Great Ring of Arakko

Marvel Universe

The mirror image of the Quiet Council of Krakoa, the Great Ring of Arakko ruled the living island once exiled to Otherworld and the borders of Amenth for millennia. Now they sit on Mars, dubbed Planet Arakko after the terraforming. Like Douglas Ramsey, Redroot served the Ring as the speaker for Arakko. It is said that Arakko reveres power, and so all members of the Great Ring are now (and always shall be) Omega-level mutants.

Three Tables of the Great Ring of Arakko serve publicly.
- Sobunar of the Depths, the Seat of Below-Us
- Lodus Logos, the Seat of All-Around-Us (formerly held by Storm and the Nameless)
- Lactuca the Knower, the Seat of Above-Us

- The Seat of Victory stands open. (formerly held by Genesis and Isca)
- The Seat of Stalemate stands open. (formerly held by Idyll)
- Storm, the Seat of Loss (formerly held by Magneto and Tarn the Uncaring)

- Xilo, the Seat of History
- Ora Seratta the Witness, the Seat of Law
- The Seat of Dreams stands open. (formerly held by Lodus Logos)

The Great Ring is also served by the Shadow Table, the Night Seats. They served separately from the Great Ring, self-declaring and unbound by custom. The Shadow Table will not recruit Omega mutants. They fell out of favor during the rule of Genesis in Otherworld, but experienced a resurgence during the prison years under the Vile and Annihilation. The Night Seats of the modern age were:

- Fisher King, the Seat of Nothing
- Syzya of the Smoke, the Seat of Nowhere
- Zsora of the Spirit Flame, the Seat of Nobody

Zsora was killed by Annihilation and the Horsemen. When they resurfaced on Planet Arakko, Sunspot of the X-Men claimed the Seat of Nobody during the Uranos Annihilation through the Genesis War. Afterwards, he ceded his seat to Weaponless Zsen, daughter of Zsora and the Fisher King.