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9th Apr 2018
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Real name

Nathan Christopher Charles Summers


Nathan Dayspring Askani’Son, Chosen One,
Soldier X, Nathan Winters, Savior, Traveler


6' 6‘‘


350 lbs.


Grey, originally brown



First appearance

Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #201
(as a child),
New Mutants (1st series) #87
(as an adult)

Known relatives

Scott Summers / Cyclops (father,
deceased), Christopher Summers /
Corsair (grandfather), Katherine Anne
Summers (grandmother, deceased),
Alex Summers / Havok (uncle),
Gabriel Summers / Vulcan (uncle,
deceased), Phillip Summers
(great-grandfather), Deborah Summers
(great-grandmother), Madelyne Pryor
(mother), Jean Grey-Summers / Phoenix IV
(adoptive mother, deceased), Aliya
Dayspring / Jenskot (wife, deceased),
Tyler Dayspring (adopted son,
deceased), Hope (sister-in-law),
Stryfe (genetic clone), Rachel Summers / Marvel Girl III
(alternate half-sister), Nate Grey / X-Man
(alternate half-brother), Hope Summers, I (wife, deceased),
Hope Summers, II (adopted daughter)


Statesman, adventurer, former soldier, mercenary, diploma in law

Group Affiliation

X-Men, Avengers Unity Division, X-Force, New Mutants, Six Pack, Wild Pack, Clan Chosen, Underground, The Twelve


• Psionic powers include telepathy, telekinesis, latent space-time abilities accessed by mechanical aids, and involuntary precognition that variably provides him with warning of future threats either several days or merely a few moments in advance
• Bionic arm provides superhuman strength, bodyslide and time travel technology for teleporting around the planet or between temporal zones, other customizable weapons and components, and an A.I. named Belle that runs his equipment and has a range of advanced sensors and scanning capabilities
• Formerly possessed virally-induced techno-organic parts which could be aesthetically modified to resemble inert bionics or synthetic-organic skin, and housed an internal computer known as the Professor which had similar features to Belle
• Formerly carried a Psimitar lance keyed to his psi-signature which could scramble minds and nervous systems on contact, morph into different shapes and lengths, and could be thrown, dissociated into energy, then reconstructed in his hand
• Formerly used incorporated tech from the Dominus Objective to access the Infonet and mentally assimilate and transfer electronic information and the Cone of Silence gravimetric shield generator that produces a sheath of force he can manipulate like telekinesis to levitate himself, form protective barriers or manipulative fields to grab and hold solid matter
• Formerly employed a optical implant able to fire laser beams and an exo-arm to move his atrophied limb, giving him a degree of superhuman strength, mini-missiles and force beam weapons