Publication Date: 2nd May 2024
Written By: Monolith.
Image Work: Douglas Mangum.
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The Avengers of the Undead from Earth-666 had a roster of heroes who had undergone various supernatural transformations. Led by the haunting spirit of Doctor Voodoo, they received the Orb of Necromancy from Captain Britain of Earth-616. Brian initially believed the Orb in good hands on Earth-666, being redundant to their way of life. However, Voodoo later revealed he intended to spread death and necromancy to the rest of the multiverse, forcing Captain Britain, Hawkeye and Beast to fight to regain the Orb.

In the Mutant X universe, the Beyonder faced off against a very eclectic team of heroes known as the Lethal Legion. One member of the Legion was a version of Brother Voodoo who was also a zombie but retained his knowledge of magic and access to the Loa. Unfortunately, he and his teammates were quickly killed by the all-powerful being.

On Battleworld, Brother Voodoo was surprisingly a member of the X-Men in the domain known as Inferno. In order to keep the Limbo-infected Manhattan at bay, the X-Men adopted a number of magic users to maintain the force field that held back the Goblin Queen and her demons.