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30th Apr 2018
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Real name

Nathaniel Richards, II


Scarlet Centurion,
Immortus, Iron Lad,
Whisperer, Victor Timely,
Fred, Qeng, Mr. Gryphon


6' 3"


230 lbs





First appearance

Fantastic Four (1st series) #19
(as Rama-Tut),
Avengers (1st series) #8 (as Kang),
Avengers (1st series) #10
(as Immortus),
Avengers Annual (1st series) #2
(as Scarlet Centurion),
Young Avengers (1st series) #1
(as Iron Lad)


Nathaniel Richards (alleged ancestor),
Ravonna Lexus Renslayer (bride),
Marcus (son, various incarnations, deceased),
Uriel (adopted son), Eimin (adopted daughter), Ahura (ward)


Conqueror, warlord, historian, pharaoh, mayor, industrialist

Group Affiliation

Legion of the Unliving I, Council of Kangs, Council of Cross-Time Kangs, Anachronauts, Chronos Corps (Kang), Legion of the Unliving III, Infinity Watch (Immortus), Young Avengers (Iron Lad)


• Chronomancer able to move through space-time at will, step outside of time and observe its passage from Limbo, steal time to accelerate people and objects to the point of death or decay, freeze time to immobilize specific targets, step between moments to become intangible and/or undetectable, and inadvertently fission into past or future doppelgangers of himself
• Bio-helmet and temporal armor rely upon neuro-kinetic circuitry to interface with his mind, giving him mechanical access to time travel, exoskeletal strength, force-displacement field, concussive plasma bolts, defensive electrical or radiation systems, and an arsenal that can be summoned to his hands from his armory elsewhere in space-time
• Formerly carried an ultra-diode ray that could immobilize his opponents or sap their willpower and make them his slaves
• Formerly employed neuro-kinetic armor patterned after Iron Man's designs, providing him with exoskeletal strength, force field reinforced armor, boot rockets, repulsor rays, ion bolts, magnetic attraction fields, holographic displays, cyber-interfaces to access, upload, and manipulate computer information, time travel circuitry, etc.
• Alternately utilizes exotic and unprecedented advanced technology allowing him to physically or remotely access the timestream, observe any moment in history, freeze or accelerate time relative to himself or others, summon Space Phantoms as shape-changing agents or other figures out of the timestream, hypnotically imprinted to serve under his command