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23rd Jun 2023
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Real name

Roberto R. Reyes


Roast Rider, Robot Racer, Skeleton Driver,
La Leyenda of Hillrock Heights


5' 7”,
5' 11” (as Ghost Rider)


140 lbs.,
180 lbs. (as Ghost Rider)


Black with white streak


Green and brown

First appearance

All-New Ghost Rider #1

Known relatives

Alberto & Juliana Reyes (parents, deceased),
Elias Morrow (uncle, deceased),
Gabriel (brother)


Student, mechanic

Group affiliation

Avengers, Omni-Avengers, Spirits of Vengeance


• Bonded to a Spirit of Vengeance through a link to his Dodge Charger, able to transform into a skeletal form with superhuman strength, speed, agility, endurance, reflexes, and durability, able to generate and expel hellfire to torment the souls of the living or burn and melt animate or inanimate matter, wields two knives linked by a length of chain that channels hellfire and responds to his mental commands, able to use the penance stare to make others experience all the pain and suffering they have caused in their lives, and can infuse vehicles or vessels with hellfire to give them supernatural qualities like his Charger
• Drives the Hell-Charger, a Dodge Charger that transforms with him into a supernatural ride with hellfire-infused wheels, able to spectrally pass through the car or teleport to it from a distance, use the car to achieve incredible speeds, drive over water, underwater, up vertical inclines, or through space, communicate with the dead, use its trunk to teleport people and objects, or open Hell-gates for personal teleportation