Publication Date: 14th Sep 2018


Destined to be known as "Deathcry,” Sharra Neramani was born into the Neramani dynasty, the family of ruling monarchs of the Shi'ar Empire. Unlike other members of her species, Sharra was considered a genetic throwback, possessing bestial features, such as claws and a layer of furlike feathers. This mutation also made her prone to animalistic rages, something that would come to haunt her throughout her life.

[Note: While her parentage was never confirmed, several clues point towards her being the daughter of Cal’syee Neramani, Deathbird. Like Deathbird, Sharra possessed a throwback mutation. Lilandra referred to Sharra as her niece in Chaos War: Dead Avengers #2, confirming she is the child of one of her siblings. While she could be the child of D’Ken or Lilandra’s unnamed dead sister, the fact that there were no claims of succession from Sharra after the sister’s death or D’Ken’s catatonia support her being the daughter of the Deathbird, who lost her claim to the throne. Furthermore in Avengers (1st series) #363, she was stated to be a staunch supporter of Deathbird.]

Sharra’s childhood was largely unhappy, and she suffered under an abusive mother. One bright point of happiness was her nursemaid, K’Rin, who treated her with more love than her own mother. By the age of five, Sharra had been taught how to fly, possibly by K’Rin. [Avengers (1st series) #366, Avengers Unplugged #2]

While in her teens, Sharra served in the Shi’ar military, like many other members of her family. Little is known about her time in the military, though she spent some time as a prisoner in the Rigellian slave pits during her service. [Vision (1st series) #1]

While as a soldier, she took a lover. Unfortunately for Sharra, this simple decision would lead to her downfall. Her bestial nature would get the better of her when one of her squad mates also started sleeping with her lover. While drunk at a bar, Sharra lost control of herself in a bestial rage and ripped her rival’s throat out.

This act of honorless murder enraged her aunt, the Shi’ar empress Lilandra, as it placed the entire royal line in question for being even capable of such an act. Sharra was brought before her aunt in chains, who demanded an explanation for her appalling behavior. When Sharra couldn’t provide one, the disgusted Lilandra stripped her of her name and banished her from imperial space. However, she informed her niece she could earn her honor back through a mission to Earth. [Chaos War: Dead Avengers #2]

Soon after, the woman now known as Deathcry was summoned to Starharbor, the home of the Shi’ar armada, to learn of her mission. Lilandra had received intel that dissident Kree forces had targeted the Avengers for their part in the Kree/Shi’ar War and the death of the Supreme Intelligence. Lilandra wished to protect her allies, however the strain of absorbing the Kree after the war had stretched Shi’ar resources thin. Despite protests from her advisors, Lilandra appointed Deathcry with the mission to protect the Avengers, which she accepted, swearing her loyalty to Lilandra unto death. [Avengers (1st series) #363]

Deathcry raced to Earth in a shuttle stripped down for speed and discovered the Avengers lost in the Andes, having just finished a disastrous mission. The Shi’ar woman greeted the Avengers with bluster and arrogance, hardly winning their trust. Additionally, as they were quickly attacked by Kree sentries, the Avengers were unable to take the time to assess this mystery woman. With the aid of Deathcry, her ship and the limited weapons on it, the Avengers managed to bury the sentries under a massive avalanche. [Avengers (1st series) #364]

While the sentries were eliminated, their masters still remained at large. A rogue group of Kree soldiers made it their mission to punish the Avengers, and the Earth, in an “eye for an eye” style punishment for their part in the destruction of the Kree Empire. Deathcry aided the Avengers in tracking the Kree criminals while they wantonly committed acts of murder. Meanwhile, the Shi’ar warrior managed to offend most members of the Avengers with her abrasive personality, even sexually propositioning the Vision. Despite this, the Avengers recognized her value and tolerated this behavior in order to take down the Kree.

With some of the Avengers, Deathcry investigated a suspicious Kree signal, which unfortunately turned out to be a trap set by the Kree dissidents. With the exception of the Vision, the entire group was easily defeated and captured. The Kree had made a deal with their ally, the Collector, to hand their Avenger captives over, but unfortunately for Deathcry she was not an Avenger. As a member of the hated Shi’ar, the Kree eagerly tortured her and planned to kill her. However, she was rescued by Hercules, who was so enraged at the sight of his ally being tortured that he broke his seemingly unbreakable bonds. Deathcry was eager for some retribution but the villains teleported away before she could dole out sufficient punishment. [Avengers (1st series) #365-366]

Deathcry had made few friends amongst the Avengers, though she formed an odd fixation on the Vision. On her own world, pleasure robots had been common until her aunt Lilandra banned them, which Deathcry found ridiculous. She read Vision’s files and knew he had a history or relationships with women and propositioned the synthezoid. However, when she kissed the android, she received no reciprocation, as Vision had recently lost his ability to feel emotions and desires. This enraged the impulsive young woman, who accused the Avenger of being a coward who hid behind his lack of emotions, simply because he didn’t want to be hurt again. [Avengers (1st series) #367]

It soon became evident to the Avengers that Deathcry was younger than she portrayed. Her arrogance and bravado hid an inexperienced youth still hurting from her exile. Also, her fixation on Vision evolved into a hero worshiping crush, which her team mates playfully teased her about.

As her time as a guest of the Avengers drew on, the team decided she should assist with some of their operations. The Vision took her and fellow Avengers guests, Magdalene and the Swordsman, to investigate an Avengers’ tracking station on a remote Scottish Island that had gone silent. To Deathcry’s shock, on the island they discovered an ancient Shi’ar ship, the former prison of “the Butcher.” The Butcher was the leader of the Mephistoid people during a bitter war with the Shi’ar a millennium ago, until his defeat by the legendary T’Kyll Alabar. Deathcy was even more surprised when she came face to face with Alabar himself, who informed her that he had remained in stasis with the Butcher for millennia to guard his prisoner.

Deathcry was in awe of Alabar, whom she saw as a hero of legend, but Alabar failed to live up to her expectations. Alabar was bitter and used techniques that appalled Deathcry, like dousing their enemies with mind controlling pheromones. Ultimately, she learned the dark truth about Alabar, that he had butchered a peaceful abbey of female Mephistoids to steal their pheromones and win the war against their enemy. Alabar’s shame for this act deeply affected Deathcry, and he tried to convince her to not always believe her people’s propaganda. The “hated” Mephistoids she despised were guilty only of losing the war. The Butcher killed Alabar soon after and Deathcry struck him down, killing him with Magdalene’s power staff.

The young Shi’ar was rattled by this entire experience, which broke her trust in the beliefs she was raised on, making her doubt everything she was ever was taught. [Avengers (1st series) #372, #378-379]

Soon after, the Avengers came into conflict with the Kree Arides, who had been dormant on Earth for years. Deathcry played a key role in diffusing the situation by explaining how the Kree had fallen to the Shi’ar during Arides’ dormancy. This uncharacteristic display of reason over violence from Deathcry helped drive the powerful adversary off-world to investigate Deathcry’s claims. [Avengers (1st series) #383]

When the Vision went missing, Deathcry volunteered to help Crystal find the sythezoid, for whom she still harbored feelings. Upon locating the Avenger in New Orleans, they discovered he had been reprogrammed into believing he was a 1940s gumshoe. Despite Deathcry’s best efforts, it was Crystal who managed to get through to the Vision. Her jealousy and frustration drove the Shi’ar to break down emotionally to Vision’s companion Jocasta.

Almost immediately after this, Deathcry was kidnapped by the orchestrator of Vision’s situation, an evil twin of the synthezoid known as the Anti-Vision from an alternate reality. A mere bargaining chip in the Anti-Vision’s game, the villain tormented her with visions of the Kree rebel that almost tortured her half to death. Ultimately, she was rescued by her hero, the Vision, but her heart was broken when he resigned from the Avengers to deal with the fallout from this ordeal. [Vision (1st series) #1-4]

As Deathcry became more comfortable with the Avengers she began to let her barriers down. No longer was she arrogant and alien warrior. Instead, she gradually began acting more and more like the teenage girl she truly was. Perhaps having learned from the behavior that got her exiled, the girl once known as Sharra also seemed to have her bestial urges under control.

After weeks on Earth and with no further sign of a threat from the Kree to keep her focused, the reality of Deathcry’s situation began to sink in, leaving her feeling very alone. So, when a Shi’ar beacon arrived on Earth via a portal near the sun, she raced to retrieve it. This brought her into conflict with government agent Peter Gyrich and his mandroids. Gyrich saw Deathcry as an alien threat, as the beacons that had come through the wormhole that recently had posed a threat to the sun itself. Deathcry, though, was only aware of one beacon and she felt this revelation caused the Avengers to mistrust her, making her feel like even more of an outsider. Upset by all this, she fled Gyrich and the Avengers, only to return later because she had nowhere else to go. She was comforted by Hercules as she watched the message that was on the beacon, a garbled video from K’Rin, the nursemaid who had raised her. [Avengers (1st series) #385, 389]

After weeks of interrogation by Agent Gyrich, Deathcry was released without charge. While relaxing and taking some downtime with her teammates in the countryside, she and her friends encountered a mysterious fortuneteller. The fortuneteller told Deathcry to “beware the truth,” because while it would set her free it would make empires fall and blood flow. [Avengers (1st series) #390]

While serving on monitor duty for the Avengers, Deathcry identified a gravitational anomaly in Arizona. As she had not studied the Avenger’s files as diligently as she should have, she did not recognize this anomaly as Graviton’s work until Hercules arrived and scolded her. While she questioned her own ability as a “superhero,” Deathcry played a key role in rescuing civilians while the Avengers battled Graviton. Afterwards, Hercules decided he would take the report off her hands, a favor for which she was grateful. [Avengers Unplugged #2]

During her time with the Avengers, Deathcry grew quite fond of Quicksilver and Crystal’s nanny, Marilla. Perhaps it was the woman’s motherly nature that garnered the teenager’s affection, so different from the abusive relationship with her own mother. So when Marilla was murdered by a mind-controlled Tony Stark as part of one of Kang the Conqueror’s schemes, she was understandably distraught. [The Crossing crossover]

When She-Hulk discovered a mass gathering of supervillains, Deathcry and the other Avengers raced to aid her. Piloting the Quinjet, Deathcry found herself under attack by the sound manipulating Screaming Mimi and Angarr the Screamer. However, because of her Shi’ar physiology, it wasn’t as effective as it would have been with a human, until a third sound manipulator, Klaw, also attacked and overwhelmed her. Fortunately, she survived and, with her keen observation, she noticed that the “terrorist gathering” She-Hulk had discovered was actually the wedding of Titania and the Absorbing Man. In light of this, the Avengers left the wedding guests in peace. [Avengers Unplugged #4]

After a dramatic few weeks for the Avengers, Deathcry finally found the time to focus on the beacon her nursemaid, K’Rin, had sent her recently. After some effort, she cracked the damaged encryption on the beacon, and learned K’Rin had sent another beacon to the blue area of Earth’s moon. As it was a crime to use the stargate near Earth’s sun, Deathcry knew the woman she saw as her foster mother must have an urgent reason to put her life at risk.

Ever since she had received K’Rin’s beacon, the bond between she and Hercules had grown. Both were warriors exiled from their home by their families, and Herc showed a protective streak 

towards the girl. Things came to a head between the two when they almost shared a kiss while working on Deathcry’s ship. Hercules hesitated, though, leaving things awkward between the two. Despite this, the demigod still accompanied his teammate to the moon to retrieve her nursemaid’s beacon.

Upon arriving at the blue area of the moon Deathcry’s ship was immediately shot down by Shi’ar soldiers sent to retrieve K’Rin’s beacon, a mysterious sacred scroll. The Majestrix appeared before her niece via hologram and informed her that K’Rin had been arrested for her crimes and warned her not to try to rescue her nursemaid. Lilandra’s soldiers reinforced this message by beating the girl senseless.

Abandoned without a ship on the moon, things looked dire for Deathcry and Hercules until they were rescued by an enigmatic ally of K’Rin, named Za’Ken. Za’Ken had recovered the sacred scroll from Lilandra’s soldiers and offered her a chance at returning to Chandillar, along with hinting at the possibility of ending her exile. Deathcry eagerly took him up on this offer to return home, despite the threat of arrest looming over her head. Hercules accompanied her for good measure. [Avengers (1st series) #398-399]

The tale of what happened to Deathcry on Chandilar, and the mystery of K’Rin’s scroll, has never been told. Presumably, she was never captured by Lilandra for breaking her exile, as she was next seen returning to Earth to drop Hercules home, though she didn’t stay herself. Instead, she returned to the stars. [Incredible Hulk: Hercules Unleashed #1]

Little is known about Deathcry’s return to space, though presumably her exile was not overturned, as she did not return to Shi’ar space. Instead, she was next seen in Kree space during the Phalanx invasion. It seemed her time in exile had hardened the woman, turning her from the insecure teen into an aggressive warrior, much like the persona she had adopted when she first joined the Avengers.

She had also become more prone to bestial rages, which landed her in a Kree prison after murdering seven Kree. However, due to the Phalanx invasion, she didn’t stay imprisoned for long. Due to her skills, she was forcibly conscripted into a strike squad of fellow prisoners, led by Star-Lord, to attack a Phalanx reproduction facility. [Annihilation: Conquest Star-Lord #1]

During the mission, Deathcry’s bestial urges, and rigid Shi’ar code of honor, got the better of her a number of times. When her squad mate, Captain Universe, destroyed a Phalanx she was battling, Deathcry was incensed at having her kill “stolen.” To Captain Universe, he had simply saved his teammate’s life; but in the Shi’ar’s eyes it was a personal insult to her abilities. She warned the human not to do it again, so when it did so the Shi’ar lashed out at the man in a rage. Unfortunately for her, Captain Universe instinctively defended himself with his vast powers, reducing Deathcry to nothing but viscera and killing her instantly. [Annihilation: Conquest Star-Lord #2]

Death was not the end for Sharra Neramani, however. She found herself briefly at peace in the Shi’ar afterlife, until the Chaos King destroyed the underworld, releasing the dead into the land of the living. As the Chaos King had also destroyed the dream dimension, and plunged all mortals into an endless sleep, Deathcry found herself alongside some equally confused dead Avengers in a world of comatose mortals.

Reunited with the Vision, they fought alongside Captain Mar-Vell, Dr. Druid, Yellowjacket and the Swordsman to defend the comatose Avengers and deceased civilians from the forces of the Chaos King. Deathcry was angered at being torn from her eternal peace, and recklessly charged into battle several times, hoping to be returned to death.

She was saved in one reckless attempt to kill herself by Captain Mar-Vell, which inspired her to do better. She confessed that she had died shamefully, having lost control of her herself. When Mar-Vell was killed, he passed his cosmic awareness to Deathcry, who finally felt like she had earned back her true name, Sharra Neramani. With this new cosmic awareness, she chose a new title for herself: Lifecry. Ultimately, she sacrificed herself to hold off the Chaos King’s minion, Nekra, while her comrades evacuated the sleeping Avengers and civilians. Soon after, the Chaos King was defeated and Sharra returned to her peace in the afterlife. [Chaos War: Dead Avengers #1-3]

Berserker, innocent, exile, hero. The life of Sharra Neramani was a tumultuous ride full of mysteries that will likely never be answered. While some answers about her life may never be provided, it is known that she is now at peace.