Publication Date: 29th Aug 2020
Written By: Monolith.
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In the Age of Apocalypse, the Black Panther was seen as a symbol for the people of Africa. Consequently, he was murdered by Apocalypse in order to cow the citizens of that continent. The skull of the last king of Wakanda was left on a pike to ensure mutant rule went uncontested once Apocalypse eventually expanded his empire beyond America.

In the House of M, T'Challa remained one of the few humans in power after the rise of Magneto and the mutant population worldwide. Magnus allowed T'Challa and several others to keep their thrones under his world domination in order to avoid stretching his forces too thin while consolidating his hold on America. The Black Panther remained a potential rival and threat to the House of M, however, especially as he romanced the mutant queen of Kenya, Ororo, and spoke against mutant manifest destiny. Magneto sent Sabretooth as an assassin to kill T'Challa, but this failed, as did a more direct invasion assault from Apocalypse in Egypt.

In the Ultimate universe, T'Challa Udaku was prince of Wakanda, but failed the Panther trial. His brother, M'Baku, found the savagely beaten T'Challa and brought him home for treatment. Unable to save his son's life, King T'Chaka turned T'Challa over to the American Weapon X Program in order to provide him the necessary treatment. Weapon X experimented on T'Challa, giving him superhuman powers, until Nick Fury uncovered the program and rescued T'Challa in the name of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Fury and Weapon X suggested they turned T'Challa into a mutant, as mutants were artificially engineered in the Ultimate universe. Whether this is true or not is uncertain.) As the Black Panther, T'Challa now had enhanced physical powers, night vision, healing abilities, and retractable knuckle blades. However, the attacks he suffered in the Panther trial never fully healed, leaving him mute due to his throat injuries.

Fury had Captain America test the powers of this Black Panther to see if he was ready for the Ultimates. Cap and T'Challa bonded in their training together, but they also learned Fury had been lying about several things. After arranging for T'Challa to be accepted into the Ultimates, Cap also posed as T'Challa shortly after he joined, allowing the Black Panther to go home to Wakanda without Fury realizing what had happened. The Black Panther returned to the Ultimates for a time after the Ultimatum wave, bonding with other new members Ka-Zar and Shanna. The three of them eventually left the Ultimates together to pursue their own destiny.

In the Earth X reality, Black Panther married Storm and mutated further into a genuine panther-man after the Terrigen Mists were released into Earth's atmosphere. At Captain America's request, he became guardian of the Cosmic Cube, for Cap believed only T'Challa was wise enough not to use the Cube and honorable enough to fulfill a promise never to return the Cube to Cap, no matter how much he asked.

Under T'Challa's reign, the spirits of the animal world seemed to come to life. Animals evolved into sentient humanoid beings, which T'Challa saw as a great miracle from the Terrigen Mists. This led to a worldwide shortage of food and it was no longer possible to harvest meat, but the Black Panther gave sanctuary to these creatures in Wakanda, especially after Earth's poles shifted and the rest of Africa became a frozen tundra. However, during Mar-Vell's quest for items of great power, T'Challa learned the unpleasant truth. The animals had been brought to the appearance of sentience only by the Cosmic Cube, which T'Challa was unwittingly using even without touching it. The voices of the spirits were T'Challa's own wisdom reflected back at him. A deeply disturbed T'Challa begged forgiveness from the animals for having imposed his will upon them.

Black Panther later appeared at the wedding of Brian Braddock and Medusa alongside Queen Ororo, who met a vampire version of herself from another reality named Bloodstorm. The queen and king agreed to a full blood transfusion between the two Ororos in the hopes of curing her vampirism. As humanity became arbiters of their own life and death in the universe, one could only die and ascend into Paradise through the touch of the new Death known as Jude the Entropic Man. Those judged unworthy of Paradise were instead dispatched to timeless Limbo as the new Hell by Nightcrawler. T'Challa oversaw the hearing where his oldest foe, Ulysses Klaw, was cast into Hell instead of receiving eternity.

In X-Men Forever, Storm was accused of various crimes, including the murder of Wolverine. She fled to Wakanda, seeking shelter from her accusers with T'Challa the Black Panther. T'Challa provided her sanctuary against S.H.I.E.L.D. and the X-Men, despite the warnings they give him. Storm remained protected within the borders of Wakanda for some time, helping the people and fighting against the nation's threats alongside the Black Panther, becoming beloved by both the king and his people. In time, King T'Challa gave in to his heart and proposed to Storm. On the night of their wedding, Erik Killmonger attacked and murdered T'Challa as well as the entire royal family. He was then killed in turn by his co-conspirator, the queen-to-be. Riding high on the "tragedy" of the king's death, the so-called Perfect Storm easily positioned herself to be named the one true queen of Wakanda in the absence of all other claimants.

In Avengers Forever, T'Challa appeared in a version of the Martian invasion future where the Avengers continued to exist after the Martian conquest. The Black Panther led a rag tag group of Avengers that included Thundra, Crimson Dynamo, Living Lightning, Jocasta and Killraven. They waged a decade long resistance against the Martian Masters and their tri-pod enforcers. With the help of Captain America and Giant-Man (passing through from the Destiny War), the Martians were driven off of Earth. Black Panther was not satisfied with this, and wanted to renew Wakanda's space program to pursue the Martian Masters, hunting them down. Vibranium was needed to make space ships, however, and the Great Vibranium Mound was co-opted by a benevolent hive of alien creatures, who needed Vibranium for their health. Black Panther was forced to choose between life and vengeance, and chose to remain on Earth to help the people of his planet rebuild.

The original design for Black Panther was as a more colorful hero named the Coal Tiger. In one reality visited by Proctor and his Gatherers, the Coal Tiger was the last surviving Avenger of his world. The Gatherers were largely comprised of parallel Avengers, but could not operate for long on Earth-616 without eliminating their counterparts first. The Gatherers brought Coal Tiger to Wakanda-616 intent on murdering the Black Panther. Confused and disoriented by the transition, the Coal Tiger nevertheless refused to live at the expense of another's life. He refused the gathering and died at peace with himself in the arms of his doppelganger. The Black Panther would keep the costume of the Coal Tiger in a place of honor in the king's quarters.

In the Once and Future King timeline, T'Challa was banned from U.S. soil and Wakanda re-entered a period of isolation. The king had two children, a son named T'Charra apparently born to Okoye before she died, and a daughter named Faida, conceived with the rogue Dora Milaje Malice under hushed and unpleasant circumstances. As a result, T'Challa doted on his son and shunned his daughter, unfairly blaming her for the sins of her mother. Faida grew up in the image of her stepmother, the former Queen Divine Justice, whose costume she adopted. When former U.S. Secretary of State Everett K. Ross was kidnapped by T'Challa's enemies, it was clearly a plot to draw out the Black Panther and force him to dishonor his promise never to return to America. T'Challa had his own plans to end the situation, but Faida impulsively took action herself in the hopes of rescuing Ross from Killmonger and proving herself to her father. This led to the true mastermind, T'Charra, revealing himself early and murdering Killmonger, the White Wolf and his half-sister. Already past his mid-20's, the spoiled T'Charra was tired of waiting for his father to die so he could claim the throne. Nevertheless, he proved incapable of killing Ross or his father when T'Challa reclaimed the Black Panther costume and struck out against his wayward son.

The "Fruity Pebbles" Panther haled from ten years in the future, drawn back in time by the power of King Solomon's Frogs. He was suffering from a fatal brain aneurysm, the result of head trauma he received while fighting a possessed Iron Fist. This T'Challa was in excruciating pain, but also demonstrated a manic personality and love of life as a side effect of his terminal condition. Another side effect was a return of the ESP he had developed years ago, making him telepathic. The "Looney Tunes" Panther was initially placed in suspended animation by the present-day Black Panther until such a time as his condition could be cured. He eventually emerged from stasis and worked alongside his younger counterpart, trying to convince the Black Panther to stop being so repressed and closed off. Still, he succumbed to his aneurysm and had to be placed back in stasis. The "Happy Pants" Panther was killed by the Man-Ape, who smashed open his containment pod, allowing his condition to run its course and causing the man's death.

In the "Black to the Future" timeline, the Americans continued to expand their Avengers Initiative into an aggressive global peacekeeping force. After the destruction of Latveria and Atlantis, they eventually turned their sights on Wakanda. An invasion by the Americans led to a massive battle between the Panther Prowlers and a giant Iron Man, culminating in the death of Tony Stark. The Initiative back-slid after that, as America lost its status as a world super-power. T'Challa stepped down as Black Panther at the conclusion of the forced peace accords, allowing Shuri to rise and serve as Black Panther in an age of relative prosperity. Several decades later, T'Challa and Ororo were parents to at least five children. Their eldest, T'Chaka, married Danielle Cage, first daughter to Luke Cage, President of the United States.

The T'Challa of Earth-6606 was chosen by Merlyn or Roma to join the omniversal organization known colloquially as the Captain Britain Corps. As Chieftain Justice, he participated in the Corps' trial charging Brian Braddock of Earth-616 of several violations of the Corps' charter and local mortality code.

The Marvel Zombies version of Black Panther was captured by Giant-Man shortly after Pym was infected with the zombie virus. Pym kept T'Challa alive and sedated to snack on, feeding his Hunger in order to keep his mind clear. T'Challa escaped captivity and was found by Fabian Cortez and the Acolytes, who evacuated him back to safety aboard Asteroid M. This small band of uninfected humans remained in orbit for years, and T'Challa married the Acolyte named Lisa Hendricks and started a family with her. After five years, the humans returned to Earth to find the zombies gone. T'Challa was voted the new leader of the humans over Cortez, and founded a small colony called New Wakanda in what remained of Manhattan.

After several decades, Malcolm Cortez (son of Fabian) tried to replace T'Challa as colony leader where his late father failed. He tried to have T'Challa assassinated, and the Black Panther was mortally wounded. The zombie Wasp had been part of the colony for years, becoming benign after it was learned the Hunger resided like an addiction if zombies were denied the opportunity to feed. In order to save T'Challa, the Wasp bit him and arranged for the two of them to be isolated until the Hunger faded from them both. Malcolm tried to seize power in the chaos, and things only grew worse when the super-powered zombies returned to Earth, having consumed the power of Galactus and, with it, most of the known universe. All the zombies, including Wasp and T'Challa, were eventually cast into another dimension by Malcolm's treachery. Another Earth was infected by the zombie virus, and T'Challa died leading an armada of Skrulls against the new wave of super-powered zombies on that Earth.

As the Incursion crisis raged, all worlds in the multiverse came to an untimely conclusion. On many such worlds, a group of brilliant minds known as the Illuminati tried and failed to prevent the end of everything. On Earth-2319, Black Panther and the Illuminati met an incursion point at the mutant nation of Tian. They failed to hold back the Sidera Maris, and the Mapmakers arrived to catalogue the world. These multi-dimensional second-born intellects eradicated all who stood in their way. On Earth-23099, T'Challa and Shuri served together on the Illuminati. When the Black Priests descended on Manhattan, it did not matter that the son and daughter of T'Chaka stood side-by-side. They died all the same. Everything Dies.

In several realities, T'Challa was known to have sired children who went on to continue his heroic legacy. In the MC2 Universe, T'Chaka the Second was son of T'Challa, with the prince also acting as a were-panther and Avengers reservist known as the Coal Tiger. Another (apparently non-powered) version of T'Chaka II was the son of T'Challa and Storm. He was drafted into the extra-dimensional team of heroes known as the Exiles in his identity as the Panther. Azari, a different son of T'Challa and Storm, was one of the few survivors in the rise of Ultron. He used his cat-like abilities and power over electricity alongside the Avengers Next.

The most recent version of the Exiles were joined by a version of T'Challa known as King. From a world patterned after the time period of the American Old West, T'Challa was a prince of Wakanda until his father was killed by a gunslinger named Erik Magnus. T'Challa abandoned his claim to the throne and became an exile of Wakanda in order to seek out his father's killer in vengeance. Roaming the American Southwest in search of his prey, "King" met the dimensionally-displaced Exiles. He joined the Exiles in rescuing their friends from Erik Magnus and Pastor Xavier. King faced Erik Magnus in a gunfight and avenged his father's death. Afterwards, he was drawn into the Exiles' multiversal adventures and became a member of the team.