Avengers West Coast #74

Issue Date: 
September 1991
Story Title: 
Operation: Overlords (The Pacific Overlords, part 5)

Roy & Dann Thomas (Writers), David Ross (Penciler), Tim Dzon (Inker), Tom Morgan (Cover Artist), Bill Oakley (Letterer), Bob Sharen (Colorist), Nel Yomtov (Editor), Tom DeFalco (Editor-in-Chief)

Brief Description: 

Demonica has risen, and Dr. Demonicus orders the execution of the Scarlet Witch, until the Living Lightning stops the Pacific Overlords from carrying out that order. With Wonder Man, Iron Man, Hank Pym and the Wasp still prisoners, USAgent, Hawkeye, Spider-Woman and Sunfire arrive in time to turn the tide, and begin battling the Pacific Overlords. Finally, the Scarlet Witch casts a hex to free her teammates, while the USAgent takes on Dr. Demonicus, until Kain is transformed, increasing in size dramatically, he takes control of Iron Man’s weapons and begins firing on the Avengers and other heroes. The Wasp flies inside Kain’s ear and stings him, which causes him to fall over, and sets Iron Man free. With the Overlords all taken care of, the Avengers turn to Dr. Demonicus, but he is weak now, though boasts that he has still won, and motions to a monitor, where a lackey of his that he altered genetically to resemble his true self, Dr. Birely, is addressing the United Nations, thanking them for accepting Demonica into their ranks, and offering up a free trade system. The look-alike then presents Pele and Typhoon’s son as the symbol of Demonica’s aspirations. Demonicus informs Pele and Typhoon that they are free to go and be reunited with their son, before ordering the Avengers to leave. The Avengers know they have to, as they fall under the U.N. so have no jurisdiction here in Demonica. Sunfire heads back to Hawaii, while the Avengers return to California, en route, Tigra contacts them, and informs them that she is going to remain in Australia for a while after being rescued by some Aborigines, and offers her place on the team to Spider-Woman. The other Avengers like this idea, and Hank Pym, offers his place to USAgent, who refused to accept “reserve status”, while the Living Lightning gladly accepts the Wasp’s place on the team. Hawkeye then informs Hank and the Wasp of the phone calls he took for them - Hank‘s date and the Wasp‘s screenplay, but the ex-couple don’t argue about their future plans, knowing that if people like Demonicus can start their own country, there are more important things to worry about.

Full Summary: 

The Pacific, where a rugged new island has been raised from the depths by electronic means in the waters north of Hawaii. Several of the aptly named Pacific Overlords are erecting the national flag of this new country, Demonica, and Irezumi calls out to their master, Dr. Demonicus, informing him that it is done. ‘He’s got eyes!’ Jawbreaker snaps at his teammate, adding quietly, ‘Even if they’re on a kisser that even a mother couldn’t stomach!’ with reference to Demonicus’ deformed facial features.

Demonicus turns to Miguel Santos a.k.a. the Living Lightning and remarks that he seems less pleased than the others at being a charter citizen in his new nation. Solemnly, Miguel replies ‘That’s not it…’ and glances to the super heroes known as the Avengers West Coast, who along with one of the Overlords, are imprisoned in glass tanks. Demonicus tells the Living Lightning not to be concerned about the Avengers, or Typhoon, as the back-up power supply is keeping them helpless within the cylinders.

The sultry Kuroko stands over the motionless bodies of Wanda Maximoff a.k.a. the Scarlet Witch of the Avengers West Coast, and Pele of the Overlords, and remarks that, in truth, it was her and Jawbreaker striking these two women which upset the Living Lightning the most, remarking that their Mexican-American recruit has a gallant streak. Miguel tells Kuroko to shut up, to which Demonicus warns Miguel that there is no room on Demonica for false machismo, as there are great things about to happen - at any moment!

The Overlord known as Kain turns to one of his technicians and asks him what is wrong. The frightened young technician replies that it is Dr. Demonicus, he can not get over how gruesome Demonicus looks without his mask. ‘That’s enough!’ snaps Kain, ordering all of the technicians to go to their posts. ‘We’ve got a brave new world to run here!’ he exclaims.

Kuroko kneels down beside the mighty Scarlet Witch and Pele and asks Demonicus what he wants done with them, as they will awaken, but there are no more deprivation tubes. Demonicus points out that the Scarlet Witch was their enemy right from the beginning, while Pele, like her husband Typhoon, has now refused to join the glorious cause, even though it was he who gave her her new powers. ‘Under the circumstances, you have my permission to execute them!’ Demonicus announces. ‘All right! That’s my kind of command decision!’ Jawbreaker exclaims as he rushes over to the motionless women, while Cybertooth tells him to stand aside and let him demonstrate what his cybernetic teeth can do to flesh and bone.

Kuroko remarks that there is no need for the painfully brutal approach that the two of her teammates wish to take and points out that her staff can dispatch of them both in a far more civilized manner. She then raises her staff above the Scarlet Witch, which is witnessed by her teammates Hank Pym, Janet van Dyne a.k.a. the Wasp, Simon Williams a.k.a. Wonder Man and Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man, from inside their tanks. ‘Good Lord, they’re arguing about which of them can kill most humanely!’ the Wasp gasps. Simon calls out to Wanda, urging her to wake up, while Iron Man is resigned to the fact that there is nothing they can do for her, when suddenly, the Living Lightning bursts into his lightning form and exclaims ‘But I can!’.

Kuroko and the other Overlords are al knocked over, blinded by Miguel’s sudden transformation. Jawbreaker calls the Living Lightning a wetback and exclaims that he never trusted him. ‘Watch your mouth!’ Miguel snaps back. Jawbreaker threatens Miguel and suggests he lose the “electric fence”. Miguel does, ‘Anyway you want it!’ he exclaims, riling Jawbreaker, who is shocked that Miguel took his challenge. ‘He’s actually committing suicide!’ Jawbreaker exclaims, boasting that he is the more superior challenger. Cybertooth stands alongside Jawbreaker as the Living Lightning approaches them, declaring that he signed on to be a Pacific Overlord, not to stand around and watch some no-brain bigot - or anybody else - murder defenseless women.

Jawbreaker replies that he will murder anybody he wants, when Demonicus orders them all to cut it out, exclaiming that he will not have a moment of his glory spoiled by their infernal bickering, and tells Miguel that he will hold him responsible for the women, and asks if he can assume he will execute them if necessary. Miguel cannot bring himself to answer, but he doesn’t need to, as suddenly, ‘Not to worry, kid - you’re not going to get the chance!’ exclaims Clint “Hawkeye” Barton as he drops down from an Avengers Quinjet along with John Walker a.k.a. the USAgent, Julia Carpenter a.k.a. Spider-Woman and Sunfire a.k.a. Shiro Yoshida.

>From inside her canister, the Wasp exclaims ‘It’s Hawkeye - and he’s brought help - even USAgent - whom we kicked off the team!’ Wonder Man remarks that he isn’t surprised to see Spider-Woman here, but Sunfire’s presence puzzles him. Iron Man points out that all that counts is that they are here. Dr. Demonicus calls out to his technicians, ordering them to protect the equipment, and shouting ‘Overlords - kill the attackers!’ USAgent smacks Cybertooth and Jawbreaker into Irezumi, when suddenly Miguel becomes lightning again and warns the approaching Sunfire to keep away, exclaiming that he doesn’t want to hurt anyone, but will if he has to.

The handsome USAgent mutters that this is quite a crew that the Avengers have taken since he walked out on them, and informs Spider-Woman that he has cleared a path for her. Cybertooth is about to say something, but Agent just smacks him over. Julia tells Walker that it would have been a lot easier if he hadn’t practically hung a sign around her neck, before rushing towards some equipment like planned, remarking that she will take what she can get. Wonder Man watches Julia and exclaims that someone clearly figured out those are the control unit for the tubes they are in, to which Spider-Woman exclaims that there are so many buttons, she isn’t sure what one to use. Iron Man informs Spider-Woman that it is the third button from the right, to which Julia exclaims ‘Hey, even Tony Stark has nothing on you, does he, Iron Man?’ unaware that Iron Man is Tony.

Spider-Woman calls out to the Avengers, telling them to hang tight, but before she can press the button, she is struck - hard - from behind. One of the trapped Avengers exclaims that someone whacked Spider-Woman, to which another remarks that it must be the invisible Kuroko. USAgent has been keeping track of what happened and after punching Jawbreaker over he tells the Avengers to not worry, as he will have them free in a second. ‘And all you have to do first is apologize for voting me out of your little private club!’ The Avengers don’t answer, instead one of them warns USAgent to the approaching Cybertooth behind him.

Cybertooth has his deadly mouth open wide, ready to munch on USAgent, who swiftly turns around and smashes Cybertooth - hard - with his mighty shield, ‘Shouldn’t sneak up on people, creep!’ Walker exclaims, when suddenly Jawbreaker returns and punches USAgent. Cybertooth rubs his jaw and thanks his teammate, adding that USAgent nearly dislocated his artificial jaw. But Jawbreaker replies that he didn’t punch USAgent’s lights out for him. ‘I just wanted him and the whole blasted world to know how come Demonicus named me Jawbreaker!’.

Nearby, Hawkeye aims an arrow at Irezumi and tells him to get out of the way. Irezumi explains that his name means “Tattoo”, to which Clint suggests he crawls back to Fantasy Island or into some book written by Bradbury, as Spider-Woman is injured over there and he is going to help her. Clint readies an arrow, but Irezumi warns him that it will not get past him. Clint replies that he wont send his sonic arrow past Irezumi then, but around him, and fires. The arrow makes a screaming sound as it circles around Irezumi, who remarks that it is too bad Hawkeye did not get to ask Iron Man or the Wasp about him, for then he would have known that once he has formed a tattoo in an assailants likeness upon his chest, it will hurl back any force used against it with multiplied strength. ‘My ears!’ screams Clint as an intensified sonic is propelled upon him.

The still-invisible Kuroko exclaims that she will not allow anyone to ruin Dr. Demonicus’ supreme achievement, his new island continent, before remarking that most foes she has fought would have been battered senseless long before now. Julia throws some psychic webs at Kuroko, ‘Maybe I’m just too lacking in sense to know when to quit!’ she exclaims. Kuroko boasts that Spider-Woman will not snare her with that slow-forming web, to which Julia asks ‘Who says I’m trying to surround you - whoever you are!’ Suddenly, Julia is surrounded by her own psionic webs, explaining that she has settled for surrounding herself so she can catch her breath without getting attacked further. Kuroko decides to make her presence felt elsewhere, and slips away unseen.

Sunfire fires a blast of powerful energy at the Living Lightning, exclaiming that he wants Demonicus, for it was he who lured him into a trap, then hypnotized him into doing his bidding. ‘And no one is going to keep me from him!’ But suddenly, the Living Lightning flares up, and knocks Sunfire sky-high. Julia realizes that Sunfire and the Living Lightning have cancelled each other out, and the resulting blow-up didn’t do her any good either - for her ears or psychic webs. Making reference to the Invisible Woman, Julia hopes that Susan Richard’s invisible Japanese pen-pal isn’t close enough to take advantage of the fact.

Demonicus runs over to the Living Lightning, who has returned to his human form and is kneeling near the Scarlet Witch and Pele. Demonicus tells Miguel that the battle is turning, that they need a hostage - the Scarlet Witch - as he will not let them overrun his precious Demonica. ‘You’re a real John Wayne, aren’t ya, Doc’ Miguel replies, as the Scarlet Witch regains consciousness. Disorientated, Wanda wonders where she is. Miguel picks up the Scarlet Witch and holds on to her, before telling Demonicus to ‘Stick this on one of your stupid horns - you’re not putting any more innocent people in danger while the Living Lightning is around!’

‘Then you won’t be around, will you?’ Demonicus replies, reminding Miguel that all he has to do is deactivate the special units on his uniform, then he will become a shapeless mass of electrons - forever. ‘Then I’ve got this great idea…don’t do it!’ Miguel exclaims as he fires a small burst of electrical energy towards the deactivator, smashing it to pieces in Demonicus’ hands. Demonicus is clearly unimpressed, while the Scarlet Witch tells the Living Lightning that she is not sure why he suddenly switched sides, but he has given her a chance to focus her hex power, where she prays it will do the most good.

Wanda’s plan works, as her mutant hex power shatters the tanks the Avengers are trapped in. Hank suggests that they say it, for old times sake, ‘AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!’ he, the Wasp, Iron Man and Wonder Man exclaim in unison. Wonder Man points out that they are assembled, and asks what is next. Hank declares that everyone is to pick an Overlord and take them out. Janet flaps her wings and remarks that is what she likes about her ex-husband, he always has a detailed plan up his rolled-up sleeve. ‘Let’s go get em!’ Iron Man exclaims.

Dr. Pym approaches Irezumi, exclaiming that he will reduce him down so small that he will not be able to menace a puppet. An image of Hank appears on Irezumi who exclaims that he will absorb all the energy cast at him and hurl it back two-fold, but Irezumi is surprised when he finds something happening to him. ‘It’s called shrinking’ Hank exclaims, and asks the villain if he thinks he was asleep when Hawkeye was attacked, before revealing that he adjusted his Pym Particles to reduce himself, which is the energy that Irezumi soaked up. The diminutive Irezumi just shrieks in fear. The Wasp flitters over to Hank and asks him if he is crazy, pointing out that if Irezumi hadn’t absorbed the energy, it might have proven fatal to Hank. Hank replies that it was a calculated risk, to which the Wasp points out that they can no longer ask what happened to Tigra back in Japan.

Jawbreaker remarks that he never did think that Irezumi was much got outside of a tattoo parlor, to which Cybertooth snarls that force should be met with force. Iron Man tells Cybertooth that if that is his idea of a good time, then they are definitely about to have a meeting of the minds, and asks Wonder Man if he is ready. Simon replies that he is. ‘As am I!’ exclaims Cybertooth as he lunges for Iron Man, his sharp-toothed mouth opening wide around Iron Man’s arm, boasting that even it is not safe from he. Indeed, Cybertooth breaks through Iron Man’s armor and wounds Tony’s flesh.

Iron Man admits that he didn’t think those metal molars would be able to chomp through his armor, while Wonder Man pulls Cybertooth away and tells Iron Man to consider himself lucky if he doesn’t get rust poisoning, before smacking Cybertooth far away, exclaiming that he is due for a visit to his family’s cybernetic dentist. Wonder Man looks around, wondering where Jawbreaker got to, but he doesn’t have to look far, as Wanda calls out to him, ‘Simon, watch out!’ she exclaims as Jawbreaker rushes towards him from behind, carrying a large thick piece of metal. Simon steps backwards, ‘Oh, there you are’ he remarks nonchalantly, tripping Jawbreaker up, ‘And there you go!’ he exclaims, smacking his enemy away.

Iron Man flies overhead, announcing that he will take over from here, and fires some blasts at Jawbreaker, who hastily tries to make a getaway. Simon thanks Wanda for the save, and tells her that he is sorry for acting like a jerk since she dumped him. Wanda replies that she did not “dump” him, but that they exactly what they always were - friends and co-workers. ‘You got it’ Simon replies, to which Wanda suggests they go and get the rest of the Overlords.

Nearby, Kuroko drops her invisibility as she stands over Spider-Woman’s motionless body, remarking that her webs kept her out, but not her staff. Spider-Woman makes a small moan, before Kuroko declares that she shall now put Spider-Woman out of her misery, only to be struck on the shoulder by one of the Wasp’s stings. Realizing she is under attack, Kuroko returns to her indivisible state, annoying the Wasp, who only got a small shot in.

The Wasp begins firing her stings blindly. Kuroko decides that the Wasp will not continue an assault blindly, risking endangering her companions and rushes away, though not looking where she is going, as she is watching the Wasp, Jawbreaker is running towards Kuroko, unaware though, until it is too late, and the two crash into each other. The Wasp flies over the unconscious villains lying in a heap and decides not to say anything, as her teammates will figure that she had that collision choreographed, before wondering where Demonicus is so they can wrap up this misbegotten “birth of a nation”.

Demonicus calls out to Kain, asking him to get his men to do something to stop the interlopers. Kain fires his gun at USAgent, who blocks the blast with his shield, while Iron Man and Hawkeye attack the lab technicians. Kain calls back that he couldn’t do anything even if they had a hundred more men, and declares that they must attempt the change. ‘The next change in the life of you clowns is into prison grey!’ Agent exclaims. Demonicus remarks that, like most of Agent’s costumed ilk, he never lets his total ignorance of what is really going on stop him from venturing an opinion about it.

‘I think there was an insult in there someplace!’ Agent exclaims, before asking Demonicus what he is pressing on his glove. ‘You’ll find out’ Demonicus replies. Walker goes over and smashes Demonicus in the face, ‘Whatever it was, pal, it didn’t stop my fist!’ he bellows. Crouching over Demonicus, Walker looks at Kain, who is suddenly surrounded by energy, and Walker asks Demonicus what is happening to him, before calling out to the Avengers, ‘Demonicus’ head techno is really growing on me over here!’ Walker snaps unimpressed as Kain increases in size.

The others make their way over, and Iron Man points out that not only has Kain increased in size, but his clothes and skin are changing to something that almost looks synthetic. ‘Why isn’t anything ever easy?’ Hawkeye mutters. Sunfire flies over and motions to the strange studs jutting out of the enormous Kain’s head and remarks that he suspects there is more to this giant Overlord than his bulk. Iron Man agrees that something has definitely happened to Kain, as he hasn’t uttered a sound since his “growth spurt”.

The Scarlet Witch asks the Living Lightning what he knows about this, to which Miguel replies that knows nothing. Wanda asks Hank if he thinks he can shrink Kain down to a manageable size, to which Hank replies that he tried that the moment he saw Kain growing, so whatever powers him, it is immune to his Pym Particles. ‘Yeah? Well, let’s find out if he can cry uncle!’ Hawkeye suggests as he raises his bow to Kain.

Up in the air, Iron Man remarks to Sunfire that the aerial assault is left up to them, to which Sunfire suggests he attack from the right and Iron Man from the left. But Iron Man doesn’t fly to the left. Sunfire sees this and asks what is wrong. Iron Man replies that he isn’t sure, but all of a sudden he cannot control his movements. Sunfire declares that he will attack alone, and remarks that they shall find out soon enough what Kain’s powers are, when suddenly, Iron Man’s repulsor rays begin blasting everywhere and one of them strikes Sunfire before he can attack Kain.

Iron Man calls out to everyone, ‘Run for it Avengers!’ he exclaims while the dodge his repulsor rays. USAgent blocks the rays with his shield, while the others do the best they can to dodge them as Iron Man explains that Kain is somehow activating his weaponry, to which Hank remarks that he now knows what the studs are for - they enable him to take control of anything mechanical in his vicinity. Hawkeye remarks that it is no wonder he has suddenly got tangled up in these power cords, as has Wanda, who finds herself ensnared by the cords, and exclaims that it is as if they have come alive.

Wonder Man flies over and frees Wanda from the cords, suggesting that she stay away from them and then she will be okay. Simon adds that he would fly up and help Iron Man, but that Kain would probably do something to his jetpack. Wanda suggests that Simon give it a try, adding that her hex power might be able to cancel out whatever energy Kain is radiating. Simon agrees, telling Wanda that she might be right, he takes to the air, remarking that it might be worth a shot, and then exclaiming that Wanda is right, as he is heading straight for his target. Wanda urges Simon to be careful though, as Kain still might hit him - and indeed, Kain does, swatting Wonder Man aside like a fly.

Living Lightning takes to the sky and hovers in front of Kain, while telling the Avengers to get Iron Man to safety, and he will do what he can against Kain, while thinking to himself that if it turns out Kain can affect the power-pods that Demonicus gave him, even when they’ve been turned to electro-plasma like his body, there will be one less Chicano in East L.A. Hank whispers to Wasp that he wishes he could become Giant-Man, but the Wasp reminds him that he has already put his life on the line today, so now it is somebody else’s turn, adding that from the look of things, the so-called Living Lightning ahs definitely switched to their side.

Miguel unleashes surges of lightning around Kain and discovers that there is nothing left in his form that his mechanical, or even physical, but that he is also not doing any harm to Kain. The Wasp flies towards Kain, despite Hank asking her where she is going. Jan doesn’t answer, instead she thinks of how Hank’s talking about Giant-Man reminded her, that anybody who “goes Godzilla” like that probably has the same problems Hank did at first, such as overextended arteries that don’t get enough oxygen to the brain fast enough.

Janet flies into Kain’s ear and thinks to herself that if she is right, and Demonicus is not quite the inventive genius that her ex-husband is, then this should leave the Kong-sized Kain vulnerable to her Wasps sting from the insides. Janet begins unleashing a couple of blasts, and on the ground below, the Avengers watch as Kain stumbles a bit, and covers his face with one of his hands. Hank exclaims that he thinks he know what Janet did inside, and that it has worked. Suddenly, Kain begins to topple, and free from his influence, Iron Man flies down and grabs Hank, pulling him out of harms way, while telling Sunfire to watch Kain. Shiro replies that he doesn’t think Kain will rise again, to which the Living Lightning remarks that he hopes not.

Hawkeye announces that Kain is shrinking back to normal, while Hank whispers to Iron Man ‘You called me “Hank” instead of “Dr. Pym”, does that mean -?’ he asks, referring to Iron Man’s duo identity. Iron Man replies ‘Yes’ and declares that he is through with pretending to him that Iron Man is not Tony Stark. ‘About time, old buddy!’ Hank exclaims, while USAgent remarks that takes care of all the bad guys except for the headman, Dr. Demonicus. ‘And he’s sure not going to give us much of a tussle!’ Agent adds as he turns to the dejected Demonicus who is lying on the ground nearby.

However, Demonicus exclaims that he doesn’t have to fight them physically, and boasts that by the time USAgent and the others arrived on Demonica, he had already beaten them - six thousand miles away! Demonicus motions to a monitor which depicts the current goings-ons at the United Nations. One man thanks the United Nations for admitting the new nation of Demonica sop swiftly into its hallowed body, remarking that the Demonicans are few in number, but as the report stated, they are rich in natural resources such as Titanium and the mineral wealth they have raised from the ocean floor on this very day will made available to all mankind without dear or favor.

‘He’s done it! Demonicus has bought his way into the U.N. - just like that!’ Hawkeye exclaims. Hank asks his friends if they recognize the man addressing the General Assembly, to which Iron Man points out that it is Demonicus - as he used to be. Kuroko approaches Demonicus and remarks that his foes have underestimated him. Demonicus cries ‘Fools!’ and explains that the man on the screen is only a lackey that he altered genetically to “be” Dr. Douglas Birely - down to his fingerprints, adding that even if the U.N. knew the truth, it would make no difference.

‘I always said we should’ve kicked that bunch out of New York!’ USAgent snarls, while the Dr. Birely look-alike announces that Demonica will soon be open for immigration. The Living Lightning asks the Avengers if there is nothing they can do, ‘That guy’s a menace!’, but Iron Man replies that their hands are tied. Hank explains to the Living Lightning that both branches of the Avengers are now under the United Nations, so if Demonica is a sovereign nation, they have no jurisdiction here.

Demonicus tells the Avengers that he is glad they appreciate their situation, and points to the monitor, asking Typhoon and Pele to watch it. By Typhoon exclaims that Demonicus has no sway over them, while Pele asks Demonicus to restore their child to them, when suddenly she sees her son on the monitor, and motions for her husband to look too. They see their son, no longer the misshapen “Big One” that Demonicus made him.

The Birely look-alike addresses the United Nations and introduces the Big One - Kenjiro Sasaki - as the living symbol of the aspirations of their new nation. Typhoon and Pele embrace, smiling that their son has been restored, and ask Demonicus if he will reunite their son with them, if his nightmare - and theirs - is over. Demonicus replies that he will, and informs the happy couple that they will retain the powers he gave them, and revealing that the child’s were only temporary.

Spider-Woman stands with the Avengers and remarks that Demonicus is real good at buying people off. Demonicus informs the Avengers that it was quite simple, that all he had to do was shrink the boy from afar, then ask the police to collect him from their Compound in California for safe-keeping. Demonicus admits that there is still the matter of he being officially a criminal in certain countries - but fortunately not in Demonica. ‘And now…’ Demonicus begins. ‘Here it comes’ Iron Man mutters. ‘Here what comes?’ Hawkeye asks. ‘You mean you really don’t know, archer?’ USAgent asks, before Demonicus, helped to his feet by Kuroko, declares that as overlord of Demonica he demands that all of them leave at once. Agent points out that they have no choice but to leave, before warning Demonicus ‘If you ever set foot in my neighborhood - you’re going to wish you’d stayed on your little 4-by-4 island!’.

Shortly, two Quinjets depart Demonica. Hawkeye points out that since Sunfire had unfinished business in Hawaii, they can return to California. Iron Man, Spider-Woman, Typhoon and Pele are in the same Quinjet, and Julia remarks that it is a shame the Avengers could not arrest Demonicus and his gang, adding that she is glad they reinstated USAgent into the team. ‘He’s got his good points’ Iron Man admits, before pointing out that with Hank and the Wasp leaving, they have a couple of vacancies.

Iron Man points out that they haven’t told him how they ran into the USAgent, to which Hawkeye replies ‘Let’s just say he “dropped in” on us, before noticing an incoming message that someone is trying to get through on the radio - it’s Tigra! Clint asks Tigra where she is, and Greer Grant Nelson as she is also known replies that she is with some Aborigines down in Northern Australia, and figured that she will stay here for a while. Greer suggests that Spider-Woman can stand in for her if she’s still there. ‘Oh, and I’ll get the Quinjet I took back to you…soon as my new pals pull it out of the drink! Bye!’ Tigra exclaims before signing off.

Clint contacts the other Quinjet, asking them if they think Spider-Woman would make a good Avenger. Wanda declares that if Tigra recommends her, then that’s good enough for her. Wonder Man points out that still leaves them one short of seven, to which Walker exclaims ‘Make that two - if you ever try to pull that “reserve” stuff on me again. I’m a regular, or I’m nothing!’ Hank assures Walker that he has earned his spot on the team, muttering ‘Now if you and Hawkeye can just keep away from each other’s throats…’.

Janet points out that it is not their problem now, before declaring that she reserves the right to suggest her replacement, and nominates the Living Lightning. This surprises Miguel, who exclaims that if the Avengers will take a chance on him, then he will take a chance on them. Hawkeye tells the Living Lightning that is big of him, before informing Janet that an agent called before they left Palos Verdes and said that she is crazy about her screenplay. ‘What screenplay?’ Hank asks, turning to Janet. Hawkeye then informs Hank that Jennifer Falk called from UCLA about their missed dinner date. ‘Oh, really?’ the Wasp asks, intrigued. Hank exclaims that he can explain, to which the Wasp tells him not to bother, reminding him that they are divorced, and pointing out that so long as scum like Dr. Demonicus can start up their own country, they have more important things to worry about.

Characters Involved: 

Hawkeye, Iron Man, Living Lightning, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Woman II, USAgent, Wonder Man (all Avengers West Coast)
Hank Pym, Tigra, Wasp (former member of the Avengers West Coast)


Doctor Demonicus
Big One, Cybertooth, Irezumi, Jawbreaker, Kain, Kuroko, Pele, Typhoon (all Pacific Overlords)
Lab Technicians
Dr. Birely look-alike

United Nations Members
Aboriginal Australians

Story Notes: 

Demonica was raised from the Pacific Ocean floor in Avengers West Coast #73.

USAgent was unceremoniously kicked off the team in Avengers West Coast #69.

Sunfire was brainwashed into becoming one of the Overlords, and battled Hawkeye and Spider-Woman II in Avengers West Coast #71.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time Spider-Woman II has rescued the Avengers from a sticky situation - in Avengers (1st series) Annual #15, she freed the East and West Coast teams, single-handedly, from the Vault.

The Scarlet Witch gave Wonder Man the “I think we should just be friends” speech in Avengers West Coast #69. Years later though, they would spend an extended period of time as a couple during Avengers (3rd series), though once again split up, remaining great friends. [Avengers (3rd series) #11 - 51]

Dr. Demonicus and the Pacific Overlords return to hassle the Avengers West Coast, which results in Demonica sinking back into the Pacific Ocean. [Avengers West Coast #92-95]

USAgent “dropped in” on Hawkeye and Spider-Woman in Avengers West Coast #72, with orders to kill Spider-Woman, which of course he could not bring himself to do.

Tigra crashed into the Australian outback in Avengers West Coast #73, and swept downstream in a river, she was rescued by an Aboriginal Australian.

Hawkeye took the phone calls for the Wasp and Hank in Avengers West Coast #71.

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