Series Disambiguation (Ant-Man)

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2nd February 2023
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Series Disambiguation (Ant-Man)

Years Issues Series Name Brief Description
1962-1965 #27, 35-69 Tales to Astonish (1st series) Hank Pym becomes Ant-Man, teams up with partner, the Wasp, becomes Giant-Man
1963-1965 #1, 93 Avengers (1st series) Pym joins Avengers as Ant-Man, changes identity multiple times
1972-1973 #4-10 Marvel Feature (1st series) reassumes Ant-Man identity, becomes stuck at "ant" size
1979 #47-48 Marvel Premiere  Scott Lang becomes Ant-Man II
1994-1996 #384-416 Fantastic Four (1st series) Lang joins Fantastic Four as technical advisor in Reed Richards' absence
1994-1995 #4-10 Fantastic Four Unlimited supplementary series to Fantastic Four told in standalone stories
1997-1999 #6-19 Heroes for Hire (1st series) Lang hired by Luke Cage & Iron Fist's new heroic enterprise
2002-2004 #15-28 Alias Lang dates Jessica Jones irregularly
1999-2004 #57-84, 500- Avengers (3rd series); Avengers (1st series) cont. Lang joins Avengers, later killed by Jack of Hearts
2006-2007 #1-12 Irreedeemable Ant-Man Eric O'Grady becomes Ant-Man III after stealing suit
2008-2009 #8-20 Avengers: the Initiative Ant-Man III recruited by Initiative, at bootcamp during Secret Invasion
2009-2010 #128-143 Thunderbolts (1st series) Eric recruited by Noman Osborn's team, Dark Reign storyline
2010-2013 #1-35 Secret Avengers (1st series) Eric joins Avengers under Steve Roger's covert team, killed by Descendants
2011 #1-3 Ant-Man & the Wasp (1st series) O'Grady teams up with Hank Pym, the new Wasp
2012 #1 Ant-Man: Season One standalone retelling of Hank Pym's origin as Ant-Man for new audience
2013-2014 #5-9 Avengers: the Children's Crusade Scott Lang is rescued from death by time travel
2013-2014 #1-16 FF (2nd series) Matt Fraction run, Lang joins new "replacement" FF while core team is traveling
2015 #1-5 Ant-Man (1st series) Nick Spencer's first series, Lang moves to Miami following daughter & ex-wife, starts security business
2015 #1 The Last Days of Ant-Man standalone story, parallel to Hickman's Secret Wars event
2015-2016 #1-13 Astonishing Ant-Man Nick Spencer's second series, Scott arrested again, Cassie becomes Stinger
2018 #1-5 Ant-Man & the Wasp (2nd series) Mark Waid miniseries, Scott has adventures in Microverse with Wasp III (Nadia van Dyne)
2020 #1-5 Ant-Man (2nd series) Zeb Wells series, Scott faces insect gods from Savage Land
2022 #1-4 Ant-Man (3rd series) Al Ewing series, time travel allows all Ant-Men to meet


In addition to being one of Marvel Comics’ earliest characters, the character of Ant-Man is also one of Marvel’s earliest “legacy characters” with three different individuals having adopted the identity. A founding member of the Avengers, the first Ant-Man abandoned the identity for another (and then another and then another), later took it back, and then abandoned it again before passing it along to a second Ant-Man. A third man later took the identity as well… but that’s getting ahead of ourselves.

For the most part, the three characters of Ant-Man have not starred in their own series. Rather, they have appeared as co-features in anthology series or as part of a super-hero team. It was not until 2006, a full forty-four years after the creation of the Ant-Man concept, that a series with the name “Ant-Man” was first published. With the character’s rise in notoriety thanks to the films of the Marvel “cinematic universe,” this has begun to change.

Nevertheless, the trio of Ant-Man characters appeared regularly in several titles over the years and it is the intention of these disambiguation articles to provide clarity as to where (and when) a character appeared in a title. While other disambiguation articles follow a specific character, this article will follow the multiple characters during the periods of time they used the name of Ant-Man. These three characters will enter and leave this article’s narrative as they don and remove their respective helmets.