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Tales to Astonish (1st series) – (1962-1965)

#27 - Hank Pym invents shrinking serum, becomes lost in an ant hill and barely survives
#35 - Pym becomes Ant-Man, fighting communist agents. 
#36 - Super-spy Comrade X is directed by communist masters to destroy Ant-Man.
#37 - Thwarts & unmasks protection artist called the Protector.
#38 - Matches wits with Egghead, scientist turned criminal mastermind.
#39 - Prevents insect overthrow of humnity from hyper-intelligent Scarlet Beetle.
#40 - Catches & unmasks armored car thief called "the Highjacker."
#41 - Rescues scientists captured by extradimensional despot called Kulla.
#42 - Saves city from hyptonic hyptonic voice of Jason Cragg (later known as "Voice").
#43 - Stops revenge plot by Professor Elias Weems, creator of "time ray."
#44 - Recruits Janet van Dyne as his partner, transforming her into the Wasp
#45 - Egghead plots revenge against Ant-Man
#46 - Giant cyclops creature threatens island in Greece
#47 - Trago, a musician with hyptonic trumpet, embarks on life of crime
#48 - Alex Gentry, disgruntaled weapons designer, becomes the Porcupine
#49 - Pym becomes Giant-Man, fights extradimensional being called the Eraser who kidnaps scientists to Dimension Z
#50 - Giant-Man & Wasp face the Human Top for the first time.
#51- Conclusion of Human Top story. First of "The Wonderful Wasp Tells a Tale" features.
#52 - Professor Garrett becomes the criminal Black Knight
#53 - Second encounter with the Porcupine
#54 - Giant-Man fights El Toro, the newly elected dictator of Santo Rico
#55 - The Human Top returns.
#56 - The Magician uses his powers to turn to crime.
#57 - Egghead attempts to use Spider-Man against Giant-Man & Wasp
#58 - A giant "Colossus" appears in African country of Bora-Boru, the Magician returns
#59 - The Human Top tricks the Hulk into fighting Giant-Man & Wasp
#60 - Giant-Man sneaks into East Germany, encounters secret communist weapon: intelligent apes
#61 - Egghead creates giant android to fight Giant-Man
#62 - Hank Pym's secret identity is discovered by burglar
#63 - Giant-Man & Wasp thwart the Wrecker, head of a protection racket gang
#64 - Attuma, the renegade Atlantian, threatens the surface world
#65 - Wasp designs new costumne for Giant-Man. Both fight giant spider created by growth formula.
#66 - Madam Macabre attempts to lure Giant-Man to crime.
#67 - Alien invader caled the Supreme One steals abilities from scientists, including Pym's ability to shrink.
#68-69 - Human Top returns & attempts to entrap Giant-Man.

Avengers (1st series) – (1963-1965)

#1 - Co-founds Avengers with Wasp, Iron Man, Thor & Hulk
#93 - visits Avengers in time of need as Ant-Man once again

Marvel Feature (1st series) – (1972-1973)

#4 - Ant-Man teams up with Spider-Man against gangster, discovers he is stuck at ant-size 
#5 - Aided by Egghead's niece Trixie against her uncle
#6 - Attempts to aide Wasp against Whirlwind (formerly Human Top) but she becomes stuck at wasp-size, both are believed to be dead following a fire.
#7 - Both are captured by android called the Para-Man. Wasp is transformed into wasp-hybrid.
#8 - Short story, paired with reprint of Tales to Astonish (1st series) #44.
#9 - Both are captured by Doctor Nemesis.
#10 - Doctor Nemesis cures Ant-Man & Wasp to have them betray the Avengers but Pym outsmarts him.

Marvel Premiere (1979)

#47 - Scott Lang steals Ant-Man suit from Hank Pym's home, uses it to infiltrated Cross Industries to save doctor who is the only one able to perform a critical operation on his daughter, Cassie.
#48 - Lang succeeds in rescuing the doctor, who saves Cassie's life, officially given Ant-Man suit by Hank Pym who wishes for him to become the new Ant-Man

Fantastic Four (1st series) – (1994-1996)

#384 - Invisible Woman hires Scott Lang as technical advisor while Mr. Fantastic is believed dead.
#385-386 - Starblast crossover.
#387-392 - Ant-Man accompanies FF through time and dimensions in search of Mr. Fantastic.
#393 - Puppet Master captures the Thing & Alicia Masters.
#394 - With the FF mostly disbanded, Lang assist with upkeep of 4 Freedoms Plaza.
#395 - The Thing & Wolverine battle the Mad Thinker.
#396-400 - The FF deal with the Aron the Rogue Watcher.
#401-402 - Atlantis Rising crossover.
#403 - Cassie comes to live at 4 Freedoms Plaza & meets Kristoff, who designs new Ant-Man suit.
#404-405 - Zarrko the Tomorrow Man reveals himself.
#406-407 - FF track Zarrko to his master, Hyperstorm. They find and rescue time-marooned Mr. Fantastic 
#408-409 - Hyperstorm is apparently defeated and Mr. Fantastic returns home.
#410-411 - FF deal with renegade Black Bolt
#412 - Reed Richards continues to recover from PTSD
#413-414 - Final confrontation with Hyperstorm
#415-416 - Onslaught crossover. End of series.

Fantastic Four Unlimited – (1994-1995)

#4 - Thing vs. Hulk w/ Ant-Man cameo.
#5 - new Frightful Four.
#6 - FF join to alternate world where Atlantis rules the surface.
#7 - FF fight against monsters from the Atlas era of comics.
#8 - Psycho-Man manipulates the FF.
#9 - FF face insect-like Myrmidon 
#10 - FF assist Eternals against Maelstrom.

Heroes for Hire (1st series) – (1997-1999)

#6 - Ant-Man hired by Heroes for Hire.
#7 - HFH fight alongside Thunderbolts.
#8 - Teams encounters High Evolutionary (crossover w/ Quicksilver).
#9 - Encounters Punisher.
#10-11 - Mission with Deadpool & Silver Sable.
#12 - Team battles Master of the World.
#13 - Ant-Man journeys inside original Human Torch to save him.
#14 - Black Knight battles Malekith.
#15-16 - Siege of Wundagore crossover.
#17 - Luke Cage & She-Hulk have awkward date.
#18-19 - Wolverine & Shang-Chi guest star. Team disbands.

Alias – (2002-2004)

#15-18 - Scott Lang is set up on date with Jessica Jones. The two begin dating.
#21 - Scott & Jessica agree to continue dating.
#24 - The two have a falling out.
#27-28 - Scott & Jessica break up when she reveals she is pregant with Luke Cage's baby.

Avengers (3rd series) / Avengers (1st series) cont. – (1999-2004)

#57-60 - World Trust storyline. Scott Lang replies to signal sent by Avengers.
#61 - Lang offered Avengers membership by Hank Pym, but declines.
#62 - Lang experiences personal problems with Jack of Hearts.
#63 - Part 3 of Standoff storyline.
#64 - Falcon story.
#65-70 - Red Zone storyline. Secretary of Defense is revealed to be the Red Skull.
#71 - Hank Pym & the Wasp have alone time in Las Vegas.
#72-75 - The Search for She-Hulk. Team tracks down She-Hulk, who is suffering from radiation poisoning.
#76 - Scott's daughter Cassie is kidnapped. Jack of Hearts dies trying to save her.
#77-81 - Lionheart of Avalon. Kelsey Leigh becomes the new Captain Britain.
#82-84 - Once an Avenger storyline. A new team of Invaders arises, led by US Agent.
#500 - Avengers Disassembled part 1. Scott Lang apparently dies, blown up by undead Jack of Hearts.

Irredeemable Ant-Man – (2006-2007)

#1-6 - Low-level S.H.I.E.L.D. analyst Eric O'Grady obtains new Ant-Man suit and goes on the run. Becomes Ant-Man III.
#7-9 - Under pseudonym of "Slaying Mantis," O'Grady joins Damage Control, befriends burglar Black Fox and begins dating co-worker Abigail.
#10 - World War Hulk crossover. Captured by S.H.I.E.L.D.
#11 - Talks his way out of felony charges.
#12 - Offered Ant-Man suit by Hank Pym.

Avengers: the Initiative – (2008-2009)

#8-10 - O'Grady arrives at Camp Hammond as part of the Avengers Initiative.
#12 - O'Grady attends memorial for MVP, slain Initiative recruit
#14-20 - Secret Invasion. O'Grady discovers that the Hank Pym who built his suit is a Skrull.
#24 - Recruited into Norman Osborn's Thunderbolts team.

Thunderbolts (1st series) – (2009-2010)

#128-129 - Dark Reign begins. O'Grady accompanies new Thunderbolts in plot to frame Doc Samson.
#130-131 - Magnum Opus crossover with Deadpool series. 
#132 - Thunderbolts recruit Mr. X, a deadly assassin.
#133 - During downtime, O'Grady has a crisis of conscience regarding the Thunderbolts.
#134-136 - The Black Widow reveals she is not Yelena Belova but a disguised Natasha Romanov, who is working for Nick Fury.
#137 - Thunderbolts face Luke Cage & Iron Fist.
#138-140 - Thunderbolts battle the Agents of Atlas.
#141-143 - Siege crossover. Norman Osborn & his "dark reign" fall.

Secret Avengers (1st series) – (2010-2013)

#1-5 - Steve Rogers forms his black ops team of secret Avengers. Their first mission takes them to Mars to stop Roxxon, the Shadow Council and a Serpent Crown.
#6-10 - Eye of the Drago storyline. Team aided by Shang-Chi against the Shadow Council's plans.
#12.1, 13 - Fear Itself crossover.
#22.1, 22 - Avengers become aware of the robotic entities known as the Descendants.
#23 - O'Grady is killed by one of the Descendants while attempting to save a young girl.
#24-25 - O'Grady is revealed to be alive, revealed thereafter to be a robot duplicate. 
#30-32 - Shadow Council resurfaces, led by a Nick Fury LMD.
#33  - O'Grady becomes the Black Ant.
#34-37 - Avengers learn of O'Grady's status as sleeper agent for Father, leader of the Descendants. The Descendants are defeated but Black Ant escapes.

Ant-Man & Wasp (1st series) – (2011)

#1-3 - Eric O'Gray and Hank Pym (as Ant-Man & Wasp respectively) attempt to recover the electronic soul of Bill Foster from A.I.M. and its Supreme Scientist, Monica Rappaccini.

Ant-Man: Season One – (2012)

#1 - Retelling of Hank Pym's origin story for a modern audience.

Avengers: the Children’s Crusade – (2011-2012)

#4-9 - Saved from being killed by Jack of Hearts by time-traveling Young Avengers. Doctor Doom's plot using the Scarlet Witch is stopped but Cassandra Lang dies.

FF (2nd series) – (2013-2014)

#1 -  Along with She-Hulk, Medusa and Darla Deering (Ms. Thing), Scott Lang is recruited by Reed Richards to lead the back-up FF while the core team is off-planet.
#2 - Lang begins to bond with the kids of the Future Foundation.
#3 - Lang finds common ground with Darla Deering.
#5 - FF battle the Mole Man.
#6-7 - The new Frightful Four pull the Baxter Building into the Negative Zone.
#9-11 - Lang and the back-up FF attempt to find and rescue the presumably lost Fantastic Four.
#12-16 - Doctor Doom, Kid Immortus & Ravonna team-up, only for the new FF to thwart their plans.

Ant-Man (1st series) #1-5 – (2015)

#1 - Scott Lang is hired by Tony Stark but instead opts to follow his daughter & ex-wife to Miami to start a new life.
#2 - With funding from former super-hero Miss Patriot, Lang starts Ant-Man Security Solutions.
#3 - Taskmaster is hired by Darren Cross' son to keep Ant-Man busy while his daughter Cassie is kidpapped.
#4-5 - Cassie's heart is transplanted into Darren Cross. She finds a new heart, however, thanks to Dr. Sondheim. 
Annual #1 - Scott Lang & Hank Pym (as Giant-Man) team up against the still alive Egghead. After Pym's death, Lang is bequeathed one of Pym's secret labs. Introduction of Raz Malhotra, to whom Lang gives the Giant-Man costume.

The Last Days of Ant-Man – (2015)

#1 - After helping her and her friends, Lang learns from the clairvoyant Miss Patriot that the world is about to end (Incursions storyline leading to the Secret Wars event). Begins unofficial relationship with Janice Lincoln, the second Beetle.

Astonishing Ant-Man – (2015-2016)

#1. Lang attempts to grow Ant-Man Security Solutions, but not successfully. Fight with Whirlwind.
#2 - Lang is hired by firm representing ex-girlfriend Darla Deering, leading to a frosty reunion. Fight with the new Magician.
#3 - Lang is hired by Sam Wilson, the new Captain America, for a S.H.I.E.L.D. mission. Fight with a new Highjacker.
#4 - Lang continues unofficial relationship with Beetle while working providing security for Darla.
#5 - Lang assists Raz Malhotra in his early attempts to be San Francisco's new hero, Giant-Man.
#6 - Cassie strikes a deal with the Power Broker and becomes Stinger in order to take down their mutual enemy, Darren Cross.
#7-10 - Scott finds out Cassie's plan and hires friends and old foes alike to take on Darren Cross, which leads to his arrest and incarceration.
#11-13 - With the help of She-Hulk's legal expertise and the irrational rage of his enemies, charges are dropped against Scott Lang. He begins new career in crimefighting with his daughter, as Ant-Man & Stinger.

Ant-Man & the Wasp (2nd series) – (2018)

#1-5 - While attempting to use "quantum transport" to return Scott Lang home from space, Nadia van Dyne (the current Wasp) finds herself stuck in the Microverse with Ant-Man. After several adventures and the help of an extra-dimensional scientist named Burr Dalen, the two return to Earth.

Ant-Man (2nd series) #1-5  - (2020)

#1-2 - While working on a mystery of disappearing bees, Ant-Man encounters the villain Swarm followed by the godlike insect entities Vespa, Thread and Tusk, and their emissary, Macrothorax.
#3 - Ant-Man enslists the aid of Stinger, the Black Cat and Spider-Man.
#4-5 - Ant-Man & Stinger follow Macrothorax to the Savage Land, where he is defeated.

Ant-Man (3rd series) #1-4  - (2022)

#1 - Flashback story told during the time after the Wasp joined as Ant-Man's partner, but before Pym became Giant-Man. Several classic villains seek revenge: the Protector (from TTA #37), the human ally of extra-dimensional tyrant Kulla (TTA #41), Professor Weems (time-ray inventor, TTA #43), Trago (player of hypnotic trumpet, TTA #47).
#2 - Eric O'Grady story set during the latter half of Irredeemable Ant-Man series.
#3 - In the "present," Scott Lang is hired to dispose of an inert Ultron, currently imbued with the power of Asgard.
#4 - The Ant-Man of the 25th Century recruits all three Ant-Man from their prime to defeat the released Asgard-powered Ultron.