Cable: Blood & Metal


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Cable: Blood & Metal
Publication Date: 
October 1992 to November 1992
Issue Numbering: 

Published concurrently with his X-Force run, this series by Rob Liefeld dealt with the backstory of Cable and his past relationsip with Stryfe and his former team, the Six-Pack. The series also made the first hints at a connection between Cable and Apocalypse.

Years Published Name of Series Issue Numbering Brief Description
1992 Cable: Blood & Metal #1-2 Backstory of Cable & his Six-Pack team.
1993 to 2009 Cable (1st series) #1-107 first series
2002 to 2003 Soldier X #1-12 continuation of Cable (1st series)
2004 to 2008 Cable & Deadpool #1-50 Buddy-series with both characters as "frenemies"
2008 to 2010 Cable (2nd series) #1-25 post-Messiah Complex
2017 to 2018 Cable (3rd series) #1-5, #150-159
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