Publication Date: 14th May 2020
Image Work: Peter Luzifer and Gremlin.
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Dazzler’s main goal in life was always to become a performer but not in every reality was she given the chance to pursue her singing career. For example, in the divergent timeline depicted in What if (1st series) #33, right after helping him retrieve his former Herald, Terrax, Galactus was so pleased with her performance that he chose her as his new Herald. Alison was given no choice in the matter, as Galactus threatened to consume Earth, should she not accept his offer. Cosmically empowered, Dazzler soared through the universe, the deep black void filled with her songs of pain and sorrow. She understood her great responsibility and kept the Devourer away from inhabited planets, saving billions of life. Over the course of long centuries, Dazzler’s gentle ways even began to affect Galactus, making him somewhat softer, though it all seemed lost when they were attacked by an alien army. In mere seconds, Galactus reverted to his old ways and terminated the aliens, causing an argument with Dazzler. Momentarily touched by her disapproval, Galactus freed Alison of her duty and allowed her to return home. However, arriving on Earth, Dazzler found the planet dead, humanity having been killed in some unknown holocaust. She then decided to return to Galactus for the sake of the rest of the universe - after all, she had managed to affect him once and might do so again.

In the Age of Apocalypse, Alison too had no chance to become the singer the she desired to be. By the time she would have been able to start a music career, Apocalypse’s forces were already dominating the planet, culling the frightened humanity. There was no place for a songstress in this world, but for a fighter. Somewhat bitter, Alison joined Magneto’s X-Men and, no longer caring about her voice, she became a chain-smoker. Due to her training, this Dazzler was more experienced and skilled in the use of her powers, her being capable of sending holographic messages across vast distances, for example. At least she found some relief among the X-Men, as she shared an intimate relationship with her teammate, Exodus, one of Magneto’s most loyal followers. Although he tried to get her to stop smoking several times, Dazzler couldn’t be bothered to even consider it, as her own dream was dead.



Her being a mutant marked Dazzler no longer an outcast in the Earth X universe, for every human being on Earth gained superpowers when the Inhumans’ Terrigen Mists was released into the atmosphere. Free to pursue her career, Alison found the audience’s interest in Disco music fading and less audience came to her shows each year. Her last performance ended rather tragic, with Mephisto ripping out her heart to cruelly demonstrate that the heroes had made an error in killing Death itself. Like thousands of other sick people, Dazzler suffered from mortal pain, yet could not die.



In the Ultimate Universe, Dazzler is a rude, distasteful, hard-core punk rocker with a penchant for piercing and grunge clothing, who cares very little for any mutant agenda. As she would only join with  whoever offered her a record deal, Dazzler initially refused the X-Men’s invitation to join them, instead signing up with Emma Frost’s short-lived government-sponsored team. Later on, though, she did join the X-Men. Dazzler was not afraid to use her powers violently, and the majority of her teammates did not warm to her, as Dazzler often got them into trouble. She found a friend - and more - in Angel, who took responsibility for them going on a mission that had not been approved by Xavier. During a battle, Dazzler was impaled by Deathstrike and rendered comatose. In the hospital, Dazzler was secretly visited by a disturbed Nightcrawler, who kidnapped her when she woke from her coma and held her in a cave. When the X-Men learned of her fate and rescued her, Dazzler was upset when the X-Men did not take more of a hard-line with Nightcrawler. She then quit the team, wanting to pursue her dream to become a rock star. This didn’t go according to plan, though, as her band split up and she spent more time drinking in bars than performing in them. Eventually, Dazzler was approached by Storm and Bishop to join their new X-Men, and she accepted. She also convinced the Angel to leave the Academy of Tomorrow and join the new group as well. Sadly, she was killed along with many of her classmates when Magneto unleashed a cataclismic tidal wave on New York.

Ten to fifteen years in the future, several of the X-Men’s opponents banded together and attacked the team simultaneously on various fronts and from all sides. Eventually, Cassandra Nova was discovered to be the Mastermind behind these attacks. Dazzler was one of many reserve X-Men called in to help during the crisis, interrupting her rather successful career as a singer. While in the End the heroes emerged victorious, Dazzler was among the many casualties who did not survive the final battle.

In the House of M reality, Alison Blaire was a celebrity. A famous singer and actress, she had also written books and even hosted her own talk show “Alison” on Channel 4, interviewing other celebrities such as Simon Williams, for example, a famous actor himself.





In a world overrun by zombies, Captain Alison Blair was one of the last remaining survivors on Earth. Having given up hope, she was ready to accept a grisily fate when a version of Xavier, who existed as a head in a jar, plucked her from her reality and put her in charge of a team of X-Force. Their mission was to rid the omniverse of evil versions of Xavier, but the team soon ran into another group of reality hoppers, led by 616 Dazzler. The two Dazzler's got off to a rocky start, with Captain Blaire taking control of the other Dazzler's team. However, secretly the Captain was impressed by her counterpart's attitude and use of her powers. Captain Blaire ended up sacrificing her life to kill and evil Witch-King Xavier, turning into a being of pure light in the process. As she faded away she made peace with Dazzler, laving an emotional mark on the songstress.


When the multiverse was destroyed and its remnants reassembled on the partitioned Battleworld, there was an island kingdom contained within a vast set of walls known as Arcadia. This island paradise, largely ruled and overseen by female superheroes, counted on a group of superheroines known as A-Force to protect it and patrol its borders. A version of Dazzler was one such heroine. Through some enchantment, this version of Dazzler was able to fly. When Arcadia came under attack from within because of a traitor in their midst, extra-dimensional beings started appearing within its walls. One such being was a cosmic entity known as Singularity that took the form of a young girl. Singularity was so inspired by the heroes of Arcadia that when their kingdom came under attack by a horde of the undead, she sacrificed herself to purge the island nation of its undead invasion. Dazzler and the other heroes were touched by her sacrifice. Unfortunately for them, their kingdom, along with all of Battleworld, soon came to an end when the multiverse was reborn—though Singularity managed to find her way back to Earth-Prime.

Also hailing from Battleworld was Dazzler-Thor, a version of Alison that had been given the powers of the Asgardian god. On Battleworld she worked alongside the rest of the “Thor Corps” but, during the destruction of the planet, she fell through the cracks of reality and ended up on Earth Prime. She soon became infected by M-Pox, a deadly disease caused by the Inhuman’s Terrigen Mists. She eventually met up with her Earth prime counterpart when they battled a villain called the Countess, and she realized the other Dazzler also had the M-Pox. Sadly, Dazzler-Thor’s disease was too far along and she succumbed to it. As she died, she bequeathed Light-bringer, her version of Mjolnir, to the other Dazzler.

In Marvel Zombies vs Army of Darkness, an infection spread that turned people into flesh eating zombies, the superhero community didn't stand a chance. With heroes and villains alike becoming infected their unique abilities made it so no one was safe. Dazzler was one of the few who managed to avoid the initial wave of destruction, although she soon found herself at the mercy of a zombified Winter Soldier. She was saved by Ash Williams, who dispatched her attacker and took an immediate shine to the singer.

Dazzler rebuffed his advances but stuck with him as he hunted down the possible cause of the infection. On their journey they came across Dazzler's nemesis the Enchantress, who had been infected but was able to use her magical abilities to hide it. Sadly for Dazzler she got too close to the Enchantress and the sorceress bit off her finger, condemning Dazzler to a grisly fate. Thankfully, depending on how you look at it, Dazzler was killed by Ultron before she could become a flesh-eating zombie herself. 

When Legion warped reality to create the Age of X, Dazzler was one of the many citizens of Utopia who had their history rewritten and their memories wiped. Whilst the world had turned against mutants and hunted them down, Dazzler kept on performing her shows despite the risks. Even when Magneto set up Fortress X she didn't seek salvation there until one of her shows was gatecrashed by soliders looking to kill her. Fleeing into the sewers she was eventually cornered by Dr Strange, who had seemingly killed the other mutants hiding with her. Even though she fought back she failed to escape from Strange, who disintegrated her with a spell. However, she soon woke up in Fortress X and discovered Strange had been helping the mutants by teleporting them to saftey, under the guise that he was killing them. Dazzler remained on Fortress X and fought alongside the other mutants against the human forces.

Showing what would happen 25 years later after Wolverine set up the Jean Grey School, things were looking up for the mutants. Dazzler had left behind her singing career and gone into politics instead. Soon enough she campaigned hard and became President Blaire, the first mutant leader of the USA. Being a mutant in such a high profile situation painted a large target on her back and sadly, during her election victory speech, she was murdered by a hoard of demons. Her death caused a rift within the X-Men as Beast became disallusioned with how mutants were being treated and he set up his own Brotherhood. 

In What If? Infinity Inhumans, with the help of Black Bolt, Thanos had saved the Earth from the threat of the Builders. Unfortunately for the citizens of Earth, Thanos began a brutal regime that cost billions of lives. The Inhumans were spared his wrath and they conspired behind his back to kill him. Tracking down a secret weapon, they tried to sneak it into Attilan but were discovered by Thanos's Black Order. During the ensuing fight Thanos himself arrived and decided to destroy the traitorous Inhumans. The secret weapon was soon revealed to be Dazzler, who was immediately disregarded by Thanos. It would be his downfall though, as Black Bolt let out a sonic scream, super-charging Dazzler, giving her enough power to vapourise Thanos with a blast of light.