict between assassins with an apparently rightous cause and their evil target.
#6. Led by visions to investigate Mother White's gang in the Caribbean.


West Coast Avengers (2nd series) - (1986-1988)

#21-23. Lost in Space-Time part 5-7. Receives vision from Khonshu to help the West Coast Avengers. Assists them in getting their teammates back from being lost in time.
#24. Helps Avengers in defeating Dominus.
#25. Parts company with Frenchie in his quest to become an Avenger.
#26-29. Aids Avengers against the LMD Zodiac. Rebuffs Tigra's advances.  
#30. Helps foil alien invasion of Sligs. 
#31. Avengers battle Arkon.
#32. Yetrigar, the pre-humanoid.
#33-34. Officially becomes an Avenger. Accompanies them to Hungary to investigate rumors that Dr. Pym's first wife is still alive.
#35-36. Mission to Latveria.
#37-41. Takes Mockingbird's side during Avengers' schism. Aides in Mockinbird's defeat of the Phantom Rider. Leaves Avengers when Khonshu informs him his mission is over.

Marc Spector: Moon Knight - (1989-1994)

#1-3. Returns to his activities as Moon Knight and is reunited with Frenchie and Marlene. New encounter with Bushman, who has siezed control of the African nation of Burunda. Spider-Man cameo.
#4. meets Jeff Wilde, the new Midnight
#5. Encounters the Back Cat. Offer from Midnight to become his partner.
#6-7. Assist Brother Voodoo.
#8-10. Acts of Vengeance crossover. Works with the Punisher.
#11-14. Overthrows Bushman as leader of Burunda.
#15-18. The Trial of Marc Spector. Placed on trial for his war crimes in Bosqueverde against former leader, President Raposa.
#19-21. Battles Secret Empire with help of Spider-Man and Punisher. Midnight apparently killed.
#22-24. Battles Chainsaw. Ultimately retrieves Raposa for Bosqueverde, clearing Marc Spector's name.
#25. Teams up with the Danny Ketch Ghost Rider againt Plasma and the Knights of the Moon.
#26-31. Scarlet Redeption storyline. 
#32-33. Encounter with the Hobgolbin. Infected by the demon virus. 
#34. Battles Killer Shrike.
#35-38. Blood Brothers storyline. Teams-up with the Punisher against the Knights of of the Moon & their leader, "Princess Nepthys." Established-40 Shadowkeep.
#39-40. Invited to Latveria as Marc Spector. Faces Doctor Doom as Moon Knight.
#41-44. Infinity War crossover. Works with heroes against the Magus' dopplegangers. Battles his own, Moon Shade. 
#45-46. Fights Demogoblin for cure to demon virus, accidentally empowers John DeZoan. 
#47. Cured of the demon virus.
#48-49. Hunts down Deadzone.
#50. Abandons all ties with the Avengers
#51. Encounters Silverbird.
#52-53. Aided by Gambit against Werewolf by Night. 
#54. New "Moonmobile" becomes possesed by gremlin.
#55-56. Encounters his doppleganger again, now "Seth the Immortal." Disbands his Shadow Cabinet organization.  
#57. Infinity Crusade crossover.
#58-59. Battles the Hellbent for control of the Templar archives
#60. Killed by Seth's failsafe plan.

Moon Knight (3rd series) - (1998-1998)

#1. Resurrected by Khonshu. Reunited with Marlene & Frenchie.
#2-3. Learns Morpehis is again at large. Begins to doubt veracity of dreams sent by Khonshu.
#4. Defeats Morpheus but remains unconvinced of what is real and not.

Moon Knight (4th series) - (1999-1999)
aka "High Strangers"

#1-4. Realizes someone is target of assassination by the Red Dragon cult. Ultimately defeats them but it unsure how much was real.

Marvel Knights (1st series) - (2000-2001)

#4-6. Learns Daredevil is putting together a team. Offers to join, along with headquarters & financing.
#7-9. Aids team against Nightmare. 
#10. Does not appear.
#11. Recruits Luke Cage into group.
#12-14. Suffers personal and financial setbacks during team's struggle against Fu Manchu. Ends partnership.

Moon Knight (5th series) - (2006-2009)

#1-2. Physically broken after battle with Bushman. Takes to drugs & alcohol, driving away Marlene and Frenchie.
#3-4. Reclaims mantle of Moon Knight. 
#5-6. Fights & defeats Taskmaster. 
#7-10. Partial Civil War crossover.
#11-13. The Initiative. 
#14-19. Framed by Black Spectre for murder. Kicked out of the Initiative and wanted for murder. Identity publicly exposed.
#20. Reunited with Jack Russell during a Werewolf crisis.
#21-25. Hunted by the Thunderbolts. Flees to Mexico as Jake Lockley.
#26-30. Becomes involved in conflict between drug kingpin and his daughter. Returns to the' US.

Vengeance of Moon Knight - (2009-2010)

#1. Returns to New York. Earns the the support of its citizens.
#2. Encounters the Sentry. Fights forces of the Slug.
#3-4. Bushman resurrected by Norman Osborn & the Hood. 
#5-6. Battles Bushman & declines to kill him again.
#7-8. At odds with Deadpool over assassination of crime boss. Heroic Age. 
#9. Aids Spider-Man against the Sandman.
#10. Recruited by Commander Rogers into the Secret Avengers.

Secret Avengers (1st series) - (2010-2012)

#1-4. Part of Avengers mission to Mars. Foils Shadow Cabinet's acquisition of the Serpent Crown.  
#5. Does not appear.
#6-10. Infiltrates the Shadow Council' to prevent Shang-Chi's father from being fully resurrected.
#11-12. Does not appear.
#13-15. Fear Itself crossover. Does not appear.
#16-21. Avengers defeat Shadow Council. Departs Rogers team during a reshuffle.

Moon Knight (6th series) - (2011-2012)

#1. Moves to Los Angeles and becomes a television producer as cover for investigating into existnce of new "kingpin of Los Angeles." Now imagines accompanyment of Captain America, Wolverine and Spider-Man.
#2. Encounters underboss Snapdragon. Accidentally blows Echo's cover. 
#3-4. Aided by Echo when Night Shift is hired to take him out.
#5-6. Misreads Echo's romantic interest. Encounters real Captain America. Doubts personal sanity. 
#7. Outs the "kingpin of Los Angeles" as Count Nefaria. Captures Sanpdragon.
#8-9. Battles Nefaria with Echo. Echo is killed.
#10-12. Now sees Echo has a mental ghost. Helps Avengers defeat Nefaria. Decides to leave Los Angeles.

Moon Knight (7th series) - (2014-2015)

#1. Adopts the identity of "Mr. Knight" and a new "business suit" look. Comes to believe he has brain damage, rather than dissociative identity disorder.
#2. Thwarts sniper assassin.
#3. Deals with a street gang comprised of ghosts.
#4. Assists man with literally haunted dreams.
#5. Rescued kidnapped girl.
#6. Captures man following in footsteps of the Black Specter.
#7. Prevents ex-soldier for assassinating a general for war crimes.
#8. Subject of an in-depth TV news story.
#9. Psycho-analyzed by Doctor Warname. 
#10-11. Foils an assassination of General Lor at the United Nations. Is captured by escapes with help from Khonshu,
#12. Learns of Dr. Warname's connection to General Lor.
#13. Helps ghosts find peace by avenging their death.
#14. Stops man from using trained dogs as assassins. 
#15. Battles grotesque creature that was once an agent of Khonshu,
#16-17. Battles other acolytes of Khonshu, doing horrific things in his name.

Moon Knight (8th series) - (2016-2016)

#1. In an insane asylum. Led to believe that his entire existence as Moon Knight has been a delusion.
#2-3. Mounts an escape with help from friends.
#4-5. Experiences reality in distorted form, brought on by Khonshu, who wishes to take over Marc's corporeal form.
#6-9. Works to consolidate his personalities. Decides he must kill Khonshu.
#10-14. Defeats and banished Khonshu from his life. Maybe.

Moon Knight (1st series) - (2016-2018)

#188-189. Operates as Moon Knight with Khonshu as one of his personalities.
#190-191. Lured into a trap laid by the "Sun King, self-described avatar of Ra. Learns that he fathered a daughter years before with Marlene when one of the Jake Lockely personality was in charge.
#192-193. Agrees to join the Sun King and Bushmanb to Isla Ra to perform ritual to destroy Khonshu. Instead, he manages to defeat the Sun King. 
#194. Attempts to bond with his new daughter, while reliving childhood problems with his own father.
#195-196. Faces and defeats the Collective.
#197-198. Moves against the Societe de Sadiques, only to learn their leader is his Uncle Ernst. 
#199-200. Stops his uncle and the Societe, defeats the Sun King and reunites with Marlene & their daughter.