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2nd May 2024
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Real name

Jericho Drumm


Brother Voodoo,
Lord of the Loa and
the Darkling Powers,
The Man Who Lived Twice,
Houngan Supreme,
Sorcerer Supreme


6’ 0”


220 lbs.





First appearance

Strange Tales (1st series) #169

Known relatives

Unnamed parents (deceased),
Daniel (brother, deceased),
Matilda (aunt)


Psychologist, physician,
author, voodoo-priest,

Group affiliation

Avengers Unity Division,
Strange Academy,
Howling Commandos,
Midnight Sons


• Expert voodoo practitioner, evoking faith-based magical effects which grow stronger based on his self-confidence and belief, as well as the belief in his power shared by onlookers and potential victims, able to receive guidance from the Loa (the Vodu Gods, spirits, and their familiars) as dreams or manifestations to direct his actions or act on his behalf
• Personal repertoire of magic allows him to become impervious to heat, smoke, and flame at will, summon smoke to obscure his movements and enable teleportation under the proper circumstances (accompanied by the supernatural beating of drums to unnerve people within earshot), pyrokinesis to snuff flames or exert control over existing fire, mental power to command plants and lower animals or employ mesmerism to place powerful compulsions in the minds of people, manipulating their memory, behavior, and perceptions
• Necromancer attuned to the souls of the dead, allowing him to see and communicate with ghosts, guide the recently deceased back to life or onwards to the afterlife, focus their ectoplasmic power for spells, sense the presence of zombies, and raise or lay to rest zombies through necromancy
• Carries the Staff of Legba, an enchanted artifact acting as conduit for the power of the Loa and commands signature spells such as increasing his power to teleport within or between dimensions, the Barrier Crows of Legba which can isolate an opponent or bar them from traveling the ever-dimensions, and cast the Language of Null to induce destruction or disintegration
• Inhabited by the spirit of his dead twin brother, Daniel Drumm, who could leave Jericho’s body as a specter for reconnaissance, to possess the bodies of others and control them, and imbued Jericho with double his strength, speed, agility, endurance, reflexes, and recuperative powers when they were together
• Formerly served as the Sorcerer Supreme, wielding the power of the Eye and Orb of Agamotto, the Cloak of Levitation, the Book of the Vishanti, and enjoyed the patronage of the Vishanti who supplemented his knowledge of spellcraft and could be called upon to amplify and reinforce his castings