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Publication Date: 27th Jul 2023
Written By: Douglas Mangum and Monolith.
Image Work: Tanwer and Binaryan (Ryan Jones).


Though his human mind recovered, any signs of Sabretooth’s inversion were gone by this point. Creed next appeared during the War of the Realms, when Malekith the Dark Elf brought armies from Svartalfheim to invade Midgard, and occupied New York City. Creed established himself as leader of wolves from the Wild Hunt and was interested in currying favor with the new masters of Earth. When the X-Men arrived to help human refugees, Sabretooth captured Magik and locked down her sorcery with a necklace from the Enchantress. He hoped to break her spirit and offer her teleporting stepping disks to Malekith as a replacement for the Black Bifrost destroyed by the Avengers and their allies. However, he was tricked into sending his borrowed army through a portal to Limbo, costing Malekith an advantage instead. Sabretooth had his throat ripped out by Wolfsbane and was decapitated by Magik, leaving him with nothing and apparently very, very dead. [War of the Realms: Uncanny X-Men #2-3]

A new age dawned for mutantkind with the establishment of a mutant nation-state on the living island of Krakoa. Founded by Xavier and Magneto, Krakoa was intended as a home for all mutants. They developed many innovations using mutant science, such as Krakoan gates allowing instantaneous travel and Krakoan drugs to extend life and cure diseases, giving them great leverage with the nations of mankind. As they negotiated entrance into the United Nations, Krakoa secured amnesty for all mutants around the globe who claimed citizenship in their new country. In secret, a mutant circuit was developed through the Five which allowed for the resurrection of any mutant who died in recent history, thanks to the foresight of Xavier and the genetic samples of Mister Sinister. Unfortunately, somebody then had the short-sighted and morally dubious idea to resurrect Victor Creed and introduce Sabretooth into this new utopia.

All was not perfect with paradise, and so people willing to do necessary things were still needed. Magneto instructed Sabretooth, Mystique and Toad to retrieve information from Damage Control in New York regarding new developments in Sentinel technology. Their breaking and entering was still illegal but, in the interests of nation-building, Magneto gave strict instructions that no human was to be killed. Despite this, Sabretooth broke their cover and inflicted fatal wounds on the guards. To make matters worse, the trio caught the attention of the Fantastic Four as they fled towards the Krakoan gate in Washington Square Park. Mystique and Toad got away with the data, but Sabretooth was snared by the Invisible Woman’s force fields. Cyclops himself stepped through from Krakoa to speak on Creed’s behalf, and gently remind the Richards clan of the meaning of “amnesty.” When the Fantastic Four stood their ground, however, Cyclops chose not to press the issue (probably to remain on good terms with the parents of an Omega-class mutant who had yet to visit Krakoa). Instead, he promised to retrieve Victor through other means. [House of X #1]

Indeed, Sabretooth was in the process of being sentenced to indefinite prison time at the Department of State’s supermax prison Achilles when the White Queen strolled in. She and the Stepford Cuckoos filed the proper diplomatic paperwork to secure immunity and amnesty for Victor Creed, citizen of Krakoa. Mutants would no longer be judged by human courts, and so a twelve-time convicted felon (at least) like Sabretooth was allowed to walk free. [House of X #3]

Or, rather… not. Sabretooth was brought back to Krakoa, where his fate became the first order of business for the Quiet Council, Krakoa’s newly appointed ruling government. Xavier, Magneto and Frost were joined by X-Men like Jean Grey and Nightcrawler but also formerly antagonistic figures like Sinister, Apocalypse and Mystique. In building their nation, they decided to enact three laws to serve as the foundation of their society: Make More Mutants, Respect This Sacred Land, and Kill No Human. It was this last law that would matter to Sabretooth. With mutant resurrection in their grasp, no mutant needed to ever worry about death again. Therefore, the highest crime of a Krakoan would be to kill somebody who could not come back.

Victor saw the direction the council was going, and tried to threaten them, but Frost and Grey telepathically silenced him. As justification, Magneto confirmed he gave Creed strict instructions not to kill anyone before his mission, yet he disobeyed. Sabretooth had broken the sacred laws of Krakoa, albeit retroactively. The good people of the Quiet Council decided it would set an example to the world for Sabretooth to be found guilty by this council of his peers. Some agreed with the reasoning, some enjoyed Creed’s suffering and some just wanted to wash their hands of him altogether. There would be no prisons on Krakoa. Instead, Victor Creed was sentenced to the Pit of Exile, held in stasis deep beneath the surface of Krakoa, aware of his surroundings and yet unable to move or act, for as long as the council deemed it fit. This, they said, was justice. [House of X #6]

Sabretooth dwelled in the Pit for months, living out scenarios in his mind while being oblivious of his true surroundings. Krakoa did not completely forget him, but the idea of releasing Creed was so absurd the Quiet Council felt comfortable denying his parole even without a full quorum. [X-Men Unlimited Infinity Comic #62] However, Victor found some unlikely advocates in Krakoa itself and his designated speaker, Doug Ramsey. Krakoa had a mind of his own and, while they tolerated the Quiet Council’s rulings, Krakoa and Cypher thought the sentence was too harsh. Consequently, they reached out to Sabretooth mentally within the Pit’s psychically constructed environment. Doug thought Creed’s exile would only have value if he could reflect upon his actions, and so he offered Sabretooth the ability to consciously shape and control the psychic environment of the Pit. Even this small measure of freedom was more than he had, and so Victor Creed accepted.

Over an immeasurable period of time in the astral plane inside the Pit, Sabretooth indulged himself. He imagined killing his enemies and settling old scores until the practice ceased to amuse him. He forged an empire as Creed the King, conquering the Feral Lands with nothing but his strength and his sword. He expanded, imagining himself as a brilliant space pirate who secretly manipulated galactic empires. His mind shaped the Pit of Exile into what he wanted, and integrated into Krakoa itself. Victor Creed became the Lord of Hell inside the Pit, dominated by his mind from his throne. In a nation that would have no prisons, the sole prisoner made his prison his own. And then, one day, more prisoners arrived. [Sabretooth (3rd series) #1]

Having sat in judgment once, Xavier and Magneto found themselves willing to do so again. One way or another Madison Jeffries, Nekra Sinclair, Oya, Melter and the Third Eye violated the Three Laws of Krakoa, and the two founding members of the Quiet Council chose to condemn them to the Pit of Exile as well. Sabretooth’s mind was so strong and so integrated into Krakoa by this point that the new prisoners were absorbed into his astral projection of their environment, seeing and hearing only what he wanted. Creed initially chose to torment the new arrivals, having genuine victims for the first time in a long while, but he quickly changed tactics. Victor began to preach about how unjust Krakoa’s practices were, and he tried to convince the other prisoners to join him in escaping. [Sabretooth (3rd series) #2]

Sabretooth claimed he had a plan for them all to escape, but he was only manipulating the other prisoners the whole time. He showed them how to manifest through Krakoa’s bio-matter and contact people on the surface. Instead of seeking out the Marauders like he asked, they spoke to their contacts and spread word of Krakoa’s unjust prison. This was what Creed wanted all along, to destroy Xavier by destroying his reputation as a saintly and just figure on Krakoa. With the rabble roused, he got Cypher to come back to the table and renegotiate their deal. In exchange for his freedom, Sabretooth promised to stop sowing rebellion on Krakoa. Cypher and Krakoa had to take the deal, because Creed’s influence was beginning to physically undermine Krakoa’s integrity as well. Creed stole a boat he learned about from Nekra and Oya and abandoned Krakoa and his collaborators. Once he was gone, though, Cypher paroled the other prisoners as well. He told them how Sabretooth betrayed them and sent these Exiles out to deal with Victor Creed once and for all. [Sabretooth (3rd series) #3-5]

Sabretooth was captured on the waters sailing away from Krakoa by a faction of the Orchis Corporation. Doctor Barrington was conducting illegal medical experiments on mutants under Orchis’s mandate, and Victor’s healing factor was a major prize. Even with an inhibitor collar, he still recovered at an accelerated rate, so she surgically implanted a Barrington Coil in his guts which further disrupted his mutant abilities, leaving him weak. The Exiles caught up with Sabretooth and Orchis at an artificial island maintained by the corporation and began to cause chaos. Creed took the opportunity to escape containment and ran a search on the self-destructing airship’s computers to gather intelligence. He learned his darling boy Graydon was the general contractor supporting Barrington on behalf of Orchis. In his weakened state, Sabretooth realized he needed help and joined up with the Exiles. [Sabretooth & the Exiles #1]

The Exiles naturally didn’t trust Sabretooth, but they also were in no hurry to return to Krakoa. Creed’s former pawns had been joined by other prisoners from the Pit – Toad, Nanny, and the Orphan-Maker – and Orphan-Maker was kidnapped by Barrington during her escape from the island. Victor openly agreed with the Exiles that he would betray them given the chance but, since their goals currently aligned, they might as well accept his help. They tracked Barrington and Orphan-Maker to the next station, where near a thousand mutants were being held in captivity. The Exiles rescued these mutants aboard their ship, the Maroon, as well as another prisoner who appeared to be a dead version of Victor Creed. [Sabretooth & the Exiles #2-3]

Barrington fled to the next Orchis station, and the Exiles were interested in stopping her. In the meantime, Sabretooth held court among the former prisoners and told them stories about the rot at the core of Krakoa, convincing these mutants that the island wasn’t just or free. The Exiles realized Sabretooth was manipulating their passengers as he did to them, but they were hard pressed to contradict the vision he painted of Krakoa. When the Exiles were occupied by Barrington, Sabretooth was snagged by a tractor beam and taken to the orbital Orchis station, where his son Graydon Creed waited to greet him. [Sabretooth & the Exiles #4]

Graydon had been busy since returning from Hell. He decided to make himself the last Creed in existence and began hunting Sabretooths throughout the multiverse. He killed dozens of incarnations of his father before he felt comfortable hunting for the real thing. Victor only survived because three other Sabretooths broke out of Graydon’s holding pens and attacked. They slit open his guts and allowed him to remove the Barrington Coil which hampered his healing factor, but left the rest to him. As he recovered, Creed caught up with the three Sabretooths and helped fight against Graydon’s slaves, the remote-directed preserved bodies of his past victims. Graydon fell through his own multiversal portal, and Sabretooth and the Sabretooths claimed control of Orchis Station Five. [Sabretooth & the Exiles #5]