X-Men: The Trial of Magneto #4

Issue Date: 
January 2022
Story Title: 

Leah Williams (writer), Lucas Werneck & David Messina (artists), Edgar Delgado (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy's Clayton Cowles (letterer & production), Tom Muller (design), Valerio Schiti & Edgar Delgado (cover artists), Scott Forbes; Paco Medina & Federico Blee (Variant Cover Artists), Jonathan Hickman (Head of X), Lauren Amaro (assistant editor), Jordan D White (editor), CB Cebulski (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

Earlier, Hope had the rest of the Five help her resurrect the Scarlet Witch from a back-up they had of her, from before M-Day. It works, and the Scarlet Witch is confused. She later doesn't know who her children, Speed and Wiccan are. Eye-Boy and Prodigy discuss possible magical enchantment of metal that may have been used in the Scarlet Witch's murder. While most of X-Factor, the X-Men and several Avengers battle strange monsters that appear on Krakoa, Wiccan and Speed spend time with the Scarlet Witch in an attempt to fix what is going on. In another realm called the Eldritch Orchard, two other versions of the Scarlet Witch fight, as the older version tries to encourage the younger version to take responsibility for what she has done, and informs her that her guilt has manifested as the monsters on Krakoa, endangering people she cares about. On Krakoa, Speed and Wiccan also believe that, but their Scarlet Witch does not. The two other versions of the Scarlet Witch leave the Eldritch Orchard and appear on Krakoa, as the three versions of the Scarlet Witch fight the monsters. When the monsters are defeated, the three Scarlet Witches become one. Dozens of mutants gather, and the Scarlet Witch apologizes for the trouble she has caused them, before she announces that she knows who attacked her.

Full Summary: 

The Five are gathered, with Hope Summers holding a Cerebro helmet. 'I mean... what are they going to do, fire us?' she asks Egg, Elixir, Tempus and Proteus. 'It's a backup from a while back – before M-Day, so she's not going to remember much about -' Hope starts to say, before a strange mist begins to surround them. Tempus gasps, while Hope tells everyone that it is okay. 'What the -' Egg begins. 'Wanda...' Proteus utters. 'She's resurrecting herself' the wide-eyed Tempus exclaims. Wanda Maximoff, naked and confused, appears, and asks 'Where... where am I?' Hope informs her that she is on Krakoa, and suggests they get her dressed, as they don't have much time – and there is a lot to explain.

Hope and Tempus help Wanda get into her classic pink and red costume. Wanda thinks to herself that some mornings, her body wakes up before her mind does, and for a single incandescent moment, she is nothing but awake and alive, holding her wrist up in the morning light and marveling without understanding her ownership of it – she only knows “I am alive”. Wanda flies off away from the Five, who look up and watch her go.

That is all that registers in the long seconds before Wanda's conscious mind quietly slips back into her body. She only recalls that she is Wanda Maximoff once her internal channels of magic are flooded with primordial knowing as the ancient ley lines tickle her senses and welcome her back to waking life. 'I'm sorry... I don't know who you are 'Wanda utters as Wiccan and Speed gather beside her.

Those first moments, before Wanda is aware of who and what she is, when all she knows is that she is alive, sometimes she wonders if that is what it feels like to be a newborn. She won't recall any of this for another few hours – being born is hard work.

Inside the Boneyard, Tommy Shepherd a.k.a. Speed tells his twin, Billy Kaplan-Altman a.k.a. Wiccan, 'I saw her – she was hone! I swear!' to which Wiccan assures his brother that he believes him. They are with two members of X-Factor – Eye-Boy and Prodigy – as Wiccan explains that Wanda's magic can account for memory loss or even a false death, but he wonders what happened to her to initiate it. 'They, ah, seem to be healed now, but earlier her wounds suggested a strangulation attack – um, attempt, I mean – via means of supernatural magnetism' Prodigy informs the twins. 'What kind of metal was used?' Wiccan asks, but neither Prodigy or Eye-Boy respond. Wiccan explains that there are metals that can hold enchantment and behave in ways unimaginable, and that if foul play is suspected, you can't rule out a magical attack until you know exactly what type of metal it was. 'Enchanted uru could've done this unassisted, for example' Wiccan adds. '$#%&. That throws a wrench into the investigation' Prodigy remarks to Eye-Boy, who points out that they have to tell Northstar.

Prodigy, Eye-Boy, Speed and Wiccan arrive in the kitchen area, where Northstar is at a bench, cooking, his husband Kyle is struggling to open a bottle of wine, and Northstar's sister, Aurora, sits at a table with her teammate and partner, Daken. Northstar asks his husband if he is sure he is all right, assuring him that they can cancel. 'I would love to cancel' Northstar tells him. But Kyle states that he is fine, and asks where everyone is. Northstar reports that they are downstairs, with Rachel and Jean giving Wanda her memories back, but that they will be along shortly. Speed smiles at Kyle as he introduces him to his brother, Billy. 'Hello' Wiccan smiles, as he casts a spell which pops the cork in the wine bottle. 'Ooh, that's handy' Kyle replies, before greeting Billy.

Prodigy asks Northstar if he can talk to him, announcing that just because Eye-Boy didn't see any enchantment residue on Wanda's remains doesn't mean that the metal itself wasn't enchanted. Daken asks if this means they will have to go back and review everything from a magical perspective. Northstar sighs and tells Daken that they will, and that until they can rule out magical murder, they need to re-evaluate the suspect list to see who not only had the motive and the means, but also who had access to magic. Northstar suggests that they contact Excalibur for help on the magic front – discreetly. 'Wanda may have been, ah, healed, but our work isn't done. Murder is murder. Just because magic may be at play -' Northstar begins, when he is interrupted by a loud booming noise.

Moments later, the heroes have gathered outside, and look up to where a large Kaiju can be seen behind some mountains. 'You recognise this feeling?' Wiccan asks his brother. 'Panic? All the time. We're old pals' Speed replies. 'No – the magic' Wiccan declares, before asking Prodigy if the Kaiju attack began after Wanda regained her memories. 'Some of them. Rachel and Jean gave her the, uh, Scarlet Witch highlight reel' Prodigy responds. Wiccan announces that he and Speed need to take the Scarlet Witch and work with her on something – privately. 'You need to come with us' Speed tells Wanda, taking her by her hand. 'But I... why?' Wanda replies, confused. 'Just trust us' Speed exclaims.

Wanda, Speed and Wiccan make their way through some Krakoan forest, with Speed offering to scout ahead. 'Where are we going?' Wanda asks. 'To fix this' Wiccan tells her.

Elsewhere, in another realm, and elderly version of the Scarlet Witch attacks a younger version. 'Why are you doing this? What is this place?' the younger version of the Scarlet Witch asks. 'This is our Eldritch Orchard. And I'm doing this because, sometimes – LOVE HURTS!' the elderly Scarlet Witch shouts as she fires a magical spear towards her other self. 'I mean, this is what you want, isn't it? Someone to punish you for all your sins? To absolve you?' the older Wanda asks. 'What? No!' Wanda exclaims. 'You can't lie to me, Wanda. I remember being you!' the old Wanda declares. She stands over her younger self and aims another energy blast towards her. 'You have to let it go' the older Wanda adds. 'All that guilt, all that turmoil eating you up inside – is manifesting as these monsters, endangering everyone you love!' the older Wanda explains, showing Wanda images of the Kaiju on Krakoa. 'Endangering your children!' the older Wanda exclaims, as she shows her younger self images of Speed and Wiccan. 'No!' Wanda utters.

On Krakoa: 'No!' Wanda gasps. 'I don't believe you!' she exclaims, clutching her head. Wiccan tells Wanda that he is sorry, but that it is true. 'You've compartmentalized your guilt into these physical constructs!' Wiccan explains. Energy crackles around Wanda as she angrily tells Wiccan that she didn't do all those terrible things that the telepaths forced into her head. 'AND I'M NOT TO BLAME FOR THE MONSTER ATTACK!' Wanda screams, creating a shockwave which knocks Wiccan and Speed backwards. Unimpressed, Speed shouts at Wanda: 'Arrrgh! This is why no one trusts you! This is why everyone is afraid to be around you!' Wanda begins to cry, and tells Speed that he sounds like her brother. 'I have lived my whole life defending you, Mom! My. Whole. Life' Wiccan calls out. Wanda turns away from Wiccan, looking anguished as Wiccan tells her that she taught him so much about magict hat he can't even remember now. 'These creatures attacking the island – you made them! Because you refuse to take accountability for your future!' Wiccan explains.

In the Eldritch Orchard, the old Wanda tells her younger self that it is time to forgive herself, and to stop beating herself up.

'Don't you get it? We're gonna die if you don't!' Wiccan exclaims, pointing at the Kaiju in the distance. Wanda continues to cry and clutches her head. Suddenly, both she and the younger Wanda in the Eldritch Orchard release energies. 'ALL RIGHT!' Wanda exclaims, as all three versions of Wanda suddenly appear together. 'Oh. I know what this is. This is healing. I am accepting and forgiving. I am reuniting my selves. My future. My present. My past' Wanda realizes. 'SPIN THE WHEEL' all three Wandas utter in unison.

Energy radiates above the island of Krakoa, then spills out in three directions, each connected to one of the versions of Wanda, who suddenly appear at the locations of the Kaiju. 'Mom!' Speed calls out. 'Need some help?' the old version of Wanda asks.

At one of the locations, Synch can be seen carrying the motionless Wasp. 'Medic! We need a healer! Janet's knocked out!' Synch calls out, while one version of Wanda looks around nervously. At another location, Daken and his sister, Wolverine, can be seen motionless on the ground, while several other mutants attack the large Kaiju. 'Get out of the way! I rule you' Wanda tells the Kaiju as she confronts it. 'So pick on someone your own size!' Wanda tells the creature as she casts energy towards it.

Another version of Wanda lands near another of the Kaiju, where Iron Man, Magneto, Sunfire and Polaris are flying above it. 'How many times are we supposed to kill these things?' Sunfire asks. 'Until they learn to stay down' Polaris smiles at her teammate, while Wanda flies up to join the others and announces that she might be of some assistance. She stares down the Kaiju. 'Go away' she tells it.

'Aim for its eyes!' the old version of the Scarlet Witch calls  out as she casts energy towards the serpent-like Kaiju. Down below, Captain America is with Wolverine, who remarks 'It's always the damn eyes'. 'Who is that?' Captain America asks as he readies his shield. 'Beats me' Wolverine tells him, before he leaps upwards to the Kaiju. 'Don't look a gift hag in the mouth, Cap!' Wolverine calls back, before he lands on the Kaiju's head and starts shoving his claws into the monster's many eyes. 'Good! Yes! Only a hundred more eyes to go!' the elderly Scarlet Witch utters.

At a Krakoan gate, husband and wife Gambit and Rogue appear, carrying martini glasses. 'Well hell, cher. We missed a  whole monster party!' Gambit exclaims. 'Not yet we haven't.... giddyup, Gambit!' Rogue exclaims as she takes flight. Gambit removes his shirt and boasts that he will ride that big fella like a four-wheeler. Cannonball, Boom-Boom, Sunspot and Rictor can be seen attacking the large blue-skinned Kaiju. Nearby, Cyclops meets with his fellow War Captains – Magik, Bishop and Kwannon – and thanks them for convening so quickly. Kwannon asks what the intrusion is, and Cyclops tells her that Kaiju are kicking ass. 'I think we can manage that' Magik declares, raising her Soulsword. Armor can be seen joining the battle, and Northstar and Aurora, too, the twins clasping hands and creating a brilliant light. Colossus and Havok are on hand, too, attacking the large blue Kaiju, and Vulcan and Storm lend a hand to those battling the serpent-like creature, while Magik teleports between the three locations, attacking each of the creatures.

The Scarlet Witch reconciles her past, present and future, and the monsters become easier to quell. As the Kaiju begin to shatter and fade away, Wanda discovers that they were made of Eldritch Orchard. As mutants on Krakoa begin to gather together, the three versions of the Scarlet Witch start to converge. 'Let's be quick before anyone starts asking questions' the older Wanda suggests. 'Quick about what?' one of the other Wandas asks. 'Now what did I just say?' the older Wanda smiles. 'Wait, I – I'm scared...' Wanda utters, while the older Wanda tells her not to be scared, and that they are different stops on the same path. Looking at her older self, Wanda utters 'I never thought I would live so long'. The older Wanda begins to cry as she tells her younger self 'Oh, we live so, so long, little one. We live so much. Don't lose hope' the old Wanda remarks as she and the other Wanda vanish, leaving only one Wanda. 'Spin the wheel...' Wanda tells herself.

Wanda frowns as she turns to face the hundreds of mutants gathered before her, and she recalls how hard it is being reborn. 'Wanda!' Magneto calls out. 'I'm back now' Wanda smiles at Magneto, before they hug, and Wanda tells Magneto that she is here, that it is her – all of her. 'Mom!' Speed and Wiccan call out in unison. 'Boys! Ha ha!' Wanda laughs as she turns to her sons, who are standing with the Wasp and Captain America. 'It is you this time' Wiccan remarks. 'Yes' Wanda tells him, before thanking him for helping her.

Wanda turns to address the crowd and apologizes to them for causing any distress. 'It... my magic – I didn't really die, you see -' she starts to explain, before the aggressive Magma scowls and shouts 'It was you, wasn't it? You created the monsters that attacked the island!' Wanda tells the mutants that she is so sorry, and that she untethered the monsters as soon as she could. 'It's not her fault!' Wiccan calls out as he and Speed step between Wanda and the crowd. 'It's always her fault!' Magma snaps. Wanda starts to tell the mutants that she can explain. 'We're listening' Emma Frost frowns, folding her arms. Polaris, Magneto, Jean Grey, Wolverine, Northstar, Captain America, Iron Man and the Vision all join Wiccan and Speed in standing between Wanda and the crowd of mutants, as Wanda announces that she knows who attacked her!

Characters Involved: 

Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Polaris, Rogue, Sunfire, Synch, Wolverine III (all X-Men)
Aurora, Daken, Eye-Boy, Northstar, Prestige, Prodigy IV (all X-Factor)
Kyle Jinadu-Beaubier
Egg, Elixir, Hope, Proteus, Tempus (all the Five)
Armor, Bishop, Boom-Boom, Cannonball, Colossus, Emma Frost, Gambit, Havok, Kwannon, Magik, Magma, Rictor, Storm, Sunspot, Vulcan, Wolverine

Scarlet Witch
Captain America, Iron Man, Vision, Wasp

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