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16th Apr 2018
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Real name

Simon Williams

Former aliases

Mr. Muscles, Hal Canutt


6' 2"


380 lbs


Gray (formerly black)


Glowing red (formerly gray)

Known Relatives

Martha (mother), Sanford (father, deceased),
Eric / Grim Reaper (brother, deceased),
Vision (adopted brother), Wanda (Scarlet Witch,
ex-sister-in-law), William / Billy Kaplan
(Wiccan, nephew), Thomas / Tommy Shepard
(Speed, nephew)


Actor, adventurer, former industrialist, engineer

Group Affiliation

Avengers, Avengers West Coast, Avengers
Unity Division, Force Works,
Operation: Lightning Storm, Legion of the Unliving,
Lethal Legion, Revengers, Masters of Evil (ally),
Screen Actors Guild of America


• Ionic bombardment treatment using ion-enriched
Pym Particles transformed his cells into individual
furnaces of self-perpetuating energy, giving him
superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, longevity,
limitless endurance, invulnerability, and the power
of flight
• Energy form can be manipulated to discharge
light, heat, and force, increase in overall size and
strength, change into other shapes, convert
into formless energy to explode outwards or
travel intangibly at light speed, and
convey ionic power to others caught in energy
flare ups; however, keeping his energy form destabilized can also signify mental destabilization as well, so these abilities are used sparingly
• Formerly relied upon outside aids for flight, including traditional belt jets, rocket pack, or specialty belt jets that fed on his own ionic energy for fuel
• Formerly trapped between the realm of the living and the dead, manifesting in the physical world only upon the conscious or subconscious needs of the Scarlet Witch