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Members: Mister Immortal, Flatman, Big Bertha, Doorman, Dinah Soar, Leather Boy, Hawkeye, Mockingbird, Grasshopper, Squirrel Girl, Monkey Joe, Tippy Toe, Deadpool, Gravity, Good Boy

Other Aliases: Lightning Rods, Great Lakes X-Men, Great Lakes Champions, Great Lakes Initiative

First Appearance: West Coast Avengers (2nd series) #46


  • Craig Hollis was a new form of mutant known as Homo sapiens supreme, a uniquely immortal being. His birth was heralded by Deathurge, angel of death and agent of Oblivion, who took his mother to the afterlife on the day he was born. Deathurge honored a promise to Craig's mother and watched over him as an "imaginary friend" during his childhood. [G.L.A. #1]
  • Matt was a community college dropout working at a Starbucks with no clue what to do with his mutant powers. His boyfriend Andrew got him jobs as a Reed Richards impersonator, which inspired him to consider becoming a super-hero himself. Andrew didn't support this dream, so Matt reinvented himself as "Doctor Val Ventura, a.k.a. Flatman." [Great Lakes Avengers #3]
  • DeMarr Davis excelled in higher education, attending four years of college and three years of grad school for an unknown vocation. As a mutant with the ability to become a "living door," however, he felt a calling to help people as Doorman, to the embarrassment of his father. [GLX-Mas Special #1]
  • Ashley Crawford used her mutant ability to manipulate her own fatty tissues to become the highest paid supermodel in Wisconsin.
  • Dinah Soar originated from an unknown race of avian-like humanoids that lived in secret on Earth.


Craig Hollis, as Mr. Immortal, took out a personal ad to recruit a team of super-heroes in Milwaukee. From the responses, he assembled a team known as the Great Lakes Avengers. Only Leather Boy (who misunderstood the intentions of the ad) did not join the roster. [G.L.A. #1]

The Great Lakes Avengers entered the public spotlight when they stopped a bank robbery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Announcing their team name to the media drew the attention of Avengers Hawkeye and Mockingbird. The West Coast duo traveled to Milwaukee and drew out the GLA. The Great Lakes Avengers initially didn't believe Hawkeye and Mockingbird were the real Avengers, and a fight broke out. Afterwards, Hawkeye was inspired by the GLA's dedication and decided to begin training them, in the hopes of proving the team worthy of official Avengers franchise recognition. [West Coast Avengers (2nd series) #46]

At a New York meeting for all Avengers, past and present, Captain America used his position as chairperson to re-organize the East and West Coast teams as a singular group, answerable to calls anywhere in the world. Hawkeye attempted to hold back his support of the initiative in order to get concessions for the Great Lakes Avengers, but Mockingbird chided him for playing politics. Hawkeye and Mockingbird accepted Cap's new plan without securing full membership for the GLA. [Avengers (1st series) #305]

While the GLA were training under Hawkeye's direction, Mockingbird picked up an Avengers' Quinjet emergency beacon suddenly shutting off. Hawkeye led the Great Lakes Avengers to investigate at Saunders College in Texas. They teamed up with Captain America, having discovered She-Hulk and the Scarlet Witch brainwashed under the influence of That Which Endures. Big Bertha and the team worked to hold off She-Hulk, while Mr. Immortal infiltrated the college. He located the radiation-filled chamber that maintained That Which Endures' psychic link between hosts, and sacrificed himself to destroy the chamber. [Avengers West Coast #48-49] He got better.

As Hawkeye trained the Great Lakes Avengers, Mr. Immortal inadvertently collided with Doorman when DeMarr wasn't standing next to anything. As a result, he fell into Doorman and didn't emerge out the other side. Dinah Soar flew into DeMarr and managed to retrieve a shocked Mr. I. Hawkeye told Doorman to expect a battery of tests on his abilities after that. [Avengers (1st series) #309]


  • Hawkeye ultimately lost interest in the Great Lakes Avengers. He responded to a crisis situation with the West Coast team and chose to remain in Los Angeles with them indefinitely after that. A few weeks later, he was officially voted back in as part of the set roster, leaving Mockingbird with the GLA. [Avengers West Coast #60, 69]


While pursuing the massive alien conqueror Terminus from California to St. Louis, Missouri, Hawkeye called ahead to Mockingbird and the Great Lakes Avengers to intercept and delay the giant in the Midwest. They confronted Terminus over the Gateway Arch and launched Bertha's private jet into the conqueror. Despite their efforts at distracting him, however, the Great Lakes Avengers only managed to momentarily delay Terminus before the two coastal teams caught up with him. [Avengers Annual #19]

Through their limited access to the Avengers' personal communications channel, the Great Lakes Avengers were duped by a false Captain America into believing his shield had been stolen. The GLA unwittingly ended up fighting for the shield with the real Cap and Human Torch in a mystically animated wax museum of super-heroes at an abandoned amusement park.

Doorman managed to teleport the shield through his body, where it was claimed by the boy named Stevie, who was using the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak's magic to manipulate the situation. Fortunately, Captain America had recognized that his shield was the target, and swapped out a wax copy of his shield before Doorman snared it. [Avengers West Coast #64]


  • Mockingbird also returned to the Avengers West in time, first as a reservist and then reconciling with Hawkeye and becoming a full member of the team. She was kidnapped and replaced by a Skrull imposter, who was then killed shortly thereafter. Therefore, the original GLA were left alone to their own devices. [Avengers West Coast #87,91,100]
  • During a battle with the entity known as Onslaught, the Avengers and Fantastic Four were seemingly killed. [Onslaught: Marvel Universe] A new team of heroes arose in their place to become darlings of the public: The Thunderbolts. [Thunderbolts (1st series) #1]


Hoping to cash in on the success of a new franchise, Mr. Immortal had the GLA change their name to the Lightning Rods, ready to strike evil as the west coast branch of the Thunderbolts. Before they began their daring new career, however, the team went to the Bay City Aquarium. They ran into Deadpool causing a commotion, and a fight began with the merc with a mouth. Deadpool tried to teleport away with his friend Blind Al right as Doorman tried to tackle them. The convergence of Doorman's powers and Deadpool's tech going off at once sent them back in time. Deadpool's tech man Weasel worked with the Lightning Rods on a way to retrieve Deadpool from the past and preserve the timestream. [Deadpool (2nd series) #10-11]

The Lightning Rods' new name proved to be a hindrance when the Thunderbolts were revealed to be the Masters of Evil in disguise, duping humanity into trusting them before trying to take over the world. [Thunderbolts (1st series) #10-12] Mr. Immortal arranged a deal with S.H.I.E.L.D. so that the Lightning Rods would get first crack at bringing the Thunderbolts to justice. Several T-Bolts had turned against Baron Zemo during his world takeover scheme and were trying to make a legitimate career as heroes, but were still wanted for questioning. S.H.I.E.L.D. discovered them hiding out near Denver, Colorado and staged an attack. The Thunderbolts were herded out of town away from civilians so the Lightning Rods could strike. The 'Rods got the upper hand at first, as the Thunderbolts had trouble taking them seriously. Still, the Thunderbolts rallied and defeated the Lightning Rods one by one. They took the Lightning Rods' costumes to help divert S.H.I.E.L.D. long enough for the group to escape. [Thunderbolts (1st series) #15-16]

The Lightning Rods recovered and followed the Thunderbolts, finding them in battle with a Hulk robot. The robot was actually an energy accumulator that built up a charge and called back Graviton from another dimension. The master of the fundamental force quickly subdued the Thunderbolts and Lightning Rods. He was distracted by the arrival of the 'Bolts absentee member Atlas, and the fighting resumed. Moonstone ultimately got Graviton to leave peacefully by convincing him he didn't really know what he wanted or why he was fighting. With most of the Lightning Rods incapacitated, Mr. Immortal was forced to let the Thunderbolts flee without any further conflict. [Thunderbolts (1st series) #17]


  • The Lightning Rods ultimately decided it was best to return to their original name as the Great Lakes Avengers. They battled the nefarious Doctor Tannenbaum and his Christmas themed robot snowman. [G.L.A. #1-4]


The Great Lakes Avengers continued to have little success becoming famous or getting recognition for their heroism. A low point for Mr. Immortal and the others came when a new version of the Ani-Men struck in Milwaukee.  When the GLA arrived to fight, however, they discovered the real Avengers had already arrived on the scene and asked them to stay out of the way. Even as the home team, the GLA still couldn't catch a break.

Mr. Immortal was crestfallen and prepared to disband the team. When news broke about the Avengers being disassembled, however, his spirits rose and Mr. I saw an opportunity to fill the void left by the fallen super-team. While patrolling in their Quin-Jetta, the GLA sure enough responded to a report of Maelstrom stealing scientific equipment from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's research lab. Mister Immortal died and, as Dinah Soar comforted him during his resurrection, she was struck and killed by a bolt of Maelstrom's proto-natural force. Craig was furious when his "old friend" Deathurge arrived to claim her soul. [G.L.A. #1]

As Mr. Immortal wallowed in his grief, Flatman and Doorman tried to keep the team afloat by recruiting new members. They traveled to New York City, the largest concentration of super-heroes per square mile in the world, to do a recruitment drive. A couple dozen rejections later, however, the GLA's membership hadn't swelled at all. It wasn't until Doorman and Flatman were being mugged in Central Park that they encountered a willing recruit when Squirrel Girl came to their rescue. With the understanding that her squirrel sidekick Monkey Joe would also be a full member of the Great Lakes Avengers, Squirrel Girl joined the team. The trio (quartet?) responded to a nearby alarm at a RoXXon plant when security super-hero Grasshopper was fighting Batroc's Brigade, hired by Maelstrom for another theft. Doorman and Grasshopper exchanged pleasantries during the battle, and Grasshopper agreed to join the <small text> Great Lakes </small text> Avengers. However, 5.8 seconds later, one of Zaran's sai passed through a surprised Doorman and penetrated Grasshopper's brain, killing him instantly. [G.L.A. #2]

Back in Milwaukee, the GLA introduced Squirrel Girl and Monkey Joe around the base. They left Monkey Joe on "monitor duty" while following up at the university and RoXXon about Maelstrom's thefts. However, the GLA's long-lost potential founder Leather Boy was furious to hear he'd been replaced on the team by a squirrel and Squirrel Girl. He broke into their headquarters, killed the drunken Mister Immortal and Monkey Joe as well. [G.L.A. #3]

Big Bertha arrived home in time to catch Leather Boy in the act, but Monkey Joe was still dead. When Deathurge arrived to claim him, however, Mister Immortal had him at a disadvantage since D'Urge arrived in the size and shape of a squirrel. Mr. I beat information out of Deathurge about his old boss Maelstrom's plans to destroy the universe. The Great Lakes Avengers proceeded to Lake Michigan to catch Maelstrom before he turned on his newly assembled device. While the GLA and Squirrel Girl's squirrel army fought with Batroc's Brigade, Mister Immortal needed to get past Maelstrom's proto-natural force field. Doorman sacrificed his life pressing his body up against the field so that Mr. I could enter and reach the villain.

Maelstrom planned to collapse all of space and time into a single point in order to recreate the universe in his image. Mister Immortal recognized Maelstrom was acting out of loneliness (being both a Deviant and an Inhuman and rejected by both people), and convinced him of the meaninglessness of the existence he was about to create. Mr. I convinced Maelstrom to avoid experiencing that sensation before it happened, and the two of them committed suicide together. Of course, Mister Immortal was back moments later and shut down Maelstrom machine. Meanwhile, the late Doorman was chosen by Oblivion to replace Deathurge and become his new avatar, restoring the hero to life as an angel of death. Squirrel Girl also bonded with a squirrel she saved from the proto-natural force, naming her Tippy-Toe, the newest member of the team!

In the aftermath, the Great Lakes Avengers lamented they had finally received a cease & desist notice from the Maria Stark Foundation to stop using the name Avengers. After going around the room, Squirrel Girl, Doorman, Flatman, Big Bertha and Mister Immortal realized they were all mutants, and were inspired for a new team name. And lo, the Great Lakes X-Men were born! [G.L.A. #4]

Despite their new name, the GLX quickly went back to their old costumes after realizing the new suits had been designed by Leather Boy. While celebrating Christmas, they had another holiday themed battle with Doctor Tannenbaum, the yuletide terrorist, and his animated Christmas trees. Meanwhile, Doorman adjusted to his new role as an angel of death by guiding his father to the afterlife, along with the new second Grasshopper, and Squirrel Girl had solo adventures defeating M.O.D.O.K. and Thanos. (The real Thanos -- Uatu the Watcher checked.) [GLX-Mas Special #1]

After Squirrel Girl teamed up with the Thing against the Bi-Beast, the Great Lakes X-Men were invited to the first annual super-hero poker tournament. When they announced themselves, however, Marvel Girl of the X-Men telepathically forced Mr. Immortal to change the team name. He tried Great Lakes Defenders, but Doctor Strange cast a spell and soon Mr. I didn't know whether he was coming or going. The final hand came down to Thing versus Flatman and Val won! (After all, there was so little super-heroing to do in Milwaukee, the GLA mostly spent their time hanging around playing cards.) In celebration, they declared themselves the Great Lakes Champions. Hercules tried to take offense, but Ben Grimm told him to let them have the name, as no one was using it. [Thing (2nd series) #8]

When the Superhuman Registration Act passed through Congress, all powered individuals or masked vigilantes were required to register with the government. Seeking official recognition (in any form) the team from Milwaukee were first in line to sign up and become part of the Fifty States Initiative. To commemorate their new status, they changed their names to the Great Lakes Initiative. Deadpool apparently didn't get the memo, though, when he signed up to be a cape-hunter bringing in unregistered vigilantes. He figured his old GLA sparring partners would be an easy cash grab. Not only were they already registered, but their new member Squirrel Girl quickly defeated the "evil, evil man." [Cable / Deadpool #30]

After Dionysus got drunk and fell off Mount Olympus, he was found by A.I.M. and used to beam an inebriation wave at every hero on Earth, rendering them soused and helpless. The Great Lakes Initiative were too obscure for A.I.M. to remember, however, so they remained free to defend humanity. The GLI teamed up with Deadpool (whose healing factor protected him), freed the Olympian God and restored the heroes of Earth to tee-totaling sobriety. Finding themselves on better terms than last time, the GLI agreed to make Deadpool their first reserve member. However, the Merc with the Mouth proceeded to make a nuisance of himself around their swanky new Initiative supported headquarters, like the house guest who wouldn't leave. Squirrel Girl was called in to beat Deadpool into finally leaving them alone. [Great Lakes Initiative Summer Fun Spectacular #1]

The Great Lakes Initiative eventually accepted a new Grasshopper onto the team, only to discover he was a Skrull infiltrator during the invasion of Earth. [Avengers: The Initiative #19]

They actually prospered somewhat under Norman Osborn's reign following the invasion. The GLI received a new member named Gravity, formerly of the Nevada Heavy Hitters, who was sent home to his native Wisconsin by Osborn to bolster their ranks. [Avengers: The Initiative #25]


  • When the Superhuman Registration Act was tossed out after Steve Rogers took over, Gravity took the opportunity to leave the Great Lakes Initiative.
  • Similarly, Squirrel Girl became homesick for New York and left Milwaukee to return to Manhattan. [Age of Heroes #3, I Am An Avenger #1] She would become a nanny for Luke Cage and Jessica Jones and their daughter Danielle. [New Avengers (2nd series) #7]

Chronology, Continued

Not entirely sure what to call themselves after the Fifty-States Initiative fell out of fashion, the Great Lakes Avengers / Defenders / X-Men / Champions / Power Pack continued operating out of Milwaukee, albeit with less government support than before. Like many super-heroes, they were targeted by the public when the Serpent's wave of fear raced over America. Mr. Immortal appreciated the attention, but Doorman, Flatman and Big Bertha were more concerned that the attention was coming from an angry, torch-wielding mob. They crossed paths with an old Human Torch foe named the Asbestos Man while hiding from the angry citizens. They surrounded the super-villain in a tense stand-off that lasted for hours, since no one was willing to touch a man who covered himself in toxic, anaerobic fibers. He eventually gave up, and the mob got bored and went home. [Fear Itself: The Home Front #6]


  • The Great Lakes Avengers disbanded behind the scenes after a falling out among the members. Mister Immortal and Big Bertha began a relationship but broke up the night after their engagement, as Mr. I claimed he had made a huge mistake. Realizing he was a constant screw up struggling with alcoholism, Mr. Immortal buried himself alive in an extreme attempt to detox. Bertha legally changed her name and abandoned her career as a stereotypical model, embracing her weight and starting from the bottom of the industry as a plus-sized model promoting body positivity. Doorman continued working as the Angel of Death, but lost track of his boss Oblivion after the Incursion crisis destroyed and rebooted the universe.

Chronology, Continued

Avengers lawyer Connie Ferrari was dismayed to learn that legal ownership of the Avengers trademark had defaulted following the breakdown of Tony Stark's assets and legal properties. Val Ventura had filed a claim on the trademark years ago, which somehow left him as the sole uncontested claimant to the legal property after Stark's downfall. Connie attempted to haggle the rights back from Flatman, but he would only accept if the Great Lakes Avengers were officially and in perpetuity recognized as legal representatives of the Avengers franchise. Flatman reached out to the GLA in the hopes of getting the band back together. Big Bertha and Doorman responded to his calls, but Mr. I was still detoxing. Connie arranged for the Great Lakes Avengers to be placed in Detroit, Michigan, partly in the hopes of keeping them out of the way. They were set up at an abandoned Stark manufacturing plant with a secretary named Pansy, who only showed up because Flatman mistakenly texted her number instead of Mister Immortal's.

They encountered Nain Rouge, club owner of Baphomet who was using super-villain muscle to further lower property values in the "bad parts" of town. Bertha started a fight in Baphomet, leading to the GLA getting arrested. In his secret identity as city councilman Dick Snerd, Nain Rouge was taking advantage of the criminal activity for political gain. Goodness Silva, a young woman with a werewolf fursona, threw a bottle at Snerd at a political rally and ended up getting arrested too. Connie Ferrari arrived to secure the release of the GLA, and made Goodness a temporary Avenger to arrange her being released into their custody as well.

Councilman Snerd started a smear campaign against the GLA to prevent them from interfering in his plans for Detroit. An injunction was placed against the team to prevent them from acting as heroes until the matter was settled with the city. Doorman sensed Mister Immortal dying again, and brought Craig back from his self-imposed exile to the team. Bertha refused to work near Craig, and so she went off with "Good Boy" to investigate Baphomet, finding Snerd unconscious inside with his Nain Rouge mask nearby. Big Bertha and Good Boy panicked and kidnapped Snerd, tying him up in their headquarters. Snerd freely confessed to using his super-villains to force out homeowners and businesses so he could buy them up and rebuild them to improve Detroit as a whole. He provoked Good Boy too far, causing her to rip him apart in a berzerker rage. The GLA did a drive-by at the hospital, tossing the severely injured Snerd out the door with a note saying "I am a super-villain." Problem solved. [Great Lakes Avengers #1-5]

Goodness's brother Lucky said they had to leave town before anyone discovered she was responsible for Snerd's attack. Bertha tried to move on with her new career as a plus-sized model, but was lured into a trap by Dr. Nod and his Bod Squad. Doctor Nod wanted to use a sample of Bertha's DNA mixed with Mutant Growth Hormone to create a weight loss supplement for sale. Big Bertha broke free from Dr. Nod and summoned the GLA to fight the size-enhanced Bod Squad. Good Boy heard the news and came back to fight the villains as well, but Dr. Nod overdosed on his own supplement and grew to colossal size. The team defeated the Godzilla-sized Dr. Nod by launching Mr. Immortal through Doorman and inside Nod to punch him in the feels. A literal heart attack. Despite their victory, the Great Lakes Avengers were informed by Deadpool, official Avenger of the official Avengers Unity Division, that their legal claim to the franchise name didn't hold up in court and they must cease and desist immediately. [Great Lakes Avengers #6-7]

The Great Lakes Avengers will return!


Mister Immortal (Craig Hollis)

First Appearance: West Coast Avengers (2nd series) #46

All GLA Appearances: Constant crusader

Powers: Homo sapiens supreme with a post-mortem healing factor that reverses fatal injuries after he expires, restoring him to life from puncture wounds, gunshots, explosions, poison, drowning, radiation, etc, prevents individual cell death to maintain him in the peak of human physical prowess and neutralizes the aging process

Notes: Mister Immortal will apparently live on until the heat death of the universe comes for us all.

Flatman (Matt / Dr. Val Ventura)

First Appearance: West Coast Avengers (2nd series) #46
All GLA Appearances: Featured figure

Powers: Mutant able to reduce himself to a flat, two-dimensional state able to squeeze through tight crevices and stretch his body over great lengths

Notes: Flatman was a relatively early example of an LGBTQ hero in the Marvel Universe, with his homosexuality being heavily (if stereotypically) implied in 1998 from Deadpool (2nd series) #11. He finally came out as homosexual in G.L.A. #4, only for Mister Immortal to upstage him by announcing he was Homo SUPREME moments later.


Big Bertha (Ashley Crawford)

First Appearance: West Coast Avengers (2nd series) #46
All GLA Appearances: Bigtime battler

Powers: Mutant with super-bulimia able to rapidly accumulate exotically resilient fatty tissue, ballooning up to massive proportions with a degree of superhuman strength and extraordinary resistance to impact, piercing or penetration wounds, able to catch projectiles and other attacks in her folds and pop them back out on command, manipulate her weight through gravity alteration, allowing her massive form to leap around in lesser gravity or squash opponents with increased force, and ultimately return to her tiny figure by forcibly expelling the excess fatty tissue she accumulated through her throat

Notes: Monkey Joe says, eating disorders are not okay, kids.


Doorman (DeMarr Davis)

First Appearance: West Coast Avengers (2nd series) #46
All GLA Appearances: D-words

Powers: Mutant able to create a displacement field that sends matter harmlessly into the Darkforce Dimension as it passed through the volume of his body, can extend the effect through objects he touches, becoming a "living door" so matter passes through him and the surface behind him as well, tapped as an Agent of Oblivion with the ability to sense the dead and dying, see spirits, ferry them to the afterlife and summon Darkforce as tangible constructs for his use, including skis to travel through the air

Notes: Doorman inherited several abilities of Deathurge, his predecessor as angel of death. However, Deathurge demonstrated other unique abilities which Demarr has yet to replicate.

Dinah Soar

First Appearance: West Coast Avengers (2nd series) #46
All GLA Appearances: West Coast Avengers (2nd series) #46, Avengers West Coast #48-49, 64, Avengers (1st series) #309, Avengers Annual #19, Deadpool (2nd series) #10-11, Thunderbolts (1st series) #15-17, G.L.A. #1

Powers: avian physiology gave her leathery wings under her arms for flight, ultrasonic voice outside the range of human speech could only be heard by Mister Immortal after their lifebond, and could be directed as a sonic assault

Notes: Dinah and Mister Immortal shared a life bond, making him the only human who could hear her ultrasonic speech.

Leather Boy (Gene Lorrene)

First Appearance: G.L.A. #1
All GLA Appearances: G.L.A. #1

Powers: no superhuman abilities, leather fetish

Notes: Leather Boy was initially mistaken for Doctor Doom when he first appeared, due to the supernatural suit of tanned human skin Doom had recently been wearing at the time.

Hawkeye (Clinton Francis Barton)

First Appearance: Tales of Suspense #57
All GLA Appearances: West Coast Avengers (2nd series) #46, Avengers West Coast #48-49, Avengers (1st series) #309

Powers: excellent vision, hand-eye coordination, and accuracy, wields a bow and a variety of trick arrows including explosive, flare, electroshock, smoke, gas, acid, glue, cable, rocket, net, bola, tracer, EMP, etc.

Notes: In G.L.A. #2, The Great Lakes Avengers tried to recruit the mysterious Swordsman III from the New Thunderbolts series because everyone on the internet was SURE he was secretly Hawkeye in disguise.

Mockingbird (Barbara Morse)

First Appearance: Astonishing Tales (1st series) #6
All GLA Appearances: West Coast Avengers (2nd series) #46, Avengers West Coast #48-49, 64, Avengers (1st series) #309, Avengers Annual #19

Powers: carries battle-staves, telescoping metal truncheons that can be wielded independently or linked together as a quarterstaff or vaulting pole

Grasshopper (Douglas Taggert)

First Appearance: G.L.A. #2
All GLA Appearances: G.L.A. #2

Powers: RoXXon exoskeletal battle armor increases his overall strength and boosts his legs with hydraulic enhancements for incredible kicking and long-distance leaping abilities, telescopic vision and insectroid sensors

Squirrel Girl (Doreen Ailene Green)

First Appearance: Marvel Super-Heroes (2nd series) #8
All GLA Appearances: G.L.A. #2-4, GLX-Mas Special #1, Thing (2nd series) #8, Cable / Deadpool #30, GLI Summer Fun Spectacular #1, Avengers: The Initiative #19,25

Powers: Squirrel-like mutation gives her superhuman strength, agility, leaping ability and reflexes, superhuman jaw muscles, prehensile tail, retractable knuckle spikes and claws which can be used as weapons or to scale vertical surfaces, and the ability to understand and communicate with squirrels


Monkey Joe

First Appearance: Marvel Super-Heroes (2nd series) #8

All GLA Appearances: G.L.A. #2-3

Powers: Proportionate abilities of a squirrel. Because he's a squirrel.

Tippy Toe

First Appearance: G.L.A. #4
All GLA Appearances:

Powers: Also a squirrel.

Notes: Here to kick butts and eat nuts.

Gravity (Greg Willis)

First Appearance: Gravity #1
All GLA Appearances: Avengers: The Initiative #25

Powers: Gravitic aura allows him to fly, increase the force of his blows, reinforce the toughness of his skin, levitate matter, and direct objects through the air with terminal velocity in any direction

Grasshopper (Skrull)

First Appearance: Avengers: The Initiative #19
All GLA Appearances: Avengers: The Initiative #19

Powers: Super-Skrull assuming the form of a RoXXon exoskeletal battle armor increases his overall strength and boosts his legs with hydraulic enhancements for incredible kicking and long-distance leaping abilities, telescopic vision and insectroid sensors

Notes: Several Grasshoppers have died over the years, often without even meeting the GLA. It's unknown if the Grasshopper-Skrull was claiming to be a new man in the Grasshopper armor or one of the deceased ones.

Deadpool (Wade Winston Wilson)

First Appearance: New Mutants (1st series) #98
All GLA Appearances: GLI Summer Fun Spectacular #1

Powers: hyper-regenerative healing factor maintains enhanced strength, agility, and reflexes, as well as a near-limitless ability to recover from physical injuries

Good Boy (Goodness Silva)

First Appearance: Great Lakes Avengers #1
All GLA Appearances: Great Lakes Avengers #3-7

Powers: Fursona as a werewolf with increased mass, superhuman strength, speed, agility, endurance, reflexes, hyper-keen senses, and claws