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Savage She-Hulk (1980-1982)

#1 – Origin told. Bruce Banner gives a blood transfusion to his cousin Jennifer Walters after being gunned down by mobsters she had crossed in her job as a lawyer.
#2 – Best friend Jill dies in a failed hit on Jennifer by order of crime boss Nick Trask.
#3 – Trask tries to frame She-Hulk for crimes using a robot painted green.
#4 – Trask tricks Jennifer’s sheriff father to attack She-Hulk.
#5 – Manages to defeat Trask.
#6 – She-Hulk fights Iron Man
#7-8 – Jennifer meets Richard Rory and travels with him to Florida where she fights Man-Thing.
#9-10 – Becomes involved with a cult led by the Word and fights his daughter Ultima.
#11-12 – Falls ill and arrested. Her friend Zapper discovers that Dr. Michael Morbius is the key to curing her condition. Morbius’ serum allows She-Hulk to transform at will.
#13-14 – Teams up with Hellcat and Man-Wolf to save another world.
#15 – Jennifer helps a struggling singer.
#16 – She-hulk destroys a harmful microwave tower.
#17 – Battles the Man-Elephant and cleared of former murder charges.
#18 – Battles the Grappler and his power of leverage.
#19 – Zapper unknowingly leads She-Hulk to a mad scientist named Doc who attacks her with mutants.
#20 – Betrayals from her friends causes She-Hulk to renounce Jennifer Walters and run away.
#21 – New crime boss Shade tries to take over underworld by sending the Seeker to destroy She-Hulk.
#22 – New mutant Radius tries to beat She-Hulk
#23 – Torque sent to finish what the previous mutants failed to accomplish.
#24 – She-Hulk realizes that Doc was the power behind shade and the mutants. She finds a group of failed mutants and battles them along with a powerful mutant named Earth-Lord.
#25 – All of the previous mutant enemies turn out to be the same self-evolving mutant who switches sides and helps She-Hulk defeat Doc. All her friends reconcile and Jennifer chooses to remain She-Hulk over Jennifer. She also declares her love for Zapper over Richard.


Avengers (1982-1984)

#221 – Nominated by Wasp to join the Avengers.
#222 – Fights in her underwear to prevent ripping Janet’s designer dress.
#225-226 – Fights in ancient Avalon to return the Black Knight to the present.
#228 – Transformed back into Jennifer Walters by Radioactive Man while fighting the Masters of Evil.
#229 – A distraught Jennifer is goaded by Hawkeye into angrily transforming back to She-Hulk. Uses her lawyer skills to convince Shocker and her lawyer to cooperate.
#230 – Sat in judgment of Hawkeye for his accidental killing of Egghead.
#231 – Helps SHIELD fight some aquatic enemies.
#232 – Wasp helps She-Hulk search for an apartment.
#233 – Battles an invisible wall.
#234 – Asks Starfox on a date and the two sleep together. Gets on the wrong side of Wanda.
#235 – Chats with Spider-Man about living in New York. Battles the Wizard.
#236-237 – Suffers the antics of Spider-man wanting to join the Avengers.
#240 – Befriends Tigra and expresses her concern for Janet’s emotional health.
#241 – Battle Morgan Le Fey for the fate of Spider-woman.
#242 – Celebrates a party with all of the Avengers before being whisked off to Battleworld.

Fantastic Four (1984-1987)

#265 – She-Hulk joins the Fantastic Four at the Thing’s request.
#266-267 – The strength of She-Hulk amounts to nothing against Sue’s miscarriage. She feels out of place joining this family during such an unfortunate time.
#268 – A tour of the Baxter Building is interrupted by the disembodied Mask of Doom!
#269-270 – Terminus lands and She-Hulk helps Reed defeat him. Wyatt saved by Jen and moves to the Baxter Building.
#271-273 – A time travel adventure to find Reed’s father in a dystopian future.
#275 – A She-Hulk focused issue in which she bonds with Wyatt to find and punish a paparazzi that took nude photos of her.
#276-277 – Obvious romantic tension simmers between Jen and Wyatt. The Thing returns and She-Hulk reluctantly offers his spot back. The Thing says he is done with the FF.
#278-279 – A back-up of Dr. Doom’s memory placed in his ward leads to a repeat of throwing the Baxter Building into space. She-Hulk contributes to the team and her boyfriend Wyatt not dying.
#280-281 – Manhattan hit with a wave of hate. She-Hulk defends Wyatt from a racist cop and both are arrested. She escapes, fights and loses to an emotionally manipulated Sue Storm.
#282 – The team travels to the Microverse to face Psycho-Man but are captured.
#283 – She-Hulk turned into a slave in the mines.
#284 – The former queen of the realm helps a humiliated She-Hulk. When she comes into peril, She-Hulk dispels the fear wave to save her. The team defeats Psycho-Man.
#285 – She-Hulk sculpted by Alicia and confirms that she can no longer turn into Jennifer Walters.
#286 – Hercules and She-Hulk flirt and Jen confirms she is majorly attracted to the man despite having Wyatt in her life.
#287-288 – Susan, Wasp, and Jen have a girls’ day at the hairdresser. They are tricked by a brain-swapped Dr. Doom to attack the Latverian Embassy. The Beyonder appears and solves some plot holes.
#289-290 – The team enter the Negative Zone and face Blastaar and Annihilus. Reed stays behind.
#291-292 – The three remaining members plus Nick Fury travel back to 1936. She-Hulk saves a mutant with the power to dream events into reality. Fury succeeds in killing Hitler but it was all just a dream.
#293 – While visiting the West Coast Avengers, She-Hulk went to explore a mysterious black dome and is sucked into its time-distorting expansion.
#295 – Inside the dome, the other FF find the town has advanced 1000 years. They rescue She-Hulk from a cryo-sleep of 150 years and the quartet manage to shut down the dome.
#297-298 – Jen’s final mission with the team sees her stop the sun from exploding and battling an extradimensional powerhouse.
#299 – The returned Thing is in a funk, so She-Hulk takes him for a drink and followed by a destructive brawl in an abandoned block of buildings. The Thing accepts his place back with his family.
#300 – The wedding of Johnny and Alicia. She-Hulk helps with the bridal preparations.

Avengers (1987-1988)

#278 – She-Hulk returns to the Avengers and battles Attuma.
#278 – Captain Marvel gets She-Hulk’s vote for new Chairwoman. She bonds with her new teammates.
#281 – The gods of Olympus attack. She-Hulk is brainwashed by Bacchus to attack the Avengers.
#282 – The Avengers work to escape Hades.
#283 – The team reach Hercules but are struck down by an enraged Zeus.
#284 – All-out battle with the gods. She-Hulk gets revenge on Bacchus. She falls against Zeus.
#285 – Hercules awakens in a rage and attacks his friends before coming to his senses. The Avengers beat Zeus and the Olympians leave Earth.
#286-287 – She-Hulk meets and fights the Awesome Android.
#288-289 – Heavy Metal! A bunch of robots controlled by Mentallo and the Fixer wreak havoc.
#290 – The Super-Adaptoid absorbs the power of the cosmic cube. The Avengers are rescued by The Captain (Steve Rogers).
#291-293 – Namor’s wife Marrina mutates into a giant sea-monster and is killed to stop her rampage.
#294-295 – Doctor Druid takes over the Avengers while being manipulated by Nebula of the Kang Council. Like the others, She-Hulk is mentally influenced by the Doctor.
#296 – She-Hulk is totally under the thrall of Doctor Druid and takes down Thor.
#297 – The Kang Council shows up to collect their traitor member Nebula. They manage to free She-Hulk from her control and she attacks Nebula. Her suit damaged, she disappears into an unstable time bubble with Doctor Druid. She-Hulk feels terrible about being controlled and leaves the Avengers.

Sensational She-Hulk (1989-1994)

#1 – Fights the Circus of Crime as directed by the Headmen.
#2 – Wasp lets Jen borrow her apartment. Headmen hire Mysterio to trick She-Hulk into fighting the “Toad Men”
#3 – The Headmen steal the body of She-Hulk. Spider-Man and her head team-up to discover the body was a robot and She-Hulk’s head was actually still attached.
#4 – Meets Louise Mason (former Blonde Phantom) and battles Stilt-Man.
#5 – Trapped in daytime television by Doctor Bong.
#6 – Travels to space and meets the cast of the comic book US1, the space trucker.
#7 – Gets very hairy while facing off against Xemnu.
#8 – Helped by Nicholas St. Christopher to prove that a criminal is on the naughty list.
#9 – Battles Madcap, who wants to take over She-Hulk’s book.
#10-11 – Loses her job as an assistant DA and so helps save the rich Lex Loopner from his former client Pseudo-Man, a mid-western man convinced through technology that he was an alien demi-god.
#12 – Travels to Hollywood to stop and then promote a terrible bio-pic movie about herself.
#13 – Finds a small town brainwashed by a demon dressed as a priest preaching proper organ usage.
#14 – Howard the Duck joins She-Hulk in entering the secret universe inside some baloney. Everything observed by The Critic, forsworn to only watch but compelled to comment.
#15 – Jen finds herself powerless, then transforming into savage forms. She and Howard get out of the Baloneyverse. Meanwhile, Doctor Angst is determined to flatten culture, so everyone is mediocre.
#16 – Jen cannot fully control her new gray form. Doctor Angst recruits other mediocre weirdos.
#17 – Jen and Howard take a trippy car ride then battles Doctor Angst’s team. She saves the universe using a man named Black Hole and reverts to her green self. The Critic accepts his role as a plot device.
#18 – Takes down Dr. Doom’s fifth cousin, a dentist bent on conquering the Tri-state area.
#19-20 – Meets Nosferata, the Bat-themed merchandising gold mine with an asylum full of crazy villains.
#21 – Weezi’s old foe from her Blonde Phantom days comes back to haunt her. She-Hulk and Weezi’s daughter Wanda travel to Las Vegas to rescue her.
#22 – Jen and Wanda travel back to 1946 and battle the All-Winners squad and Blonde Phantom.
#23 – A battle with the American Purity Foundation nearly prevents She-Hulk from saving Vegas from an atomic bomb.
#24 – Death’s Head tries to steal a priceless vase from She-Hulk.
#25 – She-Hulk finds that her dreams of Hercules are more enticing than the man himself.
#26 – Excalibur possessed by an evil entity and She-Hulk must help/stop them.
#27 – A client needs protection from various C-List villains. She-Hulk teams up with the Scourge but he secretly hired the villains to get Jen to trust him.
#28 – She-Hulk signs a deal with the devil for money! Her nude photos get her out of the contract!?
#29-30 – A former Blonde Phantom villain harnesses the power of the Fourth Wall to make the ultimate gauntlet of team-ups and villain fights.
#31-33 – The return of John Byrne and Spragg the Living Hill! Also, Mole Man tries to marry She-Hulk and Weezi gets her youth restored.
#34-35 – In New Orleans, She-Hulk battles Black Talon and his X-Humed Marvel Zombies.
#36 – Jen has multiple reunions with Wyatt, her father, Zapper and Richard Rory. Weezi starts dating Jen’s dad? Jen is back with Wyatt?
#37 – The Living Eraser sends She-Hulk to become the queen of his dimension. Byrne uses the erasing gimmick to print four straight pages of complete white.
#38-39 – On Valentine’s Day, Mahkizmo is the latest villain that wants to marry She-Hulk thanks to a literal Cupid strike. Wyatt and Thing follow them to Mahkizmo’s dimension.
#40 – Five pages of She-Hulk jumping rope nude!? She-Hulk travels to space to help US1 again.
#41-42 – The colony of living hills that She-Hulk sent to space are wrecking US1’s space station, so she has to save the day.
#43 – The return of Xemnu! Jen saved by Weezi.
#44 – The last members of the asparagus people (D’Bari) wiped out by the Dark Phoenix have captured friends of US1. They team up with Skrulls to infiltrate the planet.
#45 – Rocket Raccoon and a member of the Ovoids have also been captured. Weezi and She-Hulk mysteriously swap powers and body shapes.
#46 – The Ovoids psychic powers mixed with She-Hulk’s gamma powers caused the switch while trying to contact Weezi. She comes down to the planet and helps rescue everyone.
#47 – Fill-in issue in which Master Puppet uses a bunch of puppets to attack She-Hulk. There is even an obvious Thunderbirds homage.
#48 – With Weezi now the one with superpowers, She-Hulk has to rely on her and Wyatt to handle the dangerous situations for her. Reed Richards identifies that Weezi does not want to switch back.
#49 – While Weezi gains press as the new She-Hulk, Jen’s date with Wyatt takes a deadly turn when Titania shows up. Jen’s dad convinces Weezi to give back the powers in time to save her.
#50 – In an attempt to find a replacement for John Byrne, She-Hulk reviews potential new writing and art directions for her book to take. The story involving the attack of new villain War Zone appears to be the winner. She-Hulk accidentally kills John Byrne the Super-Ego.
#51 – Fill-in using a fake Savage She-Hulk inventory issue of Man-Elephant and his army of evolved pink elephants. Sensational She-Hulk battles Savage She-Hulk with the help of the Gopher.
#52 – She-Hulk returns to L.A. after learning War-Zone introduced a toxin sapping away her gamma abilities. Weezi is excited to see Jen’s dad and Jen reunites with Zapper. New villain the Rumbler uses his earthquake powers to bury a weakened She-Hulk.
#53 – She-Hulk dies as her father is sent to the hospital. She fights off death before meeting her dead mother in the afterlife’s mall and fighting Green Goblin with the help of Bucky.
#54 – Zapper uses intense gamma radiation to revive She-Hulk and then reveals he is still in love with her as his wife watches from afar. The Rumbler returns to kill Jen’s dad but She-Hulk goes savage.
#55-56 – Savage She-Hulk takes out Rumbler and then reverts back to normal. She is invited to star on a soap opera, but War-Zone crashes the live set. She-Hulk goes savage again and takes him out.
#57 – Her cousin Hulk shows up to help She-Hulk deal with her savage side. They fight and think the man behind everything is Zapper. Before she can hurt him, they realize Zapper’s father-in-law is the mastermind. She-Hulk takes him out and cures her savage overdose condition.
#58 – Return of the Gopher, determined to become Jen’s sidekick. He helps take out Electro.
#59 – Lawyer She-Hulk forced to fight a huge number of C-list villains in a class-action suit against the Tinkerer.
#60 – Jen’s dad wants to move in with her just as Wyatt wants to move out. Everybody helps her take down an army of mechanical bugs led by the Scarlet Scarab. She-Hulk thanks the readers before the book is canceled in this X-book overselling era.

Fantastic Force (1995-1996)

#13 – A Puppet Master controlled She-Hulk fights and then joins Fantastic Force.
#14 – Defends Vibraxis in a Wakandan hearing.
#15 – Helps the team fight a sentient Vibranium mound.
#16 – Comforted by Wyatt while Devlor is hospitalized.
#17 – Invites the team to stay at her apartment and psychically attacked as part of a trap for Franklin.
#18 – Helps take down the mastermind of the recent attacks, Diablo.

Heroes for Hire (1998-1999)

#8 – Jennifer Walters hired as a lawyer for the Heroes for Hire in order to prepare for an impending investigation.
#9 – She-Hulk helps broker a deal between the Heroes and the government to bring in the Punisher. She refuses to assist outside her law experience.
#12 – Despite insisting she would not go into the field, She-Hulk joins the team but bills at her hourly rate. She helps take down the Master of the World.
#13 – Jim Hammond the original Human Torch is inert and requires reactivation by Ant-Man. She-Hulk reassures Jim that he is more than just a machine.
#14 – She-Hulk breaks the fourth wall to fire the sassy narrator.
#15-16 – The team help Quicksilver battle the High Evolutionary at Mount Wundagore.
#17 – She-Hulk and Luke Cage go on a pleasant date until Titania shows up.
#19 – Heroes for Hire bought by a company and all members quit. She-Hulk ensures severance packages.

Avengers (3rd series) (2000-2004)

#27 – The Wasp asks She-Hulk to rejoin the Avengers for a female majority team.
#28-30 – The Avengers travel to South America to face Kulan Gath.
#31 – Triathlon does not make a great impression on She-Hulk during a training session. The team helps Vision take down Madame Masque and Grim Reaper.
#32 – Jennifer leaves the team now that Vision is back.
#34 – She-Hulk briefly returns as part of the Avengers/Thunderbolts team-up against Count Nefaria.
#44-54 – Joins the large contingent of Avengers to take down the Kang Dynasty.
#56 – The Avengers are audited. A man sues the Avengers for damages but She-Hulk tells the auditors how to tie him up in court.
#57-60 – She-Hulk helps save the world’s displaced capital cities from Scorpio and the In-Betweener. She-Hulk’s law background helps navigate the UN charter and disputes.
#61 – The roster is finalized and She-Hulk decides to stay.
#65 – A giant flesh-eating virus cloud terrorizes South Dakota. She-Hulk decides to be safe and wear a hazmat suit into the area.
#66 – The Avengers find that the attack came from a US bio-lab.
#67 – Some A.I.M. agents inadvertently freed by She-Hulk. They shoot through her suit exposing her to the virus. Jack of Hearts tries to get her out but his touch causes her to revert to Jennifer.

#68 – On the verge of death, the destabilized Jennifer transforms into an angry She-Hulk who attacks the Avengers. She takes down Vision and runs away muttering Banner.
#72 – Jennifer finds herself in Bone, Idaho looking for Bruce. The Avengers show up to find her and scare her into transforming into an angry She-Hulk.
#73 – She-Hulk’s fight with the Avengers levels the town.
#74 – Hawkeye shows up and annoys She-Hulk into leaving the town where they find Bruce Banner.
#75 – Hulk and She-Hulk fight in the woods. Jack of Hearts shows up to stabilize She-Hulk.
#76 – The Avengers decide either She-Hulk or Jack of Hearts need to leave due to their powers interfering with each other. Jack of Hearts sacrifices his life to help save Ant-Man’s daughter.
#78-81 – In England, a mother of two dies protecting a couple Avengers. She-Hulk helps take of the grieving children as the mother transforms into the new Captain Britain.
#500 – She-Hulk is flirt/fighting with Hawkeye when Jack of Hearts shows up to the mansion and blows it up. She-Hulk goes berserk while fighting an army of Ultrons and rips the Vision in half.
#501 – In full rage mode, the Avengers must take down She-Hulk, putting her out of action.


She-Hulk (2004-2005)

#1 – She-Hulk is living her best life as an Avenger and lawyer until her party girl ways get her kicked out of the mansion and fired from her job. She accepts an offer to work for Holden Holliway.
#2 – She-Hulk finds working in the superhuman law division to be quite rewarding when she helps client Danger Man get justice.
#3 – Establishes rivalry with Mallory Book while solving the murder case of their ghost client.
#4 – Helps Pug out with a case to sue J. Jonah Jameson for slandering Spider-Man.
#5-6 – Holden’s criminal granddaughter Southpaw used as an opportunity for a bunch of villains to escape a prison.
#7 – Chosen to be a Magistrati, a cosmic judge under the purview of the Living Tribunal.
#8 – Her duties call for her to face the Champion in a boxing match. She gets ripped during training.
#9 – New power levels require her to wear John Jameson’s old Jupiter suit. Helps Hercules with a legal issue.
#10 – A Watcher gives the back-story and origin of Titania.
#11 – The Champion gives Titania the Power Infinity Gem so that she can get revenge on She-Hulk for the both of them. She attacks all of Jen’s friends and then beats her.
#12 – Jen uses the power of comic book continuity to beat Titania. She loses her ability to turn into She-Hulk.


She-Hulk (2nd Series) (2005-2008)

#1 – Puts together a time-displaced jury through the TVA in order to hold a time-traveling attempted murder trial.
#2 – One of the jurors is a recently deceased Hawkeye. Jen arrested by the TVA after trying to warn him of his death.
#3 – Trial held to determine if She-Hulk should be erased from the timeline. Deemed essential and forced to take charge of Two-Gun Kid.
#4 – Flashback to Jennifer eight months ago helping rebuild the town she had destroyed. This helps her resolve her psychological issues and transform back into She-Hulk.
#5 – Tries to help Two-Gun Kid pass the bar exam.
#6 – Starfox put on trial for potentially using his powers to sexually harass many, many women. He also uses his power on Jen and John plus Mallory and Awesome Andy.
#7 – The trial is not going well and Starfox calls his daddy to save him. Jen suspects he used his power when they originally slept together in the Avengers.
#8 – Civil War is happening and while Jen is pro-Registration, she still defends the New Warriors from having their identities revealed publicly. John proposes to Jen.
#9 – Jen and John have a very awkward dinner with J. Jonah Jameson after the Las Vegas marriage.
#10 – John transformed back into the Man-Wolf. Pug is determined to prove what Starfox did but is mauled by John. Stu learns Mr Zix is a Recorder Unit of the Magistrati so is vaporized.
#11 – Two-Gun Kid takes out Man-Wolf who transforms into the Stargod. Andy revealed to have copied Starfox’s powers. He drops them and Mallory and Jen fall out of love with their men.
#12 – Jen called upon by the Magistrati and Zix to observe Starfox’s trial on Titan. Thanos appears and claims Starfox used his power to make him love death.
#13 – Thanos is a lying clone who set up Starfox. Pug takes a magic potion to stop loving Jen.
#14 – The Awesome backstory of Andy. He runs away. Jen breaks up with John and returns home.
#15 – She-Hulk drafted by SHIELD and takes down the Abomination.
#16 – Fights the Wendigo with Wolverine.
#17 – Captures more Hulk foes. They all get loose on the Heli-carrier. Sleeps with Tony Stark and fights a bunch of Nick Fury LMDs.
#18 – Discovers the Illuminati’s actions of shooting Bruce into space. Fights Iron Man and is depowered.
#19 – The captured Leader put on trial with Mallory defending. Jen humiliated as a witness.
#20 – RT-Z9 reveals himself and his plan. Stu escapes DuckWorld. John signs divorce papers.
#21 – She-Hulk duplicate from another dimension explains plot holes. Star Trek science used to repower Jen. Pug and Jen are just friends.
#22 – Jen left the law practice to become a bounty hunter and her partner is She-Hulk? Her target is protected by Absorbing Man and Titania.
#23 – She-Hulk takes down Absorbing Man and Jennifer turns out to be a Skrull named Jazinda.
#24 – More supporting cast introduced at She-Hulk’s new trailer park home and work.
#25 – An alien asks for She-Hulk’s help but is secretly evil. An upgraded Man-Elephant terrorizes an African village.
#26 – The evil alien Cazon kills a man’s wife. The man is saved and Cazon is killed by Jazinda.
#27 – She-Hulk and the saved husband are put on trial but are acquitted due to the intervention of Mallory Book and Iron Man.
#28 – While trying to obtain a bounty on Bran Murphy, She-Hulk is arrested due to accusations from Mr. Moore. Jazinda reveals she returns to life after death.
#29 – Mr. Moore is a sorcerer who caused Jen to be disbarred after he showed her disturbing images that caused her to violate her profession. He is killed by Bran.
#30 – Bran was possessed by a Celtic demon and is saved by Hercules and She-Hulk. The two heroes hook up.
#31 – Middle part of a crossover with X-Factor during Secret Invasion. Jazinda revealed to be the Super-Skrull’s daughter. The religiously important Skrull named the Talisman captured.
#32 – Secret Invasion continues. Jazinda tries to escape with Talisman but is stopped by She-Hulk and Super-Skrull.
#33 – Secret Invasion concludes. She-Hulk fights Super-Skrull while Jazinda fights Talisman.
#34 – The Lady Liberators reform to help earthquake victims in the politically sensitive dictator-run central Asia nation Marinmer.
#35 – The Winter Guard shows up to stop them but after a fight realize they should also help the victims.
#36 – The dictator tries to rape She-Hulk but is defeated. His suicide is staged by Jazinda.
#37 – Split between a fight of a powered-up Man-Elephant and She-Hulk and Jennifer getting her lawyer job. The She-Hulk fighting was actually Jazinda.
#38 – Jazinda psychically calls out to She-Hulk during torture. Jazinda wants She-Hulk to deny knowledge of her Skrull identity but Jen cannot help but save her friend.

All-New Savage She-Hulk (2009)

#1-2 – The gene-spliced daughter of Hulk and Thundra, Lyra, comes back in time and battles She-Hulk. Their fight is broken up by the Dark Avengers.
#3-4 – She-Hulk fights Sentry and then helps Lyra escape capture from the Dark Avengers.

Fall of the Hulks: The Savage She-Hulks (2010)

#1 – Lyra fights Thundra, followed by the Red She-Hulk. Lyra joins the Frightful Four to find the captured Jennifer.
#2 – Lyra wakes up Jen who smacks some sense into her about the stupidity of attacking Thundra and endangering the timeline. A brainwashed Red She-Hulk shows up to attack them both.
#3 – The pair escape only to fall into a battle with an army of red hulk soldiers and various Hulked-Out Heroes. Red She-Hulk shakes off her programming to help them out.

Incredible Hulks (2010-2011)

#612-623 – Becomes part of a family of Hulks. Helping Bruce with various threats including his evil second son.

She-Hulks (2011)

#1 – Jennifer and Lyra beat up the Trapster to find out where the Wizard is located. Jen enjoys her new apartment and Lyra goes to high school.
#2 – The She-Hulks take down Red Ghost and his Super-Apes.
#3 – Jen helps Lyra shop for a dress for the school dance and then they fight Klaw.
#4 – The Intelligencia is defeated but not before the dance is ruined. Jen sympathizes that Lyra must leave behind all the friends she met at school.

FF (2nd series) (2013-2014)

#1 – Thing asks Jen to help watch the Future Foundation while the Fantastic Four are on a trip. The super team fails to come back on time and thus She-Hulk becomes part of the replacement FF along with Medusa, Ant-Man and She-Thing.
#2 – She-Hulk helps take down Mole Man and Giganto.
#3 – Jen asks Wyatt to come verify that a new arrival is really an aged Johnny Storm.
#4 – The Moloid children get jealous that their crush Jen is going on a date with Wyatt. The date goes exceedingly well despite the children’s attempts to ruin it. They both admit no one has ever measured up since they broke up.
#8 – Medusa and She-Hulk have a disagreement about the queen’s fitness to continue watching the children. It gets physical.
#9 – Pool party at alien Julius Caesar’s place. He has a device he hopes will rescue the Fantastic Four.
#10 – The FF take a trip into a Microscale world with the Marvel editor, writer and artist of Fantastic Four tagging along. She-Hulk fights a tiger.
#11 – The Impossible Man wants the FF to teach his son with the rest of the children.
#12 – She-Hulk helps She-Thing test out her robot suit.
#13-14 – Ant-Man starts his plan to take down Doom. The team travel to the Watcher’s house. The girls relax and bond in a hot spring.
#15-16 – The assault on Latveria begins. She-Hulk and the others are taken down and Ant-Man has to finish the fight with Doom. The Fantastic Four return and She-Hulk’s time with them ends.


Mighty Avengers (2nd series) (2013-2014)

#5 – Superior Spider-Man put in his place by Luke’s lawyer She-Hulk.
#7 – Jennifer argues with a villain’s lawyer to try to prevent their possessed teammate from seeking revenge.
#8 – She-Hulk smashes some aerial kill-bots at the lair of Dr. Positron.
#9 – Teammate Spectrum turns into gamma radiation to boost She-Hulk to the point where they can escape a force field prison.
#13-14 – The team helps Blade out of a jam with a cult of Deathwalkers that turn themselves into a giant monster. The team combines their spirits into the Avenger Prime to smite the foe.


She-Hulk (3rd series) (2014-2015)

#1 – Starts a practice after quitting law firm using money earned from a client’s case against Tony Stark.
#2 – Hires a paralegal named Angie Huang and her monkey. Goes drinking with her friend Hellcat and they take down an AIM facility.
#3 – Kristoff von Doom wants She-Hulk’s help requesting political asylum. A bunch of Doom-bots attack. She-Hulk gains him the asylum but Dr. Doom shows up and takes Kristoff.
#4 – Travels to Latveria and battles a gigantic Doom-Bot. Her and Kristoff get Doom to see that Kristoff needs space.
#5 – Cracks open the mysterious Blue File. She-Hulk, Patsy and Angie investigate and are attacked by various people in a mind-controlled state. Angie shot in the head.
#6 – Patsy hospitalized and Angie somehow revived by her monkey. A bunch of demons attack Jen’s office while Nightwatch is visiting.
#7 – She-Hulk and Hellcat team up with Hank Pym to shrink down and save a missing shrunken scientist.
#8 – Captain America needs help defending himself for wrongful death back in 1940.
#9 – The prosecutor in Captain America’s case is Matt Murdock, leading to a courtroom showdown of the two superhero lawyers. It turns out that Cap asked Matt to do his best to prove his guilt.
#10 – She-Hulk’s team manage to find enough evidence to clear Cap and win against Matt. The three heroes team-up to take down the mastermind of the slander, Dr. Faustus.
#11 – Titania found in She-Hulk’s office with the unresolved Blue File. However, she just wants to fight. Angie’s monkey helps save the day and Angie reveals that Nightwatch is behind the Blue File.
#12 – Nightwatch reveals he used to be a villain that used a sacrificial spell to rewrite everyone’s memories that he was always a hero. She-Hulk gets mind-controlled but is snapped out of it by Angie. The team takes down Nightwatch.


Captain America and the Mighty Avengers (2015)

#2 – She-Hulk makes her debut on Sam Wilson’s new Avengers team to help take down the Fast Five. She-Hulk lawyers an inverted Luke Cage into leaving the team.
#3 – An inverted group of Avengers from the Axis event attacks the team. Wasp fights She-Hulk.
#5-7 – The Beyond Corporation targets the team. She-Hulk takes on demonically possessed corporate super-heroes.
#8-9 – The team does what they can to help as Time Runs Out. The entire multiverse ends.


A-Force (2nd series) (2016)

#1 – Jennifer confronted by Singularity, a young girl who remembers She-Hulk from a different reality. She-Hulk defends the girl from a large energy being trying to capture her.
#2 – Medusa of the Inhumans wants to hand the girl over but She-Hulk disagrees. Singularity continues to gather the rest of “A-Force” including Nico Minoru, Dazzler, and Captain Marvel.
#3-4 – A-Force works together to defeat the energy being Antimatter, with She-Hulk eventually taking over as leader of the team.
#5 – The team defeats a dragon with the help of an alternate reality Dazzler with the powers of Thor.
#6 – The Countess possesses Nico and captures the team. She-Hulk tries to break through to Nico. The Countess forces Nico to cause She-Hulk to go savage and attack her teammates.
#7 – Nico breaks free but the Countess turns into the dragon they defeated earlier. The team takes down the Countess but at the sacrifice of Dazzler Thor.
#8-10 – Civil War II tie-in. She-Hulk nearly killed by Thanos and put on life support. The team is conflicted on joining up with Captain Marvel’s side of the conflict that uses an Inhuman to predict future crimes. The team resolves its differences but She-Hulk not recovered by the end.


Hulk (4th series)/She-Hulk (2017-2018)

#1 – An emotionally disturbed Jennifer tries to find stability in joining a new law firm. Another traumatized meta-human named Maise needs help against her landlord.
#2 – An incident in the park causes Jen to nearly lose control. Maise’s landlord is mysteriously killed by an unknown monster.
#3 – Patsy checks in on her best friend. Jen pieces together Maise’s background and two cops investigating the landlord’s death meet a similar fate.
#4 – Maise does not accept that Jen cannot help her keep her apartment due to the building being sold.
#5 – A flashback to Jen awakening from her coma and not handling the death of Bruce well. Jennifer attacked by Maise’s monster.
#6 – Rather than be consumed by the monster Jen transforms into a savage gray hulk. Hulk refuses to let Maise commit suicide.
#7 – Jen attends a support group. Hulk works off frustrations in a construction yard and watches her calming cooking video later to see the host turn into a monster thanks to planted drugs.
#8 – Investigations into the cooking show point towards the cameraman and drugs. The host, Oliver, finds him in his mutated form and then goes to the source of the drugs for a cure.
#9 – Hulk finds Oliver’s boyfriend who leads them to the cameraman. Oliver tries to take a cure but it just makes his condition worse.
#10 – Oliver and Hulk fight on a bridge. Patsy stops her from killing him.
#11 – Jen goes back to breaking the fourth wall for Date Night. Her date and everyone in the restaurant turns into a monster that tries to kill her. Patsy shows up to help.

#159 – Legacy title and numbering change back to She-Hulk. Jen interviewed by a journalist mega-fan named Robyn that kidnaps her and turns out to be working for the Leader.
#160 – Robyn explains her obsession in figuring out why She-Hulk has changed. She ends up giving herself a transfusion of Jen’s blood to become a Hulk herself.
#161 – Hulk defeats Robyn and the Leader while doing some mental soul searching.
#162 – Jen goes for some serious psychotherapy with her trauma counselor. She has a major emotional breakthrough and turns back into the green She-Hulk.
#163 – She-Hulk quits her law firm and protects a mutant at her prom from bio-terrorists.


Avengers (7th series) (2017-2022)

#1 – Jennifer is still dealing with her emotional trauma but happens to be on site when a dead Celestial falls from the sky.
#2 – Murder bugs are dealt with by a massive savage She-Hulk. She attacks Ghost Rider in her rage.
#3 – The Ghost Rider fight is interrupted by a voice in She-Hulk’s head telling her to go underground.
#4 – She-Hulk teams up with Thor in Asgard and the two share a kiss “for warmth.”
#5-6 – After eating an ancient weapon, She-Hulk and the other Avengers get a power boost to defeat the Celestial threat.
#8 – Dr. Strange examines Jennifer and finds that the Celestial energies have super-boosted her gamma retention and power levels causing her increased strength but lower mental faculties.
#9-10 – The team fights Namor followed by the Winter Guard. Jennifer completes a press conference.
#11 – A date in the Savage Land with the god of thunder. However, it becomes clear his chemistry lies with Jen’s Hulk ego.
#14-17 – The Avengers welcome Blade into the fold and help him take down the Dracula led Legion of the Unliving.
#20 – War of the Realms crossover. She-Hulk uses her massive strength to help all over the world. In a moment of downtime, Jennifer confronts her inner thoughts of how drastically her Hulk form has changed. Nobody is laughing at this version of Hulk and she loves it.
#21 – She-Hulk returns to Avengers HQ covered in Frost Giant blood and she badly flirts with Blade.
#22-25 – Ghost Rider abducted into Hell. The team attacked by Cosmic Ghost Rider. She-Hulk gamma charges their ride during the ultimate race between all Ghost Riders.
#27-30 – A new costume regulates her explosive gamma powers. The team rocket off into space to find the new Starbrand, a baby that Jen helps deliver.
#35-37 – After Moon Knight steals the source of power from various Avengers and their allies, She-Hulk arrives as part of the cavalry to rescue their friends. Moon Knight obtains the power of the Phoenix, but the Avengers rally to take him down. At one point, She-Hulk takes the power of Iron Fist.
#40-44 – The Phoenix Force abducts a couple dozen heroes and villains, including Jennifer, to pit them in battle with one another to judge the worthiest to hold its power. She-Hulk defeats Jane Foster and her grudge match with Namor is interrupted.
#45 – King in Black crossover in which Blade becomes the sheriff of the Vampire Nation.
#46 – Start of World War She-Hulk. She-Hulk kidnapped by Winter Guard and tortured in the Red Room.
#47 – The physical and psychological torture continues until She-Hulk turns red in hue and under the control of Russia.
#48 – The rechristened Winter Hulk retrieves the Avengers traitor Gorilla-Man. At sea, Atlanteans attack the pair but they are no match for Hulk.
#49 – Winter Hulk attacks Namor, seemingly with the intent of blowing up all of Atlantis. However, she reveals that she was never controlled and was a double agent. She takes down the woman who tortured her.
#50 – She-Hulk absorbs a nuclear blast but then overloads and unleashes the gamma energy in a safe location. The result rids her of her savage identity and powers, returning her to her Sensational look and personality. She then uses her lawyer skills to get all charges against her dismissed. She leaves the Avengers but asks Namor to take her spot as thanks for saving his kingdom.


She-Hulk (4th series) (2022-Ongoing)

#1 – Fights Titania and humbles herself by joining Mallory Book’s law firm. Jack of Hearts shows up.
#2 – Has a long conversation with Jack of Hearts about his backstory.
#3 – Starts trying to recruit superhero clients and starts bonding with Jack of Hearts.
#4 – Titania and She-Hulk start a friendly fight club. Many superheroes want to hire Jen as their lawyer. Jack of Hearts and Jen get to know each other and a romance begins to blossom?
#5 – A strong mentally impaired man attacks Jack and She-Hulk but is stopped by his caretaker. Chemistry continues to bubble between Jack and Jen.
#6 – She-Hulk becomes the lawyer for all of Krakoa. Her and Jack finally hook up.