Avengers West Coast #73

Issue Date: 
August 1991
Story Title: 
Demonica Rising (The Pacific Overlords, part 4)

Roy & Dann Thomas (Writers), David Ross & George Freeman (Pencilers), Tim Dzon (Inker), Bill Oakley (Letterer), Bob Sharen (Colorist), Nel Yomtov (Editor), Tom DeFalco (Editor-in-Chief)

Brief Description: 

Tigra crash lands in Australia, and wounded, she is knocked unconscious when she falls from the Quinjet. Swept down a river, she is rescued by an unknown being. In Sydney, the Scarlet Witch, Wonder Man and Hank Pym are met by some security offers who attempt to take them into custody, but Hank shrinks Simon and Wanda who escape and head to the offices in search of the CEO as they want to speak to him about the equipment he provided Dr. Demonicus with - only to find two of Demonicus’ Overlords, Cybertooth and Jawbreaker. The Scarlet Witch is knocked unconscious, leaving Wonder Man to battle the two villains, one of whom he throws onto Hank, knocking him unconscious when he enters the room, before Jawbreaker knocks Wonder Man unconscious. At Dr Demonicus’ lab, the Living Lightning and Kuroko discuss Dr. Demonicus, during which Kuroko reveals she loves Demonicus, and that the Living Lightning is only being held in a human form by the suit Demonicus has given him to wear. Later, the Scarlet Witch wakes up, only to find herself, Wonder Man, Hank, Iron Man, the Wasp and one of the Overlords all imprisoned, while Demonicus and his other Overlords stand nearby. Demonicus reveals his face from under his mask, before revealing his grand plan - to raise an island up from beneath the Pacific Ocean, Demonica, which will be most powerful nation state in the entire Pacific rim. Finally, the motions are set into place, and powerful beams of intense heat begin to raise the surrounding land beneath the lab. During the process, the Scarlet Witch manages to get free, and attempts to save everyone when water begins pouring in, though Kuroko knocks her out, and the water is soon gone - as the lab sits atop the new nation of Demonica!

Full Summary: 

Somewhere…’Whoops!’ exclaims Greer Grant Nelson, better known as Tigra, the feisty feline member of the Avengers West Coast as the Quinjet she pilots drops awfully close to some trees beneath it. Tigra, talking to herself, remarks that either the trees are getting taller, or else one of the pot-shots that Irezumi’s henchmen took at the Quinjet actually got lucky and struck the Avenger’s aircraft. Tigra decides that, either way, with her knife wound, she is lucky that she has managed to talk herself all the way to Australia.

‘At least, I hope that’s where I am!’ Greer mutters, as the computer is out, and she cannot even use the radio. Greer decides that those would-be-assassins back in Kyoto must have been using some new high-tech ammo to pierce the Quinjet’s armor, before she swoops over another tree, splitting it horizontally. Tigra tells herself to face it, ‘Not even Qantas could get more altitude out of this crate!’ Looking out the window, Tigra remarks that it my or may not be the Outback down there, but wherever it is, she has got to find an open space to land - and real soon.

Her eyes begin to droop and Tigra realizes that the blood she has lost, despite patching up her wound, is taking its toll. Tigra reminds herself that Demonicus’ minions have Iron Man and the Wasp now, so she cannot let them down. ‘So tired…maybe if I close my eyes…just for a second…’ Greer utters slowly, her head hangs, before she turns her eyes back upwards, only to see the ground below through the windscreen, as the Quinjet plummets head-first to the ground. ‘Yipes!’ Tigra exclaims, managing to swerve the jet back upwards just in time, ‘That was close!’ she exclaims, before deciding that she must be in Kakadu National Park, in Arnhem Land, the escarpment area. ‘Thank Heaven for those National Geographic specials!’ Tigra jokes.

Tigra finds some land suitable to set the Quinjet down on as she decides that there is no way she is going to get all the way to Sydney to warn Hank that he and his team are probably walking into a trap. Tigra hopes that, after landing, she can scare up a park ranger or someone else to help her, if only she can keep this thing on an even keel. Suddenly though, Tigra blacks out again, only for a moment as the Quinjet hovers above ground, with a river alongside it, and when Greer regains consciousness, she discovers that her hand is down too heavy on the control stick, and the Quinjet falls down, hard on one side, into the river.

Leaping out of the hatch and on to the side of the Quinjet not submerged in the water, Tigra exclaims that it is a good thing she got as low to the ground as she did before the crash - now all she needs to do is get to that tree sticking out of the water - but the Quinjet slips in the water and Greer is knocked into the river - which quickly sweeps her downstream. Struggling in the fast current, Tigra is knocked unconscious, when finally, someone plucks her from a watery grave and places her on the riverbank, while standing ominously over her….

Somewhere else, in one of the deadly Dr. Demonicus’ many laboratories, the insane mad-man remarks to Miguel Santos a.k.a. the Living Lightning, that his father dreamed too small - he and the ineffectual Legion of the Living Lightning that he belonged to. ‘They schemed to conquer only one nation - while I shall put my stamp upon the entire Pacific Rim, and thereby, upon the world!’ Miguel asks Demonicus what exactly his plan is, remarking that ever since he agreed to join forces, he has heard plenty of generalities - ‘But you’re not much on specifics’.

Demonicus tells Miguel to get one thing clear - ‘You did not “join forces” with me. You agreed to work for me, in exchange for certain…benefits’. Miguel frowns, ‘Yeah, starting with this monkey suit you gave me’ Miguel mutters, motioning to his costume, before admitting that at least when he wears it he looks like a normal human again, instead of, well, living lightning. Miguel remarks that there is still something he would like to know, but Demonicus tells him ‘Perhaps later’ and turns to Kain, asking if everything is in readiness for the imminent moment of truth. Kain replies that it is, before remarking, as Miguel listens closely, that, even at this late date, it still seems incredible to him that they are actually going ahead with their plan. Demonicus replies that he knows, and exclaims that it will be indeed, the realization of every man’s dream, before pointing out that he still has a few details to attend to.

‘Puerco loco…’. Miguel whispers in his native tongue, when suddenly Kuroko materializes beside him, warning him that she would not let the Doctor hear Miguel call him a pig if she were him. Miguel is surprised and exclaims that it is hard to get used to the idea that there is an invisible girl looking over his shoulders. Kuroko replies that she was no spying on Miguel, to which Miguel replies that he couldn’t blame Demonicus if he did have Kuroko spying on him. Miguel then remarks that he can tell Kuroko cares about Demonicus. Kuroko asks if it is truly that obvious, before exclaiming that Douglas Birely is a great man. ‘Just how great, the world will learn just a few hours from now’.

Miguel tells Kuroko that everybody seems to know what is going on around here except for him, but supposes that he cannot expect total trust just yet, and remarks that even though his father was a criminal - in the eyes of the law - the Dr. Demonicus did not give Miguel his powers like he gave powers to the rest of the Pacific Overlords. ‘Guess I should be flattered he trusts me as much as he does, right?’ Miguel asks. ‘Who has told you he trusts you at all?’ Kuroko asks. Miguel asks Kuroko what she means, pointing out that Demonicus has given him free reign of this place, even though he started out as his prisoner. ‘He gives you a long leash, boy’ Kuroko replies, before informing Miguel that the special units in his uniform’s chest, shoulders and belt are all that hold him together in a semblance of human form. ‘Are you saying…’ Miguel begins, to which Kuroko declares that at any moment, Demonicus could deactivate the units, and Miguel would become a mass of formless electrons. ‘For the rest of your unnatural life!’

Meanwhile, in the outskirts of Sydney, Australia. Simon Williams a.k.a. Wonder Man remarks to Hank Pym and Wanda Maximoff a.k.a. the Scarlet Witch that he thinks they drew the short straw, as Iron Man took Tigra and the Wasp to Japan, while they end up here at some electronics factory that looks totally deserted. Suddenly, Wanda remarks that she thinks it is anything but deserted and motions to the arriving convoy of security guards screech towards them, ordering the Avengers to stay where they are.

The security guards surround the Avengers, holding basic guns up to them, one of the guards remarks to Wanda ‘That includes you, Shelia!’ Wanda frowns and replies that her name is not “Shelia” and that she would appreciate him pointing that gun in some other direction. ‘Otherwise, I might have to do a bit of pointing of my own’ Wanda warns the security guard, though Hank tells her to take it easy and suggests they try talking first. Wonder Man turns to one of the security personnel and introduces himself and his teammates, before remarking that he believes Tony Stark phoned to tell them to “put a shrimp on the barbie” for them?

‘Tony who?’ one of the security guards asks, before exclaiming that nobody called him and that the plant is closed for the day, before warning Wonder Man to stick his hands in the air. ‘If that’s the way you want it!’ Simon replies as he grabs one of the jeeps that the security guards arrived in and turns it upside down. ‘Okay if I put my hands down now?’ Simon asks, tossing the jeep over another guard. ‘That’s just great!’ Hank mutters. ‘We come here to ask their C.E.O. about some equipment they sold Demonicus and you turn it into World War III’. ‘Hey, they started it!’ Simon replies. Wanda casts a hex spell and remarks ‘There’s a mature response if I ever heard one’ before pointing out that the guards are getting ready to use those rifles.

Wanda’s hex affects the security guards’ weapons, ‘My gun - it’s falling apart!’ one of the guards exclaims. ‘All of them are at the same time - what are the odds of that?’ another guard asks. Suddenly, another of the guards turns to Hank and asks him where the other two are, ‘They were right here, then nothing!’ ‘Maybe they turned invisible, my friend’ Hank suggests, to which one of the guards tells his fellows that they should close ranks and catch them in the middle.

But down by the guards feet, Wanda and Simon, reduced to diminutive sizes, run quickly, with Wanda remarking that Hank’s Pym Particles shrunk them so fast, before wishing that he were still able to shrink without such danger to himself. Simon assures Wanda that Hank can take care of himself, and points out that that they have for to find the guards’ boss without being seen - or stepped on. Simon looks up at one of the guards looming above him and tells Wanda to go on ahead, that he will catch up in a minute. Wanda makes her way through the grass while Simon picks up a small metal ring, part of a bolt, and exclaims ‘Did I ever tell you that, when I was a kid, I wanted to be a discus thrower?’ With that, Simon tosses the metal up at the security guard, and it smacks him hard in the face.

Simon catches up with Wanda, who tells him that was juvenile, risking their being spotted just because he is angry about her “jilting” him. ‘Hey, not everything has to do with you, Wanda!’ Simon snaps back in reply, claiming that he just didn’t like the guy, that’s all. Changing the subject, Wanda informs Simon that Hank passed her his tracer, and that the emanations are stronger in this direction. Climbing up a grate into a vent which will lead them into the building, Wanda remarks that it seems odd though that they could be shrunk, but not the original Ant-Man, before asking Simon if his strength can bend the bars on the grille. ‘Who needs to? We can crawl in between them!’ Simon points out.

Still in their reduced sizes, Wanda and Simon enter a room and Wanda remarks that, unbelievable as it seems, Hank’s gadget indicates that a machine, like the ones back in Costa Mesa, is operating from this very room. Simon points out that the door does say “Chief Executive Officer” and motions to a desk where someone is sitting. ‘Looks like the head man’s working through his employees day off!’ Simon remarks as he and Wanda walk towards him, and in the process return to their regular sizes.

Wanda whispers that this all seems a bit too pat for her tastes, Wonder Man points out that due to the timing in the Pym Particles, now is their time to find out, and calls out to the man in the chair, announcing their presence, he informs the man that he and the Scarlet Witch are from the Avengers West Coast and that he should be expecting them. When they get no response, Wanda points out that the man is not moving. Simon suggests that perhaps one of the Pacific Overlords got to him before they arrived. ‘Or else -’ Wanda begins until she is interrupted by the man in the chair - ‘Or else, my dear lady - I am one of Dr. Demonicus’ most trusted lieutenants!’ he exclaims, spinning around in the chair to face the powerful duo.

The Overlord introduces himself as Yen Hsieh, ‘But the good Doctor now prefers to call me…Cybertooth!’ An appropriate name, as Cybertooth grins at the Avengers, revealing a mouthful of razor sharp teeth. ‘Look at those teeth! They’re gleaming like a silver buzz saw!’ Wonder Man exclaims. Cybertooth takes that as a compliment and thanks Wonder Man, remarking that he thinks Dr. Demonicus engineered them very well, and remarks that the Overlords are one big family, before picking up a metal paper weight and sticking it in his mouth, where he chomps, munches and chews on it, before spitting it back out in the form of a ball.

Cybertooth boasts that was merely to demonstrate that his cybernetic jaw can rend nearly anything, and suggests the Avengers surrender now. Wonder Man grabs Cybertooth by the neck and asks him what he is trying to pull. ‘If your boss was trying to set us up, he’ll find out he bit off more than even you can chew!’ Wonder Man exclaims. ‘Oh, I hardly think so’ Cybertooth replies. Wonder Man tells him to think again, ‘Cause I’m about to turn you into a dentist’s delight - or else maybe a mechanics!’ Simon exclaims, ready to smack Cybertooth over, only to be grabbed from behind by another of the Overlords, ‘My moniker, movie star…is Jawbreaker! And you’re the lucky stiff who’s about to find out why!’ he exclaims.

Wonder Man spins around and replies that nobody who telegraphs his punches like that is going to lay a hand on - ‘WANDA!’ Simon shouts as he sees Wanda lying motionless on the ground. Jawbreaker uses that moment to smack Simon - hard. Simon is thrown across the room and through the wall, until he comes to a halt against a second brick wall. ‘You were saying?’ Jawbreaker asks.

Cybertooth goes and picks up the Scarlet Witch, while complimenting his teammate on a well-thrown punch, remarking that, as per Dr. Birely’s profile, he is somewhat crude, but undeniably effective. Cybertooth remarks that it still seems their esteemed benefactor took an unnecessary risk luring these “costumed ones” to Japan, Australia and Hawaii so they could attack them. ‘All the same, his “divide and conquer” tactics do seem to have been successful, do they not?’ Cybertooth adds that, perhaps, Dr. Demonicus’ grand strategy will be no less so when it commences in a few hours.

Standing over the unmoving body of Wonder Man, Jawbreaker asks Cybertooth if he ever gets tired of hearing the sound of his own voice, before remarking ‘So, this is the famous Wonder Man! Aw, he sure wasn’t so tough!’ But suddenly, Wonder Man reaches up and yanks the brace off Jawbreaker’s face. Simon gets back to his feet and remarks that, with a name like Jawbreaker and a brace over his chin, that suggests to him that he just might have a glass jaw, and Wonder Man punches Jawbreaker like the villain did to him moments prior.

Back outside, one of the security guard notices Jawbreaker who falls out the side of the building thanks to the force of Wonder Man’s throw, and tries to alert his superior, but the superior tells him to button it, before turning to Dr. Pym and telling him that they are going to ring the police to find out if he is who he says he is, when suddenly the other officers scatter. ‘Hey, where do you whingers think you’re going?’ the chief asks. One of the others tells him to “look up”, but by that point it is too late, as Jawbreaker crashes down on top of him.

Back inside, Cybertooth tells Wonder Man that he should not have done that, to which Wonder Man suggests Cybertooth tell him what the Overlords are up to ‘Before I make what happened to him look like a beauty treatment!’ Cybertooth lunges at Wonder Man, ‘Tell you? No - I will show you!’ he exclaims while boasting that his cyber-teeth have turned steel into mangled shards and glass into crystal splinters. ‘Surely you can picture what they will do to human flesh!’.

‘Who said my flesh was human?’ Wonder Man asks, which Cybertooth soon discovers as he attempts to take a bite, ‘What? It seems - harder than steel!’ he gasps. ‘Try “Ionized organic matter”, scum!’ Wonder Man replies, before suggesting they see how strong Cybertooth’s skin and bones are, and smashes his head into the wall, before tossing him back. ‘Not hard enough, evidently’ Simon remarks, before telling Cybertooth to curl up in the corner over there while he makes sure Wanda is all right, when suddenly, Dr. Pym enters - Simon warns him to look out, but it is too late, as Cybertooth crashes into Hank, knocking him over.

Wonder Man supposes that Hank sneaked away from the gung-ho bots and hustled up here, ‘Just in time for me to accidentally toss fang face at him!’. Cybertooth grabs the still-unconscious Wanda and tells Wonder Man that was the least of his worries, and proceeds to stretch his deadly mouth over the Scarlet Witch’s head, covering most of her headpiece and some of her hair. ‘STOP!’ Wonder Man shouts urgently, ‘All right, you win! I’ll do whatever you say!’ he declares, ‘just don’t hurt her, okay?’

‘Suits me, “Wonder-Bread”!’ Jawbreaker exclaims as he comes up behind Wonder Man and smashes him in the back with a large concrete beam. ‘Long as I get to hurt you a little!’ But picking up the Scarlet Witch, Cybertooth tells Jawbreaker not to, as Demonicus wants all captives as intact as possible. Picking up Wonder Man and Dr. Pym, Jawbreaker mutters that Cybertooth is almost as big a killjoy as Kuroko is. Cybertooth assures Jawbreaker that he will get his chance to inflict pain later, before pointing out that they shall be back at their headquarters in short order, and soon have piled into the Avengers Quinjet, as Cybertooth points out that it is faster than the commercial flight they took to get here.

Shortly, the Quinjet speeds across the ocean, then takes a nosedive while Cybertooth shouts out some co-ordinates. Jawbreaker asks Cybertooth if he is sure this is going to work, as it looks to him like they are going to splash down in the middle of the Pacific. ‘We are the Pacific Overlords, my friend…all doors in this ocean are open to us - including the swirling maelstrom below, activated by those within the dome!’ Cybertooth replies as the Quinjet dives into the spinning whirlpool. ‘You see? Dr. Demonicus has laid his plans carefully these past years’ Cybertooth remarks, explaining that they are being pulled inside, and should only feel a slight rolling motion. Jawbreaker remarks that in the last few weeks he has stowed away on a freighter, helped man a yacht - and now this. ‘If I never see any water again, it’ll be too soon for me!’ he exclaims.

Later, the Scarlet Witch begins to regain consciousness and calls out to Simon and Hank. Instead, she is greeted by Dr. Demonicus, who stands surrounded by his Pacific Overlords on a platform in front of several stasis tanks where Wanda, Wonder Man, Iron Man, Hank, the Wasp and Typhoon are all kept. Demonicus remarks that he hopes Kain didn’t jostle her too much while placing her in stasis. Demonicus exclaims that now they are all awake, he wants to introduce them to his Overlords.

After the “introductions” are made, Wonder Man whispers to Wanda ‘Thank Heaven you’re okay, Wanda! I feel so lousy about the way I -’ Wanda interrupts, assuring Simon that it is okay, she exclaims that they have got to get out of here - wherever “here” is. Janet van Dyne a.k.a. the Wasp exclaims that they have already tried, while Hank informs Wanda that these special tubes they are held in negate their powers. Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man asks Demonicus why he is the only one wearing a mask. ‘You think we don’t know that hiding behind it is your basic mad geneticist - Dr. Douglas Birely!’

Demonicus replies that he despises Iron Man’s smugness and asks what Iron Man knows about the anguish he felt when, while studying genetic mutation, he contracted a unique type of cancer. Demonicus reveals that the cancer is in remission, but only after, to all intents and purposes, it killed Douglas Birely… ‘And have birth to Dr. Demonicus!’ the diabolical mad man exclaims as he removes his mask, revealing his deformed face. Even some of the Overlords are surprised at Demonicus’ appearance, ‘No wonder he calls himself “Demonicus”!’ Jawbreaker whispers, while one of the Avengers points out that Demonicus’ face has become almost the splitting image of the mask.

Kuroko asks Demonicus why he didn’t tell her, to which Demonicus asks ‘Do you think I want to be spurned - or worse, pitied?’. When he gets no response, he exclaims that soon, no one will dare do either ever again, before turning to Kain and asking him how much longer. Kain replies that it could happen at any moment, adding that the electro-stimulation struck magma several days ago. Kain then calls out to some lab technicians, asking if the “hot spot” has been weakened enough. The technician replies that they are doing the best the can, to which Kain tells them it’s not good enough.

Suddenly, the entire complex begins to shake. Kuroko exclaims that it has begun, and Demonicus shouts ‘At last, after all my years of preparation!’ Cybertooth asks if they are safe in here, while one of the Avengers calls out ‘Hey! You want to tell us test-tube babies what in blazes is going on?!’ Demonicus replies that, ages ago, the Hawaiian Isles were formed when the Pacific tectonic plate drifted over a “hot spot”, a thing place in the plate where the volcanic magma is much closer to breaking through. ‘Is this going where I think it is?’ Wonder Man mutters.

Demonicus explains that, by means of his machines, he shall be the first human being ever to induce such a “hot spot”, thereby creating an island which will be thrust upward to the surface in a matter of minutes. He boasts that it will not be simply an island - it will be a nation! ‘The nation of Demonica…my nation!’ Suddenly, Demonicus turns to Pele, who exclaims ‘To this end, you mutated my husband and me - and turned our baby into a monster! Well, I wont let you get away with it!’ Demonicus remarks that he should have guessed Pele’s hypnosis might not stand the strain of such a revelation, and declares that he should have left her, her husband and baby to drown.

Jawbreaker smacks Pele over the head, knocking her out, which shocks the Living Lightning. The Scarlet Witch informs her teammates that she knows the child mentioned was the so-called “Big One” and asks if the man trussed up in the tubes is her husband. Someone replies that he is and explains that he turned against Demonicus before his wife did. While there is a massive rumbling, the Living Lightning turns to Demonicus and exclaims ‘That gorilla hit the woman from behind!’ Demonicus replies that Pele and Typhoon have both become his enemies. ‘I deal with my enemies as I please - be careful you do not learn that first hand!’ Demonicus suggests. Miguel just frowns in silence. ‘That’s better’ Demonicus smirks, before telling everyone to watch the monitors as they will depict what is happening outside.

‘Outside? Then we’re really on the ocean floor!’ Hank exclaims. Demonicus confirms this and tells Pym that, as a fellow scientist, he can surely appreciate this achievement. The monitor depicts intense beams of heat being thrust downwards into the ocean floor from Demonicus’ lab, while the “good” Doctor explains that for months advanced apparatus built to his specifications in Australia and Japan has been acting like an ultra-sonic cookie-cutter upon the Earth’s crust beneath this position. Demonicus remarks that they doubtless know there is a future island only 3000 feet beneath the water south of the present Hawaiian Isles, and declares that it will emerge in some future century and has already been christened “Loihi”, before boasting that Demonica will rise to the surface…today!

There is another mighty rumbling, and Demonicus and his Overlords are knocked off their feet, while the Avengers are tossed about in their confined spaces. Irezumi exclaims that the upward thrust hurls them to the ground, to which Jawbreaker remarks that Demonicus can see that, before muttering that he hopes this “playpen” of his is not going to collapse. Demonicus replies that the facility may sustain damage, but that it was built to withstand even an 8-point earthquake.

A further mighty rumbling, and the Scarlet Witch is thrown through her glass canister, pointing out that this facility may have been built to withstand an 8-point earthquake, but at least one of the tube-cages was now. The Wasp cries out for her friend, but Wanda lands pretty much unharmed, glad she is free, though wondering what good one of her hexes would do right now, as this place has already got all the bad luck that it can stand. Wanda hears something and looks at a wall, seeing that the structure must have been more hurt than Demonicus thought, as sea water is pouring in.

Wanda raises her hands in regular hex-casting fashion, thinking to herself that she has been working on her own to gain more control over her mutant power, so she doesn’t know if she can direct it well enough to undo the damage, but she had better try, before they all drown - suddenly though, Wanda is smacked to the ground by Kuroko who materializes beside Wanda, exclaiming ‘I do not know what you are up to, Avenger, but you will not sabotage the Doctor’s master plan!’

Wonder Man calls out to Kuroko and asks if she didn’t realize that the Scarlet Witch was trying to use her hex power to save them all. Kuroko just tells Wonder Man to be quiet, and asks if he thinks Dr. Demonicus needs the aid of a witch. Demonicus gets to his feet as the water seeps in around everyone and thanks Kuroko for the not-misplaced vote of confidence, and motions to the water which has slowly begun to cease flowing in. Jawbreaker asks if that means some seawall has slipped into place, to which Demonicus replies ‘No, you muscle-bound moron…it means we are above the surface!’ Indeed, the laboratory which once lay at the bottom of the ocean, now sits atop a new landmass. Demonicus exclaims that they are atop the highest point on their new island continent of Demonica. Demonicus boasts that it will soon be the most powerful nation-state in the entire Pacific rim. ‘Uh, Kuroko - you think Doc’s already got his Secretary of State picked out?’ Jawbreaker whispers.

Characters Involved: 

Hank Pym, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Tigra, Wasp, Wonder Man (all Avengers West Coast)

Living Lightning

Doctor Demonicus
Cybertooth, Irezumi, Jawbreaker, Kain, Kuroko, Pele, Typhoon (all Pacific Overlords)
Lab Technicians

Security guards

Tigra’s rescuer

Story Notes: 

Tigra was injured in Avengers West Coast #72, and in the same issue, Irezumi’s men shot at the Quinjet when she escaped from them.

Qantas is perhaps Australia’s best known airline.

The term “Sheila” is a common Australian (and New Zealand) reference for woman, somewhat derogatory in its use.

Written By: