Extraordinary X-Men #16

Issue Date: 
January 2017
Story Title: 

Jeff Lemire (writer), Victor Ibanez (artist), Jay David Ramos (color artist), VC’s Joe Caramagna (letterer), Humberto Ramos & Edgar Delgado (cover artists), Chris Robinson (assistant editor), Daniel Ketchum (editor), Mark Paniccia (X-Men group editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (Exec. Publisher)
X-Men created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

Brief Description: 

The World Eater, in the form of Sapna, attacks X-Haven. The X-Men try to fight back. Future Apocalypse offers to return Colossus to them, if they release him. Realizing that Forge cannot help Colossus, Nightcrawler agrees. However, after Apocalypse has changed Colossus back, Nightcrawler tricks him by teleporting him outside in the air, where Apocalypse falls into the World Eater’s maw. A dimension away, with the help of the other-dimensional magic users and Storm, Magik manages to break through to Limbo. She tries to reach Sapna but the World Eater just taunts her. Seeing there is no other choice, Magik uses her Soulsword on Sapna, killing both the girl and the monster. Later, Storm announces that X-Haven is a failed experiment and they need to return to Earth. Magik grieves but suddenly hears Sapna’s voice coming from inside her Soulsword.

Full Summary: 

X-Haven, Limbo:
Sapna, under the control of the World Eater, attacks X-Haven. Cerebra tries to evacuate the students. Meanwhile, Old Man Logan grimly tells Iceman there is no help coming and decides to attack Sapna who floats within black energy. Sapna calls him a silly animal and easily takes him down with a blast of black energy. Logan lands at Iceman’s feet.

Inside Forge’s workshop, Nightcrawler announces he needs to go. The imprisoned Apocalypse leers at him to leave Forge in the bowels of this crypt like the X-Men always do. Forge shouts at him to shut up or he will stitch his mouth shut! The also imprisoned Colossus then threatens he will break Forge.

That moment, Glob Herman comes running in carrying a weak Jean Grey. Jean moans they can’t stop it. Its mind is endless, massive and cold. And it has Sapna. She’s going to kill them all!

Elsewhere, the four other-dimensional magic users cast their spell on Magik, helping her to break through to Limbo. She can almost find it but hasn’t the strength. Storm orders them to give her the power to let her be Magik’s lightning rod.

In X-Haven, Nightcrawler tries to calm down Jean Grey, who shouts there is no hope. Only darkness!

Outside, Cerbra fires at Sapna, who is surrounded by the World Eater to no avail. She easily returns the energy.

In Forge’s workshop, Apocalypse tells them this is the end. Set him free and he will give them Colossus back.

Outside, Sapna looks around suddenly hearing thunder. A lightning bolt hits her, a portal opens and Storm and Magik arrive together with the magicians. Get the hell away from her school! Storm orders.

Anne Tenna supports the weakened Storm. Magik tells the other magicians to protect the school. And leave her alone to face this? Enoch asks. Magik exerts her will and the Soulsword leaves Sapna and comes flying to her hand. This is her domain, Magik announces. She is the only one who can stop her.

Unimpressed, the World Eater warns her that thousands of sorcerers and heroes have tried. They are dead like their worlds. Magik replies that she hasn’t come for it but for Sapna. As she attacks the World Eater, she tells the girl not to be afraid.

Sapna pleads with her she doesn’t want to do this. Magik tells her to take her hand and come back to her. Sapna grabs her wrist and calls her a sentimental fool. As she blasts Illyana, the World Eater speaks, claiming Sapna hates her. It informs Magik that it had its eyes on this world for a long time. Originally, it had chosen Magik to be its host. To control her means to control Limbo. But then she took in that girl and she was so weak, so vulnerable. It blasts her again, as it leers that later Magik introduced Sapna to magic. It was so easy to seduce her, to devour her soul…

In Forge’s workshop, Apocalypse repeats his ultimatum. He will never change Colossus back… unless they set him free.

Nightcrawler asks Forge if he can change back Piotr. Forge blusters that he isn’t seriously considering… Kurt repeats his question. Can he do it or not? Forge admits he can’t, but they can’t make a deal with Apocalypse! Kurt replies that Piotr is his best friend. He cannot leave him like that. And it wouldn’t be the first time he sold his soul…

Outside, the World Eater is still attacking X-Haven and Illyana tries to get through to Sapna. The World Eater shouts that her words mean nothing! Storms screams at Magik that it is destroying the school!

In the workshop:
Nightcrawler tells Apocalypse he has won.

Outside, Magik begs Sapna to not make her do this, while the alien wizards fear this world is going to be destroyed as well.

Forge’s Workshop:
Nightcrawler orders Forge to trust him and do it. Colossus has no wish to be changed back. Apocalypse tells him he has been loyal. Now it is time to rest. He uses his power on Colossus, who screams and changes back.

Apocalypse demands to be released. Nightcrawler teleports into his cage, grabs him and teleports outside, where he tosses him into the dimensional vortex around the World Eater.

Magik tells Sapna she is sorry, then strikes her with the Soulsword. Sapna addresses Illyana, then sinks down dead in Illyana’s arms. The World Eater is gone, Illyana cries and Storm, Logan and Iceman look on silently.

In the workshop, a restored Colossus happily greets Nightcrawler, watched by a relieved, Forge, Glob Herman and Jean.

Three days later, Storm comes to the decision that X-Haven is a failure, they almost lost the school… they cannot stay here. Jean asks about the Terrigen Mists. Storm replies they have hidden too long. It is time they reclaimed their place in the world.

Nightcrawler feels guilty admitting it but he is happier than he has been in a long time. He missed Piotr. Colossus missed him too, but right now he is worried about his sister, who sits alone staring at her Soulsword. Suddenly, a voice from inside the sword addresses Illyana. It’s Sapna...

Story Notes: 

Cerebra, Forge, Iceman, Magik, Marvel Girl (from the past), Nightcrawler, Old Man Logan, Storm (X-Men)
Anole, Bling!, Ernst, Glob Herman, No-Girl (X-Men in training)
Sapna (possessed by the World-Eater)


Anne Tenna, Enoch, Jack Craw, Spectra

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