Publication Date: 13th Jul 2023
Written By: Mesmerizer.
Image Work: Douglas Mangum.
Issue Checklist
[title] - Daredevil (1st series) #110
Daredevil (1st series) #110

runs away from home, joins Mandrill in the desert, mutant powers manifest

[title] - Shanna the She-Devil (1st series) #5
Shanna the She-Devil (1st series) #4-5

fights Shanna in west Africa

[title] - Daredevil (1st series) #112
Daredevil (1st series) #110-112

fights Daredevil and Black Widow, briefly takes over the White House with Mandrill, taken into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody

[title] - Spider-Woman (1st series) #16
Spider-Woman (1st series) #13-16

escapes custody, takes over leadership of a Kali cult and Adrienne Hatros’ clinic, tries to create a drug that will make her resistant to Spider-Woman’s pheromones

[title] - West Coast Avengers (2nd series) #1
West Coast Avengers (2nd series) #1-2

becomes Grim Reaper’s lover and joins his Lethal Legion, fights the Avengers

[title] - Vision and the Scarlet Witch (2nd series) #2
Vision and the Scarlet Witch (2nd series) #2

Reaper dies

[title] - Vision and the Scarlet Witch (2nd series) #12
Vision and the Scarlet Witch (2nd series) #12

resurrects Reaper with voodoo, he dies again

[title] - Web of Spider-Man (1st series) #46
Web of Spider-Man (1st series) #46

fights Spider-Man and Hank Pym

[title] - Alpha Flight (1st series) #80
Alpha Flight (1st series) #79-80

summoned by Llan the Sorcerer, fights Alpha Flight

[title] - Avengers Spotlight #29
Avengers Spotlight (1st series) #29

incarcerated in the Vault

[title] - Marvel Graphic Novel #68: Avengers: Death Trap - The Vault
Marvel Graphic Novel #68

has brief affair with Mister Hyde in prison

[title] - Avengers West Coast #65
Avengers West Coast #65

brings Grim Reaper back from the dead, is murdered by him

[title] - Druid #2
Druid #2-4

resurrected by Hellstorm, tricks and murders Doctor Druid at his behest

[title] - Loners #5
Loners #1, 4-5

donates her genetic material to a Mutant Growth Hormone ring, fights the Loners

[title] - Dark Reign: Lethal Legion #1
Dark Reign: Lethal Legion #1-3

reconciles with the Reaper, participates in a Lethal Legion mission, ends up in prison after being betrayed by the Reaper

[title] - Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men : Utopia
Utopia crossover

participates in San Francisco protest against anti-mutant legislation, fights Osborn’s Ms. Marvel

[title] - Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #528
Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #528

burns down a San Francisco museum with Frenzy, taken into custody by X-Men

[title] - Power Man and Iron Fist (3rd series) #4
Power Man and Iron Fist (3rd series) #2, 4

teaches black magic to cellmates White Jennie and Black Mariah

[title] - Chaos War: Dead Avengers #2
Chaos War: Dead Avengers #1-3

she and Reaper fight reanimated Avengers, confronts Doctor Druid, killed in explosion

[title] - Secret Avengers (1st series) #14
Secret Avengers (1st series) #14, 16

apparently revived, hangs out with other villains at the Bar With No Name

[title] - Sabretooth (3rd series) #3
Sabretooth (4th series) #1-5

becomes a citizen of Krakoa, cast to the Pit of Exile alongside other mutants as punishment for breaking mutant laws, teams up with Sabretooth to escape jail but is betrayed by him, joins a new group recruited by Cypher to go after Sabretooth

[title] - Sabretooth & the Exiles #1
Sabretooth & The Exiles #1-5

she and her group form an uneasy alliance with Sabretooth against the Orchis organization, rescues mutant prisoners, establishes herself as the unofficial leader of her group, now named “Maroons”