Avengers Membership Glossary

The Avengers Membership Glossary section provides basic information for every character that has claimed to title Avenger in Marvel Comics.

Each entry will have an Avengers Membership box that defines their membership with the team, with further explanation as warranted. Special categories include:
* Founder: The original members of the Avengers, as defined by the charter or circumstance.
* Infiltrator: Someone who joined the Avengers under false pretenses. Either they posed as an existing member (Superior Spider-Man) or used some form of mind control to enter the roster (Voyager).
* Honorary or Associate: Someone granted Avengers credentials but not necessarily full membership status. Often extended to in-house associates who lived in the mansion for some reason yet were not part of the official roster.
* Unauthorized: Member of a team of "Avengers" which did not have permission from the founders or recognized representative to call themselves "the Avengers".
* Dark Avenger: A unique status for Avengers who were officially, legally authorized as members under the Registration Act, yet have no lasting credentials with the team due to the corruption of Norman Osborn's reign.
* Ancillary Franchise Member: Member of a spin-off team too loosely connected to the main roster to be certain if they qualify as an "Avenger Avenger". Reserved for groups like Young Avengers, A-Force, etc.

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