AVX: VS #2

Issue Date: 
July 2012
Story Title: 

(1st story) Steve McNiven (Writer), John Dell (Inks), Morry Hollowell (Colours), VC’s Joe Caramanga (Letters), Jordan D. White (Assistant Editor), Nick Lowe (Editor), Axel Alonso (Editor in Chief), Joe Quesada (Chief Creative Officer), Dan Buckley (Publisher), Alan Fine (Executive Producer)

(2nd story) Kieron Gillen (Writer), Salvador Larroca (Art), Jim Charalampidis (Colours), VC’s Joe Caramanga (Letters), Jordan D. White (Assistant Editor), Nick Lowe (Editor), Axel Alonso (Editor in Chief), Joe Quesada (Chief Creative Officer), Dan Buckley (Publisher), Alan Fine (Executive Producer)

Brief Description: 

(1st story)
Captain America squares off against Gambit in the Savage Land. He throws his shield at Gambit, who charges it up and sends it back. All the while, Captain America is on the radio to Iron Man, informing him on the progress of finding Hope Summers. After the two men engage in hand to hand combat, Captain America gets the upper hand and pins Gambit to a tree. However, whilst he is radioing Iron Man again, Gambit charges up his costume. He explodes and Gambit thinks he’s won but Captain America emerges from the smoke. They fight once again and this time Captain America punches Gambit unconscious. He then gets a location on Hope and calls all Avenger teams back to the tower. Winner: Captain America.

(2nd story)
Spider-Man and his Avenger allies are in Latveria, looking for Hope, when they are found by some of the X-Men. Each X-Man picks a target and chases after them, at which point Spider-Man is left to fight the Cyttorak empowered Colossus. Spider-Man initially gains the upper hand by dodging out of his way and then using webbing to blind him. Then, whilst Colossus is blinded, he gets a few punches in and then webs his feet together, but Colossus slams his hands together, creating a huge shockwave that knocks Spider-Man back. Colossus then throws Spider-Man around and starts flinging Doombots at him and Spider-Man is soon on the ropes. Colossus begs Spider-Man to stop before he kills him but Spider-Man continues to stand up to Colossus. Just then, Daredevil returns and says that Hope is not there. With that, they leave before Colossus can do any more damage. Winner: Colossus.

Full Summary: 

(1st story)

Captain America vs Gambit

(the Savage Land)
Captain America uses the radio in his costume to tell his teammates that Hope isn’t there and that they are wasting their time. Standing on a branch above him, Gambit shouts to Captain America that he has some wasted energy for him to go along with his wasted time. With that, he throws some charged up cards that the Avenger narrowly manages to summersault away from. Captain America then throws his shield at Gambit.

AvX Fun Fact: Gambit’s power charges potential energy into kinetic energy, leaving matter explosively unstable.

AvX Fun Fact: Captain America’s shield is a one-of-a-kind steel-vibranium alloy.

Gambit says he thinks he’s managed to snag the old guys attention after all as he dodges the shield. He grabs hold of it and charges it up. He throws it back at Captain America causing him to dive out of the way of the shield and resulting explosion.

AvX Fun Fact: The shields unique alloy maintains stability even fully charged.

Captain America radios to Tony Stark that he is experiencing interference on their comm. Signal. Has he picks himself up he tells him he’ll wrap it up and regroup. He rushes towards Gambit and the two fight, hand to hand. He manages to break Gambit’s staff in half and slam him into a tree. With Gambit pinned against a tree, he radios Stark again and asks how much time they have left. Gambit recovers though and asks him if his mama ever told him it’s bad manners to ignore company. With that, he puts his hand on Captain America’s chest and starts charging. Captain America says they both know his power doesn’t work on organic material. With a hand around his neck, Gambit replies that he is getting slow as a fish didn’t make those scales… referring to the scaling on Captain America’s costume.

AvX Fun Fact: Captain America’s costume isn’t made from that unique alloy.

Gambit kicks Captain America away as his costume starts to glow with energy. A moment later, an explosion rips out, engulfing Captain America. Gambit smugly says that one living legend is down but suddenly stops when he sees a figure amidst the smoke. He swears as a disheveled Captain America is still standing. With his costume in tatters, Captain America tells Gambit he has his full attention now. Gambit flings some cards at him as Captain America rushes at him.

AvX Fun Fact: Captain America can run a 40-yard dash in 3.82 seconds.

Captain America uses his shield to defend himself from the explosive cards and he punches Gambit in the face, knocking him out. As he stands over Gambit, a device in one of his pouches starts going off. He picks it up and radios to Tony to contact all the other teams and to pull them back to the tower. They have a new plan and they don’t have to chase anymore. He then asks if someone can grab his spare uniform from his locker.

Winner: Captain America

(2nd story)

Spider-Man vs. Colossus

As Spider-Woman, Daredevil, Mockingbird and Spider-Man stand around a pile of demolished Doombots, Spider-Man sarcastically points asks who would have predicted Doctor Doom would have objected to them being there. Suddenly, his spider-sense goes off, as Dazzler rounds the corner and blasts him with a light beam. He swings out of the way and tells her he loved her earlier, more difficult work. Daredevil swings away saying there are three heartbeats. He tells them he will try and find hope whilst they run interference. Spider-Woman takes on Dazzler, whilst Mockingbird says she’s on the lady in monochrome. Spider-Man is about to guess who he is partnered with but a shadow is suddenly cast on him and Colossus slams down from above. Spider-Man manages to jump out of the way just in time.

AvX Fun Fact: Colossus is possessed by the demon power of Cyttorak. This isn’t fun at all.

Colossus picks himself up and goes to grab Spider-Man, but the wall-crawler jumps out of the way again whilst pointing out that armor over steel skin is overkill. Colossus flings a doombot at him and asks him to let him end it before he hurts him.

AvX Fun Fact: Spider-fluid is 2.62 times as strong as steel.

Spider-Man uses his webbing and hits Colossus in the eyes. Spider-Man asks that, since Colossus is now the Juggernaut, does he want to know how it will go down? As he leaps over the blind Colossus, he says he will blind him for a bit which will annoy him since he can’t hit him. Then he will tire himself out by punching Colossus for eight hundred million hours. As he says it, he punches Colossus from behind many times.

AvX Fun Fact: Colossus’s kidneys are inedible.

Eventually, Spider-Man will trick him into falling into some half-set concrete, bottomless pit or inexplicable vat of marshmallow. As he says it, he webs Colossus’s feet together and apologizes for the spoilers. Colossus opens his hands wide and says that isn’t a problem. With that, he slams his palms together creating a huge shockwave that sends Spider-Man flying backwards.

AvX Fun Fact: Latveria will suffer a month-long glass shortage due to this blowout.

Spider-Man lies dazed on the floor and offers to settle it with a thumb war. Colossus picks him up by the neck, at which point Spider-Man takes back him offer as he sees Colossus has huge thumbs. Colossus throws Spider-Man into a wall, against which Spider-Man bounces off and falls on the ground. Stunned, he says that the fastball is special. He picks himself up and turns to engage Colossus again, only to see him running towards him holding doombots. Spider-Man says that isn’t fair that he brought minions as Colossus throws the doombots.

AvX Fun Fact: Doombots explode with the force of an M67 hand grenade. This is a design flaw.

As Spider-Man once again dives out the way, he says this isn’t what he was promised. He was told he was getting a classic Juggs/Spider-Man brawl. That’s what he signed up for. As colossus throws another doombot, Spider-Man webs it up and swings it back at him. Colossus punches the doombot, causing it to explode in Spider-Man’s face, sending him catapulting backwards.

AvX Fun Fact: Ouch.

Colossus asks him to give up before he loses control and kills him. Spider-Man says that there isn’t a chance of that. He points out that, if Colossus is unstoppable, then he has to be unstoppable too. He stands up again to face Colossus, even though his costume is torn to shreds.

AvX Fun Fact: With great power comes great responsibility, true believers.

Spider-Man says there is nothing else he can say to change his mind. As he says that, Daredevil comes from behind and says that Hope isn’t there. Spider-Man disappointingly points out that the vat of marshmallow he prepared is going to go to waste. As he and Daredevil swing away, he whispers to his ally that he thought he was going to be spider-paste.

Winner: Colossus

Characters Involved: 

(1st story)

Captain America

(2nd story)
Colossus, Dazzler (All X-Men)

Daredevil, Mockingbird, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman (All Avengers)


Story Notes: 

This is a tie-in to the Avengers vs X-Men crossover event.

This issue takes place during Avengers vs. X-Men #4 whilst the teams are searching for Hope Summers.

(2nd story)
When Mockingbird says she’s on the lady in monochrome, she is referring to Domino, who doesn’t appear in this issue but was on the Latveria team as detailed in Avengers vs. X-Men #4.

Project Runway is a fashion orientated TV show.

Spider-Man and the Juggernaut, aka Cain Marko, have fought numerous times before.

Avengers: 3
X-Men: 1

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