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13th Mar 2019
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Real name



Walter Lawson,
C. Marvel


6' 2"


240 lbs.


Blonde (formerly White)



First appearance

Marvel Super-Heroes
(1st series) #12

Known relatives

Genis (son, deceased),
Phyla (daughter, deceased),
Teddy Altman / Dorrek VIII


Protector of the Universe,
Adventurer, former soldier

Group affiliation

Avengers, Kree Colonial


• Kree physiology rendered him
50% tougher than an average
human, giving him comparably increased strength, speed, endurance, reflexes, and resilience
• Kree military uniform consisted of vibration-absorbing fabric to increase his resilience, air-jet rockets on his belt for limited flight, helmet allowing him to survive indefinitely in Earth atmosphere, and Universal Weapon hand pistol converted into a Uni-Beam wrist lens, able to project blinding light, "black light" fields of darkness, coherent force energy, or localized magnetic anomalies
• Exposure to Zo radiation gave him superhuman strength and durability, the ability to project audio-visual sensory illusions, and transport himself through hyperspace unaided to teleport instantaneously, even between galaxies
• Bonded to the Nega Bands which allow him to harness his own psionic energy, converting it for superhuman strength, speed, endurance, reflexes, durability, harnessed anti-gravitons for flight, and the ability to survive unaided in the vacuum of space;
• Frequently linked to Rick Jones via the Bands so that they could exchange places between Earth space and the Negative Zone when one of them struck the Bands together, able to mentally communicate with each other through the Bands, and occasionally allowed Mar-Vell to augment his abilities further by tapping Rick's psionic energy as well
• Solar experiments changed him to process photonic energy, absorbing sunlight and other ambient light to double the physical power he receives from the Nega Bands, boost his flight speed, project blinding flashes of light and photonic blasts, absorb energy and convert it to boost his healing or the recuperation of others, lift and transport matter in his stellar wake, etc.
• Cosmic awareness granted to him by Eon, enabling Mar-Vell to draw upon the totality of all knowledge in existence, giving him the insight to locate specific people and objects, anticipate and counter attacks, focus on the weak points of an opponent, sense distant events, etc.