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Publication Date: 27th Jul 2023
Written By: Douglas Mangum and Monolith.
Image Work: Tanwer and Binaryan (Ryan Jones).


Despite being under a shorter mental leash than ever, Sabretooth gathered what tools he could for the future. While visiting the Neverland Camp, his senses detected a familiar scent from the low level scientist, Dr. Windsor. While he did not outright admit it, he strongly hinted to Windsor that he knew his true identity, that of a disguised Mister Sinister. Through Windsor, Sabretooth soon learned that Mesmero was facing a confidence problem, resulting in a loss of his powers and thus a loss of control over Sabretooth. With his mental leash broken, Sabretooth escaped again, aided by Dr. Windsor’s deactivation of the alarm. [Weapon X (2nd series) #8-10]

Though free, Sabretooth was still determined on revenge upon Weapon X and worked to secret himself back into the facility. At first it seemed as if luck was on his side, as hostilities had opened up between two factions within Weapon X. However, as it happened, he was caught trying to sneak in by Marrow, who had been assigned by the Director to track him down. Despite her bravado, Sabretooth maintained the upper hand, at least until Marrow opened a flood valve, unleashing a deluge which washed Sabretooth away to his apparent death. [Weapon X (2nd series) #11-12]

Despite appearances, Sabretooth survived and ironically, having escaped from one government agency, shortly thereafter proceeded to accept employment from another. Approached by a CIA black ops project called The Workshop, Sabretooth accepted the job of tracking the feral mutant known as “the Native,” who had lived in the mountains of Vancouver for years after escaping the original Weapon X project. However, when the Native proved too cunning for him alone, Sabretooth approached Wolverine, knowing that Logan had spent time with her after his own escape from Weapon X. At first, Sabretooth allowed Logan to investigate on his own, but after a short time followed his trail to the Native’s den. Sabretooth managed to get the jump on Logan but the Native herself proved too powerful and escaped with Logan in tow. Having to report yet another failure, Sabretooth was summarily fired by his handlers, yet nevertheless refused to give up and continued to track the pair. He arrived shortly after Workshop agents had captured the Native and left Logan for dead. [Wolverine (3rd series) #13-16]

Still angered by being fired, Sabretooth promised to aid Logan in rescuing the Native and led him to the Workshop’s hidden facility. Once there, however, Logan turned on Sabretooth, managing to trap him beneath the wheels of their vehicle. Freed with the help of some guards who eventually came to investigate, Sabretooth decided to attack the Workshop’s administrators who hired him, while Logan continued his quest to free the Native. Sabretooth finished his personal mission of revenge, just as Logan fled the facility with the Native. Sabretooth followed, intending to finish what he started. After incapacitating Logan, Sabretooth killed the Native, who had been carrying Logan’s baby and left behind a message in blood that he had done Wolverine a favor. [Wolverine (3rd series) #17-19]

Along with several other villains, both current and reformed, Sabretooth was approached by a woman named Valeria Merrick, who claimed to be working for the criminal mastermind Tristan Silver, considered by many to be an urban legend. Agreeing despite the mission’s dubious source, Sabretooth and the others were directed to steal a computer disc from AIM which supposedly contained personal information on all super-powered individuals. Ultimately, the mission went sideways as they attempted to infiltrate an AIM facility, and in the chaos Sabretooth escaped. Ironically, in the aftermath, the investigating Nick Fury was under the mistaken belief that the whole mission had been orchestrated by Sabretooth, whom he believed to be the true identity of the (possibly) mythical Tristan Silver. [Identity Disc #1-5]

At some point, Sabretooth had found a buyer for all of the files he had stolen from Weapon X, a large corporation called, straightforwardly, “Megacorp.” In fact, they were behind the mental blocks that prevented the Director from recovering the files’ location from Sabretooth’s mind. Summoned back to the corporate headquarters, Sabretooth met its head and founder, a now elderly Nazi concentration camp survivor. The CEO remembered a certain scientist who worked in the camps and who was known to Sabretooth as his former employer, Mister Sinister. Surprisingly, Sabretooth accepted the contract and attempted a direct attack, only to be rebuffed by Sinister’s mutated creations. However, Sabretooth eventually figured a weakness in the super-mutants and managed to neutralize them, effectively delivering Sinister to his employer. Handsomely paid, Sabretooth departed, unaware that his employer was neither elderly nor a Holocaust survivor, but a disguised John Sublime, who wished nothing more than to join forces with Sinister. [Weapon X (2nd series) #26-28]

Before Sabretooth could even enjoy his latest windfall, he was recruited by the self-styled mutant messiah called Exodus into the latest Brotherhood of Mutants. Inexplicably, their first mission was to attack an Independence Day celebration in Philadelphia. They were rebuffed by a small group of X-Men, who had been tipped off by the Juggernaut, who was acting as a double-agent. Determined to remove the threat of the X-Men, the Brotherhood attacked the X-Mansion itself. There Sabretooth once again faced off against his old foe, Gambit, who along with one of the Stepford Cuckoos and Northstar managed to get the best of him. So injured was Sabretooth that he found himself at the mercy of Wolverine, who literally defanged Sabretooth in the fight that followed. [X-Men (2nd series) #161-164]

After recovering, Sabretooth was looking for challenges and decided to hunt the mystical beast called the Wendigo. Unfortunately for locals on the island where Sabretooth cornered him, the Wendigo was driven into a homicidal frenzy and killed the few dozen who lived on the island. In an attempt to stop him, the Alpha Flight member Sasquatch followed the beast to the island and attempted to lure it to safety. However, after the Wendigo savaged Sasquatch, Sabretooth finally had his window of opportunity and killed the beast, claiming its hide as a trophy. [Sabretooth (2nd series) #1-4]

Going from hunter to hunted, Sabretooth soon found himself on the run from a group of super-powered individuals called the Children of the Vault, a non-mutant variety offshoot of humanity who were bent on his destruction merely because he had discovered their existence on M-Day. After barely escaping their wrath in Nogales, Mexico and with his healing factor greatly reduced, Sabretooth sought out sanctuary with the X-Men, who immediately put him in chains. At first, Sabretooth remained coy about who was chasing him. However, after the mansion was attacked by Northstar and Aurora, both brainwashed by the Children, Sabretooth explained what he knew of the Children and their beginnings. [X-Men (2nd series) #188-191]

Realizing that the Children meant destruction to humanity now that their secret was out, Cyclops ordered Rogue to form a strike force, and she recruited Creed as a member. To ensure control over him, however, Sabretooth was injected by the Beast with a dose of nano-sentinels. With Cable’s advanced tech, the team soon located the Children’s flying ship, the Conquistador, en route to attack the mansion. Together with the rest of the team, Sabretooth boarded the vessel and found tough resistance, though ultimately the team prevailed. [X-Men (2nd series) #192-193]

After disposing of the Children, Sabretooth was once again a “guest” of the X-Men. This time, however, Wolverine was in residence at the mansion, and would have no part in it. Sabretooth was sitting in the mansion’s living room and making himself at home when Wolverine confronted him. He attacked Creed immediately, incensed at his very presence on the property. The fight was bloody, but Sabretooth gained the upper hand and knocked Logan out.

Despite a long period of silence, Romulus returned to Creed’s life at this point and ordered him to bring Logan back into the fold. Logan’s full memories had been restored on M-Day, and so the grand manipulator seemed to want Wolverine to return to his shadow organization and needed Sabretooth to assist. With Romulus’ help, Sabretooth lashed Wolverine to the top of a Blackbird and took flight to Wakanda, where local archeologists had recently uncovered what seemed to be an unknown species of men evolved from canines, rather than apes. The whole situation was a fabrication by Romulus to entice Wolverine into his service, believing that they were part of some shared separate species. [Wolverine (3rd series) #50-51]

Upon arrival (actually via crashing), Sabretooth was taken into Wakandan custody. It was at this point that Wolverine first inquired about the name “Romulus” to Sabretooth, who seemed genuinely frightened into silence, refusing to speak a word about the subject. Sabretooth had good reason, as Romulus had another agent of his on site. In the middle of the night, Sabretooth was violently extracted by a Romulus-enhanced Wild Child, who had arrived after assembling several other “beasts”: Wolfsbane, Thornn, Feral and Sasquatch. As Wild Child had found Thornn and Feral in the remnants of the original Weapon X facility, the group decided to look for Sabretooth & Wild Child there. [Wolverine (3rd series) #52-53]

Meanwhile, Sabretooth had doubled back and returned to the X-Men, who decided the safest place to keep him was within the hold of the captured  Conquistador and away from the Institute’s students.When the X-Men’s latest foe, the powerful Pandemic, tried to launch the Conquistador into space, Cable unleashed the only weapon he had on the Conquistador: Sabretooth. As it happened, Sabretooth was the perfect weapon, as when Pandemic absorbed his powers, Sabretooth’s healing factor inadvertently cured Pandemic of the very virus which gave him his powers, thus eliminating his threat. [X-Men (2nd series) #195-196]

Once again, Sabretooth found himself imprisoned, but not for long. When the X-Men were attacked by the extra-terrestrial Hecatomb during their stay at Cable’s island nation of Providence, Sabretooth was accidentally freed. Out of revenge, Creed locked the X-Men out of the Conquistador at a critical moment during the battle, and in the chaos escaped onto the island. [X-Men (2nd series) #197-199] Once the crisis passed, Sabretooth’s apprehension became top priority for Cable and his people. Ultimately, Sabretooth was found, but not before he had apparently killed Black Box, the island’s information officer, and had taken Irene Merryweather hostage. Luckily for Irene, Sabretooth was surprised by the arrival of Deadpool, who battled Sabretooth long enough for Cable to arrive and use his gravimetric powers to fling Sabretooth miles into the ocean. [Cable & Deadpool #41]

At around the same time, Wolverine’s group found an operating facility at Weapon X with “Sabretooth” in a holding tank. Wolverine intended to use the opportunity to end Sabretooth forever, but Sabretooth broke free and managed to kill Feral before Wolverine caught up with him. This Sabretooth was the opposite of his normal bellicose nature and seemed more animal than man. Even his scent seemed odd to Wolverine. Additionally, the animalistic Sabretooth seemed barely to understand what was going on when Wolverine utilized the Muramasa blade, which negated healing factors and chopped off Sabretooth’s arm so that he could not reattach it. If there was any humanity left in Sabretooth, it was when he begged Wolverine to end him, which the X-Man did by decapitating his old foe. Sabretooth’s body was buried by Wolverine in secret, near the cabin Wolverine had shared with Silver Fox in the Yukon. [Wolverine (3rd series) #54-55]