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27th Apr 2023
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Real name

Stakar & Aleta Ogord


Dark Starhawk, The One-Who-Knows, the Light & the Giver of Light


6’ 4” (Stakar); 5’ 11” (Aleta)


450 lbs. (Stakar); 120 lbs. (Aleta)


Strawberry Blond (Stakar); Blond (Aleta)


Blue (both, normally); White (both, as Starhawk)

First appearance

Defenders (1st series) #27 (Stakar);
Defenders (1st series) #29 (Aleta, depicted); Marvel Presents #4 (physical appearance)

Known relatives

Stakar & Aleta (adopted siblings / ex-spouses), Wendell Vaughn / Quasar (father of Stakar), Kismet (mother of Stakar), Ogord (father / adopted father), Salaan (mother / adopted mother), Tara, Sita (daughters, deceased), John (son, deceased), Hawk-God (figurative stepfather), Vance Astro (fiancé of Aleta)



Group affiliation

Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers, Reavers of Arcturus


• Avatar of the Hawk-God, transmuted from two organic beings and cast into a single coherent light-form which is self-sustaining (when merged), able to survive unaided in vacuum, can operate as intangible light or as substantive as matter, and transitions between Stakar and Aleta with only one active at a time while the other is isolated in an astral void
• Aleta generates light for their coherent form, able to project glowing light or tangible light constructs, formulating force beams, pulses, or battering rams, light discs to support and transport her through the air, solid fields for protection, transport or containment of other matter, and other constructs like ramps, bridges, etc.
• Later received additional power to fly unaided, proximity awareness by detecting movement and disturbance in nearby light patterns, and began forging light armor on her costume on command
• Stakar manipulates the light of their coherent form, able to cast intangible light, fire coherent light beams as lasers, intense heat, concussive, explosive, or disintegrating force, manifest “living light” as a healing balm to restore injuries to others, cast solar sails to achieve flight at light speeds, sense energy patterns and fluctuations, borrow Aleta’s power to cast solid light constructs or reinforce his light form with relative superhuman strength and durability
• Also acts as The One-Who-Knows, having experienced hundreds of similar lifetimes in an ongoing cycle, outwardly presenting as clairvoyance or precognition due to his awareness of variables and fixed points in his own timeline
• As Dark Starhawk, Stakar commanded their body with Aleta as an active second consciousness, able to project dark energy instead of light as energy constructs (like Aleta) and energy manipulation (like Stakar)
• As Starhawk II, Aleta became sole Avatar of the Hawk-God, commanding her and Stakar’s original light powers together as well as some cosmic knowledge to become the new One-Who-Knows