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29th Aug 2020
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Real name



Panther, Black Leopard,
Coal Tiger, Nubian Prince,
Luke Charles, Mister Okonkwo,
Damisa-Sarki (in Wakandan)


6' 0"


185 lbs.





First appearance

Fantastic Four (1st series) #52

Known relatives

T'Chaka (father, deceased),
N'Yami (mother, deceased),
Ramonda (step-mother),
Hunter (adopted brother),
Shuri (half-sister),
Jakarra (half-brother),
S'Yan (uncle, deceased),
Ororo (wife, marriage annulled),
Monica Lynne (ex-fiance,
deceased), Joshua Itobo,
Zuni, Khanata, Ishanta,
M'Koni (cousins),
T'Shan (cousin, deceased),
Azzuri / T'Chanda
(grandfather, deceased),
Nanani (grandmother, deceased), Bashenga (ancestor, deceased)


King, tribal chieftain, former schoolteacher, diner owner

Group affiliation

Avengers, Agents of Wakanda, formerly Ultimates, Fantastic Four, Fantastic Force, Heroes for Hire, Knights of Pendragon, Illuminati, the Crew, Egungun, Maroons


• Blessing of the Panther God and ingestion of heart-shaped herb gives him enhanced strength, speed, agility, endurance, reflexes, highly acute senses, recuperative powers, cat-like instincts and affinity for natural panthers
• Additional role as King of the Wakandan Necropolis makes him keeper of the dead, able to hear and hold council with the spirits of all previous Black Panthers, summon the Spear of Bashenga as matter or energy, and a spiritual based tracking power augmenting his senses so he may detect and trace people by their souls
• Vibranium exposure temporarily led to him developing extra-sensory perception, including the ability to read minds, communicate telepathically, perceive the future, and view things without sight or over great distance
• Vibranium-based costume absorbs vibrations to increase his stealth and dampen force directed against him, heightens his night vision with special lenses, uses Vibranium boots for silent and impact-reduced landings, walking on water, up vertical inclines, or vibratory feedback pulses, retractable Anti-Metal finger claws that dissolve metal as they cut, and can shift into a traditional business suit or alter the length of his cape with an energy pulse
• Panther suit later incorporated features such as total invisibility, protective force shields and aggressive force gauntlets projected from his gloves, vibrational force absorption and redistribution as shockwaves or energy discharges, and a short-range teleportation feature
• Carries energy daggers that resonate at different frequencies to disrupt energy flow, tag subjects with a traceable energy signature, and cause pain or death in opponents, and a Kimoyo card able to field communications, access Wakandan techno-jungle database through satellite uplink, scan for and disable security systems, hack nearby computers, and facilitate the transformative effect of his suit and tracking effect of his daggers