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30th Apr 2020
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Real name

Marc Spector


Steven Grant, Jake Lockley, Khonshu, Mr. Knight, Yitzak Topol, Mondnacht, Ian Waller, personalities representing Wolverine, Captain America, & Spider-Man


6' 2"


225 lbs.





First appearance

Werewolf by Night (1st series) #32

Known relatives

Elias (father, deceased), unnamed mother (deceased), Randall Spector / Shadowknight / Nightshadow (brother, deceased), Diatrice (daughter), Seth Phalkon (alleged ancestor)


Mercenary, playboy financier, cab driver

Group affiliation

West Coast Avengers, Secret Avengers, Marvel Knights, Shadow Cabinet, agent of CIA, Khonshu and the Committee

Powers & Equipment

• Empowered by Khonshu to receive visions of missions to undertake, a direct telepathic connection to his god, and variable supernatural strength and endurance that increases away from direct sunlight and in the presence of moonlight, causing him to regularly grow stronger and then weaker during the phases of the moon
• Traditional weapons include truncheons (with concealed grappling hook), nunchaku, or triple-irons, crescent moon throwing darts, and glider cape that catches air currents
• Ceremonial weapons of Khonshu include throwing irons, scarab darts, ivory boomerang, bolas, cestus gauntlets, grappling hook, and ankh which glows in the presence of evil or danger
• Mark I armored costume was reinforced by Adamantium, used wrist-mounted crescent dart launchers that swapped between steel, silver, Adamantium, explosive, and gas filled darts, and specialized truncheon with grappling wire, magnetic retrieval, security system scanning and disabling feature, and conversion into nunchaku, quarterstaff, or vaulting pole
• Mark II armored costume was reinforced by Carbonadium, able to self-assemble around him or lock into place to support immense weight, included short burst boot jets, tripwire guns that fired wire-guided crescent darts, collapsible sword, gauntlets that fired lasers, varied specialty crescent darts, wire-guided crescents like grappling ropes, self-guided crescent drones that transmitted imagery back to his mask, and flechette guns that fired monofiliment edge "shocktoxin" darts
• When operating with Avengers-based separate personalities he employed wrist bracers with retractable metal claws like Wolverine, web-shooters with reverse-engineered web fluid formula from Spider-Man, and a zero-point photonic energy shield like Captain America
• Briefly experienced supernatural strength and a decomposing body as a result of exposure to a demonic virus
• Briefly possessed waxing and waning lunar superhuman strength because of a werewolf bite, instead of Khonshu's influence
• Briefly manifested Hellbent heritage allowing him to absorb life energy from other sources in order to empower himself and speed his recuperation