Publication Date: 14th Sep 2018
Issue Checklist
[title] - Avengers (1st series) #366
Avengers (1st series) #366

describes her abusive childhood with her mother

[title] - noimage
Avengers Unplugged #2

learns to fly at 5 years old

[title] - Vision (1st series) #1
Vision (1st series) #1

reveals she was a prisoner in the Rigellian slave pits

[title] - noimage
Chaos War: Dead Avengers #2

kills member of her platoon, is banished by her aunt Lilandra

[title] - noimage
Avengers (1st series) #363-364

sent by Lilandra to protect the Avengers from the Kree, helps save them from Kree sentries

[title] - noimage
Avengers (1st series) #365-366

helps the Avengers hunt the Kree, captured and nearly killed

[title] - noimage
Avengers (1st series) #367

tries to seduce Vision

[title] - Avengers (1st series) #378
Avengers (1st series) #378-379

encounters legendary Shi’ar hero Tykil Alabar and Mephistoid villain the Butcher, kills the Butcher, has her beliefs shaken by the encounter

[title] - Avengers (1st series) #383
Avengers (1st series) #383

fights Arides with the Avengers, convinces him to abandon the fight

[title] - Vision (1st series) #1
Vision (1st series) #1-4

helps find the missing Vision, is abducted by the Anti-Vision

[title] - Avengers (1st series) #389
Avengers (1st series) #389

receives a message from her adoptive mother, confronted by Gyrich.

[title] - noimage
Avengers (1st series) #390

receives an ominous fortune telling

[title] - noimage
Avengers Unplugged #2

fails to recognize Gravition, helps save civilians

[title] - Avengers The Crossing
The Crossing Crossover

saddened by Marilla’s murder

[title] - noimage
Avengers Unplugged #4

fights Screaming Mimi, Angarr and Klaw

[title] - Avengers (1st series) #399
Avengers (1st series) #398-399

nearly kisses Hercules, travels to the moon to retrieve K’Rin’s beacon, attacked by Lilandra’s soldiers, returns to Chandilar with Hercules

[title] - noimage
Incredible Hulk: Hercules Unleashed #1

returns Hercules to Earth before returning to space

[title] - noimage
Annihilation: Conquest Star-Lord #1

arrested by the Kree. conscripted into strike squad against the Phalanx

[title] - noimage
Annihilation: Conquest Star-Lord #2

attacks Captain Universe and is killed

[title] - noimage
Chaos War: Dead Avengers #1-3

resurrected during the Chaos War alongside fellow dead Avengers. briefly receives cosmic awareness and adopts the name Lifecry, returns to death