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22nd Jun 2018
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Real name

Eric Williams


6' 4"


225 lbs





First appearance

Avengers (1st series) #52

Known relatives

Sanford (father, deceased),
Martha (mother),
(Wonder Man, brother)

Group affiliation

Lethal Legion, Maggia,
Steelskulls, Legion of
the Unliving, Hydra,
Sinister Six (possibly),
Four Horsemen of Death


• Employs a motorized scythe able to
project concussive plasma bolts,
electrical charges, a coma-ray that
reduces life signs to near-zero and
can reverse the effect, charge its blade with explosive kinetic power, and spin like a fan at high rpm to buzz through metal or slow his descent from a great height, occasionally fused to his arm in place of a hand
• Reanimated through the power of the Scarlet Witch, apparently making him unkillable except through her power or the power of Wonder Man, who was also reanimated by her
• Exposure to Celestial Deathseed increased his invulnerability and bonded him further to his scythe
• Previously reanimated as a basic zombie using voodoo magic, with his living soul animating a dead shell with no sense of pain or touch
• Previously reanimated as an independent zombie, separate from the houngan who reanimated him, able to absorb life energy from other beings through physical contact, necessary once every 24 hours in order to maintain his un-life, and can further increase his vitality if drained more often
• Previously dealt with supernatural forces to gain power of his own, including teleportation, matter transmutation, remote viewing, reanimation, the casting of mystical force fields and force blasts, and absorbing negative empathic energy to further enhance his power