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20th Apr 2023
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Real name

Aphrodite Ourania


Venus, Victoria Nutley "Vicki" Starr,
Aphrodite Pandemos, Supreme One


5' 6"


380 lbs.


Variable, normally blond
sometimes red or silver


Variable normally blue

First appearance

Venus #1

Known relatives

Aeneas (son),
Eros/Cupid (son),
Zeus (alleged father),
Hephestus (husband),

Possibly large extended
family through Zeus
if he is indeed her father.


Goddess of Love and Beauty,
formerly editor,
professor, adventurer

Group affiliation

Olympian Gods


• Olympian Goddess imbued with superhuman
strength, speed, agility, endurance, reflexes,
resistance to physical injury, regenerative
capabilities, and immortality, a supernatural beauty which encourages attention and adoration, empowered by the faith of her worshippers -- able to sense them and their prayers remotely -- and can wield magic to alter her appearance in order to change her attire, personal aesthetics, or total form such as becoming a dolphin or other animal, capable of levitation, hiding from mortal perceptions, dimensional travel (particularly between Earth and Olympus), able to amplify the effects of her beauty, causing mindless bliss, blindness, sleep, or absolute love and dedication to her whims, and can manipulate the expression of love between others, inspiring love, removing it, or inducing a cursed state of total lovelessness
• Cestus girdle enchanted with a portion of her power, increasing her ability to inspire love and peace in other beings, making mortals incapable of lying to her, or magically transform weapons or tools of war into instruments of peace