X-Men Unlimited Infinity Comic #4

Issue Date: 
September 2021
Story Title: 

Jonathan Hickman (writer), Declan Shalvey (artist), VC’s Joe Sabino (letterer), Annie Cheng (production), Tim Smith (production manager), Annalise Bissa (associate editor), Jordan D. White (editor), C.B. Cebulski (editor-in-chief

X-Men created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

Brief Description: 

Nightcrawler teleports himself and Wolverine to Antarctica, where they infiltrate the AIM base and free Chamber. Angry at his imprisonment, Chamber psi-blasts the AIM agents and manages to accidentally burn Wolverine as well. After taking care of their foes, the three mutants teleport to the next base in New Zealand, only to learn that the last kidnapped mutant – Husk – has been evacuated to an unknown location.

Full Summary: 

Under the surface of Antarctica: The AIM base Reckoning is holding one mutant captive, but help is one teleportational jump away. Nightcrawler teleports himself and Wolverine inside the base. Not aware they are next to the edge, Wolverine takes a wrong step and falls again. Kurt catches him midfall and they both land at the bottom.

Kurt considers this a rather ominous start to the mission. Looking at a door, he asks if they dare walk through the proverbial threshold, eager for more adventure. Logan sniffs and holds him back - there is a large group of AIM “beekeepers” with guns aimed at them on the other side of the door. They should go around, he announces. 

Kurt teleports them to another room. Logan sniffs again. Does something smell off? Kurt asks as Logan smells an AIM agent on the toilet.

Five minutes later, deep inside their base, they fight their way through the “beekeepers.” Nightcrawler admits this is not going as smoothly as he’d hoped.

The AIM agent on the toilet didn’t warn them there would be much resistance further down. Logan is tired of these guys lying to him. At least he stuffed the guy into the toilet, head first.

The two X-Men continue fighting and moving downward. As a fresh group of “beekeepers” comes at them, Nightcrawler sees the hibernation capsule containing their kidnapped mutant. Wolverine tells him to go ahead. He will keep them busy. As he does so, Nightcrawler teleports next to the capsule, opens it… and out comes a very angry Chamber.

He shouts he has been awake for four hours, trapped in that tube. He unleashes his psychic energy, killing their foes.

Calmer, he apologizes for his temper. He nervously asks Kurt if he is okay. He is fine, comes the unsure response, but he isn’t sure about him. He refers to Wolverine who also got hit by Chamber’s psychic energy. Somewhat fried, Wolverine growls, then orders Kurt to get them to the next base, so they can finish this mission. He wants to get home and get rid of this bacon smell.

Kurt complies but, by the time they reach the New Zealand base, it has been evacuated. The last missing mutant – Husk – remains in possession of AIM…

Characters Involved: 

Chamber, Husk, Nightcrawler, Wolverine

AIM agents

Story Notes: 

The plot is continued in issue #22.

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