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  • The Great Society beckon from Earth 4290001. Their world was said to be more arcane in nature than Earth-616. This did not solely extend to life on Earth but also extraterrestrial lifeforms. [Squadron Supreme (4th series) #8]
  • At some point in this universe, the Earth was visited by the alien species the Kree. They may have tampered with ancient humans in the same way they did on Earth 616, which there had led to the creation of the Inhumans. Dr. Spectrum later described the Kree as a reclusive “Wizard Race,” however this was at odds with their appearance in New Avengers (3rd series) #16 were they looked to be identical to the militaristic Kree of Earth-616 [Squadron Supreme (4th series) #8]
  • The dominant culture/society of the Great Society's planet was based on ancient Egypt and called the Great Egyptian Empire. The Great Sphinx in the Hinterlands of Egypt carried the face of En Sabah Nur (Apocalypse), who presumably was a very significant figure in history of this Earth and may have been responsible for the ancient Egyptian culture's seeming triumph. In contrast to Egypt of Earth 616, this Egypt was said to have been a paradise. [Squadron Supreme (4th series) #8]
  • A superhuman team called Archetypes of J.U.S.T.I.C.E. (Wolverine, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Namor, Psylocke or Kwannon) was active prior to the foundation of the Great Society. They had attempted to defend the Earth, however they all perished against a combined alien invasion from the Skrulls and Kree, known to the “Terrans” as the Xeno-Scientists. After the Archetypes died, the Earth was occupied for four years. [New Avengers (3rd series) #16] Note: The Silver Samurai's helmet was next to the heroes in this panel, so presumably he was a member of this team and had also died.
  • During the four years period, an aquanaut named Nenet found a prism at the bottom of the ocean that granted her superhuman powers. She took the name Dr. Spectrum. It was later theorized that the origin of this prism was Kree.
  • At an unspecified point, the powerhouse Zoran (Sun God) traveled to this universe from an alternate universe. [New Avengers (3rd series) #17]
  • While the Earth was under occupation, the aliens experimented on humans and it was implied that they may have created superhumans from these experiments. These experiments may have been responsible for abilities of the some of the Great Society's roster. [New Avengers (3rd series) #16]

Between (Incursions):

Incursions were a phenomenon that resulted from the contraction of the multiverse. Earths were crashing into each other, resulting in the destruction of their universes. The Illuminati of Earth-616 (main Marvel universe) had become aware of the threat of the Incursions and had started to observe other worlds hoping to find solutions. [New Avengers (3rd series) #1-15]

The Illuminati were not the only ones aware of the Incursions. A group of beings called the Mapmakers and their scouts, the Sidera Maris, traveled the multiverse destroying Earths in service of the nihilistic creatures known as the Beyonders.

Another group that were active surrounding the issue of Incursions were the Black Priests, though they were slightly more benevolent. The priests would destroy Earths but they did so in the hopes that, if they destroyed one of the two cascading Earths, they could save the universes of both Earths. The Black Priests were high level mystics.


During the “anti-heroic age,” six heroes joined together to repel the alien invaders. Dr. Spectrum and Sun God were joined by “metamorph” Jovian, “the speedster” Boundless, “the mystic” the Norn and “the dark knight” the Rider. The group managed to defeat the invaders and liberate the planet. Following their victory, they were celebrated as global heroes.

Their base of operations was a temple/monument erected for “the Science Games,” though the exact nature of these games was never explained. The spire at the center of the structure pointed towards the stars and may have had some sort of religious significance. [New Avengers (3rd series) #16]

Thanks to their ingenuity, the team was able to save their world from three incursions. One method was to use a device called the “Wishing Box” (an alternate reality version of the Infinity Gauntlet) to temporarily take their world out of phase, though they unfortunately lost the device in the process. Another involved their mystic Norn utilizing a helmet apparently stolen from the Black Priests. Using that helmet, they tapped into all the lifeforces of their own alternates to manifest enough energy to destroy the barren planet that was due to crash into their own. The third method was not disclosed, though Rider said it was something they did not speak of.

As yet another Incursion was on the horizon, the Great Society saw a group of unknowns descend from the sky. The Illuminati of Earth-616 (Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, Beast, Hulk, Black Bolt, Dr. Strange and Black Panther). The idealistic Sun God greeted them warmly. The Illuminati told the Great Society that they had being observing them and were hoping that they had a plan to avoid this current Incursion between their two worlds. Sun God advised the strangers that all they had was hope, much to their disappointment. Rider was more suspicious of their new “friends” and got the Illuminati to admit that they had built an antimatter bomb to destroy an Earth if they could not come up with another solution.

The two groups entered into an ethical debate about the merits of destroying one of the Earths. The Great Society were unwilling to compromise themselves and murder a planet. The Illuminati, on the other hand, could see no other option. While the different members continued to debate, Namor, out of patience, threw his trident at Rider, starting a conflict. Seeing Rider on the ground, Sun God lashed out with his vision and took out Beast and Mr. Fantastic instantly.With the battle now underway, the Norn read the mind of Dr. Strange and discovered the location of the antimatter bomb. It was located at the Incursion point in Egypt in Earth-616. Dr. Spectrum flew to destroy it but she was pursued by Black Bolt. Rider against Black Panther and Namor against Jovian were still fighting to a standstill but the Hulk found himself no match for Sun God's superior power. Similarly, Iron Man fell to Boundless, who literally disarmed him by taking apart his suit.

Just as the Great Society appeared to have the advantage, the conflict quickly soured. The Norn stood in judgment of Dr. Strange, lecturing him about being willing to do the unspeakable, destroy a world. Seeing no choice, Dr. Strange surrendered a part of his himself to dark forces. The corrupted Strange mocked the Norn, calling him a “child” a mere collector of artifacts, a “thief,” telling him he had no idea of the cost of dark magicks but that he would show him. Strange transformed into a tentacled monster and murdered the Norn, Boundless and Jovian within moments. Just before Rider also perished, he told Sun God that he had been right and he should have lived a better life. Seeing his friends die devastated Sun God, who lashed out at Dr Strange. However, even he fell and had his life-force drained by the monster that was once Dr. Stephen Strange.

On Earth 616, Dr. Spectrum managed to reach the Antimatter bomb and attempted to destroy it but was knocked unconscious by Black Bolt's sonic scream. Black Bolt decided to leave Dr. Spectrum on Earth 616; the reasons for this would not be explained to Dr. Spectrum for some time. With his foe unconscious, Black Bolt flew back to the Great Society's Earth with the bomb in hand.

By the time Black Bolt returned with the bomb, the other members of the Illuminati had managed to subdue Dr Strange. Sun God was miraculously still alive. Emaciated, he begged the heroes to not destroy his world but to no avail. Black Panther offered Sun God asylum on Earth 616 but he declined, saying he would rather die on his world with his friends. As the Illuminati departed, Black Panther apologized to Sun God, telling him that they had deserved better. A tearful Sun God watched as they departed, the most powerful man in his world, now suddenly powerless to stop the inevitable.Sun God's words did have impact and most of the Illuminati found themselves unable to activate the bomb upon returning to their Earth. The exception was Namor the Sub-Mariner, who pressed the button without hesitation, feeling the stakes justified the action. He destroyed Earth 4290001 and presumably Sun God with his world’s entire population. [New Avengers (3rd series) #16-21]


  • Dr. Spectrum found herself alone on Earth 616. She joined a group of other survivors from destroyed realities as part of a new version of Squadron Supreme. Her idealism was lost when her world died and Nenet was consumed by revenge. Her new team targeted Namor the Sub-Mariner for his role in destroying her world. Her ruthless team easily overwhelmed Namor and Atlantis, which they had deemed a terrorist nation. After her teammate Hyperion decapitated him with his heat vision, Nenet kicked his head about. [Squadron Supreme (4th series) #1]
  • She remained angry at Black Bolt but confused as to why he had saved her. Following an impromptu team-up with the Inhuman king and his friend, the WW2 hero Toro, while investigating an alien invasion, Nenet got her answer. Black Bolt revealed that he had identified her as an Inhuman, based on her power signature. Aside from that, he wanted to save her because he was traumatized by the Incursions himself and wanted to save anyone he could. Black Bolt and his wife Medusa, who helped communicate her husband’s thoughts, stated they believed that the large prism that Dr. Spectrum found that granted her powers was her reality's version of the Terrigen crystals and, unbeknownst to her, she had been Inhuman who had undergone Terriginesis. Finding out this information was healing for Nenet and she was able to forgive Black Bolt and find some closure. [Squadron Supreme (4th series) #6-8]
  • Nenet was later given the opportunity to bring Namor back to life. Having healed somewhat from her anger after her experience with Black Bolt, with some hesitation she took the option to restore the Atlantean king back to the land of the living. [Squadron Supreme (4th series) #12]
  • A short time later, Dr. Spectrum’s new team opted to disband due to inner turmoil. Nenet decided to move to New Attilan, home of the Inhumans [Squadron Supreme (4th series) #12]. Following the destruction of New Attilan and, to a degree, the Inhuman race, it is unclear if she is still alive as she has neither been seen among the living or dead. [Death of the Inhumans]
  • It is worth nothing that, after the conclusion of the Secret Wars event, Reed Richards and his family rebuilt the multiverse. While not proven, it seems highly likely, given his role in the destruction of Earth-4290001, that he would have prioritized its restoration and may have resurrected the deceased members of the Great Society as well.

Member List

Sun God (Zoran)

First appeareance: New Avengers (3rd series) #16
All Great Society appearances: New Avengers (3rd series) #16-21

Powers: Solar-derived physiology grants him superhuman strength, speed, endurance, invulnerability, sensory perception, flight, and the ability to radiate heat and light or summon a miniature star from his inherent solar energies


  • Sun God was inspired by Superman.
  • He seemed to have a close relationship with the Rider possibly as a homage to Batman and Superman's relationship in the DC Universe.
  • Sun God is referred to as post universal by the Map Makers so he may not be from Earth-4290001.
  • The panel in which Sun God is drained by Doctor Strange and appears emaciated is a reference to panel in which Superman suffers a similar fate in the iconic Frank Miller Dark Knight Returns series from the 1980s by DC Comics.

The Rider (Wayne)

First appeareance: New Avengers (3rd series) #16
All Great Society appearances: New Avengers (3rd series) #16-21

Powers: Olympic-class athlete and melee fighter, wields throwing explosives and blades


  • Rider was inspired by Batman.
  • He seemed to have a close relationship with Sun God possibly as a homage to Batman and Superman's relationship in the DC Universe.
  • Rider felt he was responsible for a catastrophe in which one hundred thousand people died. The event was unspecified but given the context of the story and the later refusal to discuss what they had done to prevent one incursion it seems likely that this was that event. Rider was seen tending to a floral tribute to the dead. This was also likely a nod to Batman who is often depicted leaving flowers in the alley in which his parents were murdered.

Doctor Spectrum (Nenet)

First appeareance: New Avengers (3rd series) #16
All Great Society appearances: New Avengers (3rd series) #16-21

Powers: Kree power prism channels an arcane Terrigenesis effect to create energy constructs for levitation, transport, force beams and stasis or containment fields


  • Doctor Spectrum was inspired by Green Lantern.
  • In Squadron Supreme (4th Series) #8 Nenet says in “Thoth's name” and also in “the name of Ra”. Both Ra and Thoth are senior gods from Ancient Egypt. It's unclear if the intention of these lines were to imply that Nenet was an active worshipper of either deity or if it was simply to provide “colour” for her dialogue and to highlight the differences from real world history to her reality. An example would be people saying something along the lines of “gods sake” because such a phrase is now so ingrained in the lexicon of western culture and would not necessarily be indicative of someones personal faith.

The Norn

First appeareance: New Avengers (3rd series) #16
All Great Society appearances: New Avengers (3rd series) #16-21

Powers: Empowered by mystical artifacts at his command, granting him an adult body, visions of the future, and powers of levitation, divination, image projection, teleporting, and borrowing bodies and power from his own future possibilities


  • The Norn appears to have been inspired by Dr Fate.
  • He seems to be a teenager masquerading as an adult and may also be inspired by Billy Batson (Shazam).


First appeareance: New Avengers (3rd series) #16
All Great Society appearances: New Avengers (3rd series) #16-21

Powers: Superhuman running speed, comparative super endurance, reaction time, and perceptual acuity, able to detect vibration frequencies permeating the environment or specific objects

Notes: Boundless was inspired by the Flash, likely the Jay Garrick version given the headgear. She displayed significant scientific experience given that she could could disarm Iron Man's high-tech armour and may have been a scientist/inventor herself. This again would be consistent with her being based on the Flash.


First appeareance: New Avengers (3rd series) #16
All Great Society appearances: New Avengers (3rd series) #16-21

Powers: Shape-changer able to assume enlarged and bestial forms

Notes: Jovian was inspired by Martian Manhunter, however it's worth noting that he seemed to be lacking many of Martian Manhunter's plethora of abilities such as flight, telepathy and invisibility.