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18th Nov 2021
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Real name

Dane Whitman


Pendragon, Eobar Garrington


6’ 0"


190 lbs.




(Red as Gann Josin)

First appearance

Avengers (1st series) #47

Known relatives

Jackie Chopra /
Black Knight (daughter),
Ashima Chopra
(fiancé, deceased),
Nathan Garrett (uncle, deceased),
Sir Percy of Scandia, Rosamund,
Dandel, Evaine, Raston, William,
Henry, Eobar Garrington
(ancestors, deceased),
Arthur, Mordred, Morgan le Fay
(distant cousins of ancestors),
Sersi (former soulmate)


Adventurer, research physicist,
former knight of the Crusades

Group affiliation

Avengers, UltraForce, Heroes for Hire, Excalibur associate, Masters of Evil, Euroforce


• Hereditary bloodline link to the Ebony Blade, forged from the Starstone and enchanted by Merlin, able to slice through anything, disrupt spells and enchantments, deflect energy attacks or absorb and rechannel them through the blade, channel raw power for increased strength and stamina, bolts of force and to summon or enhance his armor, can summon the blade to his hand or teleport into its presence across time and space and will recover from death so long as the blade is in his grasp, all abilities’ potency relative to him embracing the darkness in his own soul
• Formerly wielded the Sunsword, an electromagnetic energy blade able to cleave through atoms, conduct a neuro-electrical disruptor charge, produce a repulsive force, or sheath his hand in an energy field
• Formerly empowered as Pendragon of the modern age, with mystical senses to detect magic, lies and see through glamours, wielded amulet to summon lightweight impermeable armor, the Shield of Night to absorb energy and rechannel it through Sword of Light
• Travels through a variety of steeds including Aragorn (genetically-engineered winged horse), Valinor and Strider (mythical winged horses from Avalon), other cloned winged horses, or a flying atomic steed from the Knights of Wundagore
• Previously wielded other blades like the legendary sword Excalibur, which could guide his hand but also prevent him from using it for unworthy purposes, and a cursed facsimile of the Ebony Blade forged around a vampire’s fang, enchanted to feed his bloodlust and trick him into believing it was the real sword