Publication Date: 7th Dec 2023
Written By: Monolith.
Image Work: Douglas Mangum.
Alternate Versions


Many aspects of the Stranger have been observed elsewhere in the multiverse, standing with the top echelon of the cosmic hierarchy. On Earth-691, the Living Tribunal assembled the Stranger among a jury of peers to convict the Hawk-God of destroying the Watchers. On Earth-982, the cosmic powers intended to destroy Earth rather than let Galactus empower himself by devouring it. In the Infinity Relativity and the Infinity Finale, the Stranger and many abstract entities appeared in a reality which was rebooted through complex interactions between Adam Warlock and Thanos with the One-Above-All. In the Infinity Conflict, Thanos absorbed the abstract entities of his timeline, becoming a gestalt being containing aspects of the Stranger, Death, Chaos and Order, Love and Hate, etc.

In What If? (1st series) #32, the Avengers failed to stop Korvac’s plans for cosmic unity, leaving the higher powers of the universe to oppose him. Galactus and the Elders were among those who fell to Korvac’s might. The Stranger and the In-Betweener concocted a plan to kidnap Korvac’s wife Carina as a negotiating tactic. As a diversion, the Stranger ripped Earth’s moon out of orbit and threw it at Korvac. The two mighty titans held the moon between them until their power utterly destroyed the satellite. A weakened Stranger was easily finished off by Korvac after this exertion.

In Fantastic Four: The End, the human race was quarantined within their own solar system for a thousand years, giving them the opportunity to grow and shape their own fate without constant outside aggressions and interferences from the galactic powers. The Stranger attended the Parliament for Galactic Unity and their discussions on the “human situation” over whether humanity was finally ready to enter the civilized universe as a full partner.