Publication Date: 16th Jan 2020
Written By: Monolith.
Image Work: Douglas Mangum.


Michael Korvac was born in the year 2977 on Earth-691. His father died on the day he was born, and Michael was raised by his mother on tales of how a group known as the Guardians of the Galaxy was responsible for his father's death. [Guardians of the Galaxy Annual #1]

By the year 3000, he was a computer techno working away for his people, but bitter and feeling unappreciated for his own genius. When the Badoon invaded and conquered Earth, Korvac had no loyalty to EarthGov and became a collaborator. Korvac thrived for a time under the Badoon rule, rising in their ranks to become supervisor for computer systems designed to maintain entire planets. He still did not receive the respect he desired, however, and was working to the brink of exhaustion. When he collapsed at his work station, the Badoon removed Korvac and rebuilt him as a cyborg, replacing his entire lower body with a systems module to make him a living computer, and tireless to boot. The Badoon underestimated their own creation, however, and Korvac turned on his masters, using weapons he incorporated into his module (combined with his enhanced calculating abilities) to win his freedom. [Thor Annual #6]

Korvac intended to conquer the Brotherhood of the Badoon, but was instead whisked away to the 20th century to serve as a pawn in a game between the Grandmaster and the Prime Mover. Korvac and the Mover's other recruits were pitted against the Grandmaster's players, the Defenders, with the fate of the Earth in the balance. Korvac battled the mystic Doctor Strange, using his systems to analyze the supernatural forces Strange attempted to unleash against him. Korvac rapidly adjusted his systems to counter these forces in real time, gaining knowledge from every attack and keeping Strange on the defensive. Strange eventually outmaneuvered Korvac by doing the unexpected and putting aside his spells to lunge at the machine-man with a haymaker to the jaw. The surprise physical attack incapacitated Korvac, and the Defenders ultimately proved the winners of the contest. [Giant-Size Defenders #3]

Korvac took advantage of his situation, though, and continued discreetly analyzing the Grandmaster's energies for his own gain. By the time he was dispatched back to his natural time and space, Korvac's computers had synthesized and replicated the Grandmaster's power, allowing him to teleport through time and space on his own. Pilfering the timestream for technology and resources, Korvac built an entire high-tech base of operations on a deserted planetoid. He also assembled a team of lieutenants known as the Minions of Menace, recruiting several of his fellow pawns from the Prime-Mover's scheme.

Korvac's need for recognition had only grown with his power, and he saw himself as a god in the making. He intended to destroy the planet Earth using an ultra-long range annihilation beam, absorbing the planet entirely for raw materials to build the utopia he envisioned for his planetoid, and punish the small-minded people who never recognized his genius. During his extraction of a uniquely-powerful nuclear device from modern Earth, Korvac accidentally brought Thor to the 31st century with it. He attempted to banish the Thunder God into space with his teleporter, but the Guardians of the Galaxy of that era located Thor and joined forces with him. They returned to Korvac's world and confronted his Minions. Thor and Starhawk attacked Korvac's machinery directly and managed to damage his equipment beyond repair. Korvac was forced to escape by using his emergency teleportation reserves to beam himself away. [Thor Annual #6]

Korvac dodged the Guardians for a while before teleporting himself backwards in time. Korvac discovered the worldship of Galactus, Taa II. He infiltrated the security of the ship in Galactus' absence and explored its wonders. Seeking new power, Korvac plugged the electronic probe of his cybernetic module into Galactus' computer system to download what he could. In this case, ultimate knowledge proved to be ultimate power. The vast information in Galactus's computers extrapolated out by Korvac's cybernetic systems provided the cyborg with immense cosmic power, connecting him to the nature of the universe itself.

With his new power came new insight into the workings of the cosmos and (perhaps) sanity for the first time in years. Korvac restored his natural body with his new power, and reclaimed his birth name of Michael instead of being "Korvac the man-machine." Michael traveled to modern Earth and took up residence in Forest Hills Gardens as he contemplated how best to utilize his newfound might. He started with a web of obscurity that worked to shield him from detection by other cosmic beings and their awareness, allowing him to develop his powers and his plans in peace. [Avengers (1st series) #175]

Michael allowed himself minor indulgences while he worked and attended a Janet van Dyne fashion show in New York City. He was struck dumb by the beauty of one of the models, Carina Walters. When the Porcupine made an attack on the hotel, Michael used the quaint distraction to approach Carina and offer her a place by his side. The young woman, seemingly in awe of Michael's inherent majesty, accepted his offer. She quickly became his bride and came to live with him in Forest Hills Gardens. [Avengers (1st series) #167]

The Guardians of the Galaxy had tracked Korvac through time, and discovered the era he arrived in. Not knowing about his encounter with Galactus' ship, the Guardians used the information available to them and presumed Korvac intended to eliminate their member Vance Astro, the thousand year-old man, by striking at his pre-teen self living in this era. The Guardians made contact with the Avengers and informed them of the threat, so Iron Man (as Tony Stark) arranged for the Guardians to inhabit a neighboring house to young Vance Astrovik to watch over him while searching for Korvac.