Weapon X: The Draft


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Weapon X: The Draft
Publication Date: 
October 2002
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Weapon X: the Draft was actually a series of oneshots, depicting the recruitment of mutants being (forcibly) recruited by the new Weapon X program.

The assembled team was seen in the ongoing Weapon X (2nd series).

There were 5 oneshots - Agent Zero, Kane, Marrow Sauron & Wild Child.


Years Published Name of Series Issue Numbering Brief Description
1995 Weapon X (1st series) #1-4 Age of Apocalypse series
2002 Weapon X: The Draft 5 oneshots prelude ongoing series
2002 to 2004 Weapon X (2nd series) #1-28 ongoing series following the nefarious Weapon X program
2005 to 2006 Weapon X: Days of Future Now #1-5 sequel to Weapon X (2nd series)
2017 to 2019 Weapon X (3rd series) #1-27
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