Secret Defenders


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Secret Defenders
Publication Date: 
March 1993 to March 1995
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Initially a second title of sorts for Doctor Strange, this series followed the Sorceror Supreme's rotating team of heroes, assembled for specific missions he deemed necessary.

Beginning with #15, Doctor Druid took leadership of the team.

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Years Published Name of Series Issue Numbering Brief Description
1972 to 1986 Defenders (1st series) #1-152
1993 to 1995 Secret Defenders #1-25 Doctor Strange's rotating team of heroes
2001 to 2002 Defenders (2nd series) #1-12 Erik Larsen series
2002 Order (1st series) #1-6 Kurt Busiek series, continuation of Defenders (2nd series)
2005 to 2006 Defenders (3rd series) #1-5 Keith Giffen, DeMatteis series
2012 to 2013 Defenders (4th series) #1-12 Matt Fraction series
2013 to 2014 Fearless Defenders #1-12 Cullen Bunn series, featuring an all-female team
2017 to 2018 Defenders (5th series) #1-10 Bendis series
2021 to 2022 Defenders (6th series) #1-5 Al Ewing series
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