Publication Date: 18th Aug 2022
Written By: Monolith.
Image Work: Douglas Mangum.
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The Earth-A incarnation of Jennifer Walters came from a world with virtually no “Marvels” or superhumans. Through a form of inter-dimensional tourism, she came to “Earth-B,” or Earth-616, and was molecularly realigned to match her super-powered counterpart. Jen-A secretly ran around as a second She-Hulk for months, having fun fighting crime, trying super-criminal cases, and even sleeping with the Juggernaut. Her antics were eventually pinned down by the local Jennifer Walters after Albert DeVoor’s scheme was discovered. She returned home to her version of "Pug" Pugliese and renewed their relationship.

In Heroes Reborn, Jennifer Walters was the attorney who helped Tony Stark beat a class action lawsuit over insider trading and corporate espionage. After her cousin Bruce was transformed into the Hulk, he sought her out in secret. Bruce had been exposed to even more radiation helping to stabilize the reactor on Avengers Island and feared he was dying. They located their friend Leonard Samson, who had been tortured and interrogated by Jasper Sitwell who injected him with a gamma virus, turning Samson into some kind of Abomination. They conceived a blood transfusion treatment to circulate gamma radiation between the three of them which drained off Bruce’s excess radiation, stabilized Leonard as a more handsome Doc Samson and turned Jennifer into She-Hulk. This trio became known as the Hulkbusters, instinctively drawn closer to their 616 versions as the walls of reality defining the Heroes Reborn world began breaking down.

In Earth X, Jennifer Walters fell victim to the latest incarnation of Hydra. A hive-minded sentient parasite, the Hydra octopi affixed themselves to victims like She-Hulk, Falcon and Rick Jones to make them part of a collective consciousness. Confronted by Captain America and his new partner, Wyatt “Redwing” Wingfoot, She-Hulk tried to convince the heroes that their unity was peaceful and freeing. An old and lost Cap nearly succumbed to their lure before finding a reason to live opposing the new Red Skull. The Skull seemingly killed Jennifer and Sam in his march onNew York. Years later, while shepherding the child Mar-Vell, Cap encountered the Hydra again. At first it appeared as if his friends survived the Skull’s attack, but Mar-Vell had been in the Realm of the Dead and he revealed the Hydra’s victims died upon being added to the hive. Only their bodies remained animated under the Hydra’s control. Disgusted, Cap destroyed the Hydra, freeing his friends to rest peacefully.

Jen Walters was a mob lawyer who also moonlighted as the Hulk. Her moral ambiguity led her to be recruited by the Timebreakers to join Weapon X, their crew of dimensional exiles who fixed timelines when more violent or aggressive solutions were necessary. Like her teammates, Hulk was told she had become unstuck in time as a natural phenomena of the multiverse, rather than serving a particular master. She was lost to her team and believed dead after being sucked into the Negative Zone, replaced by Colossus. However, her body was retrieved and preserved in stasis at the Crystal Palace along with the other fallen Exiles and Weapon X members. She was freed by her former teammate Deadpool who wanted to attack the Exiles and take over the Crystal Palace. Instead, Hulk smashed Deadpool and agreed to let the Exiles send her back to her home universe, which was what both sides wanted anyway.

In the Ultimate universe, Dr. Jennifer Walters was part of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s super-soldier program. She was interested in “futzing” with samples of the Hulk and his serum, thinking she could fix the drawbacks of the gamma mutation and created a more useful Hulk. She was successful but made the mistake of sharing her results with Betty Ross. Betty set her up, claiming Dr. Walters was selling super-soldier secrets to China and sent Nick Fury after her. Meanwhile, Betty stole the stabilized Hulk serum and used it on herself, becoming Ultimate She-Hulk and reuniting with the fugitive Bruce Banner for a time. (While some flashbacks did show a young Bruce Banner playing with his cousin Jenny, “Dr. Jennifer Walters” oddly was not explicitly identified as Bruce’s cousin, leaving their relationship a little vague.)

In Future Imperfect, Jennifer Walters was "Shulk", one of the dystopian survivors who resistedthe early rule of the Maestro. Mutated further by the radiation afflicting the planet, Shulk and Abomination nearly overcame the Maestro, but failed. Apparently unwilling to kill family, the Maestro kept Shulk sedated for seven years until after his defeat by the time-traveling Hulk. The Abomination returned and attacked the humans ruling the New City, freeing Shulk as he did so. Emil wanted Jennifer as his queen, but he disgusted her. Several humans fled into the past with Doctor Doom's time machine, including the former concubine Betty-6 who was rumored to carry the Maestro's child. Shulk pursued them into the past, fixated on preventing the Maestro's genes from being passed on. She encountered the travellers in the homeless camp protected by the modern-era Abomination. Shulk fought the younger Emil and was prepared to murder Betty-6 and her son on the birthing bed, but the small telepathic mutate Kaspin shut down Shulk's mind rather than let her go through with it.

Iterations of She-Hulk held positions of authority in several domains of Battleworld. In the Warzone, America remained divided over the Superhuman Registration Act. The country was literally split in half by a chasm called the Divide, with the followers of Tony Stark populating "the Iron" and the followers of Captain America in "the Blue". She-Hulk was the lover and close confidante to Iron Man, and the Iron had the official recognition of God Doom. Six years after the war, the Iron and the Blue learned Veranke of the Skrulls had been keeping them in conflict, and Rogers and Stark died bringing an end to the Skrulls. Jennifer Walters became the new Baroness of the Warzone, and the two halves of the country slowly began to reconcile. In Arcadia, another Baroness Jennifer Walters was a lawgiver chosen to lead her domain by God Doom. She was commander of A-Force operating from the Hall of Justice. Her island nation bordered the Shield, making A-Force the first line of defense against intrusion from the Deadlands. In Yinsen City, Ho Yinsen became Baron of his domain, but Jennifer Walkers served as Thor, appointed by God Doom to wield the Gavel of Thor.

In the year 2020, Baron Strucker V merged with the body of Death's Head, combining bio-mechanics and necromancy to become Charnel. He traveled back in time to 1992 and lay waste to the world. In the new 2020, She-Hulk was one of the surviving Avengers fighting under Captain America in an effort to defeat Charnel. She had formed a relationship with the former super-villain the Rhino, and had been together for twenty years. The Avengers 2020 traveled back to 1992 to intercept Charnel before he reached the height of his power, and were joined by Death's Head II and his associates, Doctor Evelyn Necker and Tuck. She-Hulk attacked Charnel head on, but was one of the first to die at his hands. The villain was defeated, however, negating that apocalyptic future timeline.

The future legacy of She-Hulk has come up in several timelines. In the Last Avengers Story, Jen’s daughter with Wyatt, Jessie Wingfoot, was a She-Hulk like her mother. She worked with the NYPD and the Avengers. In the future of Ultravision, Vision succeeded in taking over the world’s computer network, unifying Earth under his control. By the 22nd century, Jhen the Gammazon served with the Cosmic Avengers as the sole active clone of the original She-Hulk.