Cable (2nd series)


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Cable (2nd series)
Publication Date: 
May 2008 to June 2010
Issue Numbering: 

Following the Messiah Complex crossover, this series followed Cable as he traveled through time with Hope, while being pursued by the murderous Bishop.

Series lasted for 25 issues, with the last issue having an unofficial name change to Deadpool & Cable.

Years Published Name of Series Issue Numbering Brief Description
1992 Cable: Blood & Metal #1-2 Backstory of Cable & his Six-Pack team.
1993 to 2009 Cable (1st series) #1-107 first series
2002 to 2003 Soldier X #1-12 continuation of Cable (1st series)
2004 to 2008 Cable & Deadpool #1-50 Buddy-series with both characters as "frenemies"
2008 to 2010 Cable (2nd series) #1-25 post-Messiah Complex
2017 to 2018 Cable (3rd series) #1-5, #150-159
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