The Garden

Marvel Universe

The Garden was a System for universal evolution enacted by the Builders, the oldest surviving race in the universe. Each Garden began with a bio-mechanoid called Aleph, who journeyed the cosmos looking for worlds worthy for uplifting. Aleph often judged worlds harshly, and razed them to the ground, "pruning" the universal Garden. After finding a suitable world, however, the Aleph birthed two beings from eggs in its chest: an Ex Nihili and an Abyssii. Together they formed a trinity to assess future worlds with the Ex Nihilo favoring life, the Aleph favoring death, and the Abyss as a neutral fulcrum, seeing things for what they factually were.

For unknown reasons, all Abyss in the universe save one were killed or lost. The Garden trio who came to Earth unwittingly hosted the last living Abyssii.